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FEBRUARY #1 2005


[This is the FIRST OF MAXIMUM TWO MESSAGES MONTHLY sent to 7,944 Ithaca area residents]





HUNDREDS OF CORNELL STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS: non-students welcome at most meetings.

BALLROOM DANCE AT 2:30AM: Two students saw a 'beautiful woman' on the Commons. He said, "Wow, that's a beautiful dress," got on his knee & asked her to dance, even though he didn't know how. She showed him how to dance, in deep snow.

ITHACANS LEAVING FOR CANADA: "It's a heart-breaker. We love Ithaca," says Katie Quinn-Jacobs. She & husband bought a farm 11/19. They have three boys, oldest 15, & are not waiting for the military draft to take them. "We enrolled voters, wrote letters, went to demonstrations & vigils, but now foresee things getting worse." ---They intend to start a model eco-homestead. They find Canadians more open to diverse views, & more aware of what's happening here than Americans are. "The horse is more aware of the rider than the rider the horse," says Dave Quinn-Jacobs. And they know others here who may move with them.

---COLD DAY IN HEAVEN: January 22: HIGH 2 degrees, LOW -22 degrees.

"ITHACA IS GORGES" ANAGRAM CONTEST WINNERS: ---ICN awards three Cinemapolis tickets to Gilana Cohn for the best three anagrams submitted, annotated, of which three are credible sentences. Additional prize to Nancy Rader for "Ithaca's Soggier," which could become another bumper sticker.
* Gosh! It is a grace. -- "Gosh! Ithaca definitely is!" --Gilana Cohn
* It is a hog's grace. -- "Even a filthy pig can find salvation in Ithaca" --G. Cohn
* Shaggiest Cairo.-- "An homage to the hippies & the city's reputation & growing prosperity" --G. Cohn
* Gas a rich egoist.- "A bit Communist, no?" --G. Cohn
* Tragic as his ego.- "Ithaca tragic?Never!" --G. Cohn
* It is a roach's egg.- "Hardly, and pretty gross" --G. Cohn
* Has its cigar ego.- "Do a lot of Ithacans smoke cigars?" --G. Cohn
* Eric's oat haggis --Christine Finnigan
* Historic age sag --Tabetha Dunn
* Orgiastic gas eh --Tabetha Dunn
* Ithaca's soggier --Nancy Rader
* "O shit", GaGa cries. --Nancy Rader
* eggs, a shirt, ciao. --Nancy Rader
* Go at the IC grass. --Nancy Rader
---Has "CAYUGA LAKE" any anagram? Best two get Cinemapolis tickets.

FOLKSINGER PETE SEEGER VISITED ITHACA 60 YEARS AGO: "My brother was studying at Cornell, so I rode my bicycle from the Hudson River. I painted watercolors of houses along the way & traded them for food & lodging."

ITHACA SURVEYED ONLINE: "Cayuga Lake comes to a halt at its southern end at picturesque Ithaca , piled like a diminutive San Francisco high above the lakeshore..."

"BEAUTIFUL ITHACA"   Google finds 1,010 pages
"PICTURESQUE ITHACA" Google finds   367 pages 
"SUNNY ITHACA"       Google finds   185 pages
"ENJOY ITHACA"       Google finds   158 pages
"GORGEOUS ITHACA"    Google finds   134 pages
"LOVELY ITHACA"      Google finds   111 pages
"CHILLY ITHACA"      Google finds    31 pages
"HILLY ITHACA"       Google finds    19 pages
"DRIZZLY ITHACA"     Google finds     2 pages
"DANGEROUS ITHACA"   Google finds     1 page

ITHACA FESTIVAL SEEKS PARADE ENTRIES: 2005 Theme - Catch the Wind! June 2-5 * 273-3646 Festival parade floats in Germany not censored

FROM POET TO MOVIE STAR: "We're holding a poem contest for our [Ithaca] movie, "Waiting on Alphie." Winner gets a 'part' in the movie. Go to click to the pie guy contest. Fill out the form & you might win a walk-on part in our independent feature film! Winner chosen 3/18. Shooting this scene will most likely be 4/10." Poem should combine pies & moviemaking.

---Vast fields surround the old Quaker inn on Perry City Road, even 155 years later, long after it served as Quaker orphanage, then speakeasy, then private home. Today as Mom's Bed & Breakfast, four lovely suites, named after floral themes, welcome kids & pets. Hostess Anne Dimock teaches traditional ponty pool & reverse glass painting, which decorate throughout. The large screened veranda faces forest & broad sky. Artistic fruit salad, with heart-shaped pancakes & muffins, were served between the parrot & the swimming pool. 387-5597

HANDS FOUR DANCERS OF ITHACA: member-run contra dance group

CORNELL RAILROAD HISTORICAL SOCIETY second Tuesdays, ScienceCenter, 7-9pm.
Ithaca rail history
rail station
Newfield rail history

JAIL TRANSPORTATION PROGRAM "The Tompkins County Jail has visiting hours Tuesdays & Saturdays, by appointment only. Families contact OAR to request a ride. An OAR staff member calls a volunteer & gives the name of person requesting ride. No phone numbers of volunteers are given to families. Volunteer contact families to arrange pick up. Visits one hour long; occasionally two hours. Mileage tax deductible. Your seat belts should be operational." To help: Barbara Barry [email protected]

Ithaca Falls: ny4/waterfalls/ithacafalls.html
Buttermilk Glen: ny4/waterfalls/buttermilk.html
Cascadilla: ny4/waterfalls/cascadillagorge.html
Lick Brook: ny4/waterfalls/lickbrook.html
Enfield Glen: ny4/waterfalls/treman.html

PLANNING EARTH DAY ITHACA Joey at (607) 351-8749 [email protected]

ITHACA PARENTS AGAINST COMMERCIALISM IN SCHOOLS (Ithacapacs) "Recently commercialism in our public school system has become an issue. Large corporations are eyeing our children as future consumers & preparing to make them loyal and frequent shoppers. We have formed a coalition of parents from the Ithaca community to seek policy in the school district to address this issue. ithacapacs.blogspot.com Anna Haverlock 272-3164 [email protected]
---In February, PACS began an investigation into the planned distribution of the "Take A Video Home Weekend" preview & purchase opportunity through Caroline Elementary School to be brought home in the backpacks of school children on 2/4/05. The video is supplied by Characterade, a division of the privately held for profit company Feature Films For Families. The Characterade video sells for $10.00 & is a direct sale for a private corporation that has no connection to a fundraising event.
---"Charaterade is a marketing division that distributes films produced by Feature Films For Families to children through the school system. PACS is concerned about the ICSD endorsement of products & the messages those products might carry. Parents have asked the School Board to examine profit making sales through the public school system & consider appropriate policy development."

FULL PLATE FARM COLLECTIVE: weekly shares of local organic food from combined harvest of three farms. Melissa Brill 351-3789 HOURS accepted.


THANKS TO THE DONORS WHO BRING YOU THIS LATEST EDITION. This editor will provide one edition for every $200 received. EVERYONE WILL CONTINUE TO RECEIVE ICN whether donating or not, but your donations will assure more are published.

Donations can be sent to ICN, Box 365, Ithaca, NY 14851



"If Wal-Mart can start people at $9/hour elsewhere, why is it $6.50 here? Please support our Wal-Mart living wage campaign walmartlivingwage.net by signing our petition:
---"Whereas a living wage in Tompkins County (Ithaca) New York is $17,544 for a single person;
---"Whereas Wal-Mart pays many full-time cashiers and sales associates between $14,000- $15,000 (some earn less than $13,000!) which is less than a living wage;
---"Whereas employers paying less than a living wage impose a tax burden on the community to provide health & other services for low-wage workers;
---Whereas Wal-Mart, with $9,000,000,000 in profit during 2003 alone, is a company that can afford to do better;
---"Therefore, we, the undersigned residents & friends of the Tompkins County (Ithaca), New York area, urge Wal-Mart to ensure that all full-time employees at the Ithaca store are paid no less than a living wage of $17,544 plus health insurance for the year."

WORKERS' RIGHTS FACTCARDS carry information on the new State minimum wage, other wage & hour rights (overtime, rest periods, allowable deductions, tipped employees, prohibition against retaliation). At Workers' Rights Ctr (115 Commons) or oag.state.ny.us/online_forms/brochure_request.jsp Available in English, Chinese, Spanish.

LIVING WAGE COALITION in NEW YORK TIMES 1/20/05: story about how fighting poverty is a moral value around which the religious community is increasingly organizing. Photo shows Pete Meyers in TCLWC/WRC office. nytimes.com/2005/01/30/politics/30poverty.html?th



On February 18, Peter DeMott, Clare Grady, Danny Burns, & Teresa Grady, 'the St. Patrick's 4', received a summons to appear in the United States Federal District Court in Binghamton, on charges of 'conspiracy to impede an officer of the United States.'
---"This will be the second trial for the four for their act of nonviolent civil resistance at the local US Army/Marine Recruiting Center on March 17, 2003. After prayer & discernment the four poured their own blood sacramentally in the vestibule of the center, thereby making visible the blood that is shed by the work of the center. They went there in the spirit of nonviolence, knelt in prayer & in no way threatened or used force.
---"'We can't help but wonder whether the timing of these charges are politically motivated to stifle dissent & resistance to war making as we approach the second anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq & the March 19, 2004 international call to action to resist the ongoing wari said Peter De Mott.
---"'We take note that, as a direct result of our US invasion, over 100,000 Iraqi civilians & 1,600 coalition soldiers have been killed. Wide areas of Iraq are now contaminated with depleted uranium, poisoning the people in these areas & the land permanently. While a few people & corporations make billions from this war, many in our nation are homeless, have no healthcare, living wage jobs, assurance of social security or adequate education' said Teresa Grady."
---"Clare Grady stated further that 'we stand by our actions, believing that they are just, moral, legal, & required as the great crimes of mass murder, grand theft, & torture are perpetrated in our names.'"



SEE SPOT ART OPENING 2/28, Willard Straight Cascadilla Deli, thru 3/18. "See Spot is bringing art to You! We are curating shows, offering classes & putting together theatrical events & musical performances around town. If youid like to help by joining a committee: [email protected] ---Peace in Colombia?
1. Resistance Unarmed: photographic exhibit of three peace communities in Colombia (Created by the Tompkins County Public Library 2/28-3/11
2. San Jose de Apartado Up Close, 3/2, 7pm, Tompkins County Public Library. Marcie Ley speaks about the peace community of San Jose de Apartado.
3. Panel Discussion 3/3, 4:30pm, Uris Hall Room G08. Panel discussion with Marcie Ley on San Jose de Apartado, Meaghan Sheehan on Central NY's Sister Community, Cajibio

THE SACRED FEMININE Talk & Dance Performance: 2/28, 5:30-7pm, 112 W Jay St. RSVP 272-3814 . "How do we embody goddess energy? What are the health issues that women & girls face if we do not?" Sandy Wold, yoga/anatomy instructor.

HEALTH CARE FOR ALL: THE MORAL PRESCRIPTION: Annual 40 Hour Fast 3/1, 8pm, to 3/3 noon. "a time of reflection,sacrifice & action for change. Dish to Pass 3/1, 6:30pm; "Health Care for All: The Moral Prescription" 7:30pm, by Rev. Will Baez & Justine Waldman, First Baptist Church, DeWitt Park
---Space for Prayer or Meditation & Videos, 3/2, 9am-4pm, First Presbyterian Church (door on Court St)
--- "The Health Care Crisis in Local Government" Brown Bag Lunch, 3/3 noon, Tim Joseph, Chair Tompkins County Legislature, First Baptist Church.

"SAVE ENERGY, SAVE DOLLARS" 3/1, noon-2pm. "Workshop explores low-cost & no-cost ways to conserve energy. All participants receive energy-saving items. Free, registration required: 272-2292.

"CORNELL: GLORIOUS TO VIEW," author speaks: Carol Kammen, Cornell lecturer & historian. 3/2,1:30-2:30pm, at Lifelong: 273-1511 to register "A fresh & engaging look at the university's origins, historical challenges, & its achievements."

THE SYRINGA TREE play at Kitchen Theatre 3/3 - 3/26 [email protected] Previews: March 3 and 4, 8pm. $20 adults, $17 seniors, $17 previews & matinees (all adults), $12 students. Ticket Center in Clinton House, 116 N. Cayuga St. HOURS accepted. (607) 273-4497 "Instantly engaging, exotic, complex, deeply shocking." - New York Times. "The evening builds to a climax of striking intensity!" - The New York Post

ITHACA COMMUNITY ORCHESTRA rehearsal season. "We are community based, no auditions required, & welcome new members, especially strings! Wednesdays, 7:30-9:30pm. Ithaca HOURS accepted toward $20 dues to cover music, etc. 272-3864 [email protected]

LOCAL POET Sunmmer Copelan reads at Juna's on the Commons, 3/4, 8pm. Then a 2 round poetry slam.

WORLD MUSIC PARTY 3/4, 8:30pm, music by B'tsal-el, cohost of Sonic Planet radio show on 92 WICB. Sliding scale $2-$5. HOURS accepted. Drinks & snacks. Above Autumn Leaves Books. Cosponsored by Planetary Productions & the Living Wage Coalition. "Eclectic mix ranging from traditional dance music to latest in international pop, dance & hip-hop."

PEACE POTLUCK first Saturdays (3/5). "Are you tired of marching for peace while you're paying for war? This month's topic is war tax resistance. Learn about the various options & obstacles. There may be a level of resistance that is comfortable for you. Experienced war tax resisters will answer questions." Perry City Meeting House, Route 227. Dish to pass 5:30pm; discussion 7pm. 387-9046.

STOPPING GENOCIDE: DARFUR (SUDAN) 2005. "A million human beings have been uprooted, deported. Scores of women are being raped every day, children are dying of disease, hunger and violence. 3/5, 2:30-4:30pm, Tompkins County Public Library. Salah M. Hassan, Chair of History of Art & Associate Professor of African Art History, Cornell. Grace Ritter, a local activist recently returned from Darfur. John Weiss, Assoc. Professor of History shows video on Darfur crisis.

RETURNED PEACE CORPS VOLUNTEERS & FAMILIES POTLUCK 3/6, 50-7pm, 522 N. Aurora St. "Photos, music, & food from your Peace Corps country welcomed. There are hundreds of returned peace corps volunteers of all ages and walks of life living in Ithaca." Nancy [email protected] Local peace corps listserve [email protected]

PEOPLES' GARDEN PROJECT FUNDRAISER at Lost Dog 3/11 w/Thousands of One. Funds for garden supplies & containers for First Street garden. Enter the raffle! Ananda 592-9093

SALTONSTALL LITERARY SALON 3/13, 12:15pm, Willow of Ithaca, 202 E. Falls St. Brunch at 11am. Four authors speak 10 minutes each. Discussion follows. 272-0656

ITHACA FREE CLINIC organizing: 3/16, 7pm, City Hall, 2nd fl. Sponsored by Ithaca Health Alliance Justine Waldman [email protected]
---ITHACA HEALTH ALLIANCE HAS OVER 1,000 MEMBERS. "The only good news within the health finance crisis." Menu of payments increases: ithacahealth.org/howwork.htm

"WHAT'S NEW WITH CANCER SERVICES IN TOMPKINS COUNTY" 3/16, 12:30 -1:30pm, Rice Conference Room, Biggs Building, Health Department: Rob Mackenzie, Cayuga Medical Center, Chris Sanchirico & Bob Riter, Ithaca Breast Cancer Alliance

"YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU" performed by Lehman Alternative Community School students, 3/18, 7 pm; 3/19, 2pm, BJM School's Library Theater. Donation: $5.00. [email protected]

SISTER2SISTER 2005- for middle school girls 3/19, 9:30-3:30pm, Women's Community Bldg. "This year's theme is 'Crossing the Cafeteria: Fitting In & Being Yourself.' Panel of women role model speakers, small group & large group activities such as bracelet-making & stress reduction techniques & martial arts & the ever-popular Love Your Body Fair. [email protected] 280-4380 Registration + $5.00 due 3/10

ALTERNATIVES LIBRARY BOOK SALE 3/26 10am-5pm. "Proceeds will fund our prison programs & book purchases." Donations accepted until 3/18. One World Room of Anabel Taylor Hall. HOURS accepted.

BEREAVED PARENTS SUPPORT GROUP first Tuesdays 5:30-7pm, Hospicare. Donna George 272-0212 [email protected] "Your loss does not need to be recent to attend."

PROGRESSIVE CORNELL CATHOLICS: Wednesdays 9:00pm, Founders Room of Anabel Taylor. [email protected] or [email protected]



"We are relocating to the Ithaca area & our real estate agent has forwarded a copy of your newsletter to us. It is the greatest resource! Will you please put me on your mailing list? Thank you. We love the newsletter, which totally reinforces our decision to move to the vegan-friendly & progressive Ithaca area." --Katherine Ludwig

"If you listen to much of the media, by winning the 2004 election, George Bush & the Republican Party leadership earned a mandate from the American people. However, a quick perusal of the actual vote totals from the election tells another story. In the presidential race, Mr. Bush won 50.7% of the vote. For the mathematically challenged, that's a tiny bit above half. In the 435 races for the House of Representatives, Republican candidates won even less: 50.1% of the vote. However, they did gain 53.3% of the seats. If the United States used the same method of proportional representation that is being used in the Iraqi election, the Republicans would lose 14 seats, the Democrats would pick up 5 seats & third-party & independent candidates would hold 10 seats in the House of Representatives instead of the one they have now. The Senate picture is even less convincing for the Republicans. Even though they won 18 seats to the Democrats' 16, Republican candidates won only 46.3% of the vote to 51% for the Democrats. If we combine all the votes in the election for president & for Congress, less than half were cast for Republican candidates." --David Wallechinsky

"Although I have not lived in Ithaca for a year & a half, I still enjoy hearing about what's going on in my favorite town! Please continue to send the newsletter to my new e-mail address. Thanks!" --Rachael Weinstein

"For your readers trying to decide about energy companies, check out the Con Ed Solutions dept. of Con Ed. It is a separate sub company that uses energy only from wind or water sources & no oil...it is at least a solution for the many who cannot get off of the grid or live in other areas of NY outside of Ithaca. They have a rebate program & there are no taxes put on the bill, and your price for energy freezes at the rate you sign up...so it never will go higher & it only costs 1/2 cent per kilowatt hour more than regular oil based energy... just type in Con Ed Solutions into google." --Lindy Cummings

"I'd like to subscribe to the ICN - I read it regularly a few years back & have fallen off the wagon - could you add me to the list? Thank you for the great service you provide the community." --Kathy Putnam

"Does anyone on this list belong to, or know someone connected to, a local HAM radio organization?" --Ed Swayze, Information & Referral Director. 273-8686

"I used to receive the 'News' regularly at my work email until I retired from Tompkins County government about 18 months ago. A friend just sent me the January edition. Can you please add me to your distribution list?" --John Beach

"Just a thought for you about municipally controlled electricity. In the newsletter you mentioned Groton, which years ago dispensed with the middleman & started purchasing its electricity directly from the supplier. I once looked into Groton's setup to suggest it for the Town of Dryden. I dropped the idea when it occurred to me that developers & industries would be scrambling to build where electricity costs are lower.
---"I think solar power for individual residences & businesses is probably the best option. Unfortunately, the initial costs are high, & the panels still aren't powerful enough to work well in cloudy weather. Maybe there will be a breakthrough in the technology.
---"An option for alternative sources of heat is pellet stoves. One company makes a multi-fuel stove, the Countryside model, that can burn either wood pellets or corn (www.magnumfireplace.com). Other good manufacturers include Harman and QuadraFire, though these two don't make a multi-fuel stove, just stoves that burn straight corn or a 50-50 mixture of wood pellets and corn. (Burning corn alone in a stove designed only for wood pellets would cause problems.)
---"Wood pellets are made from sawdust--much of which would otherwise be headed for landfills. Agway carries the Dry Creek brand, which uses no binders but relies on compression to produce the pellets.
---"The air pollution from wood pellets and corn is extremely low--a big advantage over traditional wood stoves. And all the stoves save money on fuel bills in addition to being more friendly to the environment than most sources of energy. Local dealers of stoves are Holy Smoke and Hearth & Home. A major out-of-town dealer is Tall Pines Farm near Montrose, Pa." --B. H.

"We enjoy keeping up with community news & issues. It is about time we donated something to your newsletter. Please accept our gift of $50. May the new year see peace & sensible decision-making." --K.A.

"I have a subject which I thought you might be interested in printing in your Ithaca Community News (which I have subscribed to since 2002 & love reading!)
---"I am editor of the IHS student newspaper, the Tattler. After a semester of criticizing our new Principal, the ICSD has now decided to censor us. We sat through three hours of meetings last week where they intimidated, insulted, & threatened us. This sets a very, very dangerous precedent for freedom of the press at IHS--especially this year, when the Tattler has been bigger (a 28 page issue every month) & better than ever. Anyone who would like to help support us should contact myself at [email protected]
---"We've criticized him for being unresponsive & dictatorial. He has a fancy resume, & the way he has acted so far this year implies that he is more interested in bettering himself than bettering theschool.
---"The meeting was actually two meetings, both scheduled for us (we were told to be there). In the first one, the Principals of Boynton & Caroline complained for a half-hour about how they had repeatedly been offended by the Tattler this year. It was hard to tell what exactly they were mad about, because they kept changing their arguments & positions. But what right do the principals of Boynton & Caroline have to schedule a meeting with us (without our input) & berate us? The idea seemed to be that they would intimidate us into believing that everyone hated the Tattler, & that would make us more responsive to what came next.
---"Then they left, & the (IHS) principal & one of the Assistant Superintendents walked in & informed us that, in consultation with the district lawyers, they had prepared a policy to run the Tattler. They did not involve us in the drafting of the policy, nor are they letting us make suggestions for revision. We were told that this was what was happening & that we had no say. It's an armed takeover of the Tattler by the ICSD.
---"In addition to the censorship, this policy also gives a substantial amount of power to the advisor, who, in the past, has acted solely in an 'advisory' capacity. This new policy would give her the final say & put the editors in the 'advisory' capacity. It would completely destroy the freedom we have had in the past. The Student Press Law Center has a lot of information." --Andrew Alexander [email protected] News Editor, The Tattler

"Here is the link to an online alternative newspaper: thenewstandard.net I'm hoping you'll mention this newspaper to others. The cause benefits us all." --Vivek

"We just love your 2004 history calendar & were wondering if you have created a 2005 calendar. I was just wondering if this was an annual thing you put together. Thank you!" --Michelle
---[REPLY] Thanks! The Amazing Ithaca History Calendar 2004 is compiled at ithaca360.com/tours/index.php?show=month It will be current again during 2032.

"I'm writing from my temporary home of San Francisco (I started the See-Spot a few years back) One of these days I'll head back to the land of Gorges to start a family but I'm out here for now so I'd love to be added to the Ithaca Community News list. Thanks, & thanks for putting it together!" --Avi Smith


"WORDS OF PEACE" every Sunday 8pm Channel 13

GRASSROOTS FESTIVAL HEALING ARTS HAS A HOME IN WATKINS GLEN! Cranberry Massage and Healing Arts. "Free consultations to talk about where we are, where we are going & what the obstacles are which prevent us from living our dreams." Therapeutic massage, energy work (Reiki), creative visualization, image-making process, working w/ blocked creative energy, supporting people w/ learning & attention issues." JoAnn Kingsley: 535-4566 742-0568 [email protected]

"COMMUNITY SERVICES IN TOMPKINS COUNTY" completely updated by Information & Referral, Women's Community Bldg, Suite 300, 273-8686 [email protected]


FREE LIGHTLINK HOTSPOTS for radio laptop. "Set your SSID to lightlink, mail server smtp.lightlink.com, news server news2.lightlink.com

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