August #2 2003


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PAUL GLOVER ANNOUNCES GREEN PARTY CANDIDACY FOR MAYOR of ITHACA "The Federal budget has been stolen from states & cities to fight permanent global war. Ithaca needs much more than mere competent management of a sinking ship. While opposing war we need to explore new ways of financing & meeting our needs. Rather than depend on the expensive illusion that big box retailers will make us rich, we need to plug the largest leaks in the local economy, making Ithaca outstandingly beautiful & functional. We need to rely more on creativity than dollars, by expanding mutual aid systems, co-ops, nonprofits & community-based small businesses. I am the only candidate with this background."
---Glover is editor of Ithaca Community News, prime founder of Ithaca HOURS local currency, founder & office manager of the Ithaca Health Fund, founder of Whole Ithaca Stock Exchange, & Citizen Planners of Los Angeles. He has degrees in Marketing & in City Management.

OTHER MAYORAL CANDIDATES (Democratic primary 9/9):
* Eric Lerner & Replies to Green Party
* Carolyn Peterson & Replies to Green Party
* Beau Saul campaign HQ at NW corner Seneca/Tioga. Replies to Green Party



8/28 The Splendors w/ Crow Greenspun & Gabriel Tavares, 8pm See Spot, 108 the Commons. $4. 277-7560.

MUSEFEST: "COOPERATIVE FREE MUSIC FESTIVAL" 8/29-31. "Tribute to the Ithaca area's vibrant music scene-- you can see most of the best bands Ithaca has to offer all in one weekend." Musefest is free, but ticket needed: ticket A $20 or more donation is requested at entrance gate. "Donation gets you a Musefest compilation CD or Musefest T-shirt w/ nearly the entire roster of performers. Proceeds are divided equally among the bands."

CRITICAL MASS BIKE RIDE 8/29, 5pm from skate park on Rte 13.
---[from section 12.1 of City of Ithaca's code]: "Bicycling & walking are efficient, clean, healthy, inexpensive, non-congesting means of transportation, which benefit the City of Ithaca & its citizens..."

SIGNIFICANT ELEMENTS SUMMER SALE 8/30, 10am - 2pm, 212 Center St. Wood trim, staircase parts, vertical grain flooring, doors, oak church pews, more! Local non-profit architectural salvage."

ART HAPPENING & REVOLUTIONARY DANCE PARTY 8/30, 8pm See Spot 108 the Commons. "Suggested attire: underwear & leg warmers. Revolutionary because everyone is a DJ: BYO music. $3.

BOUND FOR GLORY Sunday nights 8-11pm, w/live sets 8:30pm, 9:30pm, 10:30pm, Anabel Taylor Hall. Free. Phil Shapiro 844-4535 [email protected]
* 8/31 TRAONACH "the lively Celtic band that has emerged from Ithaca's long-running Irish session."
* 9/7 JACK HARDY "famed elder statesman of the New York City singer-songwriters."

LABOR DAY PICNIC 9/1, 11am-3pm, Stewart Park's main pavilion: music, family fun, raffle, awards for Friend of Labor & Goat of Labor. Bring dish to pass. T/C Labor Coalition: 277-5670

---SEE SPOT SECOND BIRTHDAY PARTY 9/5, 5-8pm. "We meet our monthly expenses through memberships, donations, events, & art sales" 277-7560

GALLERY NIGHT 9/5, 5-8pm refreshments & receptions at art galleries on the Commons.

ELLIS HOLLOW COUNTRY FAIR 9/6 These folks have 50 years experience w/ country fun! Baked goods, rides, games, white elephant sale.

STRAWBALE DUPLEX INTERIOR PLASTERING PARTY 9/6-8, 9:30am-5:30pm. Applying natural plaster mixes to interior walls (using clay, lime, gypsum, casein, etc) using both a pumping 'power trowel' & old-fashioned hand trowel. Yummy snacks, vegetarian lunch. Your trowel marks will be on display for hundreds of years (we hope)!

9/6 Michael Mazochi Country & Blues on Harmonica & Guitar. 8pm See Spot 108 the Commons. $3.

KITCHEN THEATRE COMPANY PRESENTS LAMPERT VARIATIONS III "Written, Directed, Choreographed by: Rachel Lampert 8/27-9/6, 8pm Tuesday - Saturday. Sundays 4pm. Tickets $16. (HOURS accepted) from Ticket Center of Clinton House or 273-4497

ARTS IN THE MEADOW 9/7 "free festival of joy & community through the arts. Features singing, clowning, mime, massage, fabulous food, more. Local performers, artists healers." 1pm-8pm at Level Green Farm, 1519 Slaterville Rd. Co-sponsored by See Spot Community Artspace & Level Green Institute. "Highlights participation rather than performance. Workshops for children & adults in mask making, storytelling, capoeira, belly dance, more. Healthy food available all day. Tax-deductible donations are invited to support See Spot and Level Green." [email protected]

"MACBETH" AUDITIONS for Black Umbrella production, 9/9 & 9/10 in Mural Lounge, Clinton House, 7-9:30pm. "Please have a one minute monologue prepared. You will also be expected to read." Ages teens to sixties. Perform mid-November. [email protected] 227-7922.

ITHACA WALDORF INITIATIVE Early Childhood & Family Resource Center: Fall Pre-school/kindergarten. "An excellent half-day, morning program for 3-6 year olds, Parent-Toddler classes, Parent-Infant classes, study groups & more." HOURS accepted. 272-2221

COMMUNITY ARTS PARTNERSHIP OF TOMPKINS COUNTY OFFERS $44,000 GRANTS "for professional arts & cultural projects in 2004 open to general public." Apply & on brochure racks in Clinton House lobby. Robin Schwartz 273-5072 x2 [email protected]


LIVING WAGE RESOLUTION passed 8/19 by County Legislature 10-4. Said bill sponsor, Kathy Luz Herrera of the County's 5th Ward, "This is expressing something about our community values. We are on the crest of a mighty movement here." To join Living Wage Coalition: 269-0409 or [email protected]
---WORKERS' RIGHTS CENTER provides confidential info, referrals, assistance for those treated unfairly at work; in the welfare system; in housing; etc. The Workers' Rights Center intends to become a broad-based community campaign that raises dialogue about issues of economic justice. Recently, the Center has begun to work more intentionally with our community's immigrant populations.



GEORGE MANN & JULIUS MARGOLIN: anti-war, anti-Bush concert 8/29, 6:30 & 7:30pm, Autumn Leaves

BASEBALL FANS FOR PEACE, ITHACA CHAPTER: Ken Ritter [email protected] 277-6300

IMPEACH BUSH TEACH-IN: "Bring your Brain" 9/4, See Spot Community Arts Center, 6-8pm. "grassroots meeting of concerned citizens who have concluded that we have the worst president in 200 years. Can we impeach him? If Congress applied the same standards about lying to the American public that it applied to Nixon & Clinton the answer would be YES!
---"More likely, by avidly supporting Congressional investigations into Bush's willful misrepresentations regarding weapons of mass destruction, imminent danger, economic recovery, tax relief for the middle class, deficits, job loss, etc. we can derail the remainder of his presidency & make sure he doesn't get re-elected." [email protected] 277-7560

ITHACA PROGRESSIVE FESTIVAL 9/6 Ithaca Commons. Radical poets, dancers, performers wanted. "Would you like 2-15 minutes of stage time?" [email protected] "Music without borders" campaign kick-off: Cris McConkey [email protected] 387-9830

PEACE POTLUCK 9/6, first Saturday each month. Perry City (Quaker) Meeting House, Route 227, Perry City. Dish to pass 5:30pm; discussion 7:00pm. 387-9046.

FINGER LAKES 2004 ELECTION COMMITTEE (FLEC) promotes " voter registration, voter education, get out the vote efforts. Each week, teams of FLEC members table at events & public venues throughout Tompkins & surrounding counties armed w/ voter registration forms & voter education materials." First in their series of public presentations: September/October, about Electronic Voting Machines, called "How To Steal An Election." Bo Lipari at 387-9308 [email protected]


THE LUMINARY NEWS weekly progressive local TV by Kenny Ritter: Ch 13 Mon 10pm & Fri 5pm + Ch 78 Tues 7pm. "Global & local stories not always covered by the media." 277-6300 [email protected] Voted Best of Ithaca. With funding, he can archive stories on the web.

ITHACA RADIO HOUR meets Mondays 7:30pm, Old Jail, 125 E Court. "Anyone may talk to the producers about what stories need to covered, how to cover a story, how to work with a 'buddy editor' and other ways to get involved." 88.1FM a project of Ithaca Community Radio

* DENNIS KUCINICH: to get involved: Dru Wheelin 273-1364
* GREEN GIANT: Glover's Green Party run

"Among CORPORATE TAX EVADERS are the following who paid no taxes in 1996-1998: AT&T;, Bristol-Myers Squib, Chase Manhattan, Enron, Exxon, Pfizer, Mobil, General Electric, Microsoft, Philip Morris, Walt Disney and WorldCom. Together they earn trillions of dollars."



* September 2, 1966: Historic Ithaca incorporated, dedicated to preservation of Ithaca's architectural heritage.
* September 3, 1874: Prof. Jenkins walks 1200 ft along a rope 350 above Taughannock Falls. He goes BLINDFOLDED & does back flips. Thousands took special trains to the park to climb the cliffs & watch.
* September 4, 1883: Dog barks from the middle of the lake in the middle of the night. Everyone at Kidder's hears the loud & melancollie cry.
* September 5, 1928: SOUND PICTURES with Al Jolson in "The Jazz Singer." ("Hear him sing, see him act!") starting tonight at Crescent Theatre.
* September 6, 1951: HUMAN SKULL found at City dump.
* September 7, 1913: DIAPHANOUS GOWN first appears. Sensational pink filmy lingerie cut below the knee reflects brilliantly in the sunset. Comely "maid" leads a parade of gawkers.
* September 8, 1922: Wesley Owen catches 4 perch, 5 bullheads & a carp off Stewart Park during a concert by Patsy Conway's Band. When the music ends, the fish quit biting.

THE AMAZING ITHACA HISTORY CALENDAR now sold at Autumn Leaves, Bookery, Spirit & Kitsch, Pete's Grocery, Mayer's, Cornell Campus Store, The Plantations (Commons), Gnomon (Rte 13). $10 or HR.



"I just read the trolley article TCAT to take my daughter to preschool, church, the Sciencecenter, & the library. Not owning a car is a relaxing & rewarding social experience. I hope, as a city, we can meet the challenge South Meadow St poses. I hope we can provide direct, effective transit between South Meadow & Lansing, Northeast, Cornell, & Downtown. Please add me to your newspaper list." --Katherine Barnum
---[REPLY] Welcome to the list, & welcome to this community conversation. And thanks for living lightly! City life w/out a car can be more convenient than dragging a ton of metal everywhere you go.

"Gore WON the popular vote, even with Nader. What's more, more & more evidence is turning up in Florida of widespread voting fraud on the part of Jeb Bush's administration & the Republican Party, with tens of thousands of eligible voters being disenfranchised. Scary scary stuff. Gore did not beat Gore. Nader did not beat Gore. And most importantly Bush did not beat Gore. There is a more fundamental issue at stake here on this one." --Monica Bosworth

"The issue of power boats on Cayuga lake is an important one. When there's even one power boat, especially if its a 'jetski', the experience of hundreds of of other people in & on the lake is just about completely ruined. Also, the pollution from these stupid 'fun boats is very noticeable, & must affect wildlife tremendously. Let's have our lake back. Sails Only! (small motors used only for the maneuvering in the channel might be necessary but it should be possible to make all these solar-electric." --DaveS
---[REPLY] Organizers of QuietClean have criticized the draft Lansing motorboat ordinance: "Unfortunately this document does not address the need for noise mitigation on loud motorboats & older model jetskis. Decibel levels need to be lowered on the lake. One motorboat may be in compliance yet taken as a whole motorboat noise from many vehicles can be deafening. We need a local ordinance on decibels from boat motors than is stricter than current New York State Navigation Law." [email protected]

"Your community newsletter is great. Bless you and your fine work, Please put me on the list." --R.Z.

"We're sorry to hear that the campaign to bring Democracy Now! to WSKG listeners is meeting resistance from the Binghamton-based WSKG station [letter ICN 8/11]. It's even sadder because WSKG has for years received a large proportion of their financial support from their Ithaca-area listeners. But now, thanks to Ithaca Community Radio's 88.1 FM translator station, the great programming from the Geneva-based WEOS clearly reaches the areas of Ithaca, Brooktondale, Danby, & beyond. Before the arrival of 88.1, many of these communities weren't able to receive the WEOS 89.7 signal very well, if at all. Thanks also must go to WEOS for broadcasting locally produced Ithaca Community Radio programs such as Ithaca Radio Hour and Unwelcome Guests. Listeners can support us both: support WEOS by supporting its advertisers, & support ICR by being listener members. Go to to make a secure on-line donation, or send a check to Ithaca Community Radio, Box 6782, Ithaca, NY 14851. Want to volunteer or do Radio? Drop us a line." --Rene Borgella Jr , Board of Trustees, Ithaca Community Radio

"In response to Deirdre Silverman who wrote to Gregory Keeler at WSKG suggesting they carry Democracy Now!, I wanted to mention that I also [wrote] Mr. Keeler [email protected] about airing DN! & got a very positive & hopeful response. I told them I was a long-time listener & let them know what I liked about WSKG programming. I also told them what I would like to hear more of, & why that was the case. Not only did he provide more information about why DN! was a (not impossible) programming challenge (e-mail me if you'd like to see his response), they made a good activists' case for protecting DN! on the Binghamton station. I'm glad for WEOS too, but WSKG reaches people that WEOS doesn't right now. My goal is to get DN! Marlo Capoccia

"Thanks for all you're doing to balance out the Gannett/Eagle Broadcasting local 'news' spin. This is valuable community service-- it's much appreciated." --John

"Whatever the immediate cause, [the recent] blackout was the result of an overloaded electric grid. Air conditioners were going full tilt all over the NE on 8/14, a bright, hot, sunny day. It was a perfect day for generating solar electricity.
---"The cure for the blackout problem is to build more power plants. But, unlike the big polluting coal plants or risky nuclear power stations of the 20th Century, the new generation of power plants should look like the modest solar arrays that grace the yards and roots of increasing numbers of Finger Lakes residents. The new approach to making electricity is called 'distributed generation,' which essentially means putting one's eggs in many, many little baskets. Every grid-tied solar system or wind turbine helps make the grid more stable for the rest of us. Ideally, most or all of us would become power producers, making our own electricity & sharing with or borrowing from the grid as our usage fluctuates.
---"Right now NYS has a generous incentive program which covers about half the cost of installing a grid-tied solar or wind system. Many of our neighbors are already doing this & are opening their homes to the public 10/4 as part of the NE Sustainable Buildings Tour." To register for guided van tours: 272-2292 or --Sarah Highland & Arthur Weaver, Ithaca Green Building Alliance
---[REPLY] The best electricity is solar & wind; the best fuel is no fuel: reducing the need for fuel via energy efficiency. Trees planted around the house keep the house cooler or warmer as needed.

"Please re-send the most recent newsletter. Deleted it after reading & forgot to bookmark ." --E.B.
---[REPLY] Will do. All back issues are archived at

"10,000 doctors have signed a petition advocating national health insurance. They claim this will save billions & increase coverage to everyone & improve care. The basic proposal is to expand medicare to cover everyone for everything. I agree 100%.
---"The usual suspects are opposed, including the AMA & the insurance industry who stand to lose their profiteering ventures. But their arguments are weak. Many developed nations have quality health care for reasonable prices in national systems. Meanwhile the USA spends twice as much money per capita, has far from complete coverage, & the actual experience of seeing a doctor is often very unsatisfying. Certainly there will be details to this proposal that will need improvement, but it is a good start. &
---"I personally feel the medical system in America is completely broken & in danger of totally imploding. For-profit medicine is costing our nations billions of dollars, but more importantly is undermining our capacity to get quality health care, despite the technological advances in health care.
---"Business owners are being expected to foot the bill to the tune of $1,000/month. This clearly has a chilling effect on their ability to hire new workers which costs our country dearly. And why is it a business owner's responsibility anyway? How are small entrepreneurs supposed to get ahead when they cannot even afford to hire workers, or their workers can't see a doctor when they need to?
---"The Democratic proposals from Howard Dean, Gerhard, & Kerry are all stopgap measures that seem to find it acceptable that certain percentages of the population will be without coverage. They all share unneeded layers of bureaucracy whose mandate is to determine who can & who can not get coverage. Why pay people to tell others they cannot see a doctor? They all continue to force business to foot the bill. They all fail to challenge the pharmaceutical & insurance industry profiteering.
---The Greens [should] demonstrate clear distinctions w/ the Democrats by advancing a populist agenda that is backed by the experts within the industry, the doctors." --Ed Dodge [email protected]

"Let me tell you how much I appreciate your newsletter-which is informative & funny; uplifting & appropriately critical... & much more. Thanks & do keep it up." --Michael L.

"Thanks for running the notice on collection of school kits for Iraqi children. Would you mind running it in the next issue noting deliveries be made to Ten Thousand Villages on the Commons." --Dick Adams

"What do you think of [Retired General] Wesley Clark for president?" --Ann DiPetta
---[REPLY] Among retired Generals, my preference would be Gen. Smedley Butler, USMC, two Congressional Medals of Honor, who wrote: "War is just a racket. I wouldn't go to war again as I have done to protect some lousy investment of the bankers. There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes & the other is the Bill of Rights.
---"I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti & Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.
---"During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents."

"Verizon is trying to move jobs out of our community. The workers at the company and their union are asking people to pledge to switch their local phone service provider if it is needed. Right now they're hoping the company settles the contract. You can sign the pledge. -- Andres

"Center for Violence & Sexual Assault is closing its doors 9/30. The board has decided that they don't want to do it anymore. They will not just replace themselves & will not answer why. They said that the Advocacy Center & The Famiy & Children's Center are taking over their tasks. These two Centers barely have the money themselves. The Advocacy Center got cut $11,000 & Family & Childerns said that if they couldn't get more funding they wont be doing much of anything for crime victims. CVSA is needed in this community until there isnt anymore rape & crime torwards wyminn. And that's not going to stop tomorrow or in Sept.
---"I feel sad & angry that they are not letting anyone else take their place. When wyminn call in for support now they are telling them that the services will be cut off. School starts in August & 90% of all college rape happens within the first thirty days. Plus rape happens everyday." --Amy Rowles --------

"Glad to see you've chosen to make a play at shepherding our happy town's evolution." --Chris

"I read your article, 'Cornell's Activist History & Future.' I'm always surprised that Ithacans & Cornellians don't know about Watermargin, started in the late 1940s by my father, Sam Sackman, & a few friends. It was the first interracial, interreligious fraternity in the United States, so far as I know. There was a sister organization dedicated to the same ideals of racial tolerance & equality. My father & his brothers went on to dedicate their lives to public service, particularly in labor relations, education about the importance of labor unions in democracy, & other social & economic justice issues." --Barbara Bartholomew

"Do you know of anyplace that has a use for or recycles old futons? We have two full-sized futons to recycle. Too old and lumpy for anybody, though I suppose we could put them out on the curb & see what happens! Figured if anybody would know, you would!" --Jenny M.
---[REPLY] According to Keith Kreider of TC Solid Waste Division, you might open the futons to break down the lumps. Or use it for stuffing pillows; give them to a craft store for stuffed animals. If it's pure cotton, compost w/lots of brown matter. See also

"You wrote that you have a dozen reasons why Nader did not spoil Gore's election. What are they?" --M.E. ---[REPLY] According to election 2000 exit polls, Gore would have lost the popular vote without Nader in the race. So also says Al From, the president of Clinton/Gore's Democratic Leadership Council: "The assertion that Nader's marginal vote hurt Gore is not borne out by polling data. When exit pollers asked voters how they would have voted in a two-way race, Bush actually won by a point." Gore was spoiled by his own indecisive campaign & by vote corruption. See also /

"Even before the lights went out, I had been thinking a lot about our local energy situation. I hear most of our country's involvement in world violence as a wake up call for national energy independence.
---"The recent blackout is being hailed as a wake up call for an overhaul of our electric grid. I hope that we, as a community, have the foresight to avoid getting caught up in the frenzy to fix the grid. A bigger, better grid will only facilitate the sale of electricity in the "free" market. Consumers will pay in money and in lack of security, while corporations profit. I hope this "wake up call" will wake us up to local energy independence as part of a cohesive, locally beneficial energy policy. Here's what I'd like to see:
1) Locally (community) owned wind farm: a) We have the wind resources. b) It's of no good to our community if the wind farm is owned by foreign (or even domestic) corporations. c) Wind is clean and reliable. Local source means lower transport costs and fewer reliability risks. d) It's affordable. Despite NYSEG's and others' attempts to charge more for wind, it is arguably the most affordable electric source. Municipally owned utilities are building more wind farms because they make economic sense. e) Some think wind turbines are unsightly, but I think if we can stand to use all the electricity we do, then we can stand to see its source.
2) Locally (county?) owned electric company: a) It's more economical. The small municipally owned utilities that I checked are able to provide electricity to their customers for about 1/3 the price of NYSEG. That leads me to think that 2/3 of my NYSEG payments are going to line pockets. b) Decisions can be based on community values (safety, security, reliability, environmental quality, affordability) rather than profit.
3) Encourage clean, locally distributed electricity production: a) It's not cost effective to transport electricity long distances. b) Distributed production, within the local area, improves security and reliability. c) Current buyback structures are designed to discourage independent production. We could provide reasonable buyback rates for independently produced electricity from renewable sources. I'm sure it's a whole lot easier to sell off a utility to a private company than it is to buy it back, but jeez, we're getting screwed here." --Mary Graham


TOMPKINS COUNTY INDEX OF ECONOMIC ACTIVITY: "Home sales soared in July [raised the] Index 0.55%." --Elia Kacapyr


FREE APPOINTMENT W/LOCAL ALTERNATIVE PRACTITIONERS "who have offered services to anyone living with breast cancer: massage therapy, acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic, dance therapy, qi gong, reiki, hypnosis." A program of Ithaca Breast Cancer Alliance, which provides a list of participating practitioners.

ACUTE/PRIMARY CARE COMMITTEE of Health Planning Council 9/10, noon, 3rd Fl, Women's Community Bldg. Updates re Prescription Binder, Clean Indoor Air Act, Cayuga Waterfront Trail & available health insurance plans.
---"EXPANSION OF BEDS & SERVICES FOR MENTAL HEALTH in Tompkins County," 9/3, 10-11:45am, Mental Health Services Building, 201 E. Green St, 6th Fl.

SUICIDE PREVENTION & CRISIS SERVICE seeks nominations for the 9th Annual Jack Lewis Award for Exemplary Service to Community Members in Crisis. Candidates can be individuals, groups, organizations. May self-nominate: [email protected] by 9/10. Annual Meeting 10/19. 272-1505.

WELLNESS CLASSES & SEMINARS, Maurice Haltom,CSW [email protected] TAI CHI Tuesdays 6:30 - 7:30 pm & Saturdays 9:00 - 10:00 am, 9/1310/18, $58.00 (Either Tuesday or Saturday). QIGONG Saturdays 10-11am, 9/13 - 10/18, $58.00. HOURS accepted.

ITHACA T'AI CHI GROUP, Anabel Taylor Hall, One World Room 9/2-12/4: Register at class.
---Beginning T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Tuesdays 5 pm; 18 Ways Tai Chi Chi Kung, Thursdays 5 pm.
---Silent Walking Meditation, outside in all weathers, Pergola on the Pond, Arboretum, Cornell Plantations. Saturdays, noon-1pm, Kati Hanna, 272-3972, [email protected]

Correction of JUST ORGANICS website: 539-6509. Home delivery of organic groceries. HOURS accepted.

KEEP FRANKENSEEDS OUT OF COUNTY: Mendocino County ballot initiative would ban genetically engineered crops countywide:


HOMESCHOOLERS AT EARTH ARTS - Ages 7+, Mon 9am-3pm, Ages 8+, Thurs 9:30am-noon ; Ages 5-7, Thurs 1-3:30pm. "Combines the creative arts w/ knowledge of place & nature awareness. Register 272-6486. Mudpups (parents & children) Tues 10-11:30am, Ages 3+. "Enjoy creative learning w/ your child."
---ADULT/TEEN programs: Handbuilding, Wheel, Sculptural Clay. Tues, 6:45pm-8:45pm.

PHIL SHAPIRO'S GROUP FOLK GUITAR LESSONS: Eight one-hour lessons, Monday evenings, starting 9/8 North Room, Willard Straight Hall. Register at first lesson. Bring a guitar. 7pm beginners, 8pm intermediates. Course $50. HOURS accepted. Phil Shapiro at 844-4535, or e-mail at [email protected]

Learn Israeli Folk Dance and Modern Dance at the same time. Join ( for free )


Thanks to Homer & Jane at LIGHTLINK for reliable internet services.


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