NOVEMBER #2 2004


[This is the SECOND OF TWO MESSAGES MONTHLY sent to 7,857 Ithaca area residents]





* 85% voted for Kerry in the City's 1st Ward, 4th district (lower South Hill) Just 7% there voted for Bush.
* Kerry took 80% citywide, Bush 16%, Nader 3% (who got 20% citywide in 2000).
* Nader's strongest showing (5.5%) was tallied at Ithaca College.
* Happiest to vote for Bush were the 66% of voters in Dryden's 3rd district (NE corner) & Town of Groton.
* Most Libertarian were the 2% voting for Badnarik in Ward 4, District 2 (Collegetown).
* Highest voter turnout: 87% in Ithaca City Ward 3, Dist 3 (E. Hill between Mitchell & Giles) & Ithaca Town Dist 7 (NE Cayuga Hgts). Lowest turnout 36% (Thurston Ave). County average 77%.

ITHACA MORE EVIL THAN THEY KNOW: An Ithaca mother took her five-year-old son on some errands. The boy, who had recently started kindergarten, had a friend who went to church regularly & he wanted to go, too. He asked his mom if she would take him, & she said no because she doesn't go to church. Later, he asked again, & she said no again because she doesn't believe in God. The thought of sitting in church actually made the mother feel quite queasy. Later, while sitting in Wegmans eating lunch, the boy said, "Mom, won't you PLEASE take me to church someday?" The mother, frustrated that she had been asked this question so many times already, blurted out, "No!" The cafe seemed to go quiet, & the mother noticed quite a number of people watching her. For what kind of mother would deny her son church? Only an evil mother in the City of Evil. " --Elizabeth Bauchner

WORSE: BAD RELIGION RESEARCH FUND, Box 4416 Ithaca, NY 14852 [email protected]

ITHACAMEDIAWATCH group at Yahoo! "This is a place where we can network to help each other infiltrate local mainstream media, share resources, & offer ideas for creating new media outlets." [email protected]

---"After leaving Ithaca & driving 500 miles through the Bush, I had a big fight with my family about the election. They were all for W. Their ridicule for Kerry was so rough that I had a hard time getting a word in. How can I reach my people" --Ten Square Miles

ITHACA WILDER THAN THEY THOUGHT: "I am��not making this up. I was driving east today in Ithaca on Hancock Street between��2nd and 3rd Streets��about 11:45 AM��when I spotted a person wearing a beaked mask, carrying a toilet with both hands��and newspaper tucked under his left arm (from certain anatomical features observed,��most likely a male). As I was driving past, this person stopped under a tree, set down the toilet, pulled down his pants to the ankles, sat on the throne and unfolded the newspaper to read. Can this possibly mean that a movement's finally begun in Ithaca?" --John Milich

ITHACA GLACIER in British Columbia near Juneau AK along Peace River, one of 49 Canadian glaciers: photo We had our own, half mile deep, 10,000 years ago.

POPULATION & WEALTH OF ITHACA CITY DECLINE WHILE SUBURBS GROW: Population at 1, 2, & 3 mile radii from Downtown Ithaca & Aggregate Income (in Millions) at 1, 2, & 3 mile radii from Downtown Ithaca:

CENSUS BUREAU RESEARCH DATA CENTER OPENS AT CORNELL "Research Data Centers (RDCs) offer qualified researchers restricted access to confidential economic & demographic data collected by the Census Bureau in its surveys & censuses."

ITHACA FESTIVAL LEFTOVERS SALE: T-shirts, & other Festival Gear: $15 ea / 3 for $40 / 5 for $60 At Night & Day on Commons



MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. PEACEMAKER AWARD: Community Dispute Resolution Center invites nominees. For "an individual who works non-violently for change, who brings people together to resolve differences &/or promote social justice & whose work benefits the Tompkins County community. The award will be presented at the MLK Community Breakfast 1/15/05." To nominate, send letter describing their work to CDRC, 120 W. State St or [email protected] by 12/18

CINEMAPOLIS & FALL CREEK PICTURES "War and Peace" Series; high school students $2.00.
12/2: PRISONER OF THE MOUNTAINS (7:15 pm, Fall Creek).
12/23: A VERY LONG ENGAGEMENT (7:15 pm, theater to be announced)

PEACE POTLUCK 12/4, Dish to pass 5:30pm; discussion 7pm, Perry City Meeting House on Route 227. Topic: Terrorism, fascism, gay marriage, global warming - Addressing our differences & facing our fears. 387-9046

PROPOSED $20 MILLION JAIL EXPANSION: Tompkins County Legislature will vote 12/7, 5:30pm, Courthouse. "The current plan calls for nearly doubling the size of the jail, which will require a 6% annual tax increase to fund.
---"A decision to proceed with the jail expansion project will seriously threaten already bare-bones discretionary spending in many social service areas, including: the Department of Social Services, youth & family programming, spending for the elderly, alternatives to incarceration, the library system, TCAT, road repair.
---"A larger jail will not enhance public safety. Seventy percent of those in the jail are non-violent offenders who are well suited to safe and less expensive programming in the community. Our jail population has been decreasing for some time and research by the US Department of Justice clearly shows that jails are capacity driven-- 'if you build it, you will fill it.' Incarceration has been proven time & again to be costly & ineffective. It is possible to combat crime by strengthening our community, not tearing it apart. Community-based services & alternatives to incarceration are more effectively & efficiently able to ensure that those who have committed crimes can be held accountable & become productive members of our society.
---"Send your opinions to [email protected] asking they be printed for all of the legislators. Forward your letters to Ithaca Journal [email protected] Cortland Standard [email protected] FL Newspapers [email protected] --Sarah Rhinelander [email protected]

PEACE CAROLING 12/17, 7pm, Commons: songs w/"peace" themes.

ITHACA CATHOLIC WORKER PEACE TEAM DELEGATION GOES TO SUDAN, where claims of genocide are mounting. They will work with Catholic Relief Services.
---"The UN estimates that 50,000 people have been killed in Darfur since 2003 as a result of the violence. It is also estimated that between 300,000-1,000,000 could die before the end of the year. We believe that a nonviolent international presence can be a catalyst for change. Not only is it important for us to gather information about Sudan, but with our country's policy of economic & military exploitation throughout the world, it is equally important to present a different face of the US.
---"I am trying to raise $1000 dollars to donate to CRS & other NGOs working in Darfur. Checks to: Grace Ritter, Ithaca Catholic Worker, 122 Cleveland Ave, Ithaca, NY 14850

ITHACANS MARCHED TO CLOSE THE SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS (SOA) at Ft. Benning, GA 11/19-21. SOA is a US Army-run combat training school for Latin American soldiers. Graduates have been responsible for documented atrocities. "If we are serious about ending terrorism, then we must begin at home," said Leslie Schultz. "The SOA is a terrorist training camp on US soil." [email protected]




FIGURE STUDY 12/1, 6-9pm "draw, sculpt or paint the human form in See Spot's classroom at 221 Linn St. Professional models vary weekly, class size growing, all welcome." $5 model fee. HOURS.

ITHACA CRAFTS ALLIANCE FESTIVAL 12/3 & 4, Women's Community Building. "Tantalizing gifts include fine art photography & etching, hand painted, silkscreened & stenciled clothes, hand knit scarves, quilting, handbags, soaps & plants. Friday 11-6 & Saturday 10-5. Live music. Admission free.

AN EVENING WITH IRA GLASS (NPR's "This American Life"): Lies, Sissies & Fiascoes: Notes On Making A New Kind Of Radio, 12/4, 8pm, State Theatre. Tickets at Clinton House Ticket Center 273-4497 or $27 & $32; WSKG members $22 & $27; students $15 & $19. 1/4 HOUR part price. Seating reserved.

"GRASSROOTS STAGES", a 'musicalmentary' film by Michael O'Connell, featuring sights & sounds of 2003 Fingerlakes Grassroots Festival of Music & Dance: 12/5, 8pm, WSKG-TV.
---Performances by Donna The Buffalo, Keith Frank & the Soileau Zydeco Band, John Specker, The Horse Flies, Jennie Stearns Band, Samite, & The Flying Clouds. Organizers of the festival, Jeb & Jordan Puryear, are interviewed, plus volunteer coordinator Mae Beale & others. Scenes of dancing fans, peace parade, "Fascist Fashion Show," more.

THE SATISFACTION SHOW Art Exhibit @ ABC Caf�� 12/6-30 hosted by See Spot

ITHACA HOURS 2005 DIRECTORY DEADLINE: office upstairs Autumn Leaves 115 Commons. Search the HOURS database

FIGURE STUDY 12/8, 6-9pm "draw, sculpt or paint the human form in See Spot's classroom at 221 Linn St. Professional models vary weekly, class size growing, all welcome." $5 model fee. HOURS.

SHARE THE WARMTH (winter clothes distribution) 12/9, 10 & 11, Catholic Charities. Volunteers to help sort clothing starting on 11/29. "We will need volunteers to sign families in, hand out bags for clothing, assist people, answer phone, refold/hang clothes, clean up on Saturday & read to children." Audrey Barton 277-1512 [email protected]

SAVE ENERGY, SAVE DOLLARS 12/14, 12-2pm, 615 Willow Ave. Low-cost & no-cost conservation measures. Energy-saving tools given to participants. Door prizes, refreshments. Register 272-2292

FIGURE STUDY 12/15, 6-9pm "draw, sculpt or paint the human form in See Spot's classroom at 221 Linn St. Professional models vary weekly, class size growing, all welcome." $5 model fee. HOURS.




GREENSTAR members have voted 9 to 1 to operate a conveneince store rather than a health food store. Permitted ingredients include GMOs, pesticide/herbicide residues, carcinorgens, mutagens, monosaccharides:

VEGAN GROCERY CO-OP forming Intending to sell healthy food, feature regional agriculture & goods, organize food processing facility, social center.

JUST ORGANICS delivers organic produce to your door:


POLLUTION LINK TO HEART DISEASE: caused by cars & factories
ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS THE MAJOR CAUSE OF CANCER "Most cases of cancer are linked to environmental causes, U.S. government scientists report. Simultaneously, a second group of government researchers says the number of cancer survivors is growing in the United States. Cancer is the second leading cause of death for Americans after heart disease."




"Hi from England. There is a feeling of fear & trepidation among many people that the next four years will bring even more misery & woe to the world. For most of the day [11/3] I have found it difficult to comprehend how America could re-elect such a man. The ITHACA COMMUNITY NEWS has given me some hope & confidence that the country isn't full of right wing, environmentally ignorant bigots. Long may your community continue to thrive & shine a light of hope." --Terry Harrington

"Thanks for sending this ICN out. It is very timely. I really felt like giving up today [11/3] & reading about our community & how we can make our world what we want it to be makes me feel less helpless, less at the mercy of those singing the new anthems of america: 'consume, expand, fear.'" --Marlo
---- "Thank you so much for the newsletter. I hope that it betters my mood after a disappointing election." --Kathryn

"The Journal reported thirteen fatal car accidents in [Tompkins] county. Most of those who died are young people. We must & should analyze & discuss the possible causes of these accidents. But we must also analyze & discuss a transportation system that causes 45,000 deaths in this country annually. That's considerably more people each year than died in the war in Iraq & in 9-11 combined. As a city & a nation, are we really willing to sacrifice this number of people? Is it time to reduce & limit car use & increase funding to public transportation? ---"In Bogota, they close all main arteries to car traffic every Sunday for 6 hours a day. The streets throng with pedestrians & bicycles, brings the community together, gives people time to visualize the possibilities of life without traffic. How about an annual car-free day for Ithaca?" --Margot Brinn

"Thanks so much for the newsletter! It is an especially welcome & warm piece of home right now, as I am in Florida & just got the election results this morning. Let's all pray that our native Ithacan common sense combined with appropriate peaceful action can override any damage that may be caused in the next four years. I know your newsletter will be helpful with regard to this. Thanks so much!" --Hanan

"Your editorial is too too right: 'To survive, we must dedicate much leisure instead to implementing practical programs. We will now protect one another by replacing illusions with exemplary local actions.' I think your journal will prove to be a stabilizing & unifying element in the very difficult times to come." --V.J.
---[REPLY] Thanks for encouragement. We need independent media more urgently than ever. With the collapse of hope on federal level, & even state levels, local action to model change seems like the only arena left. And it's always been the foundation of durable change.

"Hey thanks for sending the link to my blog around, that was a pleasant surprise!" --Shane Seger

"Wal-Mart is opening a new store in Ithaca, but unless we make our voices heard it will be business as usual: low pay, few benefits, little respect for workers & their families. Please write to the new store manager telling him that Wal-Mart can afford to do better: General Manager Dave Jacobson, Box 6433, Ithaca NY 14851. Please also copy your letter to us:
---"Wal-Mart does not pay a living wage. Most of Wal-Mart's employees work as cashiers, sales associates & stockers. Its average pay nationally for cashiers is less than $15,000. The starting pay is less than $7. And Wal-Mart's pay is low even within its industry, about one-third lower than other large retail companies, according to one recent study. Wal-Mart can afford to pay a living wage. Wal-Mart made $9 billion in profits last year. It is the largest employer (10% of all U.S. retail workers), largest food retailer & 3rd largest pharmacy. Because of its size & power it is also driving wages down through-out the country. Supermarket workers, for example, today earn on average $1/hour less since Wal-Mart entered the supermarket business. Wal-Mart is a leader & when we convince the IthacaWal-Mart to pay a living wage, others will also.
---"A living wage benefits other businesses & the community as a whole. Most of any wage increase will be spent in local stores (including Wal-Mart itself), increasing local sales & taxes. This will boost our local economy. And since public assistance such as Medicaid & Food Stamps is needed to subsidize low-wage employers, our community would realize a lower overall tax bill as Wal-Mart boosted wages.
---"Wal-Mart does not provide adequate health insurance for its employees. Fewer than half of Wal-Mart employees can afford company health insurance, compared to close to two-thirds of employees at other large retailers.
---" The Walmartization of America is a situation in which there are fewer & fewer middle class jobs, leaving most people struggling to make ends meet because they are working but their pay is too low." --Patrick Young [email protected]

"Dear GreenStar, by taking away our community bulletin board & placing it where only a very few people pass by, you have removed one of the most valuable & appreciated vehicles we have to communicate with one another WITHIN the GreenStar community. You've replaced it with more emphasis on top-down, one-to-one communication, which is a great thing to have--but that's the kind of thing people likely will go to the back to read We use the poster board to get out news about interesting new bands playing here, coming through from faraway places, new music nobody's heard of yet.
---"The loss of this board (& it is effectively a loss, not just a move) comes in conjunction with about five others in town, including the Salvation Army community board (gone), a major bookstore on the Commons, our largest liquor store, & a couple others. Wegman's of course, continues to refuse any postings; their idea of the definition of 'community' is chiefly as a marketing concept defined at the corporate level.
---"By sticking the Greenstar Community board in a little-traveled area of the store, you've effectively removed this important means of reaching out to like-minded folks in the Greenstar community-- which really is a community--folks who support new & interesting music in my case, but for other folks who post, you've eliminated one of our most important ways of communicating political actions, too.
---"Please, please, please consider restoring the community board to aposition of prominence where 'eye-catching' posters can do just that. Thanks for your consideration!" --Tracey Craig 277-8806

[FROM PREVIOUS EDITION] "I have heard that Cornell University is a school only for the super rich, & then with just the right connections at that." --Jacob Fines
---[READER REPLIES] "I would like to point out that graduate school admissions are completely disconnected from undergraduate admissions & that the Department of Physics at Cornell couldn't care less about money or family connections. Grad school applications should be approached like a job application, after all, it is like a job inasmuch as the department (or a specific lab) pays the student to work--- either teaching or research. It blew my mind that research was work that people would pay for, until I started to do it. Among physics departments, Cornell's pays a little less attention to GRE scores & more attention to recommendations & written statements. This is more work for the professors involved in the admissions process, less accurate (because someone can put on a show), but is freeing from the tyrrany of numerical scores. I was attracted to Cornell by the friendliness & extreme non-competitiveness of the department, & I have found those first impressions to hold true over the 5.5 years I've been here. A professor visiting from MIT (the antithesis) once insulted us about this: he thought we were pretending.
---"As for Ithaca, it's a great hippie town; it reminds me of Northampton, MA, near where I grew up. Whether you like this or not need not influence your decision to come here--- lots of grad students never adopted local values. In fact, I knew graduate students who were relieved when the big box stores moved in because 'finally there's a place to buy books!' (Sorry, I just realized that that would only be hilarious to people who live downtown, wading knee-deep in used books.)
---"Thanks! I just don't want someone to get the wrong impression, &the idea that Cornell & Ithaca are for the super-rich & connected seems to come completely from outer space. I wonder how that idea originated." --Jim P.

"Where would I look to find out if my 'write-in' vote for [this year's] election was documented somewhere?" --Susan Means
---[REPLY] They're recorded at the Board of Elections office: 128 E. Buffalo St. 274-5522

"Please send me Ithaca Community News. I will share them with people here at Empire State College." --Paul Miller
--- "Good to have the ICN back, Paul!" --Nancy P.

"A compelling study commissioned by the Andersonville Development Corporation, finds that locally-owned businesses generate 70% more local economic impact per square foot than chain stores. The study analyzed 10 locally-owned restaurants, retail stores, & service providers on Chicago's north side & compared them with 10 national chains competing in the same categories. They found that spending $100 at one of the neighborhood's independent businesses creates $73 in additional local economic activity, while spending $100 at a chain produces only $43 worth of local impact. They also found that the local businesses generated virtually the same sales per square foot as the chains ($246 versus $243). But because chains funnel more of this revenue out of the local economy, the study concluded that, for every square foot of space occupied by a chain, the local economic impact is $105, compared to $179 for every square foot occupied by an independent business." [contributed by Jessie Lind]

"We appreciated the most recent ICN-- keep it up (when you have the time)." --Amy & Duncan

"A couple months ago, I recieved an email about solar power in Ithaca. I believe it was about a family that decided to go off the grid entirely. The email also contained a whole bunch of interesting facts about solar power in general. One of them being that enough solar energy falls on NYS in one day to power the US for an entire year. I unfortunately deleted it & was hoping to find a way of getting it again. If there is any sort of archive for the messages & I could get a copy of that article/message it would help me out alot.
---"I ask all this because i'm currently doing a semester long journal assignment on alternative energy sources. I'm focusing on solar power, wind power, hydrogen fuel cells, Compressed Air Technology, &Wave Energy Converters. If anyone has any particular information/articles on any of these, I would be much abliged to have them sent my way." --Jeff Murphy [email protected]
---[REPLY] All back issues of ICN are searchable:

"The Senior art painting & printmaking students of Cornell University College of AAP are having an exhibition in Sibley Library. The exhibition [continues until] January 23. If you could please mention this in your newsletter, it would be most appreciated." --Alicia Vachira Penn [email protected]

"Democracy is an every day fight & we must daily earn our democracy. Unpack your bags; put away your passport. You must stay in this country & work hard and fight these criminals at the top. We have no right to leave this sinking ship. American Liberals/left/Democrats who sold their souls & voted for Kerry are intellectually & politically lazy in the extreme & must face up to this fact. Now fight for impeachment while we the PEOPLE still have that option. Do it now! --Frank Snapp

"My uncle shared an idea - which is that each of us with friends or family in foreign countries should write a letter to them ensuring at least half of this country's disdain regarding election results. And, encourage them to continue expressing their opinion (loudly!) on the US president & his policies.... It's a start. Our elected officials must know that we, & the rest of the world, are paying attention." --Ann DiPetta

"I wonder if people finally realize that the major equation of 2004 is: Anybody But Bush = Bush." --Mark Catone


---"On Saturdays & Sundays from April until December, the old Steamboat Landing comes to life with local economics & the people love it. As the years have passed, the Farmer's Market has seemed to attract an increasingly more diverse crowd. I believe it is true that people would prefer to hang out with their community, their local farmers & crafts folk, & get their shopping done as part of a broader social experience. And that is the premise behind local currencies, co-ops, & farmers markets-- that consumers should be connected to produers, & that the local community & local economy thrive best when they are one in the same.
---"To be able to buy some broccoli or some apples, a wooden chair or some honey wax candles directly from the local hands that nurtured their creation provides one with a different sensation than waiting in a checkout line at the supermarket. You realize that these products are the fruits of someone's passion & labor. The local economy also allows the people to trade for goods & services, decreasing the reliance on money, & increasing community interdependence.
---"People feel happier when they are more connected. As local economies have been threatened by global capitalism, & local farmers are undercut by food that is harvested at sub-minimum wages & shipped across the world, people become disconnected from each other. In many places there are no farmers markets, there are no farmers, and there are no crafts folk.
---"In Ithaca we have a legacy of people working to protect the local economy & the local community. And that legacy has laid quite fertile soil in which our current efforts are nurtured. There is still a greater demand for local food & goods than what is being met in Ithaca & across the Finger Lakes region.
---"Right now we have the option to strengthen these systems, but some experts are predicting that within a decade, local economics will no longer be an option, but a necessity. Geologic experts forecast a looming crisis of peak-oil production, where we do not run out of oil, but the rate of flow falls behind the rate of need. This crisis is predicted to cause tremendous increases in oil prices, possibly ten times their cost today. It will no longer be viable to ship food from California or goods from China. So much of what we have taken for granted over the past 50 years, the 'free-oil vacation,' will be no longer viable. Our lifestyles will be forced to change.
---"Once this oil crisis hits, it is expected that local goods will suddenly have a significant advantage over imported goods. The problem is that in so much of the world, & especially in the United States, there will be no local goods to fill this void. Throughout America, suddenly toys from China cost ten times as much, & banana cost 15 dollars a pound. The stock markets will likely slip into a permanent depression, exposing our economy's dependence on one resource-- oil. In retrospect it will all seem so obvious, & most of the developed world will go into shock, struggling to build local farms onto their now defunct suburbs.
---"How can we become less dependent on the global economy in the next decade? This is the most important question Ithacans can explore & act on at this time.
---"Close your eyes and picture Ithaca in about the year 1900. What was made locally? What could they afford to ship in? Our efforts to support local communities, & to decrease our environmental impact, will soon become not just a priority, but a necessity.
---"[Imagine] a food processing center where we could add value to farmers' goods & provide warehouse space for education & production for crafts folk. This would include a community cannery, bakery, & a regional store & co-op. We no doubt need a store that will sell only things produced within our region. This way, a person could shop there & know that they were supporting the local economy.
---"I can see it now, Steamboat Landing thriving five days a week, year-round, with a cannery close by. We will begin to seek partnerships for funding, possibly the Program for Lifetime Nutrition at Cornell & state & federal funds to aid farming communities. We can gather local funds for ecodevelopment


INDEX OF ECONOMIC ACTIVITY IN TOMPKINS COUNTY at all-time high. Details: --Elia Kacapyr


GIFTS NEEDED FOR THE GIRLS OF LANSING RESIDENTIAL CENTER: 90 residents ages 12-18. "Christmas is a really tough time of the year for the girls, since New York State does not provide funds for gifts or gatherings." Colored paper, Sketch pads, Other art supplies, Crayons, colored pencils, chalk, Puzzles and puzzle books, Yarn (for crochet), Bird houses, Craft Kits, Books. Old computer, stereo, or video game for common lounge. Donation drop-off at Women's Community Building, 100 W. Seneca St. .272.1247. Monetary gifts: Dee Cooper 533.4262 [email protected]


"RUTH PETTENGILL & THE ANNE TOMPKINS JONES AWARDS FOR COMMUNITY SERVICE" nominations sought. Award to be presented at Human Services Coalition's Annual Meeting early 2005.
---For those "who, through example, inspire others to assist in creating a caring & equitable society." The Ruth Pettengill Award honors outstanding contributions to community as a human service professional. The Anne T. Jones Award recognizes outstanding achievements as a dedicated volunteer.
---Please submit the nominee's name & a brief description with specific (not general) examples of his/her outstanding human service involvement. Deadline 12/20: Nominating Committee, Human Services Coalition, 100 West Seneca Street, Suite 300, Ithaca, NY 14850; or [email protected]


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