August #1 2003


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FIFTEEN READERS OF THIS ISSUE HAVE WON GIFT CERTIFICATES with Ithaca Bakery ($5), Viva Taqueria ($5), Cinemapolis/Fall Creek Pictures (2 tickets), Ithaca Fine Chocolates (4-pack), Gimme! Coffee (1# coffee), Oasis Grocery ($5), ($6), Sparrow's Wines ($10), Ten Thousand Villages ($10), ABC Cafe ($10), Acorn Designs ($7.50), Toko Imports ($5), Dinosaur Drygoods ($10), White Lotus Home ($10), Surya Incense (pkg), The Yoga Corner (free class).
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350 LOCAL CLASSIFIED ADS ONLINE FREE! Spend & earn Ithaca HOURS, Sell, Buy, Swap, Give Away, Rent, Find Work & lost pets, garage sales.


ITHACA HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT WHO NAMED "THE ITHACA COMMONS" IS NOW A DOWNTOWN MARKETING ANALYST: Bill Ryan ('79) won the contest to name our pedestrian mall & was inspired by Ithaca to develop a "toolbox for small cities interested in exploring ways to improve the economic health of their downtown" He also publishes a monthly newsletter on downtown economic revitalization.
---"I am proud of my hometown & its forward-thinking residents. In my travels around the Midwest, I frequently reflect on Ithaca & its sense of place. I am excited about Cornell's planned participation in a downtown office building & the addition of a Hilton Garden Inn. These developments will draw people to the heart of the community. The incremental pedestrian traffic will benefit specialty retailers, restaurants & services that make the Commons special. I am also excited about the Cayuga Green proposal as it will encourage 24-7 vitality."

COMMONS DESIGN DISCUSSED at COMMONS-L. To subscribe: write [email protected] w/ message: subscribe commons-l

* Eric Lerner campaign page
* Carolyn Peterson campaign page
* Beau Saul campaign headquarters: NW corner Seneca & Tioga.
---Were LERNER to win the Democratic primary, 11/4 voters get: Lerner (Dem.), Peterson (Working Families), Saul (Republican, Independence). Were PETERSON to win the Dem primary: Peterson (Dem, WF), Saul (Rep, Ind). Were SAUL to win the Dem primary: Peterson (WF), Saul (Rep, Dem, Ind).

* FIGHT FOR BEAUTY (applied with coarse black stencil)
* ABOLISH $LAVERY (inviting us to break chains & link to each other)

* Basic Ithacan: Core Vocabulary
* 1890 study by Oliver Emerson (Dialect Notes v.1 p.85): "The dialect of Ithaca represents... a dialect of the 18th Century, w/ certain peculiarities usually attributed to the 17th Century. Ithaca has remained comparatively isolated, so that it represents a speech-island. The predecessor of IthD is probably the English of Eastern England. The principle element is now Connecticut English."
---Emerson writes, "This investigation has been made from the speech of people essentially unaffected by the schools." He cites, for example, an Ithacan who "has the peculiarity of unvoicing certain voiced aspirants, due probably to loss of teeth." Ithacans say "sumpin" instead of "something." They accent the last syllable of "hotel, incline, inside," & the first syllable of "idea, intense, Elmira & police."

* Bobcat/lynx sounds & tracks in Enfield.
* Ithaca screech owls prey at night: earliest sighting 8:25pm, latest activity 4:15am.
* Bars & clubs avoided by nonsmokers should be visited now, to encourage more antismoking laws.

YARD SALE & COMMUNITY DAY 8/23, 9am. "Awesome bargains, a Bar-B-Q lunch 11:30am (veggie options), games, entertainment, prizes. Benefit for Family & Children's Service of Ithaca. Seneca/State Street parking lot, across from Cornell Laundry & TWC. Ithaca HOURS accepted.

"DUMP & RUN" STUDENT CASTOFFS SALE 8/23, 11:30am-5:30pm at Cornell on lawn of Appel Commons, across from Helen Newman gym. "Tons of clothes, shoes, books, decorations, electronics, furniture, more! Proceeds benefit Loaves & Fishes." Volunteers get 35% discount. Parking in "A Lot" on Pleasant Grove Rd & "R LOT", on Cradit Farm Drive. [email protected] 592-3713

DONATE TO LIBRARY BOOKSALE 275,000 books this year!




HEALTH CARE WORKING GROUP promotes single-payer health care. Next meeting 8/13, 1pm, Workers' Rights Ctr across from Immaculate Conception. Tony DelPlato or Bernie Fetterly

ITHACA HEALTH FUND recently paid $943.13 to a Cornell employee for surgery to repair a broken bone, when Cornell's plan didn't cover the full bill. Membership still just $100/year: Balance sheet at

SEX NEWS: get answers to questions about sexually-transmitted diseases: [email protected]

PLANT SALE GIFT CERTIFICATES SUPPORT ITHACA BREAST CANCER ALLIANCE: Plants for Life Sale 9/13: buy them via: [email protected] or 257-9598.



* Tompkins County Farm City Day 8/16, 11am-4pm, Jerry Dell Farm, 2219 Gee Hill Rd, Dryden. "Visit a certified organic dairy farm. Family oriented, lots of hands-on, interactive exhibits. Guided wagon ride farm tours. Sponsored by Agriculture & Farmland Protection Board. 272-2292
* GreenStar establishes 5-year goal to expand proportion of organic sales.
* Just Organics: home food delivery weekly, monthly: HOURS accepted:
* Kiraku: "Freeville's organic general store/restaurant/school
* Ithaca Farmer's Market on Sundays (3rd St) & Tuesdays (DeWitt Park) are thriving too!
* The worst companies in the world profit from popular organic brands:
* "California organic produce tests positive for deadly chemical compounds such as perchlorate (rocket fuel residue)."
* "If the corporate assault on organic standards & organic companies continues, & if mainstream food corporations are allowed to take over the organic industry, then it won't be long before the 'organic' label becomes meaningless." [email protected]
* Beyond Organic: Agroforest Food Production 8/17-22 among courses at The The Liberty School: "not for credit, for real" Van Etten, NY



PROGRESSIVE FESTIVAL 9/6 The Commons. To participate: Heidi Tremain

PEACE SONG 9/11, 6-8pm at Autumn Leaves: "Come together in peace through the power of music." "Song is written to be performed as 'We Are the World'w/artists singing different verses. The song is simple, but very powerful requiring acoustic guitar section, string/wind sections & chorus. Cassette of song to musicians in advance. Performance will be recorded & general public invited to sing along. WANTED LIST: Musicians, P.A. w/ 6-8 microphones, Organizations to set up information tables concerning PEACE/ACTIVISM, Banners with PEACE messages, Food Table Donations, Flowers & plants, Volunteers to set up/ break down, entertainers: juggle, face paint, etc." Robert A. Hubbell 592-7213

SCHOOL SUPPLY KITS FOR CHILDREN OF IRAQ: "Makeshift schools under trees or in abandoned military bases are now being prepared not only as homes for these people, but places where they can go to school in October. Please purchase designated supplies, place in paper bag & deliver to 171 The Commons: 4 spiral notebooks, 4 unsharpened #2 pencils, ruler (plastic; both 30cm & 12in), box of 12-20 colored pencils & large eraser. Deliver by 9/12." Liz Adams 546-2083 or 256-0616.


KUCINICH FOR PRESIDENT 8/14, 5:30-7:00pm, Autumn Leaves Books, 115 The Commons. Barbara Regenspan

ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES IN ITHACA: "computer scientists at Johns Hopkins University said the[ electronic] voting system was so flawed that a 15-year-old hacker could tap into the software & tamper with election results." (Washington Post on 8/7/03) Preliminary NYS Board of Elections plans includes $140 million "which is exactly the cost of replacing our 20,000 machines with touch screen ones costing $7000 apiece."
---REMEDY: Passage of Voter Confidence bill (HR 2239) requiring voter-verified paper record & random comparison of machine results to paper results.

ITHACA TEENAGERS' TRIAL FOR "DIE-IN" POSTPONED TO 9/2 Mary Anne Grady Flores reports: "The four teen women on trial 7/28 were to begin trial for the die-in at the military recruiter's office 12/21/02. Because they are minors, the Judge may decide whether to let the public stay or not. Before the trial started the prosecutor asked the judge to order everyone (80+ supporters) except the parents or guardians to leave the courtroom. The judge so ordered, but NOBODY MOVED! It was great & spontaneous. Judge Bill Buren gave the order three times but still no one moved! He was reportedly knocking his head w/his hand, saying 'What am I going to do with 87 people in contempt?' The court postponed the trial until 9/2 at 10:30am.
---"The adults' charges were lowered to a violation to prevent a jury trial & the youth were left with the greater misdemeaner charge, with no jury trial. They are defending themselves."
---Directions to Lansing Town Hall: Rt. 13 exit nr IHS, left to Rt. 34 N to T in road. Rogue's Harbor Inn on right / gas station on left. Turn right, go approx. 1 block. Hall is on right ( before soccer fields).

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL 8/19, 7:30 pm. Kahin Center, 640 Stewart Ave. Directions: 257-3156

ITHACA FAIR TRADE COALITION 8/13, 7-9pm, Old Jail building (125 E. Court St,. 1st fl.) "Fair trade is a positive form of global trade. Unlike 'free' trade, fair trade provides a fair wage, enables workers to provide for their families, encourages environmentally sustainable practices, & offers hope for the future to farmers & artisans around the world. [email protected]

GUIDE TO (Ithaca) LEFT WING POLITICAL ACTIVITIES Printed Material, 1966-1972 Collection #3650 Div. of Rare & Manuscript Collections.



"You posted a paragraph about the Liberty School in the Ithaca Community News in May & there was a phenomenal response. Thank you for doing that-- it made a great contribution to the school." --Meghan

"The Tompkins County Committee of the Independence Party of New York condemns, in the strongest terms, the efforts of the County Republican Committee & County Judge candidate, Sue Kirby, to have County Judge Jack Sherman removed from the Democratic Party line for the upcoming election. Further, the Committee withdraws its earlier endorsement of Kirby's candidacy.
---"To have Judge Sherman removed, Kirby & the Republican Committee are citing ridiculous & hair-splitting flaws in petitions Sherman submitted to appear on the ballot as the Democratic candidate.
---"There is no doubt whatsoever that 1) more than the requisite 5% of bona fide registered Democrats signed his petitions supporting his candidacy & 2) that the information on his petitions clearly describes what those who signed were signing for. The challengers are seeking to have the petitions thrown out because of minute errors in the title of the position sought & in the address of the candidate. These errors have no bearing on the qualifications of the candidate, the qualifications of those who signed the petitions, or whether the petitions accurately reflect the intentions of those who signed them.
---"By attempting to have those petitions thrown out, Kirby & the Republican Committee are in effect seeking to disenfranchise those who signed his petitions. Their hope is apparently to beat the candidate with a technicality & thereby avoid having to compete in a fair & open debate of ideas & issues.
---"The Independence Party came into existence in large part out of pervasive & growing disgust with exactly this sort of nickel-dime partisan politics & the deadly corrosive effect it is having on the political process in this country. We hope & trust that citizens of all persuasions & parties will pay close attention when actions such as these are undertaken to undermine the democratic process & that they will respond forcefully within their communities, their parties & at the polls to protect their rights." --Ben Curtis, Tompkins County Chair, Independence Party of New York 387-5325

"With two young kids at home I don't have time for the daily paper, so when I get time on the computer ICN provides good, well-rounded news." --Vicki Rasmussen

"The Bush Administration claimed that we invaded Iraq to stop the spread of weapons of mass destruction, & yet they are preparing to build new nuclear weapons & resume nuclear testing. Their official nuclear plan calls for developing 'more usable' nuclear weapons for 'certain battlefield situations.' They have threatened non-nuclear countries with nuclear weapons. View the ad. --Linda Holzbaur

"I'm a newcomer to Ithaca who is grateful that a new friend referred me to Ithaca Community News. Thank you for collecting the interesting voices & ideas that are too hard to find in traditional venues. Would you add me to your mailing list? I know I will enjoy being alerted." --Linda Story

"I suspect the reason we got two four-year terms of Cohen was because activists were disenchanted w/Ben Nichols' lack of enthusiasm, etc, & didn't bother to come out to vote for him. I have heard activists expressing discouragement for Learner & Peterson & I think the sentiments are misplaced. A Cohen-type outcome would be much worse. We can thank our uppity attitude about Ben for the horrible 'development' we must now live with." --Eric
---[REPLY] Were the Green Party to run candidates only when it could avoid being labelled spoilers it would rarely assert itself electorally. Certain cities have established Instant Runoff Voting, which allows voters to choose first, second & third candidate preferences. This ends the spoiler argument.

"We enjoy staying 'in touch' w/Ithaca through your messages, although we are presently living in Eugene. Keep 'em coming. Incidentally, there were a couple messages about Kucinich in your last message: one about him using the Presidential stump as a ruse to build up his Senatorial run chances & one mentioning him turning down overtures from the Greens to run under their auspices: He was here recently in Eugene in full Presidential swing, no hint of planning to concede. Also, in a question & answer period he informally referred to himself as a 'Green Democrat.'" --Raphael

"I think Kucinich believes he can raise issues, rally progressives to the Democratic Party for this election, & increase his national stature as a national spokesperson for progressive causes as well as for a possible Senate run or another presidential campaign in the future. I don't think Kucinich believes he can win the Democratic nomination this time. I also think he doesn't believe a progressive third party will ever amount to much in the US. So he's trying to build a left inside the Democratic Party. I respect him as an honest, principled progressive. But I think his inside-the-Democratic-Party strategy has far less chance of moving politics in this country to the left than the Green Party strategy." --Howie Hawkins

"A few months ago, I sent Gregory Keillor an email suggesting that WSKG should carry Democracy Now, & that a recent pledge drive they'd had, which hadn't met its goal, might have done better if they were more responsive to listeners' requests. He responded (not very pleasantly) by telling me that I should be able to receive Democracy Now on WEOS [88.1FM], that WSKG was very happy w/ its classical music format, & that the issue had nothing to do with missing their fundraising goal. Made me very happy that I do have WEOS as an option." --Deirdre Silverman

"Does anyone in Ithaca rehabilitate old bicycles & give them to people who can't afford to buy?" --Bud
---[REPLY] Recycle Ithaca's Bicycles 256-5355

[Re: boycott of Hollywood Video] "Speaking as someone who worked for years in the managment of a small branch of a large chain, I can say with reasonable confidence that the reason a particular branch of Hollywood Video doesn't stock a particular DVD is not because the management of that branch objects to its content. It's extremely unlikely that the management of the branch has anything to say about what they stock at all. If Hollywood is like 99% of other chains, the selection of items you see on the shelf is based on an 'assortment.' Corporate HQ has several lists of items, called 'assortments,' for the different sized stores. Larger stores get the full list, smaller stores get a shorter list, & so on. Corporate HQ decides what goes on each list, based on what their research shows will be the most popular. Believe me, most big retailers worry far more about the bottom line & what they think will sell far more than about the worth of the product. Sure, one DVD doesn't take up much room, but when you think of the hundreds of people who go in looking for a particular title & don't find it, it would take a lot of shelf space to please everyone. My guess is that, in the minds of corporate HQ, "Queer as Folk" is apt to be less frequently rented because it's on a premium cable channel, w/a cult/niche following, & a lot of people don't even know about it. Branch managers in most chains just don't have the influence to get their assortment changed based on local tastes. You might have a chance of changing their minds if you & a few hundred other people could show the corporation that stocking that DVD would make a big difference in their profit margin." --Melissa

"You said: 'Rejection of the Six Point Plan shows that a candidate for Mayor or Council understands that big box stores lose money & that building wider roads merely brings more traffic.'
---"Hmmm. Interesting. I won't debate the 'big box stores' issue, but I'd think more traffic would be the result of more people wanting to come here & spend money... but maybe we shouldn't encourage that either." Keith Smith
---[REPLY] More traffic would be good if it didn't bring more pollution & collisions, & if it did not remove money from Ithaca via infrastructure costs not offset by big box sales. The alternatives are a constellation of mutual aid systems, co-ops, nonprofit suppliers, community-based small businesses.

"Hi! I see that my email address is listed as one of the gift certificate winners! Thank you! What a lot of work you must put into this. The whole community should give YOU a gift certificate!" --Marci
---[REPLY] Thanks! Living in Ithaca can be a gift. But donations (dollars & HOURS) are welcome: Paul Glover, Box 365, Ithaca, NY 14851
---- "Winner of Gift Certificate-- Wow! I never win anything." --K.
---[REPLY] Congratulations-- that's no longer so.
---- "I'm a [gift certificate] winner, Yee Haw, what do I do?" --Tim R.
---[REPLY] You did it. Reply w/full name & mailing address.

"I am sad to see the Green Party with its head still so in the sand. Yes, the Greens made a 'major impact' in 2000; they helped elect Bush. Yes, it would be nice to have run-off elections, but We Don't, so you have to play the game, which is building alliances. And as a Ukrainian visitor told me, building alliances is still the game in run-off elections because you have so many more candidates. Greens can still raise important issues & try to steer the argument in a good direction -- but please, Vote for whoever has the best chance of defeating Bush (I believe Dean can do it) & more importantly, support whoever has a chance of defeating a Republican senator. Our country is in trouble; the Religious Right is deliberately gaining control of the Republican Party, & we need to pull together." --Mary Kirkpatrick
---[REPLY] Gore beat Gore. Even the DLC said that Nader did not hurt Gore. Exit polls showed that Bush would have won the popular vote had Nader not been in the race. The latest Syracuse New Times features my Green Party campaign.



LIVING WAGE COALITION/Workers' Rights Ctr receive August AFCU ROUND-OFF donations.

COLLEGETOWN NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL (CNC) 8/14, St. Luke's Lutheran Church, 109 Oak. Ave., 4pm. "Open to the public--discussion ranges from landlords to litter. 255-4666 [email protected]

TOWN-GOWN ROUNDTABLE 8/18, noon-2pm, Cornell Cooperative Extension, 615 Willow Ave. "Staff will also be on hand w/ information about local programs for youth, families, communities, agribusiness & the environment. Suggestions for local efforts welcome." Gary Stewart 255-4666

ROTARY CLUBS SPONSOR INTERNATIONAL EXCHANGE TO WEST AFRICA: goodwill visit March/April 2004. "Seeking four outstanding young professionals (non-Rotarians) age 25-40. Visit 4-6-weeks. Must be full-time professional. Expenses paid. Application: click "Group Study Exchange" Dale Flinn 533-4671. Apply by 8/31.

New Law Offices of Susan B. McNeil: Business Law, Collections, Creditor's & Debtor's Rights, Family Law, Juvenile Delinquency & PINS, Not-For-Profit Law, Wills. HOURS accepted. 266-8090; [email protected] 410 E. Upland Road, Suite 201, Ithaca.

FOUNDATION OF LIGHT "spiritual, healing & community outreach center. We offer lightly guided and inspirational discussion to enhance our silent meditation services." Sundays 10:30am- noon, 391 Turkey Hill Rd. "We honor the ageless wisdom of all the spiritual traditions & religions." August theme 'Reaching Balance w/Meditation.' 273-9550. Office: 10am-2pm Mon, Weds, Fridys.

CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP "Every Picture Tells a Story" 8 Mondays 9/8-10/27, 7-9pm, WCB, 100 W. Seneca St., Mondays. $160. HOURS accepted. Pre-register: 272-1247 [email protected]

BOUND FOR GLORY 8-11pm Sundays starting 8/31 at Anabel Taylor Hall. Broadcast onWVBR, 93.5 & 105.5 FM. America's longest-running live folk radio show: 36 years.


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