September #2 2003


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HUNDREDS OF FREE LOCAL CLASSIFIED ADS ONLINE! Spend & earn Ithaca HOURS, Sell, Buy, Swap, Give Away, Rent, Find Work, garage sales.



GREAT-GREAT GRANDFATHER OF PREZ G.W. BUSH LIVED IN ITHACA, 611 E. Seneca St., died 11/11/1889. Rev. James Smith Bush was Unitarian minister from Concord, MA who moved here w/son, a Cornell student. A "ready & graceful talker," he often said of Ithaca: "these hills are too much for me."
---GWB Family tree back 37 generations to Bohemian Duke Boleslav I "The Cruel."

ITHACA COMMONS 100 YEARS AGO (Cayuga-Tioga): 8 drug stores, 7 clothes stores, 6 dry goods stores, 3 shoe stores, 2 grocery stores, 2 tobacco stores, 2 hardware stores, 2 tailors, 2 book stores, 2 furniture stores, 2 jewelry stores, 2 variety store, 1 bank, 1 post office, 1 meat market, 1 crockery store, 1 department store.

CHOOSEBOOKS.COM in Freeville, is nation's 4th largest used book finder, 6 million titles.

ITHACA'S FIRST FLASH MOB: dozens of CU students gathered 9/22 to hug for two minutes.



WIGGY DOG BOY 9/26, 10pm, Chapter House, Stewart Ave. Hank Roberts & crew: great stuff!

COMPOST WITH CONFIDENCE 9/27, Community Gardens (every last Saturday, June-Oct), noon - 1pm. "Find out how to discretely compost indoors using the ingenious double-bin method. Particularly useful for students or apartment dwellers w/ little or no outdoor space."

PAGAN PRIDE 2003 CELEBRATION 9/27 on the Commons. "We ask all to bring a non-perishable food item (canned or dry goods) for the Share the Harvest Collection." Labyrinth for walking/ meditation. Information Tables on Paganism, local events & traditions.

ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES: UNDERSTANDING THE PROBLEMS 9/29, 7pm, TCPL "How do electronic voting machines work? How will they affect democracy? Also learn about proposed federal & state legislation, aimed at offsetting widely recognized potential problems with electronic voting." Bo Lipari, is a professional software engineer. [email protected]

DRAMATIC READING HONORS AFRICAN-AMERICAN SOLDIERS 9/30, 7:30pm, Ulysses Historical Society, 39 South St. Trumansburg. "I Am A Man, Too: A History of Local Black Men & the Civil War, is drawn from historical records & written by local historian/playwright Carol Kammen, directed by Sue Perlgut. Features local actors & residents; Eric Acree, Joshua Adams, Michelle Berry, CalWalker. Free. 387-5623.

[email protected] 10/2, 3:15pm, Old Jail Conference Room

KIRKPATRICK SALE 10/3, 7:30pm, Autumn Leaves Used Books: author of eight books including "Human Scale" & "The Bioregional Reader." He is a columnist for The Nation magazine speaks on small-scale politics: "It's Not What They Do But What They Are." Sponsored by Glover for Mayor campaign.

FIRST FRIDAYS 10/3, 7:30pm, The Lost Dog Lounge: 124 S. Cayuga St. Dr. Roosevelt Rick Wright, professor & host of "R&B; Sundays Show" discusses radio's impact on culture & diversity. Free to public. DANCE PARTY 9pm w/local Dj T. Pane of Upscale Entertainment. $10 donation, HOURS welcome.

APPLE HARVEST FESTIVAL 10/3-5, Ithaca Commons.

WESSEX-BRISTOL ART GALLERY RE-OPENS: reception 10/3, 5-8pm, 119 The Commons. 50 artists.

FRIENDS OF LIBRARY BOOKSALE (275,000 books) starts 10/4, 8am.

SIGNIFICANT ELEMENTS ARCHITECTURAL SALVAGE BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR. "Everything 50% off!" 10/4, 9am-2pm, 212 Center Street (at S. Plain). Regular hours: Wednesday 10-5, Thursday 10-6, Friday 10-5, Saturday 10-2. "Reuse the past to build your future."

WRITING WITH GAIA 10/5, 9am-2pm at Jera Farm. Workshop: "our relationship w/& desire to heal & reconnect w/ natural world." Sliding scale. HOURS accepted. 272-1524 [email protected]

*Washington Park Neighborhood Association 10/6, 7-9pm, 412 W. Buffalo St.
* West Hill Civic Assn 10/22, 7:30pm, Alternatives Community School
* Paul Glover &
* Carolyn Peterson
* Beau Saul

TODDLER STORY TIME AT TOMPKINS COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY 10/7: Children 16 mo-3 yrs: stories, songs, games, crafts. No pre-registration. Must be accompanied. Tuesdays & Wednesdays 10:30-11am & Wednesdays also 11:15-11:45am.

THE GLOBAL GARDENER 10/7 at 7pm, Autumn Leaves. "Inspiring permaculture video & round table discussion of ideas & applications to this area. Permaculture is a small-scale, garden-based design for sustainability and healing with the earth. The Fingerlakes Permaculture Network: 272-1524 or [email protected]

ITHACA HOURS ANNUAL MEETING & DESSERT BASH 10/8 (corrected date), 7-9pm, GIAC.

INTRODUCTION TO PERMACULTURE 10/11, 9am-5pm at Jera Farm south of Ithaca. Steve Gabriel will lead an all-day intro workshop enabling particpants to apply Permaculture principles to their homes and gardens. Sliding scale fee. 272-1524 [email protected].

EMPTY BOWLS BENEFIT DINNER FOR LOAVES & FISHES 10/18, 6:30pm, St. John's Episcopal. "20 years serving those in need in Ithaca & Tompkins County." Tickets after 10/1 at Handwork. 272-5457.

ITHACA BREAST CANCER ALLIANCE (IBCA) 10th ANNUAL WALKATHON 10/25 fundraiser. Two-mile walk begins on Ithaca Commons 1:00pm. Registration 11:30am. Center Ithaca Pavilion. Walk ends w/ a rally (including speakers, music, & food) 2:00pm. at Women's Community Bldg.

TRIPHAMMER MARKETPLACE 40TH ANNIVERSARY ART AND CRAFTS FESTIVAL 10/24, 10am-6pm, Rte 13 at N. Triphammer exit: Non-juried, 80 booths. Indoors. Booth fees $25-35 (One HOUR accepted) [email protected] Live music, art/craft demos. Consignment boutique & cashier service available. Applications

KITCHEN THEATRE'S NEW SCHEDULE: Tickets: Single $20 (senior/student discounts; 50% HOURS) Six-play main stage subscriptions Sept-May. 272-0403



STAR-SPANGLED: A FLAGUMENTARY 10/1, 7:30pm, See Spot Gallery: video exploring diverse sentiments about 'Old Glory.' $2.00 donation, HOURS accepted.

STARHAWK 10/8, "author of 9 books, including "The Spiral Dance, " "The Fifth Sacred Thing," "Webs of Power: Notes from the Global Uprising." Several events scheduled, HOURS accepted. Rauncie Pelletier

MUSIC TO BENEFIT DENNIS KUCINICH 10/19, 2-6pm, Autumn Leaves Gallery Space, 115 The Commons. Musicians include Hank Roberts, A Fine Kettle of Fish (w/ special guests), Will Fudeman & Susan Lytle & Patti Witten. Sliding scale donations (Ithaca HOURS encouraged) support Kucinich. Dave 273-9069 Ithaca4Kucinich SANTA CRUZ VOTES FOR IMPEACHMENT

"ROCK THE VOTE" NEEDS HELP REGISTERING VOTERS "Our target ages are 16-27, but anyone can register to vote with us! We attend local concerts to register folks & talk to them about what they are into." --Will Schmitt, Rock the Vote Central NY [email protected]

ITHACA CITY OF ASYLUM: "Sharing our freedom w/writers in need."

UNITED STUDENTS AGAINST SWEATSHOPS e-activism campaign. [email protected]

TOMPKINS COUNTY NETWORK FOR PEACE & JUSTICE Tuesdays 7pm, Autumn Leaves Bookstore (upstairs cafe) Jim Semp [email protected]

WEEKLY PEACE VIGIL Thursdays 4:30-5:30pm, bottom of E. State St. at Seneca/Green. 273-3566



* October 3, 1916: 1,600 lb HORSE FALLS INTO WELL 14 ft deep. Neighborhood in uproar. Horse hauled out after two-hour struggle.
* October 4, 1886: ELECTRIC RATES LOWERED, from 50 25 cents nightly, & gas rates LOWERED from $2.50 to $2.00 per thousand.
* October 5, 1905: Student is told he's been mailing letters at the corner garbage can rather than mailbox.
* October 6, 1957: Local ham radio operators begin receiving signals from SPUTNIK, the first orbiting satellite launched from earth. Repeating "du-boop, du-boop" the 23" globe passes 400 miles SE of Ithaca.
* October 7, 1883: Judge Barnes puts his 6-year-old son in JAIL for several hours, because of truancy.
* October 8, 1915: Quarterly report of the BABY WELFARE CLINIC records 308 visits & indicates that 16 of 17 breast-fed infants were healthy, compared w/good health of only one of 7 bottle-fed tads.
* October 9, 1894: A carpenter discovers that the architect's plan for the bedroom HAS NO DOOR.


Preventing war, fixing the environment & empowering labor are radical changes that require radical local action. Reading about global problems & worrying is no substitute for local action. Righting wrongs by writing checks is no substitute for local action. Nor is electing good people to the White House & Congress a substitute for local action. These efforts are essential for change, but local action is the foundation of the future.
---Our willingness to change our cities & homes & culture to exemplify the world we seek is the first step, not the last. Ithaca can set examples that inspire the nation & prove our ideals practical.



"Has any research been done on the proposed high rise & parking garage complex on Cayuga & Green Sts. in regard to these buildings shadowing the solar powered Library? I don't see any news of it in the Journal or on the community TV, city council meetings. Why is no one asking this question or has it been figured out? Will the new buildings directly south of the library keep the solar panels from working effectively? Whycan't they place the new buildings over near the creek instead of right behind the library? We spent millions on that new library... it is plain foolishness to destroy its solar capacity." --Lindy
---[REPLY] Destroying solar power to park cars is another collision between past & future. The City rezoned that area to allow taller buildings, now intends to build higher so they can fit retail underneath the cars. An assessment by ETM Solarworks was commissioned by the City to detail resulting damage.

"My wife has recently completed her immigration proceedings from the Czech republic. She's anxious to meet other Czech folks in the area. Any idea how to hook up with them? I'm half-hoping some of them are going to read this in the ICN." Dave Bristol
---[REPLY] There's a Czech Philharmonic Orchestra concert at IC next weekend, & there'll probably be many local Czechs attending. Czech the Czech club at Cornell, via Language Lab. Also, a Czech introduction to Ithaca HOURS

"I have a new email address. Please keep me on the list for the Ithaca News. I love it!" --Hilda

"I must laugh at the memory, in the summer of 1991 or 1992, when I suggested you run for mayor & you mirthfully declined. Tonight, I muse: in the subsequent decade, I have delved into private joys of family & hospital nursing; you have evolved your public persona as a builder of communities & inspiration to thinking people. I appreciate your willingness to put yourself before the public. Thank you for providing radical, creative content for our municipal dialog. I find compelling your observation that "Greens are centrists, because we directly address the central concerns of average people for creative work; for healthy food, water & air; for more time w/ family & friends." I wish you good fortune & an optimal outcome in your foray into electoral politics." --Dave Kraskow

"Regarding the mayoral election, my concern is that if you run, the Democratic Party voters will be split & the Republicans will have a mayor! Please keep up the good work you are doing & don't run for mayor." -C.N.
---[REPLY] Carolyn & Beau are both reliable liberals. See

"There is a reason many very prominent Democrats for Cohen have been publicly cheering on Carolyn Peterson's Campaign. Ed Hershy's letter in the Journal praising Carolyn during the Primary, Barbara Blanchard promoting Carolyn's campaign on the Casey Stevens Show, even Alan Cohen, himself, has come out for Carolyn Peterson.
---"The most reasonable explanation is that these politicians know that the Cohen agenda is vastly unpopular in the city of Ithaca. They know that all their talk about how they represented the silent majority of Ithaca was a lie. So they had a choice: they could stay true to their vision & become marginalized, or they could join forces w/ the obvious front runner.
---"After the election they will slowly try to guide Carolyn & the new Common Council members towards the business-as-usual approach to development & running the city. This is their traditional style & has worked well on past elected officials. " -- Joe Wetmore
---- "I was thinking about another reason why the political establishment is getting solidly behind Peterson-- What they're afraid of is that Saul & Peterson will split the 'status quo' vote & let Glover win." --P.H.
---- "You've got MY vote. But how are you going to actually win the mayoral election in Ithaca?" --Jeff K.
---[REPLY] Winning means spreading the message that chain stores damage our economy & that there are practical alternatives which strengthen our community. If enough voters demand to know exactly what all candidates plan to do, then vote for the message they prefer (rather than who they think others prefer), then Ithaca could have a Green mayor.
---- "Does the Glover for Mayor Campaign accept contributions? Wonderful compaign! You are not only a dreamer & visionary but a doer & creator. What a combination!" --Randy
---[REPLY] The Ithaca Times "Best of Ithaca" Readers' Poll 2003 agrees, naming this editor "Best Mayoral Candidate." Contributions are accepted, thanks: Glover for Mayor, Box 365, Ithaca, NY 14851

"My sister called & said I won something through your website. Is that so?
---[REPLY] Yes indeed. Send your mailing address & you'll get a gift certificate.
---- "Hey! I won! I'm a winner! What do I do next? What did I win?" --Kenny B.
---- "Hi & thank you! I just read the great news that both my husband & I won gift certificates. His is ___ & mine is ___. pretty neat that this happened. We're celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary this weekend-- they might come in handy! Could you let us know what happens next?" --Meg
---[REPLY] Congratulations on this family coincidence. Another coincidence in the latest winners' list is that an Ithaca Journal reporter & an Ithaca Times columnist both won. Send your mailing address & I'll send gift certificates.
---- "Wow, I think I am a winner! (I always thought that!). Thanks for all you do for the community." --L.

"I would like to comment on the recent article in ICN on Young Worker Project, in which Tomer Malchi is quoted as stating that 'young workers under age 25 have poverty rates about twice the nation's average.' That may be true for the general population but it is a gross mis-generalization to use it to describe Cornell students, who are generally very privileged, even those on the end of the continuum that needs to work. Let's not lose focus on the truly needy, the underclass, & the underrepresented, by trying to portray Cornell students as somehow a mistreated class. And if we are going to work on organizing, let's concentrate on those who need it, the people of Ithaca & Tompkins County working in the retail & service industries, trying to put a roof over their heads &/or raise a family, on minimum wage or not much more, with no or few benefits.
---"I don't doubt that there are some Cornell students who are in need, but they are the exception, not the rule. And when they get out, even w/ student loans, they can command premium salaries, based on their Ivy League degree. I speak from experience, having paid my own way through 3 degrees. Yes it is hard, but it is a lot easier than a minimum wage job for life, & a lot more rewarding.
---"Again, let's focus our support on those truly in need, not generally privileged Cornell students." --Todd Minor

"I'm tickled to think it might have been my grandson's Ithaca Is Gorges T-shirt that your reader spotted in Portland, OR (with my grandson in it, of course)." --Ruth

"I have a question. In the classified ads when you post an offer it states: "Percent to be paid in Ithaca HOURS." What are Ithaca Hours?" --Steve D.
---[REPLY] Welcome to Ithaca, NY, where we print our own money. Millions of dollars worth of HOURS have been traded since 1991, by thousands of residents & over 500 businesses (including Cayuga Medical Center, public library, Alternatives Federal Credit Union, dozens of Farmer's Market vendors & Commons businesses. One HOUR = one hour of basic labor, or $10.00. The HOUR Town directory lists thousands of ways to spend HOURS. The online Ithaca Community News trading list also helps people earn & spend HOURS. More info

"I think [the writer of letter last issue about affordable housing] has a modicum of knowledge about housing price. Essentially, like any limited commodity, the price of housing is, at least partially, dictated by supply & demand. I live out in Enfield where, over the past 10 years or so, Ithaca's yuppies & yuppie wannabees have moved in, taken up prime land & sent housing prices soaring almost as bad as 'down in the city' (Ithaca). And the second writer also recognizes another reality: when folks move into town w/ relatively bulging pockets, i.e., Cornell & IC, their relatively unlimited resources tend to ratchet up housing prices. It's no wonder that in Cortland you can buy something decent & in move-in condition for 75K, where the same thing in Ithaca would be over 90K. The fact that some salaries are actually higher in Cortland (because of a relative shortage of sufficiently talented workers--unlike Ithaca) really illustrates the problem of living in or near 'the most liveable city in America.' I point out that the silicon valley had much of the same attributes of Ithaca &, there, housing prices are so high that the typical school teacher or police officer--a salary I would consider a benchmark for middle middle class workers--can't afford to live closer than an hour or more commute." --Keith D. Smith

"I have a question regarding the Ithaca Health Fund. Is there a residency requirement? I currently live in Tioga County & would like to join the Fund. How far away can one reside to join?" --Erin
---[REPLY] The Fund has members all over the U.S. plus Puerto Rico. We make payments w/any health provider anywhere.

"Essentially, the environmental & public health hazards that I identified last May [at Southwest Park] have been studiously ignored by local, state & federal authorities. I persuaded the NYS Dept of Environmental Conservation to collect a grand total of five samples from among the hundreds of rotting barrels & industrial components uncovered at the site, but that woefully inadequate sampling effort failed to identify high-level contamination. As a result, the DEC has not required a full-scale investigation of the site or a clean up of the dozens of highly toxic chemicals identified in the landfill's surface soils, the groundwater beneath the dump and tributaries to Cayuga Lake.
---"In the meantime, site preparation work has continued. I have photos that document how the site developer systematically piled up the rusted barrels & other signs of industrial waste dumping with a big backhoe. The visual evidence of dumping was subsequently removed.
---"As you may recall, I originally brought the dump's contamination problems to the attention of the mayor & the Common Council in the spring of 2000. At that time, I identified nearly 50 waste barrels dumped adjacent to trailer homes located directly on top of the dump. It is my understanding that the City of Ithaca still has not removed those barrels from its property.
---"With due respect, I fail to understand why the requisite clean up has been delayed so long. Unfortunately, illegal dumping hazards, widespread toxic contamination & a failure to investigate & clean up Ithaca's biggest leaking landfill have been on-going problems for decades. Unless [the] members of the Common Council or some other figure of governmental authority plays a greater role in advocating comprehensive clean up of this site, it is difficult to envision that the abandoned & leaking Ithaca dump will ever be cleaned up. [Hang here details lack of cooperation by current City Council] "[The mayor's] environmental record is singularly deplorable & by far the worst that I have witnessed in the 25 years that I have worked on New York toxic chemical issues." --Walter Hang

"Thank you so much for your newsletter. I get to Ithaca whenever possible & appreciate knowing about local events when I visit." --WDA
---- "Our daughter and family relocated to southwest Florida & wish to keep tabs on their old stomping grounds. Please subscribe them. Keep up your solid efforts. Peace." --C.H.





ESSENTIAL OILS CLASSES Wednesdays, 7:30pm, Fingerlakes Yoga & Wellness Ctr 43 E. Main, T-burg.
* 10/8 - "RAINDROP TECHNIQUE" Therapeutic grade essential oils are applied to the back to promote relaxation, detoxification, muscular relief. $30. HOURS accepted. Register 539-7085

THE NATURE OF MEDITATION: A MEANS TO HEALTH & FULFILLMENT: classes by Peter Fortunato, 30 yrs exp: HOURS accepted. Registration: 273-6637 [email protected]

HALOACETIC ACID (carcinogen in Ithaca's water) REDUCED BY OZONATION



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