February #1 2003


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SEVENTEEN READERS OF THIS ISSUE HAVE WON GIFT CERTIFICATES with Ithaca Bakery ($5), Viva Taqueria ($5), Cinemapolis/Fall Creek Pictures (2 tickets), Ithaca Fine Chocolates (4-pack), Gimme! Coffee (1# coffee), Oasis Grocery ($5), ($6), Sparrow's Wines ($10), Ten Thousand Villages ($10), ABC Cafe ($10), Cafe Strand ($5), Acorn Designs ($7.50), Toko Imports ($5), Dinosaur Drygoods ($10), The Bath Bar ($10) White Lotus Home ($10), Surya Incense (pkg), The Yoga Corner (free class). WINNING EMAILS (randomly selected by computer) ARE NOTED BELOW. Winners reply sending their mailing address.


Got stuff or services to sell? Looking for work or workers? Offer or request housing? Need housewares/clothes/goods or services of any kind? Got pets to give away or find? Offer or request a ride? Swap something for something else? You can even link to pictures of your goods, link to your resume, your business page. ITHACA COMMUNITY NEWS' latest service invites everyone within 20 miles of Ithaca to trade online! Thanks to Bill Carini for creating this system.


ITHACA COMMUNITY NEWS PRINT EDITION: tabloid advertising rates are $500/full page 10"x16"; $250/half page 10"x 8"; $125 quarter page 4.75"x8"; $65 eighth page 4.75"x4"; $35 business card 3"x2". 50% Ithaca HOURS accepted. To reserve space: [email protected]


Ithaca's Bad Weather is Good for You
ITHACA'S JANUARY'S last two weeks 12 degrees below normal, w/twice as much snow (30") for the month as usual.

BANANAS IN ITHACA: planted (& repotted) by members of Youth Horticultural Program of Ithaca Children's Garden.

"TCFKIRBY" wins gift certificate to Viva Taqueria. Reply w/mailing address by 2/20.



LOCALIZATION GATHERING 2/8, 5-9pm dinner, music at Quaker Meeting House, Rte 227, S of T-Burg.

STATE THEATRE WORK DAY 2/8, 11am-3pm: "strong hands & backs to move stage risers, band shell & other heavy objects. Also a painting/cleaning project. Lunch served.

A PERFECT GANESH at The Kitchen Theatre 2/6,7,8 at 8pm; 2/9, 4:00pm: "story of two women facing past & future loss, who throw caution to the wind and embark on a journey of discovery in India." Wendy Woods HOURS accepted.

SEE SPOT GALLERY 108 the Commons 277-7560 [email protected]
---Canvas Stretching 2/9, 1-4pm. Learn how to do it yourself & save $$. Fee: $5 or Half HOUR.
---Create Valentines 2/9, 1-4 pm. All ages: w/ feathers, fabric, etc. Materials provided. Small, negotiable, suggested donation.

"A JAPANESE MISCELLANY" slide show & discussion of Japanese private, & public gardens: urban forestry, bonsai, mums, dahlias: 2/9, 2-3:30pm, Co-op Extension, 615 Willow Ave. Refreshments. 272-2292

WINTER BREAK AT EARTH ARTS: 2/17-21 (9:00am-3pm) children 7+. "Projects include leathercrafts, weaving, pottery, drum making, theater, snow sculptures, animal tracking, maple tapping, & storytelling by the fire. Children bring a lunch & snack. Week fee includes materials: $180. HOURS Accepted. Register: Dale 272-6486.

INTERNATIONAL FOLK DANCE CLASS Monday nights at Tompkins County Senior Citizens Center, 119 West Court St 7-9pm (behind old Library). "No experience or partner needed; first time free (others $3/night, HOURS accepted). Dee Gee Bancroft 273-8620.


BOOK DISCUSSION GROUP: "The Perfect Storm" at Public Library. Register at Reference Desk or 272-4557 ext. 255 BYO book.

ITHACA COMMUNITY ORCHESTRA welcomes new members. "Rehearsing works by Haydn, Mozart, Elgar, Beethoven, Grieg, & Albeniz this winter-spring. Rehearsals Wednesday evenings 7:30-9:30. No auditions required. [email protected] 257-4616. Ithaca HOURS accepted for dues.

TURBACKS' RESTAURANT 2 meals for price of 1 in February with coupon "GOLDEN" wins gift certificate to Ithaca Fine Chocolates. Reply w/mailing address by 2/20.



GREENSTAR CO-OP APRIL COUNCIL ELECTION seeks candidates for six open seats. Get application at front desk (submit by 3/1). Election issues include livable wage, maximum wage, multinational corporate control of organic industry vs. independent/local brands, product line education, member-initiated referenda, genetic modified labeling, member labor, bulk food vs. overpackaged, start regional food processing co-ops.
---MEMBERS ALSO VOTE ON TWO REFERENDA: whether or how to sell red meat.

ALTERNATIVES FEDERAL CREDIT UNION BOARD ELECTION seeks candidates. 5 hrs/mo work. Kenny Christianson & Diana Drucker


SO DID LIBRARY'S HOURS "because the hoped-for funding has not materialized." Mon-Thurs 10am-8:15pm; Fri-Sat 10am-5pm; Sun (Jan-May) 1-5pm.

HOUR TOWN 2003 LOCAL CURRENCY DIRECTORY available around town. Thousands of ways to spend Ithaca HOURS. Laurie Konwinski, editor.

SMALL BUSINESSES GANG UP ON CHAINSTORES: Join the American Independent Business Alliance

CORNELL-COMMUNITY FORUM 2/4, 5:30-7pm, Women's Community Building: More than a dozen Cornell programs & offices will explain their roles & possible campus-community connections.

"PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR VALUES ARE" free seminar 2/12, 8-9am, JJ's Cafe, Community Corners. "Learn about environmentally- & socially responsible investing + 2003 basic tax tips." Greg Garvan, Money with a Mission. RSVP or 273-8042.

"EP11" wins gift certificate to Ithaca Bakery. Reply w/mailing address by 2/20.


MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY AT GIAC: Youth & Elder Speakout question to panelists: "If you were U.S. President what would you do to achieve equal rights for all?"
---Anna Grady Flores: "Money for schools, money for housing instead of war & nuclear weapons."
---Ben Nichols: "It's up to us. We need a completely different world view. Not just oil, money, control."
---Zia Anger: "We need to be open to different cultures & religions rather than attack from fear."
---Amaryllis Moleski: "Biggest problem is the pyramid w/few on top who are not listening to us."
---Rev. Ronald Benson: "Government is in the subsidy business, either oil industry or affirmative action."
---Lambertis Gibbs: "Everyone here is the President. You must deal w/your life as if you were president."



40% of TOMPKINS COUNTY RESIDENTS COMPOST, compared to 4% nationally. New deadline for Master Composter Training: 2/7. Adam Michaelides 272-2292.

AUBURN'S 25,000 CROWS may escape to Ithaca after the latest crow-killing "festival." What is it about Auburn that attracts animals as intelligent as crows, anyway? Ithaca's a more liberal town which welcomes refugees.

RUTABAGA CURL 2002 at Ithaca Farmers' Market was featured on NPR's "Only A Game." Hear it online, archived as January 4 show.

"AWAKE_WIN" wins gift certificate to ABC Cafe. Reply w/mailing address by 2/20.
"SLI35" wins gift certificate to Acorn Designs. Reply w/mailing address by 2/20.
"RBAKER" wins gift certificate to Gimme! Coffee. Reply w/mailing address by 2/20.



GREENSTAR CO-OP ANTIWAR RESOLUTION (1/14/03) reads in part: "We believe that we need to work for peace with Iraq and to stop a U.S. invasion of Iraq with its potential for thousands of needless injuries & deaths, and that the $200 billion planned for war against Iraq should be spent instead to fund jobs, education, housing, health care, child care, assistance to the elderly, protection of the environment, energy conservation, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and otherwise to meet people's needs."


ITHACA RUCKUS SOCIETY [email protected]

ITHACAN SELLS GEORGE W. BUSH DOORMAT: "The man who treats the world as his doormat deserves nothing less than one made in his honor. The "dubya doormat" is carpeted, color-printed, rubber-backed, 2'x3'. Features his face on a flag back drop and the words 'Welcome Homeland.' Price $40 locally (accept 50% Ithaca HOURS)." [email protected] 657-2846

ITHACA PEACE LISTSERVES: [email protected] & [email protected] & [email protected]

PRO-FETUS-LIFERS TAKE NOTE: there are 105,000 fetuses in Baghdad (5m population, 2.84% birth rate). According to CBS, "If the Pentagon sticks to its current war plan, one day in March the Air Force & Navy will launch 300-400 cruise missiles at targets in Iraq." "There will not be a safe place in Baghdad."
---BAGHDAD NEXT HIROSHIMA: The Sun-Herald (1/26): "The US intends to shatter Iraq 'physically, emotionally and psychologically' by raining down on its people as many as 800 cruise missiles in two days. The Pentagon battle plan aims not only to crush Iraqi troops, but also wipe out power and water supplies in the capital, Baghdad. It is based on a strategy known as 'Shock and Awe.'
---Disaster for Iraqi children
---Destroying Iraq's water supply

---BUSES TO NEW YORK CITY DEMONSTRATION 2/15 tickets $45. Scholarships available. Buy at Autumn Leaves (115 Commons) by 2/12. Depart 5am Saturday 2/15 from Green St. Bus shelter.

---[EXCERPTS] "We know that the principal victims of any military action in Iraq will be the sons & daughters of working class families serving in the military who will be put in harm's way, & innocent Iraqi civilians who have already suffered so much. We have no quarrel with the ordinary working class men, women, & children of Iraq, or any other country.
---"The killing of innocent Iraqis will be labeled 'collateral damage.' But US working families will also be victimized as 'collateral damage.' Billions of dollars spent to stage & execute this war will be taken away from our schools, hospitals, housing, & Social Security. Further, the war is a pretext for attacks by the Bush administration on labor, civil, immigrant, and human rights at home.
---"The Bush drive to war is not predicated on a commitment to peaceful resolution of disputes between states, human rights or creating a more safe & just world. Rather, it is driven by a strategy to re-shape the politics of oil in the world to maximum profit for US oil companies to which Bush & Cheney are so loyal."

ITHACANS ON WOMEN'S DELEGATION IN IRAQ: "We are going to speak out as women about the terrible effects of war on women, children, families, & the environment," said Medea Benjamin. George Sapio & Maura Stephens at El Fanar Hotel 011-964-1-718-8007.

BEING PEACE: A Day of Reflection, Envisioning & Empowerment 2/8, 9-5. Anabel Taylor room 314. Donation $40, HOURS accepted. No one turned away. Register 272-1809 [email protected]



Corporate media promote war & disparage dissent. If the Iraq attack begins, those media will close even tighter. Your prime access to independent information & networking will be the internet. Ithaca Community News welcomes tax-deductible donations to support this work locally. Please make checks to Center for Environmental Sustainability, send to: ICN, Box 365, Ithaca, NY 14851.

---Ithaca Radio Project
---Ithaca Indymedia
---WEOS 88.1FM "Democracy Now" 9am weekdays, Peace Report 10am weekdays.
---Tompkins County Greens News
---Best global independent news bookmark:


LOCAL PRISON FOR YOUNG MEN SEEKS ADULT MENTORS for one-on-one w/ages 14-21 at MacCormick Secure (Brooktondale). "They are eager, receptive & anxious to have adult individualized attention. If you have a few hours a month to help a young person plan for his life after MacCormick," contact Bryan Isacks, 277 2228


TOMPKINS COUNTY ETHICS BOARD: ENTIRE TEXT of their response to Joe Wetmore's complaints re: Mayor Cohen & Ed Hershey. Wetmore replies to Ithaca Journal's reporting.


"BROOKERENT26" wins gift certificate to The Bath Bar. Reply w/mailing address by 2/20.
"KW33" wins gift certificate to Dinosaur Dry Goods. Reply w/mailing address by 2/20.
"BELLAMAYO" wins gift certificate to Cinemapolis/FCP. Reply w/mailing address by 2/20.



* February 1, 1873: 494 HORSES ON STATE STREET.
* Februrary 2, 1965: Two men climb sheer ice wall of ITHACA FALLS in heavy wind. They were first sighted near the top, then seen walking away over the crest.
* February 3, 1832: FIRST EXECUTION in Tompkins County. Guy Clark is hung near the present Fall Creek School, for the murder of his wife. Thousands line the hills to watch. A band plays.
* February 4, 550 million years ago: NEW YORK STATE SINKS UNDER THE OCEAN.
* February 5, 1910: Village blacksmith Owen McCann is jailed. Infuriated, he bursts his handcuffs.
* February 6, 1925: END OF WORLD widely anticipated by local religionists.
* February 7, 1890: Gala JUNIOR PROMENADE. Lavish decorations with palm wreaths. Two orchestras, 150 couples on dance floor, 130 spectators.
* February 8, 1924: Six PEEPING TOMS end their careers in court. Prowling & lurking, w/out permission of homeowners, is illegal.
* February 9, 1970: NYS DOT & Cornell begin design sessions for SUPERHIGHWAY ENCIRCLING ITHACA, to connect hospital, Cass Park, Ithaca College, Rte 79 E, Snyder Hill, Ellis Hollow, NYSEG.



"I'm glad we have the free classifieds; it's really a fun & wonderful thing. I listed my need for a yodeler, & I've already started telling others. Will you sign my dear sister up to receive your awesome Community Newsletter?" --Michelle M.

"I am about to fulfill my months-long ambition to become an Ithacan! I am moving there from New Jersey next week & am excited about joining the community. Please keep me informed with your fantastic newsletter at my new address." --Rob H.

"Since you like Ithaca facts, I thought I'd share this one with you that Merriam-Webster sent out in its Word of the Day e-mail. Thought you'd enjoy it." --Katie Borgella
---roorback \ROOR-back\ (noun) : a defamatory falsehood published for political effect: 'a letter was published in a newspaper in Ithaca, New York claiming that a reputable witness (one Baron von Roorback) had seen Polk purchase & brand 43 slaves. The letter caused an uproar that threatened to derail Polk's campaign until it was discovered that the whole thing was a hoax perpetrated by the opposing party Ų? a 19th-century Watergate. Baron von Roorback didn't even exist. The incident proved a political boomerang; Polk won the election and the name "roorback" became a byword for political dirty tricks.'

"The DEC proposes to lease 25,000 acres of state reforestation, multiple use & wildlife mgmt lands in Schuyler & Steuben Counties for oil & gas exploration/development. Map of sites (518) 402-8056.
---"This is a tremendous amount of land, including wildlife management parcels, & you can bet that the permits to construct additional pipelines are only another month or so down the road. Also of interest, it appears that one of the land parcels probably abuts the National Forest (but its hard to tell on their online map). --Steve [email protected]
---[REPLY] Public meeting for Hector Land Use area plan: 2/5, 7pm at Hector Fire Hall. Proposed federal regulations would end requirement for public/scientific review or EIS.

"We (family of four) want to trade our Boulder, Colorado house for yours in Ithaca during July. We're only paces away from the foothills, on the hiking/bike trails into the Rockies. Great outdoor lifestyle! Use our car, bikes, etc. House has all conveniences; shops, restaurants & public transit one block away; Denver 35 min's drive. Great rec center/gym/pool in walking distance. University, kids' programs, supportive neighbors, white water, book stores, hang gliding, the Rockies in your windows. Caveat: our two independent indoor/outdoor cats want to be cared for while you're here." --Danielle
---- "I am interested in house exchange in Ithaca. I have a home there I use only occasionally & would like to explore vacation swaps worldwide." [email protected]
---[REPLY] Such requests & offers can hereafter be made in the ICN classified section

"Just wanted to say thanks for the news! I've been spending the year studying in Colima, Mexico & I love reading the Ithaca Community Newsletter. It gives me a way to stay connected to the goings on of my home & keeps me from getting homesick." --Melissa Castillo-Garsow

"I just got back from 10 days in Cuba. I went legally via the Cuba AIDS Project & I recommend it highly. It's an unstructured program -- you deliver medical supplies & have no obligation beyond that. The Treasury Dept allows humanitarian missions.
---"Costs: $100 admin fee for Cuba AIDS Project ($200 for non-students), $329 for Miami-Havana charter flight weekly between NYC & Havana).
---"If you're interested in seeing what life is like in Cuba & experiencing the culture there before it opens up to a flood of Americans, I'd highly recommend doing this. If someone organizes a group of people to go, that's even better (more supplies for the Cubans, more fun for you). Anyone who's thinking about going, please don't hesitate to drop me a line. --Adam

"You seem to understand that life is more about solving problems than it is about making money, reproducing many times over, & building houses bigger than you need. Ithaca HOURS are money, but are not offensive." --Marne Miller
---[REPLY] We're rich when we appreciatecommunity & nature. The planet is bigger than any house & already well stocked with people. Big problems need the little solutions that begin with us each.

"Reference Joe Wetmore's answer to detractor in latest edition of Community News. Funny how your ilk keeps referring back to Nazis any time you are disagreed with. Your lack of imagination, & your flagrant abuse of the memory of the Holocaust, in the hope of inflaming passions about your socialist (hmmm... interesting thought there, considering what Hitler called his party...) ideas is reprehensible. This is not the first reference by your 'followers' to Nazi atrocities whenever someone disagrees with your so-called 'point' of view. Even someone as reactionary as me never used totaliarian terms such as Nazi. You should be ashamed of your words, but, knowing your past, I wouldn't expect anything akin to an apology to those who are offended by your outrageous comparisons. You are truly a pitiful representative of liberal views or opinions, Wetmore." --Casey Stevens

"Thank you for your newsletter. As a relatively new resident to Ithaca (15 mos.) & a brand-new stay-at-home mom, reading your newsletter gives me ideas & incentive about how to be involved in the community. I hope to be more involved in the coming months, as the rountine of motherhood settles in.
---"The following statement is from a group responding to the detention of Muslim men & boys since 9/11. As an American woman, married to an Indian man who also happens to be Muslim, this issue has made me realize the chaos that has ensued, & which continues in various ways, in the Bush adminstration. Please send this message along to the community." --Hilary Mughloo
---STATEMENT by Blue Triangle Network 'This time they are coming for the Muslim, Arab & South Asian immigrants. In the early 1940's German Nazis used many different colored triangles to categorize & divide people in the concentration camps. In the face of forced registrations & the detention of up to 1,000 immigrants, demonstrators in Los Angeles 12/18 carried signs that said, 'What's Next? Concentration Camps?' The demonstrators, most of whom are themselves immigrants, dared to protest at a time when immigrants from the Middle East are subjected to roundups & indefinite detention without charges. February 21 is the deadline for immigrant men from Pakistan & Saudi Arabia to register.
---'Send a powerful message on 2/20. We refuse to accept the registration & detention of people based on their nationality & religion. On February 20 wear a blue triangle. We will not allow the same kind of profiling to happen here.'

Seeking land to buy or lease for expansion of successful organic farm. At least 15 acres within 10 miles of Ithaca. Barns, water, house desirable. Tali/Jon 277-3234 [email protected]
---[REPLY] Hereafter requests of this kind go to Good luck!

"Is anyone else wondering why it costs more to buy wind energy than to buy conventional energy from NYSEG? After all, coal or oil must be mined, processed, & transported before it produces any electricity at all, while wind energy requires no mining, processing, or transport from afar. While it is vital to utilize renewable forms of energy, let's get some very simple questions answered up front. You can email NYSEG" --Patricia Keen

[Business Outreach Manager for Co-op America (environmental program mgmt, mktg, sales) seeks to move to Ithaca] "I am very energetic & love working with people of all kinds. To tell you the truth I would be happy to look at ANY opportunity that paid the bills & was not illegal or immoral. We just want to move to Ithaca." --George Rutherford 703/765-1416 or 202/872-5315.

"How does one get added to the emailing list? Just read December #2, good stuff." --Michel V.
---[REPLY} Welcome to the list. Hope you win something:
"REF2" wins gift certificate to Oasis Natural Grocery. Reply w/mailing address by 2/20.
"KSM14" wins gift certificate to Sparrow's Wines. Reply w/mailing address by 2/20.

"This is an appreciation of the Podunk XC Ski Center. Thanks to two great friends who introduced me to XC skiing there several decades ago, this non-skater, 'easy out' Philly type found a winter escape. The equipment was all rented; there was a brief lesson, just as much, & no more, than necessary. Before the afternoon was over, the sense of effortless movement, otherwise known only in dreams, became part of my experience. In years of intense professional activity, 45 minutes on Podunk's trails, alongside the open water of the creek, became a mini-vacation in which everything except the joy of the experience fell away. A lot of the credit belongs to the Podunk center, w/ its philosophy of low key provision of an inexpensive, but richly rewarding experience. For several years XC disappeared from my experience. It was a joy last week to find skis, poles, mittens, boots & Podunk XC Center worked as well as ever." --Marilyn Williams
---[REPLY] Podunk XC Ski Shop 6383 Podunk Rd, T-Burg, 387-6716 Osmo Heila HOURS accepted. Local crosscountry ski reports


---The only way to support our troops is to demand they be brought immediately home & retrained to defend American cities from failing schools, hospitals & libraries; crumbling waterworks; polluted air & dependence on foreign oil.
---Only pseudo-patriots like the President & his flag-wavers cheer troops to their deaths in this impending rampage of 'baby-killing' (105,000 fetuses & >1,000,000 children in Baghdad), oil thieving, & terrorizing of innocent families by bombing their food, water & homes.
---Applauding the misuse of good Americans to do evil shows them contempt. Retraining & employing our troops to teach & heal our children, to insulate housing, plant orchards, fix leaky water mains, rebuild failing soils & start community-based enterprises is the honor urgently due them.

---NotPresident Bush is a victim of bad culture. He's encouraged by rich & poor, liberal & conservative alike in the assumption that there's only one kind of advanced civilization-- a car-dependent hyperconsumer culture-- whether SUV or Toyota-- that defines progress, success, adulthood, mobility.
---We're victims of this assumption, all of us, because it demands global struggle for oil that degrades America's security & destroys "enemies" we target. The battle for oil, inevitable under either Bush or Gore, drains wealth from communities, from schools & businesses, from health care & environmental repair.
---Americans must lead an escape to the future by embracing new urban culture-- defining progress & success as freedom from cars, relying instead on energy-efficient transit, enjoying elegant well-crafted necessities before necessities become luxuries.
---Here's an introduction to how these cities would function.
Here's TCAT's bus schedule.
Here's TCAT's park & ride map.
Here's a plan for Ithaca trolley revival.
Here's a WISE financial strategy.



---HUMAN SERVICES COALITION ANNUAL LUNCHEON MEETING: the "Full Marty" keynote by Marty Luster. 2/11, noon, Women's Community Bldg. Register. $15. Half HOUR accepted.
---ACUTE/PRIMARY CARE COMMITTEE 2/12, noon 3d Fl, Women's Community Bldg. Agenda: Plan activities for mid-March 100% Access; Zero Health Disparities campaign.
---HTTP://VOLUNTEERTOMPKINS.ORG launches 2/14 to coordinate agency info & volunteer recruitment. HSC Forum topic 2/12, 8:45-10:15, Cooperative Extension,
---AGING SERVICES NETWORK speaker Barbara Lifton, NYS Assemblymember, 2/14, noon-1pm at Longview Auditorium, 1 Bella Vista Drive.
---"THE MARROW DONOR REGISTRY: Response to National Shortages" 2/19, 12:30-1:30pm, Rice Conference Room, Biggs Building, Health Dept.
---ITHACA'S NEW VA CLINIC: 3/6, 2 pm., Senior CitizensŲ? Council (SCC), 119 W. Court St. 274-5482

ITHACA HEALTH FUND HAS PAID OVER $20,000 to members. Detailed income/expenses Membership $100/year.


COLLEGETOWN NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL 2/13, 4pm St. Luke Lutheran Church, 109 Oak Ave. "CNC meets second Thursdays to discuss neighborhood, city and campus-related issues & opportunities. Participatory & open to public." Gary Stewart 255-4666



---DREAMING w/ ANIMAL GUARDIANS & SPIRITUAL GUIDES 2/5. Dreams of Healing 2/19, both 7-9pm at Massage School w/ Debra Statton 277-1368. HOURS accepted.
---ACUPRESSURE CLASS 2/8, 10am-5pm. TREAT YOUR FEET" REFLEXOLOGY CLASS 12/12, 19 & 26, 7-9:15pm. Register 256-7070. Sliding scale $50-$100. 100% HOURS.

ZEN THEORY & PRACTICE: David Yoshin Radin of Ithaca Zen Center, 2/3, 5:30pm, Anabel Taylor Hall. ZEN MEDITATION 2/5 same time/place. Silent sitting & walking. Mondays & Wednesdays 5:30-6:30pm. Anne Marie 273-4906.

* BIKRAM'S BEGINNING YOGA classes 6am, 3:30 & 5:30pm (M-F) & 9am Sundays. Leave msg 269-9642. HOURS accepted.
* SANTOSHA YOGA 120 Brindley street, suite #1 HOURS accepted.

COMPREHENSIVE SWING - LINDY DANCE CLASSES, Dyrden VFW, Rte 13. Mondays 7-8pm. 4 lessons $10 or One HOUR. Roger Christian. Reserve: 277-0731.

"VBOYD107" wins gift certificate to Surya Incense. Reply w/mailing address by 2/20.
"CS13" wins gift certificate to Toko Imports. Reply w/mailing address by 2/20.
"BC24" wins gift certificate to 10,000 Villages. Reply w/mailing address by 2/20.


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