December #1 2002


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SIXTEEN READERS OF THIS ISSUE HAVE WON GIFT CERTIFICATES with Ithaca Bakery ($5), Viva Taqueria ($5), Cinemapolis/Fall Creek Pictures (2 tickets), Ithaca Fine Chocolates (4-pack),a href="">Gimme! Coffee (1# coffee), Oasis Grocery ($5), Harvest Deli, ($6), Sparrow's Wines ($10), Ten Thousand Villages ($10), ABC Cafe ($10), Cafe Strand ($5), Acorn Designs ($7.50), Toko Imports ($5), The Bath Bar ($10) White Lotus Home ($10), The Yoga Corner (free class). WINNING EMAILS (randomly selected by computer) ARE NOTED BELOW. Winners reply sending their mailing address.


* Economic Crime Investigation: "apply methods learned in Comuter Forensics to white collar crime."
* Techniques of Listening: "learn the definition of listening... & techniques for improving effectiveness."
* Global Seminar: "explore Global Warming, Population, etc & propose stragegies for dealing w/impact."
* Calling & Hunting the Wild Turkey: "learn to use calling devices to lure turkeys to gun or camera."

ITHACA'S MOST UNUSUAL SPORT: Rudabaga Hurling at Farmer's Market 12/21 Dress warm for the last market of the season!


MEET ELECTRICITY SUPPLIERS SERVING TOMPKINS COUNTY, "to answer questions & clarify issues that may confront consumers in choosing their electricity supplier by 1/1/03." 12/7, 10am- noon, first floor Human Services Bldg, 320 W. State. RSVP 273-8816.

CO-OP PLUS OFFERS GREEN ENERGY GROUP DISCOUNT "We want to move away from centralized power & sell green to the grid instead of buy dirty from the grid," says Kenny Christianson, board member of a new Ithaca-based cooperative seeking to get best rates from best energy suppliers. "We'll get group rates & buy as much green energy [windmills, fuel cells] as we can, until it's all green. We want to get into energy efficiency services: insulation, windows, then into distribution & generation." Watch for their website & signup form next issue.
---See also &

"SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER RELIEVED & electric bills lowered w/healthier, enviro-safe, energy-efficient lighting. Hundreds of satisfied regional customers. Guaranteed. HOURS accepted, Ithaca Health Fund discount." 277-5089 free consultation.


THE CONTRADICTIONS: Ithaca-based contradance band, benefit for Fall Creek PTA at Fall Creek Elementary 12/7, Family Dance 7-8 pm $1.00. Workshop for beginners 8:15 -8-30 pm. Contradances 8:30 pm. ; full evening, $5.00/adult, $3.00/child, $10.00/family. HOURS accepted. Vikki 387-3555

MALAWI FAMINE MUSIC BENEFIT w/Macgillicuddies & Friends "electrified Cajun Zydeco" 12/12, 8:00pm, $5 Close Hall (Jacksonville near gas station, across from church) 256-9149 Rebecca

THE BIRTH DANCE 12/13 7pm & 8pm at SEE-SPOT GALLERY 108 The Commons: "modern dances performed by expectant mothers, expressing hopes & fears, dreams & visions of motherhood."

PUNK SHOW at SEE-SPOT 12/14, 8pm: Earl's Garage, Super Goat, Over the Line, Immature Youth. $5

THE BURNS SISTERS HOLIDAY SHOW 12/21, 8pm Autumn Leaves Used Books 115 The Commons, $10/adults, $5/kids, max 1/4 HOUR accepted. 273-8239

LOW FAT GOURMET MEN WITH JUGS JUGBAND "Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas." 12/22 @ 3pm at Rongovian Embassy w/ Regi Carpenter. Ithaca HOURS accepted. $4/child $5/adult $12 maximum family

REALITY CHECK TEEN MOVIE NIGHT: free movies for teens at Wownet digital cafe 12/7, 7-10pm. "Interactive, teen-made videos, prizes, free popcorn to first 20 in the door." [email protected]

FREE CONCERTS at AUTUMN LEAVES USED BOOKS 115 The Commons: ("child friendly"): 12/5 Bert Scholl; 12/6 Charlie Young/Jason Violette; 12/12 Fine Kettle of Fish; 12/13 George Larson & Friends; 12/20 George Mann & J Margolin; 12/22 Radio London [Thurs & Fri 7-9pm, Sundays 2-4pm]

"LMP2" wins gift certificate to Sparrow's Fine Wine. Reply w/yr address by 12/20 to claim. HOLIDAY WINE TASTINGS at Sparrow's Fine Wines 12/12 & 19, 5:30-7:30pm 726 W. Green (Fulton/ Green) 256-7145

"DECMEC" wins gift certificate to Viva Taqueria. Reply w/yr address by 12/20 to claim.



ITHACA CRAFT ALLIANCE ART & CRAFT FESTIVAL: 12/6 & 7, Women's Community Building. Friday 11-6, Saturday 10-6. Expanded show with more/new vendors. Live music. Food.

AFRICA TRADERS MARKET OPEN HOUSE 12/7, 10am - 5pm, 214 First Street. West African jewelry, crafts, fabrics, clothing, masks, batik, tableaux & household items, mudcloth coats, fabric, hats & ponchos, baskets, dolls & recycled specialty items-- made at a street kids fair tradeproject in Senegal.

THE BATH BAR Holiday Warehouse Sale 12/14, 10am-3pm. Locally-manufacturedhandmade soaps, lotions, body oils, bath bombs, dead sea salts, incense. Gift baskets. 312 Fourth St by The Tile House. 1/4 Ithaca HOUR/purchase 256-BATH

BENEVOLENT ITHACA GRINCH GROUP (BIGG) at GIAC 12/16, 7:30pm, for those who think that Xmas "compels people to spend beyond their means to buy things that others don't really want, & contorts generosity into an insult to the holiday's own spiritual origin. BIGG creates lists for locally-made crafts, donations to local groups, & gifts that really benefit people & the planet. Think BIGG!"

* Ithaca Fine Chocolates (intends to start a factory here)
* "A History of Mayor Alan J. Cohen's Administration of Ithaca, NY 1996-2002" at Autumn Leaves Books.
* Ithaca Health Fund membership: $100/year.
* Gift Certificates from businesses in HOUR Town local currency directory (at GreenStar, Autumn Leaves, Viva, Ithaca Bakery, DeWitt Mall) Clothing,Art, Books, Gifts, Massage, Restaurants...

EDUCATE THE CHILDREN "is an Ithaca-based group that supports education in Nepal. Our alternative gift list offers shoppers the opportunity to give items such as blackboards for women's literacy classes, school supplies for under-resourced government school classrooms, & even latrines." Receive brochure/place order: 272-1176

CAYUGA ARTISANS: 107 South Cayuga St. 10am-8 pm daily; Sundays 12-5pm: open thru 12/24

TOMPKINS COUNTY ECONOMY WEAK IN OCTOBER. "Get details & a forecast for holiday retail sales:"

"BIG BOXES IN ITHACA: NOW WHAT?" (TV Channel 13) 12/14, 8:00 pm; 12/15, 6:00 pm
---"The [Citizens' Planning Alliance] meeting provided a good mix of perspectives on the big retail shifts underway. Some interesting numbers were provided by Matthew Drennan, a professor of City & Regional Planning at CU. According to a study, per capita income in Tompkins County is nearly 95% of the level of the Syracuse area, but retail sales are about 83% per capita what they are in the Syracuse area.
---"Others noted that with Syracuse's plans to build the "DestiNY" mega-mega-mall (the world's largest), it will continue to pull sales from Ithaca & surrounding areas. As Joe Wetmore pointed out, the new stores that are going up in Ithaca are the smallest versions of these big box stores, & residents will still be drawn to larger shopping venues outside the county. The new Ithaca additions also run a higher risk of being closed than their larger siblings, since national retailers close these so-called 'Tier 3' stores with lower sales volumes when they face earnings shortfalls. Gary Ferguson said that the city should be prepared to find secondary uses for big boxes that wind up vacant as a result." --Tom Barron

"MHVS" wins gift certificate to Cafe Strand. Reply w/yr address by 12/20 to claim.


GALLERY NIGHT on Commons 12/6, 5:00-8:00pm: Six art shows + Ithaca Fine Chocolates (by Wildware)

FARM STREET CO-OP GALLERY, 15 local artists 12/13 noon-midnite, 314 Farm St. Open mic 9pm - mid.

THE STATE OF THE ART GALLERY ANNUAL OPEN ART SHOW CALL FOR WORKS: Juried Exhibit January 2003 seeks "painting, sculpture, drawings, mixed media, digital, ceramics, fiber & glass fine arts. ---Mail or bring application before 12/20: 120 W State St

GREATER ITHACA ART TRAIL annual membership mtg 12/5, 7pm- 9pm at Clinton House (Cayuga/Seneca). Join or learn more 273-5072

"BCC9" wins gift certificate to Oasis Natural Grocery. Reply w/yr address by 12/20 to claim.


TAKE BACK THE NIGHT COLLECTIVE plans Ithaca's annual march/rally to protest sexual assault & violence. "All welcome to join: women, men, all ages, students, lgbt community, faculty, everyone who wants to be part of the solution" Marisa Avery

LGBTQ ITHACA PRIDE CELEBRATION planning mtg 12/12 from 7-8:30pm, DeWitt Mall Office Complex. [email protected] or 387-8474 for mailings

"RH34" wins gift certificate to Harvest Deli. Reply w/yr address by 12/20 to claim.



AMY GOODMAN SPEAKS at Ithaca College 12/13.

---Even while threatening to kill more Americans, bin Laden appeals to Americans left & right. On the left, he shares the disgust of many with American materialism, imperialism & militarism. On the right, his rigid religiosity easily appeals to some Christians. Expectedly, he wants revenge, but this digs us all deeper, making the U.S. even more dangerous. He'd solve injustice by converting us to Islam.
---Bin Laden's message is important as a wake-up call. Whether he or Al Qaida survive, others will follow. America will change voluntarily & gracefully, to fairly share the planet, or we will be torn apart from without & within. --P.G.


CANDLELIGHT VIGIL on THE COMMONS 12/8, 5-6pm led by Ithaca Chapter of Amnesty International.

ITHACA WAR TAX RESISTERS: send msg to: [email protected]

THE ITHACA UPROAR (antiwar bimonthly) seeks sponsors to continue publishing:
---"Much of what we read in the Ithaca Journal or hear on television is a flimsy delusion constructed to protect the fragile lie that our government has repressed, threatened, & killed to conceal. Our role is to be loud & honest, to educate & be educated, & to support each other in the struggle. The Uproar needs help to continue to print what Gannett, CBS, CNN & NPR are frightened to say. Please send contributions to: The Ithaca Uproar, c/o Linda Holzbaur, 249 Coddington Road, Ithaca NY 14850.

Dinosaur Dry Goods offers "free stamped postcard to Bush, Clinton or Schumer for any customer who comes in the store & admires our peace stickers & wants to send a message of peace to an elected official."

16 cities have followed Ithaca in passing RESOLUTIONS AGAINST WAR ON IRAQ
Ann Arbor Michigan is latest

CURB CORPORATE POWER Citizenworks lists actions local governments can take to curb corporate power. Here's a progressive platform for next year's races"

CANADIANS TO LEAD WEAPONS INSPECTION TEAM INTO USA later this winter. Rooting Out Evil is recruiting inspectors: "Our action has been inspired by George W. Bush, whose administration has repeatedly declared that the most dangerous rogue nations are those that:
1) have massive stockpiles of chemical, biological, & nuclear weapons;
2) ignore due process at the United Nations;
3) refuse to sign and honour international treaties; &
4) have come to power through illegitimate means."
They oppose the development, storage, use of weapons of mass destruction by any state.

PUBLIC HEALTH IN THE AGE OF TERRORISM: Dr. Stewart Auyash, Chair, Dept of Health Policy Studies, Ithaca College: at Human Services Bldg, 320 W. State 12/11, 3:00-4:30 p.m. "With expertise in policy issues concerning the international drug war, public health priorities, health communication across cultural groups & why public health is more important than medical care." Afternoon Tea & coffee w/dessert buffet: $5.00 (1/2 Ithaca HOUR). RSVP 273-8686


"TOJDM18" wins gift certificate to Ithaca Bakery. Reply w/yr address by 12/20 to claim.
"BKEETON" wins gift certificate to Acorn Designs. Reply w/yr address by 12/20 to claim.


RADICAL CORNELL PROFESSOR GETS BOOT --Beth Altshuler [email protected]
---"Dr. Robert Venables (AIS 100 formerly RSoc 100) has, year after year, opened the doors for thousands to a new understanding of American Indian & United States history. Sadly, this semester could be the last time Venables teaches the course. The College of Agriculture & Life Sciences & the American Indian Program (AIP) will not allow him to teach this course again.
---"We call out to all those who have been inspired by Dr. Venables & his classes to send a message: * Biddy Martin * Susan Henry * Jane Mt. Pleasant * cc to Mary Lou Doyle

"DANCOGAN" wins gift certificate to Gimme! Coffee. Reply w/yr address by 12/20 to claim.



* December 3, 1878: Upon the death of a prominent local businessman, resolutions of respect for his memory are introduced to the Board of Trustees and VOTED DOWN.
* December 4, 1950: County Board of Supervisors approves construction of Tompkins County's only divided FOUR-LANE HIGHWAY, Route 13. The road was built 13 years later.
* December 5, 1909: Edna the Contortionist sprains her ankle.
* December 6, 1894: Large crowd gathers to watch a dog kill a rat. "Lectures are not so well attended."
* December 7, 1951: Cement mixer slams down State Street at 80mph, smashes a truck, shoves a car 50 feet, & falls over. No one hurt.
* December 8, 1974: MEDICAL SERVICES DIRECTORY issued by Tomkins County Citizens for Better Health Care. Includes info on nearly all county doctors, such as Medicaid policy, fee structures, lab tests. The TC Medical Society refused to cooperate, saying many doctors felt their privacy invaded.
* December 9, 1930: Roy Wilcox wins six shirts by guessing closest the number of square inches of material in the GIANT SHIRT at Baxter's. He guessed 15,020 of the 15,031 square inches. December 10, 1971: First bulletin issed of the INVISIBLE ALTERNATE UNIVERSITY (an informal commuinty self-education directory) by the Center for Ithaca Alternatives. Subjects include street theatre, group living, jewelry-making, sexuality.
* December 11, 1903: Unhoppy birthday to BRAINLESS FROG, not even aware of its own existence, as it enters fourth year of inertia. Dr Wilder had removed its cerebrum, force feeds it, and there it sit.
* December 12, 1914: Thomas-Morse Aircraft Corporation begins manufacture of AIRPLANES on Brindley Street. Ithaca soon briefly held the world air speed record.



"I would very much like to receive the Ithaca Community Newsletter. Could you add me to your email list? Yours from a fellow citizen of The City of Evil," --Gretchen Gettel
---[REPLY] More City of Evil replies

"Is Ithaca Community News tax-exempt? Tax-exempt means less goes to support war." --John & Sara
---[REPLY] Yes, donations to ICN are tax-deductible when check is made to: Center for Environmental Sustainability, Inc (memo: ICN) & sent to: ICN, Box 365, Ithaca, NY 14851. Ithaca HOURS welcome too.

"Many face a problem with energy competition: not enough information that matters. There have been a few meetings about what the suppliers provide, but there is little to be found without going in person to a meeting, which is more than almost anyone will do. What's needed is a widely-publicized web site listing prices & other benefits for all suppliers.
---"Even the highly-touted MEGA collective doesn't tell you what rates it offers or what its markup is on market rates. It does make the claim that it has saved its customers "over $500,000 to date" but this is just meaningless ad copy without context. Five zeros sounds big, but I bet the lack of a per-consumer-monthly-bill savings claim means that what an individual consumer will save with them is a pretty small number. And, what is the $500k saved in comparison to? Further, will MEGA offer the same benefits to consumers as to commercial and municipal customers, or is their buying power going to be used just to benefit the controlling big customers? What kind of energy to they purchase? We need to know these answers for every supplier, not just MEGA.
---"It's in all but the cheapest supplier's best interest to hide this information from consumers, so it will require some legwork. I hope you'll consider a Consumer-Reports-style article of at least the alternative & co-op suppliers for your next issue. Everyone in New York is interested in this issue, so if you made a web site rating all suppliers & listing their rates, I bet that it would draw a lot of eyes that don't normally pay attention to the alternative press." --Joe Harrington

"Under the Energy Information: How can I help provide correct information about MEGA the Municipal Electric & Gas Alliance (We do not "buy" energy from Advantage). MEGA is a market aggregator & is currently subscribing members. Perhaps a helpful word from you encouraging people to investigate the MEGA option rather than defaulting to NYSEG or trying to sort their way through the maze of ESCOs." --Barbara B.
---[REPLY] MEGA is our regional municipal aggregator. Co-op Plus is our local green energy aggregator, which might well buy from MEGA. Watch for more details next issue.

"I am excited to see my business name, SEWNRIGHT, as a winner of Ten Thousand Villages gift certificate, which happens to be my favorite store."
--Fidela S.
---[REPLY] "JENNIFER" wins gift certificate to 10,000 Villages Reply w/yr address by 12/20 to claim.

"As a GreenStar member, I believe it is imperative the Co-op translate its beliefs into action. If the Co-op believes in paying a living wage to its workers, it should establish a plan for implementing such a goal NOW. It is unthinkable to consider expansion of any kind, if the current financial situation does not allow Greenstar to pay a living wage. If the Council chooses to pursue expansion, it will take on new debt & new employees that it also cannot afford to pay decently, thereby creating its own vicious cycle. Establish your priorities! Take care of your people now! Then consider expansion. Having paid off the long term debt, NOW is the time to use those savings to implement a living wage for all of your employees!!"
--Patricia Keen
---[REPLY BY DAN HOFFMAN, GREENSTAR COUNCIL MEMBER] "I agree with you that moving toward providing at least a living wage, to all GreenStar employees, should be a very urgent priority for the co-op, in keeping with our stated commitment to economic justice and being a model employer.
---"The December issue of GreenLeaf reports a split decision recently made by Council, to approve a budget that does NOT assume any increase during 2003 in starting wages (from current $7.00/hour). There was an alternative proposed budget that would have allowed for an increase to $7.50, thus closing the "gap" between our starting wage & a living wage, by about half (without causing disruption or loss of surplus in 2003). Unfortunately, in my opinion, the alternative budget was not supported by a majority of Council.
---"[Member labor is another issue finding] different approaches on Council. While the questions are not simple ones, as a long-time co-op member, I do know that when we made much more extensive use (proportionately) of member labor, our mark-ups were considerably lower, & the "starting wage" for the relatively few paid employees we had was proportionately higher (with less pay disparity).
---"I would like to see us make a commitment to try to expand the member labor program significantly, &, over time, to reduce the proportion of paid labor. If we were to view & utilize most or all paid staff more in a supervisory role (of member labor), & if we were able to use member labor effectively enough to reduce the amount of paid labor needed (as we did in the past), I believe we could easily afford to pay our employees better."

"I so appreciate your updates on community activities through Ithaca Community News --it's a great service (especially to someone new to town). I hope I'm able to meet you soon." --Ann R.

"A fair number of us CASE union organizers are interested in joining the IWW [International Workers of the World], & I mentioned that you already have an Ithaca chapter started. Can you send me info for joining that local?" --justicia
---[REPLY] United Workers of Ithaca was founded in 1997 and welcomes new effort to organize service/temp employees.

"You wrote: 'The Ithaca Times has endorsed Marijuana Reform gubernatorial candidate Leighton, even though Green candidate Aronowitz campaigns for complete repeal of the Rockefeller drug laws, & the decriminalization of marijuana.'
---"It's worth noting, & unlike you not to note, that they did this for exactly the same reason your push to vote for Aronowitz cites. The Ithaca Times says a vote for Leighton is worthwhile because it will allow the Marijuana Reform line on future ballots.
---"Frankly, I think we should vote for the candidate we believe will do the best job. If it's Aronowitz, vote for him to put him in office, not to put future Greens on the ballot. If it's Leighton... well, no one seems to be saying that he's really the right guy for the job. Just that a vote for him would be useful in other ways.
---"Worse, you're making it sound as though Pataki's win is inevitable, so a vote for McCall is pointless, & voters might as well make non-electoral statements. This seems irresponsible in an electoral climate where polls don't always speak the truth, & where elections can suddenly come down to the wire... & be decided by minute portions of votes that were perceived as pointless.
---"If you'd rather have McCall than Pataki, & you DON'T believe Aronowitz really belongs in Albany, then voting for Aronowitz just to keep Greens on the ballot is tantamount to a vote for Pataki.
---"I don't buy that argument when you're voting for a candidate you believe in, but when you're voting a 'none of the above' protest vote, that's all I can see. Linda Holzbaur, in her letter, hits the nail on the head. Don't vote for a Green just because s/he's a Green, any more than you'd vote for a Democrat just because s/he's a Democrat." --Mark H. Anbinder

"My partner and I just moved to the beautiful city of Ithaca to become permanent residents. Please add us to the Ithaca Community News list." --Jason Seymour

"GreenStar's General Manager said, 'GreenStar's natural food prices should be the lowest in town. If you find out otherwise, please let us know.' Well the sad truth is that big chains can sell for less because they buy in bulk. Wegmans & Tops have sales all the time which undercut GreenStar." --Paul Platt

I was interested to read of the Citizens' Planning Alliance in your recent newsletter, but after visiting their site I still don't know who they are or how to contact anyone for a chat. Our land is to be rezoned to Ag under proposed plan, & I'm naive about the ramifications of this change?" --C. White
---[REPLY] CPA is local nonprofit planning advocacy group. Contact Tom Barron

"Viewing some of the vacant storefronts & buildings around the Commons, a friend remarked, "They ought to charge these guys (landlords) for all the vacant buildings. They sit here, unused, not contributing to the city economic development. All they are good for is a tax write-off." With the Great 2002 Ithaca BigBox Explosion in full swing, it seems as if the City is abandoning the downtown area development in favor of creating what nearly every other American city has: a Miracle Mile, a "Strip." After not allowing Walmart to put up a store, we now have Target, Borders, Best Buy, Dick's, an expanded Tops, & Barnes & Noble getting ready to open.
---"Meanwhile, rents downtown are causing existing businesses to close & potential businessfolk to look elsewhere to open their stores. Mundo Gitano, a staple of the Ithaca downtown & as much a part of Ithaca's identity as the Greenstar Coop or AngelHeart, will be closing its doors due to the enormous rent it has to pay. The old Firehouse Theatre sits empty; some say it will reopen as a clock museum. Nothing could be farther from usefulness.
---"Here's an idea: a Vacancy Tax. Charge landlords for all the properties they aren't developing or letting sit vacant. Each of these properties damages the economy of the city by not stimulating the economy, and makes the area look unattractive, further discouraging potential consumers from coming downtown.
---"Part of what has made Ithaca the fine city it was and still could be is the lack of ticky-tacky stores that are a staple of nearly every other city. Do we want Ithaca to become as generic as everywhere else? We know the developers don't care about the health or beauty of the city; all they're interested is making money off of the land. Environmental factors can frequently be solved by "filling in the wet spots."
---"A Vacancy Tax will force landlords to make use of their properties. An empty property only does the owner any good while the rest of the community suffers. Structure the tax the same way the government structures unemployment insurance: by requiring landlords to prove that they have actively sought to keep their properties active. Create regulations that do not penalize landlords who genuinely can't rent their properties in times of economic recession, but also make sure that the tax is high enough to require landlords to actively seek tenants that will enrich the economy and the cultural life of the community instead of getting a tax benefit while the community they feed off of suffers. Let's not let Ithaca lose itself in a sea of chains." --George Sapio

"Many organizations worldwide are honoring International Human Rights Day, 12/10, by planning protests, rallies & sit-ins. We will rally at Cornell that day & walk to the Commons.
---"The UK press says Bush plans to attack Iraq 12/16. See: if it is true, we need to prepare for acts of civil disobedience that reflect the gravity & unreality of the initiation of a war by a bunch of 'Christians' during a Christian holiday. They will, no doubt, hope & assume that the U.S will be too stoned on mall shopping, Christmas cookies & eggnog to notice or care... --Heidi Tremaine



ITHACA HEALTH FUND EXPANDS PAYMENTS AGAIN: on 1/1/03 payments for burns rise to $2,000, emergency stitches to $1,000, ambulance rides to $500. Dental extractions are paid $30 during first 6 months membership & $60 after first year.

"HEALING ARTS PRACTITIONERS COLLABORATION MEETING" 12/17, 7:00pm Public Library. Networking, support, brainstorming. Desserts & Refreshments. Sponsored by Ithaca's Integrative Community Wellness Center.

HELP YOUR CLIENTS FIND LOWER-COST PRESCRIPTIONS: RxAssist Plus free software demo & Review of HPC Prescription Binder: 12/9, 1:00-2:30, Senior Citizens Ctr 119 W. Court St.

--- Lengthen & Strengthen w/ Cindy Getchonis 12/10, 7-8:30 at Finger Lakes School of Massage (FLSM) 272-9024. "Explore ways to find greater range of motion & a sense of energetic ease."
--- EMBODIED VOICE & SPEECH with Leeny Sack 1/14, 7-8:30 at FLSM
--- ROBERT MOSS SCHOOL of ACTIVE DREAMING "Dream Reentry & Tracking," w/ Debra Statton 12/4 at FLSM, 7-9 pm. 277-1368 to register.

SHAMANIC SESSION: Gift Certificates. Pat Floyd 272-0897. Ithaca HOURS.

"KRISTEN1311" wins gift certificate to Toko Imports Reply w/address by 12/20.
"MRAHN69" wins gift certificate to White Lotus Home. Reply w/address by 12/20.
"PS47" wins gift certificate to The Yoga Corner. Reply w/address by 12/20.
"HOURS" wins gift certificate to The Bath Bar. Reply w/address by 12/20.


HUMAN SERVICES COALITION FORUM 12/11, 8:45 - 10:15am, Cooperative Extension, 615 Willow Ave. "monthly forum provides the opportunity for open exchange of ideas & info. A variety of topics and speakers are featured." --Nancy Burston 273-8686

"PUBLIC INFORMATION ADVISORY BOARD (PIAB) is citizen's group that advises the Tompkins County Board of Representatives on effective ways to inform the public & encourage input, has openings for new members. Eight-person board meets monthly. Wendy Skinner 274-5555. Apply online



---POETRY SLAM at Juna's 12/6 at 8pm.
---SHARE THE WARMTH gives away thousands of coats, sweaters, other warm winter clothing. 409 W. State St 12/12-14, 10:00am-3:00pm. Volunteers needed 6:30-9:00 pm: 12/5, 6, 9, 11 -- Barbara Classen 272-5062
---TREE & SHRUB PRUNING: sleeping fruit trees/ornamentals until March. Bill Carini 564-1025 Ithaca HOURS accepted 100%
---SANTA FOR HIRE for your event. 272-7582 Dan Klein
---TUTOR: History, Geography, English, etc: Lara 273-3220. Ithaca HOURS accepted.
---FAMILY ALBUM WORKSHOP "turn your boxes of photos into beautiful albums" 12/7, 10am-2pm, 25 Fairway Dr. RSVP Caitlin Loehr 256-0993
---"TZIRNHEL" wins gift certificate to Ithaca Fine Chocolates. Reply w/yr address by 12/20 to claim.
---"ACORNELLBOY" wins gift certificate to Fall Creek Pictures. Reply w/yr address by 12/20 to claim.
---"RUBYWINE" wins gift certificate to ABC Cafe. Reply w/yr address by 12/20 to claim.


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