BACK PAIN RELIEF with Shiatsu MASSAGE � by Paul Glover
"My back's been out for months. I went to chiropractors, massage therapists, and had acupuncture. But in 20 minutes you fixed it."
-- Marilyn A.

Ellen V. walked in with a cane from years of pain.
"I feel 50% better. Thank you!"

"For the last three years I've had constant back pain. This year I've spent over $1,500 on physical therapy and still hurt. But after the first shiatsu session with Paul, I went dancing."  -- Polly S.

"I feel free again!"  -- Rod K.
"The last week has been hell, but you took the boulders out of my back!"  -- Pam S.

"You changed my life in three sessions." -- Mike C.

Jennie S. was 24 years old and carried 12 years of excruciating pain. Despairing after many therapies, she was considering surgery. "After your work I was able to lay on my back for the first time
since I was a kid."

"This is the first complete relief from the constant back pain I've had for two years.
My back feels clean!"
 -- Becky
"This is the massage that I waited a lifetime for!" -- Sandra T.

"He's a miracle worker." -- Camille B.

"He's got tiny cameras in his fingers."  -- Elizabeth N.

Fred N. lays tile for a living and is always on his knees. Shown how he could treat his own back to maintain the benefit received, he said
"I'll do this, you can bet."

My services are available on a sliding scale basis. Pay what you can.

The standard fee for an hour of massage in Philadelphia is $70/hour.

Glover was Grassroots Festival's back pain specialist.

He is the founder of Ithaca HOURS local currency, Philadelphia Orchard Project, the Ithaca Health Alliance and other organizations.