The Patch Adams Free Clinic has received approval to clean, plan and plant a massive 5 acre vacant lot in North Philadelphia, while raising funds toward full purchase.

Here we'll build one of the largest earthships on the planet, which will serve primarily as a free clinic providing preventive and primary care, plus dental, optical, holistic care, green jobs training, arts, crafts, and fun.

The clinic will be surrounded by a permaculture campus consisting of food forests, orchards, gardens, greenhouses, grapevines and ponds.  We'll also serve as a nursery for edible landscaping citywide.  Every square inch of the campus is intended to be beautiful and abundant.

The land (540' x 540' x 520' x 275') is located 3.5 miles north of City Hall, between W. Allegheny Ave and W. Westmoreland St, between 17th St and 19th St.  It slopes gently from north to south.  Has good transit access (Broad St line to Allegheny; bus route 60 connects East Falls to Kensington; or take Manayunk regional rail to Allegheny station).  Click image for Googlemap.

Here's our GENERAL PLAN.

As soon as we've secured liability insurance we'll invite folks to gather onsite to workplay. Here's our TASK LIST. Your knowledge, skills and muscles (four acres are paved), will bring this to full bloom.

At the same time, respect for the neighbors requires that, before we put up signs for the "Future Home of the Patch Adams Clinic," we welcome neighborhood priorities and concerns.  Their leadership will be essential to the project's success, because we're intending to prove that grassroots talent can take power.  These first meetings have been very encouraging.

Here's a blank SITE TEMPLATE-- your designs and suggestions are invited!  Combine these projected FUNCTIONS on the site.  Your images will help stimulate public acceptance.  

We need lots more brainstorming and expertise, too. Are you a farmer, permaculturist, soil expert, botanist, herbalist, carpenter, electrician, plumber, stonemason, fundraiser, clown, architect, builder, sculptor, artist, designer, CAD plotter, photographer, healer of any kind, or want to learn more skills?  Can you recommend people and resources we should contact?  Want to be notified of workplay parties and meetings?  Join our Googlegroup to get into the loop.  Or sign in via our VOLUNTEER form.

Finally, funds are needed for land purchase from a private owner who likes our plans,
for construction equipment, building materials and other expenses.
DONATIONS requested: Paypal, credit card, mail: (tax-deductible).
431 W. Walnut Lane, Philadelphia, PA 19144

The table is set-- please join the feast.

Paul Glover (215) 805-8330