PAUL GLOVER ESSAYS: community control of food, fuel, housing, health care, planning, education, finance.

GreenPlanners Consultancy

Facing higher taxes and job loss, many cities leap to welcome chain stores and wider highways, to increase sales taxes. Many of these cities have found that property taxes still rise, low-paid jobs replace higher paying jobs, crime increases and traffic gets worse than ever.

Other communities prefer to create wealth and jobs by relying on their unique assets-- skills, culture, history, environment and natural resources. They discover that they're actually very rich, when they
1) plug the cash leaks from the local economy.
2) rely on efficient technologies to heat, feed, fuel and finance progress.
3) create independent local networks of mutual aid.

Consultant Services

Community economist Paul Glover will meet with community groups and leaders during one day, weekend, or one week sessions, to locate your community's strengths. He'll help you plan local organizational, legislative, and technical actions that will create jobs, stabilize taxes and repair the environment.

* Local Currencies Conference 2004
* Health by Design Symposium 2005 Muncie, Indiana
* Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts 2005
* Olympia Health Alliance Olympia, Washington 2005
* Bioneers 2005 San Rafael, California 2005
* Giro Dell'Italia and Rome, Italy 2006
* Taking Back the Dollar: Alternative Economies Vera List Center, New York City, 2006
* "On behalf of The New School, I wanted to thank you very much for joining us last week. Your presentation was remarkable, partially for the sense of reality that your projects convey and that, to some extent, made them very different from others that we discussed." --Carin Kuoni, Vermont, 2006
* "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For being part of our conference and all-around inspirational and fun guy. Thank you for paving the road that we travel." BALLE Conference Burlington, Vermont, June 2006 
* "Thank you for the inspiration you brought to our Summer Institute." --Heidi Garrett-Peltier, Center for Popular Economics, August 2006
* community development consulting for Spring Mills, PA, July 2006 
* "Thank YOU so much for presenting and participating: your offers and initiatives were eagerly received; your input and presence are crucial." Redesigning Health Care, conference speaker, Sept 2006

* Concord Convocation Concord, MA, Oct 2006
* "Thank you for coming to Crefeld School --it was truly heartening to listen to you." --Stacey Cunitz, Director of Counseling, Philadelphia, Oct 2006
* "it was great to see you, to hear you talk, and to be in your presence. What you say is so excellent..." Health Care Justice Gathering, Hillsboro, WV January 2007
* "a great speech..." --Laura Stein, Students for Environmental Action, Temple University, Philadelphia, March 2007
* American Medical Student Association, conference speaker, March 2007
* The Reiki School, March 2007
* "Those who were there were challenged and inspired by what you had to say." --Christina Valente Philadelphia Green Party, March 2007
* "Thanks so much for offering your insight. Your experiences and perspectives were invaluable. It was a pleasure having you." --American Medical Students Association National Leadership Meeting, April 2007
* "Thank you so much for comin' to town!! Was great having you... we're on our way!" --Joel Tyner, county legislator and organizer of forum "Time for A Local Currency To Help Local Small Businesses Revitalize Our Local Economy" Rhinebeck, NY, June 2007
* "Your presence and presentations have percolated in the group of people who came--many have mentioned in their follow-up responses how much you made them think of possibilities in their home environs." --Susan Parenti Health Care Intensive Urbana, IL, October 2007
* "Once again, thank you so much for presenting on our panel. You were interesting, inspiring, entertaining and informative." --Nati Passow, Urban Sustainability Program October 2007
* Edible NYC conference: workshop: "Growing Fruit and Nut Trees," Brooklyn Botanic Garden, March 2008
* "Your speech was inspiring, challenging, and thought-provoking. I am sure that it sparked many to think about the world in new ways and to imagine their contribution to it differently." --Hillary Aisenstein Kane Student Service Leaders Conference, keynote speaker, November 2008
* "The session at Mishkan was fabulous. We will take some next steps and stay in touch." --Susan Landau, Mishkan Shalom, Philadelphia, November 2008
* "Thank you for sharing your experiences and reminding us what is possible when you think outside the box and act on your convictions." --Emily Geib, Health Justice Gathering, Gesundheit! Institute, December 2008
* "Your speech last Sunday went over exceptionally well, and we have now built a lot of interest in having a local currency here." --Gwen Colegrove, Allentown, PA. January 2009

* "Thanks again for joining the PAPA Fest celebration. It was such a gift to be together, and we are grateful for all you brought to the gathering. May we continue to feed each other hope and courage to re-imagine our world." -- Melissa DeLong Daily Times article photo onsite
* "I've known about you and your work with Ithaca HOURS for years-- and have been telling our students (School for Designing a Society) about your ideas and initiatives. So to meet you was rewarding, and to see how you humbly and creatively participate, was inspiring." --Susan Parenti, Gesundheit! Institute annual meeting
* World Peace Congress 2009: invited to co-chair economic development panel with Vandana Shiva
* "What you had to say was inspirational for those students who oftentimes find it difficult to find their place in the world and make a difference in people's lives." --Valerie Kepner, Kings College, ODE Economics Honor Society, April 2010
* "Thanks for making our seminar a success. Your information was timely and important and your delivery was superb." Dave West, Full Employment Day, Beulah Baptist Church, April 2010
* "Great speech!" Anton Vidokle, E-Flux organizer, Portikus, Frankfurt, Germany, May 2011
* Local currency workshop, Stroom, The Hague, Netherlands, May 2011
* "What a pleasure to meet you in person.  Thank you so much for being a part of our evening.  Everyone loved meeting you and had a great time."  Julie Gouldener, Baltimore BNote, "Think Outside the Bucks." September 2011
* "Thank you so much for your inspiring words last night. I have heard nothing but positive comments from members. You were casual, provided many intriguing examples, and got us thinking!" --Joel Bartlett, Phoenixville Area Time Bank, April 2012
* "On behalf of FringeArts, Nato and I would like to thank you for contributing to the Proposition Tent last Friday night. The evening was a huge success thanks to your enthusiastic participation. We appreciate your time and your energy while talking with each visitor with inspired conviction."  --Theresa Rose, Visual Arts Coordinator, Philadelphia, May 2013
* "Your presentation and the quality of the work you do contributed to the success of the Symposium.  Although we were nervous that you might not make it in time, it was amazing to see you jump right in and share your work and participate in the discussion.  Many people have mentioned how much they enjoyed your talk and your long history of innovative social change."  --James Moustafellos, Center for Design and Innovation, Temple University, October 2013

Glover has 35 years experience in grassroots community economic development.
He is founder of Ithaca HOURS local currency,
the Ithaca Health Alliance, Philadelphia Orchard Project, Citizen Planners of Los Angeles, and more.

He has degrees in Marketing and in City Management. Full resume at


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