Paul Glover's replies to
Ithaca Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Task Force (ILGBTTF)

1. In light of the recent expansion of the City's nondiscrimination ordinance to include gender identity, would you support passage of similar legislation county-wide?

Yes. And from there statewide. Sexual preferences between consenting adults are private matters and should not be punished.

2. Why should members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community support your candidacy?

I'm proud that Ithaca has a reputation for embracing racial, sexual and lifestyle diversity, and want to see the reputation become reality.

I've been politically active in Ithaca since the 70s, when many progressive women were "woman identified," and many Ithacans were experimenting or committing to bisexual, gay or lesbian relationships. Gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgendered life has since become more than a subculture here; it's now a prominent part of our community's vitality.

I'd be a reliable mayoral voice requiring respect for these neighbors, who contribute so much to Ithaca's political discourse and intellectual life, to local enterprise, to the City's boards and commissions, to the arts, to residential beautification, and community spirit.

I'm prime founder of Ithaca HOURS, which was designed to stimulate a culture of respect for all Ithacans by facilitating networking and trade. While developing the system, which has transacted several million dollars value since 1991, I've worked with several gay/lesbian business owners. The HOUR system has made grants to over 70 community organizations.

I'm prime founder of the Ithaca Health Alliance, which permits partners of any gender/s to join as though married. The Fund has intended to start a free clinic where sexual health is promoted.

The Whole Ithaca Stock Exchange (WISE) will further expand Ithaca's capacity to create jobs outside the restrictions of standard corporate culture. Economic independence is key to cultural independence.