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A Guide to Philadelphia's Future

Scan this collection of sites, to connect yourself to good people and good work.

Your suggestions for more sites are welcome: [email protected] (215) 805-8330

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* Green for All
Greater Philadelphia Sustainable Business Network
American Cities Foundation
Building a Green Economy Van Jones speech in Philadelphia
Community Jobs in the Green Economy
Blue Green Alliance unions and environmentalists
green collar jobs
green collar jobs 2
green collar jobs 3
Pennsylvania Growing Green Partnership
urban farming Phila
Women's Opportunity Resource Center "Promoting Social and Economic Self-Sufficiency"
grupos latinos Fila
Artist LINC Philadelphia
Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance
Community Arts Network

GPEN.ORG Lists hundreds of Philadelphia environmental organizations.
Big Problems Need Little Solutions An introductory sampler.
99 Actions to Rebuild Cities

    Control of money decides who lives well, who works, whose house is built and repaired, who gets health care.


Philadelphia MediCash
* Ithaca HOURS labor-backed local currency
* Ithaca HOUR notes
* BerkShares dollar-backed local currency
Phila scrip historic
Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (NYC)
Complementary Currencies Green MBA

* Greater Philadelphia Sustainable Business Network
Business Alliance for a Local Living Economy
Green Money Journal
Good Money
Green Business News
Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy
Project Good
* Philadelphia Regional & Independent Stock Exchange (PRAISE)
* Natural Capitalism click: LASER (Local Action for Sustainable Economic Renewal)
* co-op principles


Bike Share Philadelphia
Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia
Neighborhood Bike Works
Car Free Cities
Critical Mass bike rides
World Naked Bike Ride
parking to parks video
Transportation Alternatives (NYC)
Institute for Transportation Policy
* Carbusters
World Carfree Network
Cars Banned in Bogota
Human Powered Utility Vehicles HPUVs

depave schoolyards
depave parking lots
depave roads
unpaving paradise
depave Chicago
depave Chicago tour
depave Rhode Island
depave world
Alliance for a Paving Moratorium
rubber sidewalks
recycling concrete "urbanite"
depaving bucket
ash & cement into blocks
concrete/masonry recycling
Bomag Recycler Street Eater

PostCarbon Cities
Eco-Grid NYS
PA energy co-op
Tricounty energy co-op
PA Clean Power
PA local initiatives
PA green energy awards
Energy Coordinating Agency Philadelphia's greatest conservation leader
* American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy
Roofscapes Philadelphia's premier green roofer
Bio-Neighbors white roofs cut cooling costs
* Amory Lovins interview
green power programs
electric facilities news: green
energy-efficient homes showcase
energy-fertility link
solar energy is powerful
* solar electric 40%+ efficient
solar electric commercial
Million Solar Roofs
solar PV manufacture youtube
nano solar youtube
spray-on PV youtube
solar electric: building integrated
solar cooker, homemade youtube
* solar omelette youtube
* solar quesadilla youtube
Solar Cooking Archive
solar hot water shower
Ocean Thermal Electric Conversion Youtube
hemp oil Youtube
* PA hydroelectric
household microhydro
microhydro generators
* NJ wind large Atlantic City
* PA wind small
* wind small: birdproof Youtube
wind for urban environments vertical axis
wind micro
wind revenue

* Rocky Mountain Institute Visitors' Guide
Underground Buildings in USA
Ray of Hope Project
Foreclosure doesn't mean eviction relax.
Zero Waste America
Zero Waste
Zero Waste manufacturing
Zero Waste Ecotech
* Computer Recycling
* Waste to Wealth
gypsum (wallboard) recycling
Landfill mining Wiki
Landfill mining
recycling market development zones
compost toilet sourcebook
* Carousel compost toilet
urban compost toilet
National Water Center: compost toilets
Compost Toilet World
Toilet Alternatives
* Humanure Handbook check the videos too
* Playpumps
* water storage tanks, cisterns, aquifers, ponds
PVC alternatives
greywater systems
nanodesalination UCLA
* L.A. desalination
L.A. desalination study
desalination engineering UCLA
rain gardens
waterless laundry: ultrasonic emulsification
xeriscaping groundcover
water-efficient lawns
Chlorine Phase-Out

* Urban Agriculture News Somerton Tanks Phila
Greensgrow farm in Kensington
Mill Creek Urban Farm farm in West Philadelphia
Weavers Way Farm organic farming in Aubrey Arboretum
Philadelphia Orchard Project
Philadelphia Urban Farm Network
The Food Trust
Farm to City manages Philadelphia farmers' markets
Community Supported Agriculture buy shares in local harvest, find dozens of farms in Philadelphia area
Complete Book of Edible Landscaping yard plants that look as good and feed you!
Food Not Lawns
Flower Garden Resources for Kids
Ruth Stout No-Work Garden Book
Small Plot Intensive farming
Philadelphia School and Community IPM Partnership no pesticides in city!
Guerilla Gardening planting vacant lots often with seed bombs
Agropolis: Dimensions of Urban Agriculture
Phila Common Market wholesaling regional foods
* Cities Farming for the Future
Phila Urban Gardens Impact
Chicago neighborhood gardens
Phila Farmers Markets
Buy Fresh Buy Local PA regional agriculture
Fair Food Farmstand local harvests at Reading Terminal Market
PA organic
urban beekeeping
Air Drainage
* Where Does Ithaca's Food Come From? food source summary
Neighborhood Gardens Association project of Pennsylvania Horticultural Society
City Harvest Program prisoners learn to grow food,br> Latino gardens in New York city
* urban soil issues
soil from leaf mold
cover crops and manures
urban ag resources
urban homestead Pasadena CA
* urban hydroponics youtube
---- * detail
organic hydroponics Mother Earth News
organic hydroponics

* Greening the Desert youtube
* Philadelphia Orchard Project (POP)
* Philly Orchard Project New York Times, August 2007
Treepeople orchard project L.A.
Los Angeles Permaculture Guild
Fallen Fruit intro Los Angeles
urban forest economic benefits
Rhizome Collective Austin, TX
teaching kids orchardry
espalier plantings
more espalier photos
espaliered fruits
espalier plan

* Bamboo: hundreds of uses
* How Bamboo will Save the World
American Bamboo Society
bamboo crafts & furniture
bamboo railway

* A Citizen's Guide to Bioremediation EPA

* traffic congestion tax
* free bus rides

* Philadelphia Trolley Tracks
Delaware Valley Association of Rail Passengers
Pennsylvania Transit Coalition
PenTrans transit advocacy
* Return of the Ithaca Trolley proposal
free rides
hydrogen solar rail
hydrogen solar rail 2
rapid urban flexible
Camden Light Rail
U.S. light rail systems
ultralight solar rail
grass rail

* Minnesota Neighborhood Land Trusts law
Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust
Rhode Island Land Trust
* Community Land Trust Philadelphia

* Equitable Development
* Phila neighborhoods online
* Neighborhoods Now Phila
neighborhood assets
Center for Neighborhood Technology Obama was on their board of directors.
Institute for Local Self-Reliance
Phila organizations
West Philadelphia Tool Library
Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition
Training for Change
Project H.O.M.E. ending homelessness through economic development
People's Emergency Center ending homelessness through economic development
Neighborhood Management Berlin
Neighborhood Management Plan

green construction
Urban Habitat
green communities
green insulation
construction unions/environmentalists united
Architecture without Architects
LEED and other standards
deconstruction benefits
deconstruct in Phila Delaware Valley Green Building Council
stress grading of recycled lumber
* U.S. underground buildings
* underground benefits
More than Meets the Ey
Houston tunnel system
Houston's tunnels map
kenaf Wiki

Phila vacant land management
* Phila vacant land map Area F
Philadelphia open space inventory
Phila Urban Voids
Urban Treen Connection planting vacant lots
Henry George Society genius born here 1839 says: tax land not buildings

Full metropolitan reliance on new technologies, new laws and new social forms creates cities unlike those we know.

* Toolbox for Sustainable City Living
* Eco City Conference 2008
* Planners Network
* Planetizen
Green Cities & End of Age of Oil
Post Carbon Cities
Phila GreenPlan
Philadelphia Green PHS programs
Next Great City Phila
Plan Phila
PA Environmental Council
Pennfuture "Every environmental victory grows the economy"
Green Plan Phila
green plan Phila
Phila stormwater management
* Womens Community Revitalization Project
* Delaware Regional environmental organizations
* Post-Global Economic Development Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
Schuylkill River future
Center for Sustainable Communities Temple at Ambler
City & Regional Planning Temple at Ambler
Urban Environmental Management
* EcoCity Cleveland
Boulder (CO.) Going Local Festival
Urban Planet
Whole Communities, Whole Thinking
* Design with Nature Time mag 1969
community land trusts
land conservation value
Ecological Cities
Terreform designers
eopolis: Renewable City
ecourban design: fab tree hab
Robert Redford editorial
urban futures articles
* Los Angeles: A History of the Future 1982
Green Los Angeles DWP
Going Oil-Free: Sweden
Cities Beyond Oil

* Creating Defensible Space
Campaign for Safe Phila Neighborhoods