September #1 2002


[This is the first of two messages monthly sent to 6,561 Ithaca area residents]

TWELVE READERS OF THIS ISSUE HAVE WON GIFT CERTIFICATES with Viva Taqueria ($5), Cinemapolis/Fall Creek Pictures (2 tickets), Gimme! Coffee (1# coffee), Sparrow's Fine Wines ($10), Oasis Grocery ($5), Harvest Deli ($6), ABC Cafe ($10), Cafe Strand ($5), Toko Imports ($5), Mundo Gitano ($10), White Lotus Home ($10), The Yoga Corner (free class). WINNING EMAILS (randomly selected by computer) ARE NOTED BELOW.


ELLIS HOLLOW COUNTRY FAIR 9/14 from 12-4pm: 5Oth ANNIVERSARY! 50s cars, raffles, food, games, music, pie run, 2-miler, auction, hayride, white elephant sale, etc. at Ellis Hollow Community Center. Genung Rd. 273-0749

NEWFIELD OLD HOME DAYS 9/20-21 parade (Sat. noon), fiddlers fest (Sat. 3 to 7), contra dancing (Sat. 7 to 10), rides (Fri. and Sat.), food (Fri. and Sat.), & "lots of family oriented fun." 6:00pm- 11:00pm Newfield Central School $5.00


OLD MAN, OLD BARN is a beautiful poem by Paul Fitzsimmons of Burdett, painting this region's early farms.




ITHACA BUMPER STICKER CENSUS: 90-minute bicycle tour (9/3) finds sentiments in this exact order:
---Ithaca is Gorges; Need Help? Call Your Sheriff; Ithaca is Gorges; Donna the Buffalo; Ithaca, N.Y.; GreenStar; Build Community Power with Ithaca HOURS; (dog bone slashed); NYS Sheriffs' Assn; ITHACA; Parent of an Honor Roll Student; Pro-Child/Pro-Choice (w/flag decal); Spike's BBQ; Hillary Go Home; 88 Dick Jones NASCAR; Osama Bin Laden Can Kiss My American Ass; God was my copilot but we crashed in the mountains and I had to eat him; Proud to have an Honor Student at Newfield Middle School; NADER 2000; WEOS 89.7FM; ROCK SHOX; United We Stand (w/flag); YEAR ONE 'Big Up Ya Ches!' LABOUR; Power of Pride (w/flag); Proud to have an Honor Student at Boynton Middle School; You Can't Fight Terrorism with Racism; POW/MIA (w/flag); ithaca; United We Stand (w/flag); Evil Shouldn't Look This Good; DAN LAMB NYS Assembly; GreenStar; Bean There (Gimme! Coffee); Love is Our Soul Purpose; Live Simply that Others May Simply Live; Habitat for Humanity; The Labor Movement-- the folks who brought you the weekend; NY Farms! Buy Locally Grown; Recycling. Feels Great. Less Filling; Conserve Water, Drink Virginia Wine; Oink! if you (heart); Treetops 2000; Ithaca is Gorges; My Other Car is a Bicycle; Tompkins Community College; USA (flag); 1997 Honorary Member NYS Sheriffs' Assn; GreenStar; Elect Judge Rowley; Save Tibet; Ithaca is Gorges; Elect Judge Rowley; Gore 2000; The Bookpress; Alternatives Federal Credit Union; Cornell Veterinary College; Barbara Lifton; ITown; One Human Family; Honor Roll Newfield High School; If We Kill the Innocent We Become the Enemy; WEOS 89.7FM; Bean There?; Hate is Not a Family Value; Save Tibet; Kids Who Hunt, Trap, Fish Don't Mug Little Old Ladies.

ITHACA CAR-TOONIST challenges automobile dependence. Many locals remember Andy Singer, whose social commentary isconveyed through stark and powerful cartoons. 59% of Ithaca's greenhouse gases are caused by cars.



* 9/6 @ 7:30 at the Commons small pavilion
* 9/7 @ 2:00 at the Farmer's Market
* 9/8 @ 7:00 at the Unitarian Church "Black Umbrella is a troupe made out of a bunch of dedicated Ithacans, & the shows get better every year." 277-4549

STATE THEATRE VOLUNTEER USHER TRAINING NIGHT: "This is a great way to meet new people, plus see great shows for free." Next training at State Theatre 9/12 at 7:00pm. RSVP: [email protected] 273-6633

"CJG11" wins gift certificate to Harvest Deli. Reply by 9/20 to claim.



ITHACA'S JAYWALKERS SAFE City police received a grant to pay overtime to enforce anti-jaywalking laws, earlier this year, ostensibly to protect foreign students who did not know how to cross the street. Since a two-day enforcement spree (7 tickets) in March the law has not disturbed our peace.

ITHACA'S ANTI-POSTERING LAW PROBABLY ILLEGAL The Washington State Court of Appeals overturned an anti-postering law like Ithaca's. The court found that "posting temporary signs on the portion of poles, within reach of pedestrians, adjacent to streets and sidewalks is a traditional public forum. The record does not establish a compelling governmental interest to ban posting on these poles. We hold that the anti-posting ordinance is facially overbroad in violation article I, section 5 of the Washington Constitution. We invalidate that portion of the ordinance affecting traffic devices, utility poles, and lamp posts which are part of the traditional public forum."


LANDLORD/TENANT RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES 9/18, 11am a NYS Asst Atty General will consult regarding unresolved problems. No appointment needed. These presentations are broadcast 6pm Fridays, Channel 16. Consumer HelpLine 272-2292


COAL TAR ADVISORY COMMITTEE ASKS URGENT ACTION TO STOP TOXIC DIGGING IN CITY: Jenny Mikulski of CTAC says, "For reasons that are not yet clear to the Committee, the Ithaca Journal has refused to print the following op ed piece. It regards the incomplete investigation of coal tar contamination in the Washington Park Neighborhood, preliminary test results, and, most urgently, THE GAS LINE REPLACEMENT SCHEDULED TO BEGIN MONDAY 9 SEPTEMBER.
---"YOUR HELP IS NEEDED URGENTLY!!! Read the op ed piece, then take whatever action you are comfortable with" [phones, emails, and a sample email are included]

Ithaca Journal 9/3/02: "Community members with alternative or interesting lifestyles will be featured every other Tuesday in ALTERNATIVE TOMPKINS. To suggest a profile subject, contact The Journal at 274-9221." ---Ithaca Community News makes this offer: community members with standard dull lifestyles will be featured in every issue in Normal Tompkins. Suggest a subject: [email protected]



TOMPKINS COUNTY ECONOMIC INDICATORS for July & August: "stories about a red hot real estate sector are not supported by the numbers." Elia Kacapyr

WHOLE ITHACA STOCK EXCHANGE (WISE) offers new economic indicators to measure success of local economy:




WEATHER'S PERFECT for those who don't mind higher food prices-- lovely for picnics with lunch from parched irrigated fields. Here like half the nation, creeks are merely damp: sun on weak ripples writes cursive shadows on rock. Trees stand bravely, birds are quieter.
---The extended forecast for a city this chronically dry will be compost toilets, greenhousing, xeriscaping, greywater recycling, recharge basins.

---RECYCLING & ELEMENTS in DESIGN (R.E.D) "Helping You Live Green!" Ithaca environmental cooperative provides non-toxic, energy-efficient & recycled goods for home & home builders. 269-0587 Box 673, Ithaca 14851. Ithaca HOURS accepted.
---HOLISTIC HOMEBUILDERS: building for healthy living with non-toxic materials & natural wood. Sarah Highland 273-8671. Ithaca HOURS accepted.
---SUN-MAR COMPOSTING TOILETS Local dealer accepts HOURS: 844-8813
---HOME/BUSINESS ENERGY EFFICIENCY ANALYSIS: Marc Speyer-Ofenberg 277-6240 HOURS accepted.
---AARON DAVIS WOODWORKING, traditional timberframing, clay/straw walls: 589-4331. HOURS acccepted.

"DH226" wins gift certificate from White Lotus Home. Reply by 9/20 to claim.



---A. Agreement reached this summer over the bargaining unit. CU agreed to bargain in good faith.
---B. Election date set for 10/23-24
---C. There is currently an active anti-union campaign on campus:

LABOR DAY AWARDS at Labor Coalition picnic 9/2 in Stewart Park:
* Mother Jones Award: Jen Bloom "inspired new & renewed union activism" through her work for Labor Coalition & for CNY Labor Federation.
* Joe Hill Award: Michelle Plunkett forced safety upgrade after a fall at Northwoods Nursing Home.
* Distinguished Service Award: Marty Luster for "advocating on behalf of the working class w/integrity"
* Special Recognition Award: Ithaca Paraprofessionals Assn for "outstanding community leadership & perserverance" for a living wage.
* Friend of Labor Award: Mary Leonard, mayor of Cortland is outspoken for union rights & created a "labor liaison" to her office. First Cortland mayor to stand w/workers on Workers Memorial Day.
* Goat of Labor Award: Northwoods Rehabilitation & Extended Care Facility for longterm violation of federal labor law & for harrassing pro-union workers.
---There are 40 unions in Cortland (756-5582) & Tompkins (277-5670) counties served by Midstate Central Labor Council, representing over 8,000 workers.


RAW FOOD DINNERS Thursday nights 5:45pm in Fall Creek. "Full dinner from salad to dessert. All ingredents are organic; many of them locally grown. Included is a lesson on how we made this food & why. We will also help you learn of the most affordable sources of these life giving foods." Suggested donation $15-$20 per person. 100% HOURS accepted. Barter,family rates,okay. Courtney Sullivan 272-2438

"REVHAMPTON" wins gift certificate to Oasis Natural Grocery. Reply by 9/20 to claim.



SOUTH INDIAN CLASSICAL MUSIC: Lalgudi Krishnan, violin; K. V. Prasad, mridangam; & V. Suresh, ghatam. 9/10 at 8:00pm Barnes Hall, Cornell. Free 255-4760

COLLEGE COMMUNITY EXPO 9/14 "College & community exchange info, music & festivities. 12:00pm - 5:00pm Ithaca Commons. 277-8679

SOLO LATIN GUITAR by Dan Harris at ABC's Sunday Brunch9/15 from 11:00am-2:00pm Music from Central & South America & Spain. 277-4770

WIND ENSEMBLE: 9/15 Ithaca College Founder's Day Concert in DeWitt Park 2:00pm Free. 277-8679

"LIVE_2_GARDEN" wins gift certificate to Toko Imports. Reply by 9/20 to claim.



PROGRESSIVE FESTIVAL on the Commons 9/7 from 4pm-9:30pm: "Over 75 of the region's activist organizations working on behalf of social, economic, & environmental justice will gather to present information to each other & the public. Five bands will perform: One-Heart Community Drum, Hubcap, Tamara J. Brown, Sim Redmond and Nate Richardson (Acoustic), & Oculus."

"VOICES FOR PEACE: MUST WE INVADE IRAQ?" 9/8 forum at Ithaca High School Cafeteria 3-5pm featuring "Voices in the Wilderness" founder Kathy Kelly "VIW sends US citizens to observe conditions in Iraq & brings medicines and water purifiers to the Iraqi people in defiance of the ongoing sanctions against the Iraqi people since 1991. Since Desert Storm, contaminated water has been the main killer of children under 5." Kelly will also speak at Ithaca College 9/8 from 8pm- 10pm (location to be announced).

---Bruce Gagnon, Coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, will speak at the Women's Community Building Wednesday evening, 9/11, at 7 pm. The title of his talk will be "U.S. Space Command: Military Arm of Corporate Globalization."
---"While the Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) program has been billed as defensive, Gagnon sees BMD as a first strike weapons system which would not have protected the U.S. from the 9/11 attacks. Gagnon will speak of global efforts to bring about world peace through nonviolent means."
---Also speaks at Cornell 9/12 at 12:15 Uris Hall, Room G08, & 4:30 Kaufmann Auditorium, Goldwyn Smith.

U.S. LEADS WORLD IN WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, followed by Russia, Germany, France, China, Egypt, Japan, South Africa. Nations not signing Chemical/Biological Warfare Treaty are: Israel, Algeria, Egypt, Myanmar, Sudan, Syria.

"MASSAGE ARMY" gives free massages 9/7 from 3-6pm-- first come first serve in front of Autumn Leaves Used Books (inside if cold/wet). Sponsored by Ithaca Health Fund.

PEACEFUL TOMORROWS: A DAY OF REMEMBRANCE 9/11 at Foundation of Light "honoring the memories of those who were lost, and focusing on peace and healing." Gathering Room at 8:15am. Remembrance vigil - a time of reflection and contemplation, concludes 11am.
---"At 7 p.m., we will gather to talk about this day, what we have learned this past year, and how we can promote justice and harmony, and create peaceful tomorrows. Diane Olden will lead one of the Dances of Universal Peace.
---"Walk the labyrinth, spend time in the Stone Circle. The Meditation Room will be open all day for quiet reflection."Inspired by September 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows

RUCKUS SOCIETY COMES TO ITHACA 9/20-22. These are the folks who organized the Seattle anti-WTO protests. They "provide environmental and human rights organizers with the tools, training, and support needed to achieve their goals." Some of the trainings they offer are: Nonviolence, direct action strategy, legal/know your rights, communications, media, political theater/puppet-making, fundraising, grassroots organizing. Dana Brown

"RLG2" wins one pound of coffee from Gimme! Coffee. Reply by 9/20 to claim.


SO LET'S SING! New choir "VOICES" invites everyone (ages high school -- senior) to perform "diverse music from around the world . No auditions/fees. Annex of Unitarian Church, 208 E. Buffalo, Monday nights starting 9/9 from 7-8:15pm


COMMITTEE ON U.S.- LATIN AMERICAN RELATIONS (CUSLAR) 9/9 at 5pm, 316 Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell: AGENDA: --farmworkers in NYS, --Youth Action workshop series, --Free Trade Area of the Americas, --Plan Colombia, --anti-Columbus Day actions: 255-7293

"SANCO" wins two tickets to Cinemapolis/FCP. Cinemapolis hosts Sunday bruch & discussion after movie.


PAGAN PRIDE CELEBRATION 9/28, 10am-5pm on the Commons. "All are invited! The event will include information on Pagan religious practices; the Clean up the Planet Walk; a Pagan Poetry Reading; a labyrinth; workshops. 'Admission' is one non-perishable food item to be donated to Red Cross or SPCA. The local event serves Tompkins, Schuyler, Tioga and Broome counties and is held in conjunction with the International Pagan Pride Project to foster pride in Pagan identity through education, activism, charity and community. 74 Pagan Pride events were held worldwide in 2001, with over 17,000 attending. $15,000.00 and more than 15,000 pounds of food and goods were collected for local charities. 117 events are scheduled worldwide in 2002." Fern 539-6393. Ithaca Pagan Page


SPANISH LESSONS: Beginning I - Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:30-7:00 PM G24 Uris Hall Beginning II- Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30-7:30 PM 314 Anabel Taylor Hall Intermediate - Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:30-7:00 PM Goldwin Smith 164. $90/month, HOURS accepted. "Classes are fun, small and focused on conversation. They are an affordable alternative to expensive and inaccessible University courses." 255-7293

"KAY-TIEN" win gift certificate to Viva Taqueria. Reply by 9/20 to claim.



* September 6, 1951: HUMAN SKULL found at City dump (now Southwest Park).
* September 7, 1913: DIAPHANOUS GOWN first appears. Sensational pink filmy lingerie cut below the knee reflects brilliantly in the sunset. Comely "maid" leads a parade of gawkers along the street.
* September 8, 1922: Wesley Owen catches four perch, five bullheads & one carp off Stewart Park during a concert by Patsy Conway's Band. When the music ends, the fish quit biting.
* September 9, 1911: "Good morning, time to get up" TELEPHONE WAKE-UP SERVICE ENDS. Hundreds had asked operators to "call me at 6am."
* September 10, 1886: TEACHERS' SPELLING CONTEST-- fifty words selected from recent issue of New York Tribune. Some of the competitors miss 42 words of the 50.
* September 11, 1918: SOCIALISTS find candidates for City Council in four of five wards & promote two candidates for School Board.
* September 12, 1907: United Garment Workers begin organizing in Ithaca. "The UNION LABEL demonstrates that the article upon which it is placed has been produced by fairly paid labor."



"I'm moving back into the area and was wondering if there is still a community drum circle in Ithaca and if so, when and where is it held?" --krista
---[REPLY] There are several drum circles, including an Enviro/Social Activist Drum Circle on the Arts Quad, plus the One Heart Community Drum Circle (at Progressive Fest 9/7 3:30pm). See Spot Gallery 108 The Commons is an urban drumming center. Tom at Toko Imports (DeWitt Mall) knows the scene.

"Communities Challenge Antipatriot Act: I'm not much of an activist, but I have tried to sound some people out about doing this in Ithaca, too. I've corresponded a little with my local reps, Dan Cogan and Kathy Luz Herrerra, about it, but this needs to be initiated by local citezenry, of course, rather than politicos. Do you know if there is any such organized effort taking place locally?" --Franz Sugarman

"What a nice segment on ABC World News last night about Ithaca HOURS and Ithaca. We are so lucky to have you here." --Carol
---[REPLY] Thanks-- the HOUR system has been entirely operated by the HOURS board of directors for the past three years, without my participation. To help print money contact the board

"Thanks so much for the newsletter. What a great way to find out about the comings and goings here! I have sent it to some community activist friends back in Iowa to tell them more about my new home." --Amy

"CDC3" wins gift certificate from Sparrow's Wines. Reply by 9/20 to claim.

"I saw this link posted on Michael Moore's website. Thought it might interest you." [Target stores sell neo-Nazi emblem] --Marc

"Hi, I just moved away from Ithaca--to Texas, of all places! But I still read your emails. They are very informative & interesting. Thanks. Also, can you please add my boyfriend to this list? I think he'll really enjoy it." --Rotem Ayalon

"I have two FarmAid tickets (9/21 Burkettsville, PA) General admission - lawn seating. $90 for pair, accept 50% HOURS. Leave msg 589-6333. --Linda F.

"Thanks VERY much for including our webpage. I loved the News, it reminded me of my years in Ithaca during another time of political upheaval, Vietnam. I was at Cornell 1970-1974 . concentrates solely on the Middle East, & the wider implications of the War on Terror on civil liberties." --Beth Adams

"I am looking for a bike and was just on the website for Recycle Ithaca Bikes. I am a bit confused as to how it worked, and figured you might know. Do I need to have Ithaca HOURS, or must I work at the place? If you have any information for me on how this program works and if I can get a decent priced bike, I'd appreciate it. Or if you know of any leads elsewhere that'd be great too. I'm hoping for something with a thicker wheel for the winter roads and perhaps some trail riding." --Melissa Burns ---[REPLY] RIBS, 309 S. Corn St, allows people to "Earn A Bike" by taking bike repair classes & fixing bikes/cleaning the shop. Ithaca HOURS & dollars are accepted for parts. Speak directly with Bobwolfe: 256-5355. Winter biking is challenging but fun here. Bikes are sometimes able to climb slick streets that cars slide off.

"Thank you so much for compiling the Ithaca Community News every two weeks. I read it all with interest & enthusiasm, frequently forwarding all or part to others. I am happy to have the oppportunity to support this valuable & important work. With over 6,500 subscribers, you must reach a remarkably high percentage of the households in the area-- surely a larger percentage than our beloved Yournal. Congratulations!" --Robin

"Here's $10. The ICN newsletter is a great way to stay in touch!" --Sandy
---[REPLY] AND THANKS AGAIN TO THOSE WHO CONTINUE THIS NEWSLETTER by supporting the effort (12 hours/issue). Checks may be made to ICN, Box 365, Ithaca, NY 14851



Ithaca Community News recommends Democrats vote for BARBARA LIFTON for NYS Assembly, this Tuesday 9/10. She's been in the forefront of local grassroots activism & the front line of constituent service for Marty Luster. We now especially need continuity of that effective service. Lifton seeks to shift tax burden from common homeowners to the wealthiest. Clearspoken & clearly the most progressive candidate, she's not likely to be endorsed by other local media.
---Though Dan Lamb is a decent man, he's known as an assertive apologist for recent U.S. bombing campaigns. Styled as a career politician, he's told Greens that he'd seek to follow Maurice Hinchey's footsteps to Congress.
---Michael Lane is also running.


ITHACA HEALTH FUND (387-8344) provides low-cost, member-owned, non-profit health finance for an ever-expanding variety of emergency needs (broken bones, emergency stitches, burns, ambulance rides, etc), as well as certain dental categories. Payments are made anwwhere in the world with any health provider, so anyone anywhere may join. Discounts have also been arranged with over 120 Ithaca area health providers. Membership is $100/year/adult, $175/year/couple; $50/year/child.

HARRIS POLL: 80% of Americans say health care system needs radical overhaul; 81% of physicians agree. The Canadian single-payer system began with the example of a farm town.


WESSEX-BRISTOL ART GALLERY & COMMUNITY CULTURAL CENTER hosts free art workshops for local kids, taught by artists who display in the gallery at 119 The Commons. Tax-deductible donations welcome. 272-9763

"MORNING LIGHT" CD of Flute and Harp, first release by Myra Kovary and Laura Campbell. Available at The Bookery, Sounds Fine, Guitar Works, The New Alexandrian Bookstore & Small World Music (100% HOURS)

TAMARA J. BROWN guitar/vocals returns to Ithaca! ABC Cafe 9/18 at 9:30pm

FOLK GUITAR LESSONS by Phil Shapiro, Eight Mondays starting 9/9: $50: HOURS accepted [email protected]

"TODD" wins gift certificate to ABC Cafe. Reply by 9/20 to claim.


PREGNANCY YOGA CLASSES-Wednesdays 6:30pm at The Yoga Corner, 903 Hanshaw Rd. HOURS accepted. Ann 256-8450

SIVANANDA ASANA CLASSES: "The first class at the Center is free so come by for a full breath of air and re-connect to your body and soul." Tuesdays 5:30-6:45 at Cayuga Heights Ctr for Wellness & Healing Arts, Community Corners. Thursdays 7:00-8:00 am at City Health Club 273-6383 Tammi

Reiki Level I 9/14&15 Fall Creek Wellness Center, 510 N. Tioga St. Reiki Master/Teacher Sandra Mennella 387-9224 HOURS accepted, Health Fund discount.

"DJW36" wins free yoga class from Corner Yoga. Reply by 9/20 to claim.


COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF TOMPKINS COUNTY---"announces five Area Funds & one Special Fund to provide support for a wide range ofcommunity efforts.
---"Children and Youth Fund: promotes the well being of Tompkins County youth, targeting projects to increase opportunities for lifelong success.
---Sustainable Communities Fund: supports healthy & stable families and neighborhoods.
---"Arts and Culture Fund: provides for broad, cultural initiatives.
---"Health and Human Services Fund: supports projects and services that maintain or enhance the wellness of residents and workers.
---"Environment Fund: funds the long-term stewardship of all local environmental resources.


FINGER LAKES FISH 9/11, 6-8 pm. "Learn fish species found in the finger-lakes region, how to identify them, when you are most likely to catch them, and some of the regulations & seasons for our region. Fee: $5 (HOURS accepted). John Brooks, 697-0053, Community Fly Fisher, 1015 W. Seneca St.

ASTERS & GOLDENROD: native plant walk 9/7 at 1pm at Cooperative Extension. Nakita 273-1765

FALL GARDENING WORKSHOP 9/12, 7-9pm, Newfield High School. Pat Curran will talk about fall gardening preparing vegetable and flower gardens for winter, protecting trees and shrubs, planting bulbs. Bring a soil sample for a pH test! Fee: $5; pre-registration requested. 272-2292

CULTURALLY SENSITIVE PARENTING 9/12, 8:30am-4:30 pm seminar for anyone working with children from different cultures. Continental breakfast & registration 8:30-9am. Fee $35 (HOURS accepted). Register: Wilma Martin 272-2292.

"FRANZ.SUG" wins gift certificate to Mundo Gitano. Reply by 9/20 to claim.


STUDIO SPACE FOR RENT in Brooktondale, 450 sq. ft. of 2nd floor . $200/mo. HOURS accepted. David Mazzarella 539-3379 0r 277-0904



PLANTS FOR LIFE 2002 SALE 9/14, 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM, at Bartels Field House, Cornell, to benefit the Ithaca Breast Cancer Alliance (IBCA). 257-9598


THANKS to Homer & Jane at LIGHTLINK for reliable internet services.


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