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 Paul Glover consults for grassroots economic development as GreenPlanners.


       Yes, the lottery is a tax on desperation. But when Powerball hit $193 million, I made a list of how I'd spend them. Then I compared my list with how most winners spend-- for megamansions, olympic pools, week-long beer blasts, investments in destructive multinationals. So I bought one ticket, because I'd invest in Philadelphia to seed the following enterprises, to create thousands of green jobs:
* PHILADELPHIA INSULATION FACTORY (PIF) Superinsulation made of local newsprint would cut our heating/cooling bills by over 80%, giving us discretionary income to support local businesses & farms, thus creating new jobs & strengthening local culture. The foundation of economic development. $10 milllion.
* PHILADELPHIA ELECTRIC SUN CO-OP (PESCO) to generate rooftop electricity, while retaining wealth locally. $12 million.
* PHILAHEALTHIA HEALTH CO-OP to allow thousands of members to self-insure, keeping billions/year insurance payments in this county instead of wasting it on HMOs. $18 million.
* DENTAL CLINICS member-owned by low-income residents, to provide free care. $14 million.
* MASSAGE ARMY to provide free chair massages citywide every day for 10 years. $5 million.
* ECOLONIES and EARTHSHIPS create mixed-use, low-income, multifamily dwellings which need no fossil fuel for heating and cooling. $35 million.
* HOMEOWNER REVOLVING LOAN FUND interest-free, to transfer rental homes to co-op owners. Removes housing from the speculative market by attaching limited equity riders. These co-ops would provide child/elder care & other neighborhood services. $15 million.
* LAND TRUSTS purchase vacant lots for ecolonies, removing them from speculative market. $15 million.
* PHILADELPHIA ORCHARD PROJECT (POP) to plant 40,000 vacant lots for fruit and nut harvest. $10 million.
* FOOD PROCESSING & STORAGE CENTERS to convert neighborhood organic harvests into pasta, canned goods & dehydrated stock. Expands local agriculture by enabling farmers to grow for more than the seasonal market. $8 million.

* FARMERS MARKETS to store and sell the above below commercial rates. $4 million.
* PROUD OF ORGANIC PHILADELPHIA (POOP) replaces toxic sewage sludge w/clean, sweet smelling fertilizer via aerated waterless toilets. No more pooping into clean water. $10 million.
* BIKEPATHS allow us to move safely without traffic jams & pollution. They permit emergency vehicles to move freely. $5 million.
* PHILADELPHIA REGIONAL & INDEPENDENT STOCK EXCHANGE (PRAISE) to connect regional skills & tools to create flexible manufacturing networks that capture contracts. $2 million.
* PHILADELPHIA FUND FOR ECOLOGICAL LIVING (PhilaFEL) makes tax-deductible donations to install green tools in our lowest-income neighborhoods. $10 million.
* PHILADELPHIA HOURS LOCAL CURRENCY could donate community currency at-cost to local government & nonprofits, enabling millions of dollars of services to be provided without raising taxes & without paying interest on bonds. HOURS would be welcome everywhere when government agrees to accept them for tax payment. $2 million.
 *DREAM-COME-TRUE GREEN JOB CENTERS to connect residents to the regional resources that make our wildest hopes real. $2 million.
* MOSAIC SIDEWALKS would spread wonder & color underfoot (local plants, animals, fantasies) employing dozens of local artists. $2 million.
* MUSICIANS EVERYWHERE would provide acoustic accompaniment in hospitals, parks, aboard trollies, at bus stops. $3 million.
* JUGGLERS, CLOWNS, PUPPETEERS? how could I leave them out? $2 million.
* NEIGHBORHOOD ENTERPRISE SCHOOLTEACHERS (NESTS) to reward and credential neighbor adults for teaching neighbor children. $5 million.
* Together, these will allow us to relax in a beautiful, exciting community, raising the standard of living while lowering the cost of living & setting examples for the nation.
* How would you spend lottery winnings? If you win, call me-- let's have some real fun.

Next edition: accomplishing this list without the lottery.
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