Glover for Governor GLOVER FOR GOVERNOR
Green Party of Pennsylvania 2018

"When conservatives don't conserve
and liberals don't liberate,
Greens become centrists--
 we generate jobs, secure homes, fresh food, clean water and air, health care."

    "No one in the world has done a better job in defining local solutions-- that are simple, empowering, and fun-- for seemingly intractable global problems than Paul Glover.
    "He  offers powerful, proven, and participatory tools..."

--Michael Shuman

    "Paul Glover is one of the true pioneers of local development and true wealth and sustainable communities." --Hazel Henderson

    "Glover offers competent design for our post-automotive society."  
--John Diamante, Threshhold Center
There is only one candidate
ready to confront commercial banks, to protect
middle class and lower-income Pennsylvanians.

And to rebuild our cities and farms.  To enable all to
be employed, housed and fed.  To
shift the budget from prisons to schools.  To end fracking.
The Green Party and
Paul Glover have been dedicated to ecology and social justice for decades.  Join us!