JANUARY #1 2005


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UNIQUE UPSIDE-DOWN TAUGHANNOCK FALLS T-SHIRT printed and sold in error, to the delight of its owner, making it a Taughannock Fountain t-shirt.

THE FOOTWRITING ON THE WALK: 104 green-painted footprints from Green Street to Commons. 13 blue-painted footprints on E. Seneca.

"ITHACA IS GORGES" ANAGRAMS: "Triassic Age Hog"; "Sighing for Cigars", "Chigger at Oasis."
---ICN will award a Cinemapolis ticket for each of the best three anagrams submitted.

---Enigmatic: "where does silver come from;" "lighted dance floors;" "horse meat packers," "making cement sidewalks with impressions;" "what does miracle grow do;" "freedom is a breakfast food poem."
---Bawdy: "jello wrestling ithaca;" "sex stores in Ithaca;" "topfree friendly city;" "shirtless women."
---Political: "ithaca FBI tap phone;" "college sweatshirt boycott;" "anti draft card burning."
---Ithica (half of queries misspell Ithaca): "Ithica coffee;" ithica bakery;" "ithica mall;" " ithica death notices;" "ithica is gorges t-shirt;" "ithica ny pyramid;" "ithica clocks;" "ithaka hours."

SEASONABLE: Young deer walking up S. Plain St during blizzard 1/17.
UNSEASONABLE: You may sunbathe naked in your backyard in Ithaca. Said City Prosecutor, "If neighbors don't like it, they shouldn't look."

"FANE"is an archaic word meaning "temple," as in Masonic Temple, or its owner, Jason Fane.

DOMINION OF ITHACA now shows 234 domain names containing "Ithaca."

ITHACA'S CHALLENGE TO STARBUCKS: Gimme! Coffee #5 is opening in Mann Library at Cornell. Gimme #4 is in Brooklyn.


"PLAN: WSKG" comprehensive set of reforms [email protected] 724-1755. "A dominant conservative clique has dismissed critics who say that WSKG is unresponsive to community demands for better, more diverse programming." WSKG membership has dropped from 19,000 to 13,000.

NYS Legislature may soon switch to COMPUTER VOTING MACHINES, getting rid of paper receipt machines. New Yorkers for Verified Voting starts "PAPER BALLOTS FOR NY" campaign for hand marked paper ballots, precinct-based optical scanners, ballot marking devices for disabled accessibility.

ITHACA MILITARISM IN SCHOOLS WORKSHOP: Register by 1/26. Conscience & War Counselors: [email protected]



ITHACA HEALTH ALLIANCE EXPANDS AGAIN: now with over 900 members in 33 states, the Alliance has become the only good news during a health insurance crisis chronicled at More categories of coverage were recently added to its payment plan & free clinic organizing is proceeding.

TOMPKINS COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY RE-OPENS SUNDAYS 1-5pm. Thanks to Local Givers: Brooks Family Foundation & Vector Magnetics Inc each have committed $25,000. "An additional $10,000 is needed to provide a full schedule of Sunday hours May-Sept. "Sundays are second only to Saturdays in popularity as measured by circulation per hour." Janet Steiner [email protected]

SHERIFF PROMOTES YOUTH PROGRAMS TO REDUCE CRIME "Detailed multiple studies show that early childhood & school-age intervention and family support programs dramatically reduce crime & the propensity for crime in young people. Overall health & mental development are also vastly improved, & incidence of abuse reduced. Chair of the Legislature Tim Joseph remarked that the presentation was particularly apt, in light of the need to control the size of the local jail population. Joseph thanked the Sheriff for his steady belief in preventative social programs." Nancy Zahler, Director, Youth Services, 274-5310; Sheriff Peter Meskill, 257-1345

TOMPKINS RX PRESCRIPTION DISCOUNT CARD now free to all Tompkins County residents. no enrollment forms. "Present TompkinsRx card when purchasing prescription drugs at any pharmacy in the county, for average savings of 20 percent. Mail-order savings averaging 50%. Available at County offices, town village halls, medical & health care offices, all pharmacies. In addition, 30,000 cards distributed in 1/26 Pennysaver & Shopper. 877-321-2652

"NOVEMBER WAS A GOOD MONTH for the TOMPKINS COUNTY ECONOMY, but... it appears as if my forecast of 2.5% growth in 2004 was overly optimistic." --Elia Kacapyr For alternative survey: WISE Indicators


LEARN HANDS-ON HEALING (acupressure w/Cat Berry) 1/29, 10am-5pm. Reserve: 256-7070. February: TREAT YOUR FEET (reflexology), PREGNANCY SUPPORT, HAVE A HAPPY BELLY. Sliding scale, HOURS accepted.

THANKS TO READERS WHO HAVE DONATED TO CONTINUE ITHACA COMMUNITY NEWS: ICN, Box 365, Ithaca, NY 14851 Editor will publish one edition for every $200 received.



"PAPER BALLOTS FOR NEW YORK" Bo Lipari of New Yorkers for Verified Voting, Channel 13 TV, 1/19: 1-1:30pm & 1/20: 11-11:30p To help DSOC cable TV series: Theresa Alt 273-3009 [email protected]

INAUGURATION DAY VIGIL for Justice & Peace, 7:45-9am, corner Clinton St. & Rte. 13 "Please wear black & bring a sign/banner. Please RSVP Clare: 273-6257. Sponsored by Ithaca Catholic Worker

INAUGURATION DAY RALLY noon-1:30pm, Commons. Speakers, music, open mike.

END OF LIFE COALITION 1/20, 3pm, Lifelong, 119 W. Court St. "Anyone interested in improving end of life care is welcome to attend." Bill Hawley at Lifelong,273-1511 or Nina Miller 272-0212 at Hospicare

VEGAN CO-OP MEETING 1/25, 7-9pm, above Autumn Leaves. You don't need to be vegan to help.

POETRY FROM THE INSIDE & THE OUTSIDE evening of poems from people in prison & people in the free world: 1/27, 7-10pm, Chapel at Anabel Taylor Hall. "Find out about prisons in the U.S. & ways to be involved in resistance: poetry, music, artwork, coffee, treats, inspiration, activism."
---Donations accepted to fund Prison Express: send books to prisoners [email protected]

ITHACA EARTH DAY PLANNING 1/27, 7-8:30pm, GreenStar. Joey [email protected]

"HOLIDAY OF THE TREES" (TU B'SHEVAT) 1/28, 6pm, Lifelong, 119 West Court St. Seder (a meal of symbolic foods) & participatory service. "After being exiled from Spain during the Inquisition in the 15th century, the holiday [was reinterpreted] as a time to appreciate the importance of plants & the environment to our well-being. Tu B'Shevat has become a day in which we recognize our ethical obligations to care for the planet and its inhabitants." Kids welcome, supervised activities provided. Finger Lakes Community for Humanistic Judaism. Non-members of Kol Haverim: $10 (adult); $15 (family). HOURS accepted. 277-7949


1. DAVID GRAY 1/30, 11am, Sage Chapel
2. "Civil Rights: Past, Present, & Future" 1/30, 46pm, BJM Elementary School gym
3. "Why Do You Want to be a Lawyer?" 1/ 31, 12:25pm, Anabel Taylor Auditorium

TEENS WRITE! free creative writing workshop for teens 12 -18, Wednesdays 2/2-3/23 at TCPL, Thaler Howell Room. 4:00-5:30pm. Register: Irene Zahava at 273-4675 or [email protected]

ECOVILLAGE CONCERT SERIES 2/4, 7:30pm, Joe Jenks, singer-songwriter: "gorgeous voice, beautiful guitar work, socially-conscious & spiritually-reflective lyrics." (Rte. 79 West, next left past West Haven Rd.). Donation, Adults $10; Children 12-16, $5; Under 12 Free. HOURS accepted 25%.

WAR TAX RESISTERS 2/ 5, 6:30, 125 Park Place. "Support for each person's tax resistance, answering any questions, planning for tax day." RSVP Mary 256-9733 [email protected]

BEAUTIFICATION BRIGADE volunteer training sessions 2/7 & 14, & 28. Dan Klein, Cooperative Extension, 272-2292 x123, [email protected] Work on Commons

THE END OF SUBURBIA: Oil Depletion & the Collapse of the American Dream (film): 2/7, 7pm, Lehman Alternative Community School. "Explores the American Way of Life as global demand for fossil fuels begins to outstrip supply. As energy prices skyrocket in the coming years, how will the people of suburbia react to the collapse of their dream? Are today's suburbs destined to become the slums of tomorrow? And what can be done NOW, individually & collectively, to deal with The End of Suburbia?"

ITHACA GREEN BUILDING ALLIANCE WORKSHOPS "to help you create a healthy, environmentally sustainable home." Tuesdays 7-8:30 pm at Coop Extension, 615 Willow Ave. $5/workshop (Ithaca HOURS accepted, scholarships available). 272-2292 to register. [email protected]
---1/18: Green Building Design: Mike Carpenter of Poney Express
---1/25: Building with Local and Natural Materials: Sarah Highland of Holistic Homebuilders.
---2/1: Geothermal & Solar HVAC Strategies: Robb Jetty of Renovus Energy. "Many recent advances in the solar thermal industry make these systems more efficient in "cloudy" Ithaca."
---2/8: Interior Finishes, Natural Materials & Architectural Salvage: Brent & Diana Katzmann of Balance Studio. "healthful interior environments using natural, non-toxic materials
---2/15: Renewable Energy, Net-metering & Self-generation: Rebekah Carpenter of Finger Lakes Renewable Energy: "be an independent power generator while connected to the local utility grid
---2/22: Residential Energy Efficiency: Jon Harrod of Performance Systems Contracting . "cost-effective energy savings & comfort improvements in local homes."

CULTURALLY SENSITIVE PARENTING "raise proud & confident children." Mondays -- January 24, 31, February 7, 14, 21, 28, March 7, 14. 6:30-8:30pm (free classes, food, child care, attendance closed after February 1), GIAC. Register: 272-2292 Wilma Martin 272-2292

PARENTING - THE HARDEST JOB IN THE WORLD: Parenting Skills Series, Wednesdays -- February 2, 9, 16, March 2, 9, 16, 23, April 13 , 6-8pm (free classes, food, child care, attendance closed after February 10), Beverly J. Martin Elementary School, Pre-K Rooms. Register: Anna Steinkraus 272-2292

BEREAVED PARENTS SUPPORT GROUP first Tuesdays 5:30-7pm, Hospicare. Donna George 272-0212 [email protected]

MONTHLY LITERARY SALON by Saltonstall Foundation 2/13, Willow of Ithaca, 202 E. Falls St. "Enjoy an exquisite Sunday brunch & readings from four award-winning writers. Brunch 11am. Readings 12:15 pm. 272.0656 [email protected]



"I live in an earth-sheltered, solar-powered home of my own design in Richford (20 miles SE of Ithaca. Moved in in late 1998 & I love it. I'd be glad to talk with local people who are considering this kind of building, & even more glad to learn about others who've done it." --Kate Mink [email protected]

"How do we get out of this energy nightmare? ConEdison has six white guys who are the directors, & claim to be one of the biggest corporations in the country. So is NYSEG still the better choice? What say you?" --Gwen Cutris
---[REPLY] A choice even worse than Bush/Kerry, since NYSEG is 50% owned by multinationals (via Energy East) like GE, Microsoft, Target, Time Warner, Dow Chemical, etc.
---Breaking monopoly dependence requires us to organize as a community. Fundamental is home/business insulation (especially windows), to reduce fuel use-- the best fuel is no fuel. Readers who'd like to start an insulation-buying co-op may contact me: [email protected]
---Municipalizing NYSEG in Ithaca (Google "municipal electric") will cut costs: Groton residents socialized electric distribution in 1909 & pay far less per kwh. As the movie "End of Suburbia" (noted above) makes clear, suburban life will become very difficult unless we rebuild our fuel & transport systems. "Ithaca Power" (1988) describes Ithaca's fuel base.

"I got a copy of your great Ithaca Community News for Dec. forwarded by a friend. How can I subscribe? I'm new to town, it seems very helpful! Thanks!" --D. D.

"My girlfriend & I are considering moving to Ithaca. We love a lot of things about it, but wonder if there will be enough interesting art events /performance art/gay events to keep us interested - We are totally bored with bland/conservative San Diego even though the weather is nice. I am from New York City - she is from San Francisco. Do you recommend a resource ?" --Gibbs
---[REPLY] Ithaca was declared the 5th-most lesbian-friendly city in USA by Girlfriend magazine. There's so much music being produced & performed here that there are seven professional recording studies. There's so much art that Gallery Night wine/cheese tours downtown monthly. There are new political groups forming all the time & rallies weekly. There are hundreds of nonprofit organizations to join, or start your own! See Ithaca Events, Cornell's events, Gay & Lesbian groups & prime venue And of course there's plenty good stuff archived at Ithacanews

"I recently read about [the Ithaca Health Alliance] in Utne Reader & subsequently explored your web site. Congratulations on providing an answer to this country's health insurance quagmire! You've succeeded in accomplishing a seemingly impossible goal!
---"I understand it would be GREAT if people all over the country would support your group; hopefully then spinning off similar organizations. Best wishes for your continued success." --O.G. Nelson
---[REPLY] The Health Alliance has intended to stimulate a Health Democracy movement which spreads community health systems nationwide. We believe the federal government should provide universal health coverage, but that it is corrupted by corporate cash. We're offering a model for community-controlled nonprofit health care & financing. Millions can't wait.

"The organization Bank of International Art Money is encouraging artists worldwide to create our own money: I recently learned about BIAM from a craft magazine & after checking it out thought, 'Ithacans must know about this!'" --Susan
---[REPLY] Lots of pretty money there. Ithaca HOURS gallery of notes.

"To: Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company Re: unneeded repairs on 1995 Volvo station wagon donated to Friendship Donations Network (100% volunteer-run hunger program that provides food to 30 pantries, soup kitchen & low-wage work sites).
---"On 11/30/04, I went to Goodyear Auto Service Center at 227 Elmira Road for a New York State inspection. Cost $21. I walked out with a bill of $1041.98 for 4 tires, brake hose replacement, wheel balance & most of $544.98 of unnecessary & wasted work. I authorized the work when I was told that if I did not change all the liquids in the car, I might have trouble with the engine at a later date. I guess the service center saw a na�ve 68 year old little old lady!
---"For the past 27 years, a local Volvo repair service center has provided all repairs for our vehicles with an excellent record of honesty & integrity. The wait at my repair shop is three weeks; the inspection needed to be completed within 10 days..Hence, I went to Goodyear!
---"After my initial shock, I took the Volvo & Goodyear Work Order to my trusted mechanics! I was told that nothing illegal was done, but half the work was unnecessary & a waste of our very scarce resources: For example, the Volvo had been fully serviced two months earlier with an oil/lube/filter change [further details of unnecessary work provided]."
--Sara Pines, Friendship Donations


SHAMANIC SESSIONS FOR THE NEW YEAR, "Using age-old techniques for profound shifts in health, emotions & spirit. Also handmade shamanic drums for sale. Drum making workshops in February & March. Pat Floyd, shamanic healer 279-0444 [email protected] HOURS accepted.

CLEVER CLEANERS: homes, apts, offices, sleazy garages, whatever. Refs. Jessica & Jiame 659-5129


FREE LIGHTLINK HOTSPOTS for radio laptop. "Set your SSID to lightlink, mail server, news server

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