DECEMBER #2 2004


[This is the FIRST OF TWO MESSAGES MONTHLY sent to 7,902 Ithaca area residents]





---ITHACA HAS SNOWIEST NEW YEARS': "These Northeast cities have the greatest probability of having 1"+ of snow on the ground on Jan. 1: 1. Caribou, Maine 2. Ithaca 3. Syracuse 4. Binghamton 5. Burlington, Vt."


CLASSICAL MUSIC INSPIRED BY ITHACA "Early Songs" & "Nine Visions for Flute & Harp" by Laurie Conrad [email protected] Purchase: Also on sale at The Bookery.
---"Ithaca has many large & small waterfalls. Two are only a block away from our house. I have been to the Falls nearby in the heat & sun of summer & in the cold & frost of winter, when massive icicles hung from the cliffs. One walks through a small forest to reach the large falls, which one can hear from our house on some summer nights."
---I. Sunlight on the Falls; II. Echoes in the Cliffs; III. A Light Rain at the Falls; IV. Winter Birds; V. Cathedrals of Light; VI. Children Play in the Sand and Waves; VII. Sprites; VIII. Music of the Spheres; IX. The Lighthouse. Also "ELEGIE" Written during the U.S. invasion of Iraq for the innocent victims.

---ITHACA MOTHERS' NIGHT BOOK CLUB: monthly . Talk books for 15 minutes, get trashed on wine, spend rest of evening gossiping. By invitation.
---ITHACA STITCH-N-BITCH: weekly discussion for knitters/crocheters. 12/29, 7-9pm, The Atomic Lounge 508 W. State [email protected]
---HAPPY ITHACA NON-MOMS meet to celebrate their decision.
---WOMEN WALKING WATERFALLS [email protected] 277-9058

ITHACA MALES BECOME SENSITIVE: Vince & Karl finally have caught the spirit of the New Age suffusing Ithaca's air. After doggedly ignoring prevailing encouragements to 'get in touch with their feelings,' to open up to other men, to abandon male self-confidence & hegemony, and to hug, the two reserved activists met on sacred ground.
---With the help of their good friend Linoka they stood face-to-face as close as Germans. Trembling, Vince reached toward Karl to hold him by both wrists, at first a little too hard, to say gently "Hello friend, how are you today?" Karl swallowed & answered, "Just fine, thanks."
---Linoka suggested they move even closer & allow deeper communication. "Let it flow," she said.
---Looking at the floor, then earnestly at the man he had known since high school, Vince said haltingly, struggling to overcome decades of brutal repression of sincere emotions, "I would like to kill harmless innocent things."
---As the two melted into each others' arms like two grades of sandpaper Karl replied softly, "Me too."
---Such scenes are being repeated all over our city. The vibrations will soon reach the toughest taverns in Groton, & some day unchain our land.



ITHACA BOOK RELEASES movement to leave books in public places for others to find "turning the whole world into a library"
---"RETURN TO ITHACA: A Woman's Triumph over the Disabilities of a Severe Stroke"

HOUSE OF ODIN BOOKSTORE (next to Ithaca Beer) 614 Elmira Rd. "Sell me your books. I'll take 'em all. If they can't be sold I'll donate them," says Dave Hall. HOURS accepted.

CENTRAL NEW YORK BOOK AUCTIONS consignment sales 269-0101 1429 Danby Rd.


FREEBAYFORUS.ORG invites donations of goods & services to the Ithaca City School District. School employees can request needed items. Receive weekly email updates.

NEW MINIMUM WAGE RULES ($6.00/hr starting New Years')


---MICHAEL MOORE'S NEXT FILM on HMOs ("SICKO") may include Ithaca Health Alliance:

ITHACA POET Katharyn Howd Machan's "REDWING Voices from 1888" poems are monologues by residents of the fictional town of Redwing. Orders received by 1/10/05 will be signed. HOURS accepted.


During 2005, Ithaca Community News will help Ithacans reduce oil & car dependence, create good jobs ecologically on a small budget, diversify media sources & establish local networks which teach the state & nation to heal rather than destroy.

ITHACA COMMUNITY NEWS 2004 FINANCIAL REPORT: 93 readers donated $2,219.25. Thanks! For every $200 received, one issue will be published. Ithaca HOURS welcome.
---Donations to ICN, Box 365, Ithaca, NY 14851.



INTERNATIONAL FOLK DANCES Sundays 7:45-10:30pm, Helen Newman Hall, Cornell

HORA de ESPANOL CONVERSATION Sundays 4pm, Autumn Leaves Used Books Cafe

ITHACA VEGAN POTLUCK 3rd Sundays 7pm, Hasbrouck Community Center

BREAST CANCER 101: two-session program of Ithaca Breast Cancer Alliance 1/3 & 10, 5-6:30pm, people diagnosed w/ breast cancer & their partners. Register by noon 12/30. 277-0960

---Long Term Care Committee 1/7, noon, Rice Conference Room, TC Health Department
---Acute/Primary Care Committee 1/12, noon, Women's Community Building: Outreach about TompkinsRx & creating a web-based interactive version of our Prescription Guide, and 2005 Committee Workplan.

WEST HILL CIVIC ASSOCIATION 1/11, 7pm, Lehman Alternative Community School. guest speaker Jane Dieckmann, City of Ithaca Historian gives background on West Hill. Also Maria Coles with news from City Hall. Kris Bennett, 273-2173 [email protected]

FREEDOM FROM SMOKING eight-week program: Tuesdays starting 1/11, noon-1pm, Finger Lakes Independence Center, 215 Fifth Street, Ithaca. "Each smoker will develop an individual plan for quitting. "Learn the latest skills in: stress mgmt, weight control, & assertiveness." 272-2433 Ithaca Health Alliance members completing the program receive $50 from the Alliance.

HELPING CHILDREN COPE WITH SEPARATION & DIVORCE 1/12 & 19, 6-9pm Register 273-9347

MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. LUNCHEON 1/13, noon, Southside Community Ctr, 305 S. Plain St, "celebrates the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr." Tucker's Catering providing food. Music, speakers, more. Call Lifelong (273-1511) by 1/3 to reserve.

THOUSANDS OF ONE: 1/13, 9pm, Lost Dog, Richie Stearns (free): "to promote the growth of community consciousness & funky soul music."

MAKING CHILD CARE AFFORDABLE 1/13, 6:30-8pm,Women's Community Building: 2004 tax credits Subsidized Child Care for Low-income families, Types of Child Care available in Tompkins County Services available to Families. Register: Meredith 273-0259 [email protected]

JOB SEARCH WORKSHOPS 1/24-28. Register by 1/14. Women's Opportunity Ctr 272-1520

PRECIOUS NONSENSE Music & Lyrics by Gilbert & Sullivan, Book by Rachel Lampert. January 13 - February 12. "A new musical comedy [with] twists & turns from our favorite G&S; operettas. " Tickets 273-4497 Ticket Center, Clinton House, 116 N. Cayuga. HOURS accepted.

"HEALTH STATUS OF TOMPKINS COUNTY SENIORS in 2004" 1/19, 12:30-1:30pm, Rice Conference Room, Biggs Building, Health Dept. chronic health conditions, use of health services, access to care, nutrition, mental health, social isolation, health insurance.

BOUND FOR GLORY "North America's longest running live folk concert broadcast" Sunday nights 8-11pm, Cul de Snack Cafe at Anabel Taylor Hall at Cornell. Presented by long-time host Phil Shapiro. 844-4535 [email protected]
---1/23 PETER LANG " one of the guitar gods of the 1970's
---1/30 BILL STAINES "writer of magical songs with delicious choruses

MINDFULNESS-BASED STRESS REDUCTION "for persons with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses." 6-sessions. 1/27 & weekly 6:30-8:30pm through March,Women's Community Bldg. Led by Jeff Collins LCSW & Gisela Konrad, yoga teacher. Register: 277-0960; [email protected] or Jeff Collins 272-0212 [email protected]

HUMAN SERVICES COALITION ANNUAL MEETING LUNCHEON 2/1, Noon-2pm, Women's Community Bldg. Keynote Speaker Mildred Warner, Associate Professor, CU City & Regional Planning: "Valuing Human Services From an Economic Development Perspective."

FLY DANCE COMPANY 2/5, 7pm, , State Theatre. "Dancers combine hip hop, street, house, & break dancing..." Tickets $20/adults; $10/students, youth. HOURS accepted. "This ain't no ordinary lacy-fingered, twinkly-toed dance troupe. These FLY guys are tough, with streetwise, sideways charm." --Houston Press



PEACE POTLUCK first Saturdays This month's topic (1/1): "What is our fair share?" What is your ecological footprint? What is an energy fast?" Perry City (Quaker) Meeting House, Route 227 in Perry City. Dish to pass 5:30pm; discussion 7:00pm. 387-9046

PEACE KIT: Never Again: Peace Education and Remembrance Day. 45-minute CD. Grades K-12

CANADA WILL ACCEPT WAR EVADERS: Prime Minister Paul Martin said, after being reminded that former prime minister Pierre Trudeau opened Canada's doors to draft dodgers & deserters during the Vietnam War, "In terms of immigration, we are a country of immigrants & we will take immigrants from around the world. I'm not going to discriminate."

WHEN WEOS LOSES "DEMOCRACY NOW" SIGNAL tune to KPFK -FM: best bilingual progressive programming & world music on radio: listenlive.html

FREE SPEECH AT MALLS required by Hartford City Council. "In the past, Hartford's downtown business district was a place where workers, shoppers & the public could engage in free speech with one another," said Jo Winch, chair of the Hartford City Council's Labor Committee. "But as our downtown is replaced by privatized malls & Wal-Marts, we need to make sure that those opportunities aren't lost." (212) 998-6328



"Thank you for your November posting to let people know about our great Books-by-Mail program here at Finger Lakes Library System. Initially, we only posted on the Human Services listserv. Then to our happy surprise we saw it in this newsletter! A few weeks later we found ourselves being interviewed by The Ithaca Times for an article that ran Thanksgiving week." --Cassie Shortle" [email protected]

"I am collecting and filtering vegetable oil [for biodiesel], but at the moment I don't have a vehicle to deliver it in. By late Feb. or March I should have something. I'm charging $1.25 a gallon." --Mark Wienand [email protected] Liquid Solar

"So great to see your newsletter again. Here below is information about a new book that might interest you as well as your readers. I'm a contributing author to it. My chapter deals with the environment & talks a lot about organic agriculture. And thanks for all you do." --Sandra Steingraber
---"WHAT WE DO NOW"is "a galvanizing call to arms in the wake of the presidential election, an all-star line-up of leading progressive voices & cultural figures [urge] opponents of the right not to give in to despair and to launch an immediate counterattack."

"Had it with the Ithaca Journal & Gannett News? At a recent meeting of people concerned about accurate media, peace & justice, the election & political activism, the loudest cheers to ring out were in solidarity with a comment that our local paper, The Ithaca Journal, run by Gannett News, is a disgrace. Every day, I am literally stunned speechless by the biased & distorted headlines. Today's [12/11] 'Electors to Confirm Bush; some won't 'get over it'' got me really fuming, especially since I, along with 12 members of the US House Judiciary Committee, Jessee Jackson, & anyone else who has expressed concern over over irregularities in Ohio, Nevada & elsewhere were called 'a small sliver of conspiracy theorists, liberal activists & alternative news junkies...' ---"Is there anyone else out there who would like to take on our local paper and demand we get more responsible journalism? If you share my concern with the paper, send e-mail letters to the editor page [email protected] --D.G.

"Could you please add me to the Ithaca News list. Your latest edition was just forwarded to me. Thank you for printing the great article on the State Theatre organ." --Janet Shure, Historic Ithaca, Inc.

"I have appreciated your example of freedom of speech & recognition of individuality. However I am now totally confused as to why you printed Elizabeth Bauchner's ears dropping big brother comments in the November #2 issue 'ITHACA MORE EVIL THAN THEY KNOW'" [regarding the Ithaca mother who would not let her child attend church]. --Bobbie
---[REPLY] That author was not criticizing the mother. The story satirizes the 'Ithaca Is the City of Evil' website maintained by a local conservative:

"Regarding the "Voice Your Choice" mailing from NYSEG: You can sign up for a clean energy provider with Suburban Energy Services (simpler than the previous wind energy block-buying scheme): It is New York-based, 40% new wind, 30% small hydroelectric & 30% bioenergy. I think the "Voice Your Choice" thing requires you to sign up for a supplier by 12/30 or get the default." --Joe Nolan
---- "I switched to Suburban by calling 1-888-982-4929. You need your NYSEG account number to do this. They offer 50% mix or 100% green, & there are rebates taken off. Hard to figure out my final cost, but I went 100%, so be it if it costs me a little more. They also offer gas delivery at fixed (98 cents for a year) and variable (currently 90 cents) rates." --Eric Banford
---- "You can also purchase 100% wind energy through NYPIRG, a non-profit environmental advocacy organization. They have a partnership with Community Energy Inc, a regional wind energy provider. --Sean Vormwald
---- "The Dec. 31 deadline [for switching energy provider] is not real. There is a 90 day grace period that no one is telling you about.
---There's a new option available. The Municipal Electric & Gas Alliance (MEGA) was formed by Tompkins County back when Electricity was being deregulated so that we could all join together & benefit from the power of bulk purchasing. It is essentialy a cooperative buying club for electricity & natural gas. In the initial bid many local residents, as well as agencies, businesses, & local governments signed up. MEGA also will offer a renewable energy option which they will subsidize. MEGA will pick up part of the premium for getting wind power. ---The MEGA application available on the site can be filled out by individuals. Filling out this form does not sign you up to buy power from MEGA. What it does is authorize Advantage Energy (the winner of the bid) to send you an offer to sign up under the MEGA contract. Don't feel rushed into doing something now." --Tim Joseph [email protected]
---- "Cornell Cooperative Extension-Tompkins has written a fact sheet with information on choosing an electricity supply company: We have also made up a chart comparing the various offers of companies providing residential service to NYSEG customers. This chart's also at 615 Willow Ave, Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4:30pm. 272-2292." --Carole Fisher

"I heard NPR's ombudsman on a talk show today [Jeffrey Dworkin [email protected]] saying that he only receives about 400 emails a day on the average. I thought if we all constructed our own message in re the illegal weapons & the destruction of Falluja we might be able to get the story to be investigated, especially if each is a brief, individual note. Here are articles that might stimulate your thoughts; they reference firsthand accounts of civilians with napalm/phosphorous burns, tanks rolling over wounded, etc." & --David Quinn-Jacobs

"There's an interesting article about WalMart in the Dec. 16th NY Review of Books ('Inside the Leviathan.')" ---C.B.

"I have been researching earth-sheltered homes recently. Do you know of any local builders/contractors who construct these types of homes? There are lots of companies out there who build them or offer floor plans, but none locally, at least that I can find. Also, have you corresponded with anyone who is interested in starting an Ecolony in Ithaca?
---"In browsing the web about these homes, I got the impression that financing them can be difficult, since they are considered "alternative housing", and water drainage can be troublesome unless well thought out in advance of breaking ground. How would a person (in Ithaca) go about getting started with constructing an earth-sheltered home?
---"I am also looking into geodesic domes, which are supposed to be very energy efficient too, and the re-enforced cement method of construction can be used to build them mostly undergound, with only the front showing. Thanks for any information you can give me!" --Vickie Clairmont
---[REPLY] The Los Angeles site explains 'ecolonies.' Natural Home Builders of Ithaca is contacted via Scott VanGaasbeck at 277-3853 or Sara Highland 273-8671. They do straw bale & probably know who does earth shelter. I've been told there's a semiundersground house on West Hill. The Cornell Campus Store & Kroch libraries are underground. The foundation text on underground housing is by Malcolm Wells.
---Joan Bokaer & John Schroeder devised an EcoIthaca plan for the city: "Ecology & Urbanism" Biggest challenge to bulding an ecolony is government regulation rather than money.
---Begin by getting land, getting permits, & getting money by getting people together to design and maintain it. It would be great to conjioin it with a food processing center. Several Ithacans are organizing a vegan grocery which would process local harvest.
---Buckminster Fuller built his first full-scale geodesic dome in Ithaca at Cornell, in 1957.



FREE TAX PREPARATION viaVITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) needs volunteers to help working Americans get the tax credits they deserve. [email protected] 273-4611 Ext 859

FREE MONEY: "The Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency is preparing the draft Action Plan to identify projects to be funded through the 2005 COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT BLOCK GRANTS (CDBG) & HOME Programs. Approximately $1.5 million is expected to be available. Community groups, businesses & individuals are invited to submit proposals for activities to be funded through these programs. Applications & more information via IURA, 108 E. Green St., Ithaca, NY 14850, 274-6553. Applications due by noon 1/14.

---Monday-Friday: Free daily meals at Loaves & Fishes, 210 N. Cayuga St
---Tuesdays: Immaculate Conception Church, Geneva St. near Seneca St. 1-1:45 p.m.
---Wednesdays: Assembly of God Church, Bostwick Rd. near Rt. 13A, 1-1:45 p.m.
---Thursdays: Halsey Valley Church, Hamilton Rd, 5-6 pm
---Fridays: Interlaken Reformed Church 3- 6 pm; alternate weeks
---3rd Fridays, Van Etten United Methodist Church
---2nd & 4th Saturdays: McLean Community Church, Church St., McLean 1:30-2:15 p.m.
---Sundays Alternating Weeks, Van Etten United Method. Church
---LIMIT: one pantry visit/week/household please. [email protected]

FREE SUPPORT GROUP FOR WOMEN WHO HAVE EXPERIENCED SEXUAL ASSAULT OR RAPE. Advocacy Center "provides a safe & confidential space where you can share experiences, explore feelings." Liz or Toni 277-3203

KRIPALU DANSKINETICS Mondays 7:15-8:15pm & Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm, Wessex-Bristol Art Gallery, 119 Commons, Sigrid Kulkowitz 272-0407 [email protected] HOURS accepted.

FESTIVE FACE & BODY ART: Cami 564-3223 [email protected] HOURS accepted.


FREE LIGHTLINK HOTSPOTS for radio laptop. "Set your SSID to lightlink, mail server, news server

Thanks to Homer & Jane at LIGHTLINK for reliable internet services.


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