Los Angeles: A History of the Future
by Paul Glover


“I’m delighted to see someone illustrating steps towards an ecologically sustainable city. Too often these ideas are presented in an abstract way, as a set of values, and it is hard to get a sense of the real struggles that need to take place.”
--Lisa Greber, editor, Science for the People

“An outstanding synthesis of ecological planning. Glover is one of the few professionals in California stimulating competent design for our post-automotive society.” --John Diamante, Threshold Foundation

“We need more people pulling the pieces together like this.”
--Richard Register, author of EcoCities

“An ingenious approach. More power to his pen.”
--Ernest Callenbach, author of Ecotopia and Ecotopia Emerging

“A great example of images of the future.” --Glen Hiemstra, Futurist.com, author of Turning the Future into Revenue

“Damn good. Now it’s time to build it.”
--Richard Britz, author of The Edible City

“One of our best bioregional writers.” --Kirkpatrick Sale, author of Human Scale, Dwellers in the Land: The Bioregional Vision, The Green Revolution, Rebels Against the Future, The Conquest of Paradise, Power Shift, and SDS

“A powerful critique.” --Carl Boggs, author of Social Movements and Political Power

“Absolutely awesome!” --Alex Grover, Pace University Press

“Quite inspiring.” --Lois Arkin, founder, Los Angeles Ecovillage

“Excellent.” --Christopher Swann, Suntrain Company

“Brilliant.” --David Fleming, Green Party of England and Wales

“Citizen Planners is a burgeoning urban design group whose aim is to restore the City of Angels to a condition more befitting its name.” --Los Angeles Times 11/25/83

ISBN 0-9622911-0-2