Comments about Los Angeles: A History of the Future

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Los Angeles: A History of the Future:

"I'm delighted to see someone illustrating steps towards an ecologically sustainable city."
Lisa Greber, editor, Science for the People

"We need more people pulling the pieces together like this."
Richard Register, author of EcoCities

"An ingenious approach. More power to his pen."
Ernest Callenbach, author of Ecotopia

"Damn Good. Now it's time to build it."
Richard Britz, author of The Edible City

"Quite inspiring."
Lois Arkin, Cooperative Resources and Services

Christopher Swan, Suntrain Company

David Fleming, Ecology Party of Britain

"Citizen Planners is a burgeoning urban design group whose aim is to restore the City of Angels to a condition more befitting its name."
Los Angeles Times 11/25/83