Paul Glover for U.S. President 2004

I've been invited by the Presidential Exploratory Committee of the Green Party to offer myself as a candidate for United States President or Vice President in 2004.

There are thousands of hardworking activists nationwide whose work is less broadcast, and many whose names are perhaps better known. So it's gratifying to appear on the Green Party short list of potential Presidential/Vice Presidential candidates.

My candidacy would build on critiques of capitalism to celebrate grassroots solutions to local, national and global problems-- based on thousands of programs worldwide.

* community economics (founder, Ithaca HOURS local currency and Whole Ithaca Stock Exchange (WISE)
* health care access (founder, Ithaca Health Fund)
* ecological urban design (founder, Citizen Planners of Los Angeles + successful efforts to prevent highways, shopping malls, incinerators)
* fuel policy (author, Ithaca Power)
* food systems (author, corporate organics and Regional Food Processing Center RFP)
* independent media (editor, 7 community papers since 1971, most recently Ithaca Community News)
* antiwar organizing (most recently FrenchFest)
* rail advocacy
* bikeway advocacy
* education (former publisher of journal of education reform/deschooling)
* student rights (former editor, college paper)
* recycling (co-founder, Student Re-Use Project).

These efforts have been the subject of over 1,000 media stories. See complete RESUME

As further background, I convened the first meeting of the Los Angeles Greens in 1984, after a speech by Petra Kelly, and convened the Ithaca Green Party in 1987. I've worked for various Green and Rainbow candidates, and campaigned for four months in 2000, nearly daily, for Nader.

MUCH OF MY POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY is found at and I've studied and have rarely read something with which I so vastly agree.

PERSONAL NOTES: 55 years old, live in Ithaca, New York, employed as manager of the Ithaca Health Fund and as shiatsu masseur. Partner is former Planned Parenthood nurse clinician. I live below taxable income level, am longtime vegetarian, rely on bicycle rather than car. Se habla espa–ol. Creating is more fun than consuming. Life gets higher ratings than TV. Currently writing a novel featuring the Los Angeles ecodesign scenario, since we need plausible dramatizations of transitions to better cities.

CAMPAIGN SUMMARY: Greens are centrists, because we directly address the central concerns of average Americans for healthy food, clean water and air; for secure housing; for reliable health care and satisfying work. By contrast, Democratic and Republican party leaders are dangerous extremists, indulging extremes of violence and greed, converting global wealth and human decency into chaos.

The Democratic and Republican parties are controlled by the same multinationals which control money, media and the military. Kucinich and Sharpton will raise some important issues but will be marginalized by that establishment. Democrats will ultimately nominate a conservative Presidential candidate who will resist single payer health care, environmental repair and world peace. The Green Party must have a Presidential candidate, to achieve nationwide Green ballot status (5% of national vote), to offset conservative control of the White House.

Even though Nader did not "spoil" Gore in 2000, as candidate I would seek votes most aggressively from states where presidential polls show no potential Green impact, to deflate public perception of Green threat.

While Greens are horrified at corporate and consumer destruction of planet and society, our message is primarily confident and affirmative. Greens foster grassroots nonprofit and worker-managed enterprises that repair nature. Greens can govern to rebuild America's cities, such that neighborhoods become energy-efficient; productive of food and fuel; respectful of water; safe and fun to live in. We can restore regional agriculture, rural economies, and habitat.

Americans know how to cooperate to fix what's broken. There are many proven practical nonprofit projects upon which the Green Party can build. The Green Party may be regarded as the electoral arm of such efforts.

Federal and state money, obtained through progressive taxation, should create jobs by funding community-based mutual enterprise by these groups. For every adjustment of federal funding to meet new federal priorities, current employees of affected government agencies and private contractors would be offered retraining and priority hiring, with relocation allowance. These employees and the general public would be offered grants and loans to start community-based enterprises that accomplish the above.

CAMPAIGN PROCESS: As candidate I'd travel entirely via Amtrack, bus, trolley, bicycle and on foot, to exemplify the urgency of clean, energy-efficient transit, reaching as many bioregions as possible.

Here's the first publicity:
5/27/03 Washington Post
6/18/03 Ithaca Times
8/6/03 Syracuse New Times

I'll be glad to reply to your questions and suggestions via [email protected] or (215) 850-8330.