There are several ways to launch yourself into Philadelphia’s next economy.

THINK about what you’d like to do, based on your interests or talents. Philly needs everything from greening vacant lots to greening computers. There are hundreds of categories of green manufacture, service, sales, repairs, networks. Everything needs to change, and you have something important to offer.

STUDY green.
* INTERNSHIP: summer work or work/study
* HIGH SCHOOL: magnet schools especially teach
* COLLEGE: either campus or online
* APPRENTICESHIP: find someone who knows what you want to know.

VOLUNTEER: See the list of Philadelphia green groups at After you’ve contributed some months of good work, ask for a letter of reference or a certificate. Sometimes you’ll be invited to paid employment with the group when a job opens.

JOIN a green group. and

CONNECT: There are lots of local green conferences and environmental social events. Check calendar listings at It’s who you know.

LEAD: When you see something that needs doing, you can start an organization, create a new program within an existing organization, sponsor/host/fundraise/organize an event or action. Proven leadership can be as impressive as formal credentials.

EMPLOY YOURSELF by starting a green business. Do something different, do something better. Start small. This site connects you to potential business partners, clients, grants and loans.