This is the first attempt to systematically describe rebuilding a metropolis toward balance with nature.
First edition 1982.  Second edition 1990.  Extensively revised and expanded 2012.

"I'm delighted to see someone illustrating steps towards an ecologically sustainable city. Too often these ideas are presented in an abstract way, as a set of values, and it is hard to get a sense of the real struggles that need to take place." --Lisa Greber, editor, Science for the People

"An outstanding synthesis of ecological planning. Glover is one of the few professionals in California stimulating competent design for our post-automotive society." --John Diamante, Threshold Foundation

"One of our best bioregional writers." --Kirkpatrick Sale, author of Human Scale, Dwellers in the Land: The Bioregional Vision, The Green Revolution, Power Shift

"We need more people pulling the pieces together like this." --Richard Register, author of EcoCities
los angeles: a history of the future
"A great example of images of the future."
--Glen Hiemstra,, author of Turning the Future into Revenue

"Damn good. Now it’s time to build it."--Richard Britz, author of The Edible City

"A powerful critique." --Carl Boggs, author of Social Movements and Political Power

"Excellent." --Christopher Swann, Suntrain Company

"Quite inspiring." --Lois Arkin, founder, Los Angeles Ecovillage

"Brilliant." --David Fleming, Green Party of England and Wales

"An ingenious approach. More power to his pen."
--Ernest Callenbach, author of Ecotopia and Ecotopia Emerging
"Citizen Planners is a burgeoning urban design group whose aim is to restore the City of Angels to a condition more befitting its name."
--Los Angeles Times

"A fascinating vision and architecture for rethinking and rebuilding a major metropolis as a sustainable city—check out how detailed this plan is!"
--Sara Lovell, singer, composer, producer

"Such an inspired, idealistic and prophetic vision.  It’s amazing that it was written 30 years ago." --Janine Christiano, Arroyo Sustainable Economies Organization


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