dream job resources

"I have received insight that exceeds skill sets and job opportunities and that channels my entire past, present, and future into living work and a working life." --Matt

"I hired Paul to assist me in getting very clear about my visions and ideas regarding a new business that I am developing. He is very knowledgable and understands the order and process for attaining goals and visions. I appreciate his practicality and rationale. In addition to this, he does of great job of follow up to assure that I am following though with the intended task necessary for creating my future dream job. I recommend him highly." --Alisa

"Thank you so much for your time and listening today. I am excited to be working with you."  --Suzanne

This is so helpful-- to take time to think out loud and get positive suggestions."  --Lilith

Paul's probing questions unearthed strong skills I had completely forgotten about. After our discussion, I was able to use my earth science background towards making a more accurate and robust resume. Paul's a treasure hunter. He'll find the treasure in you.
---We are all filled with gold. It takes working with someone like Paul to excavate it. Even your negative life experiences, one's you'd like to forget, could have been the dark squeeze of carbon into diamonds.
---A conversation with Paul and the method of inquiry he's developed will help you 1) Find the diamonds 2) Tell how to get them out and polish them 3) Tell you how to bring them to market."  --Molly

"It feels clearer now." --Larry

"'In my search for clarity about right livelihood, Paul asked thoughtful questions and really listened to me.  He already knows how important dreams are and has been exemplary in following his own. But where others have answered with blank stares, needing explanations, or wanting justifications, as I would share my dreams, Paul understood and freed me to dream bigger."  --Steve