August #1 2002


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HOLLYWOOD FLIPS FOR ITHACA: Variety gives Rave Review for "Green Lights;" produced, directed, written by Robert Lieberman. Here are excerpts from review by Scott Foundas:
---"In making "Green Lights," debut helmer Robert H. Lieberman achieves spectacularly funny results by substituting warmth, wonder and merriment for the oppressive cynicism inherent in the Hollywood insider comedy. Pic understands why audiences love movies, and shares that awestruck sentiment without being naive. Though it lacks big stars, a whiz-kid director or a particularly high concept, in a just world this delightful romp would meet with the same word-of-mouth success as the low-key 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding.'
---"When [location scout] Beeman descends on the sleepy college town of Ithaca to assess potential locations for an upcoming Everest big-budgeter (entitled "Virgin Blood"), news of his arrival spreads through the hamlet, and in no time, he's mistaken for an important film producer, and ambushed by a steady stream of auditioning wannabes even as he checks into his roadside motel.
---"Though he initially plays their over-enthusiasm for laughs, Lieberman (an Ithacan himself) doesn't present the locals as a bunch of hicks. They're savvy enough about the filmmaking process to not be hornswoggled."

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ITHACA PROGRESSIVE FESTIVAL 9/7 from 4-10 on the Commons. The Tompkins County Green Party is inviting more than 75 organizations to table. Several bands have agreed to play. Green candidates & endorsees are invited to speak. To table/perform: [email protected]

FREE MASSAGE 9/7 on Commons 3-6pm provided by Ithaca Health Fund massage therapists. Ten-minute rubs for public, 20-minutes for Fund members Held at Autumn Leaves if rain/cold. The Fund is hiring participating therapists $40/hr. To offer massage services:


STINGY WEATHER leaves water stocks crashing-- bears stagger through woods; dry weeks behind & dry weeks ahead push deer, skunk, woodchuck, rabbit, fox from hills to drink creeks. Humans do not control this market. Ithaca Climate report



TURBACK'S RESTAURANT REOPENS The seven-gabled jewel of local eateries is now owned by David Raimon of Creative Catering. Accepting 50% Ithaca HOURS


WORKER AND WELFARE RIGHTS UNION PICNIC 8/17, 5:30, Stewart Park small pavilion. Join the Living Wage Coalition listserve by mailing

"GOT LIVING WAGE? Many who live in West Village apartments do not. How about you? Members of the Living Wage Coalition's Welfare & Worker Rights Union canvassed West Village apartments 8/3 & talked with many workers struggling to get by on wages like $5.40 (McDonalds), $6.50 (Wegmans), $7.50 (grounds worker) & $8 (temp web page designer at Cornell). We urge any readers of Community News who work & receive less than a living wage to contact us with information about your wages & work, & to join with us as we build a movement for economic justice & a living wage in Tompkins County. We are especially interested in hearing from people who work now or have worked in the past at one of our local hotels or motels." --Carl Feuer 277-5670


COMMUNITY ARTS PARTNERSHIP Has Distributed $357,115 since '94

ARTS GRANTS up to $7,000 now available via NY Foundation for the Arts Computer Arts, Crafts, Film, Nonfiction Literature, Performance Art/Multidisciplinary, Petry, Printmaking/Drawing/Artists' Books, Sculpture. Deadline 10/1/02. Applications at CAP --Robin Schwartz 273-5072, ext. 2

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TOPFREE PICNIC, Dewitt Park, Ithaca 8/19, noon. Celebrating 10 Years of Topfree Equality in NYS: "A celebration of relief from oppressive mandatory shirt-wearing! Naturists have not only been successful pioneers in body acceptance, but understand the political implications of the topfree equality movement.
---"Whether you plan to be topfree, or would never take your top off in your life, but believe in the right, come show your support." --Kayla Sosnow

TOPFREEITHACA LISTSERV. "You will be kept abreast of future developments in the movement for topfree equality. Help plan the revolution, or at least show up! Send your name and your thoughts about topfree equality:"


68 BICYCLES ON COMMONS 8/2 at 3pm. About 20,000 people live within 10 blocks of the Commons. Do they drive downtown? Safe & separate bikelanes would bring more townies.


PALEONTOLOGICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTION (PRI) FREE INTERPRETIVE GORGE WALKS Fridays in August, 10:30am- noon, each featuring geological discussion about origins of a state park's spectacular landforms. * 8/9 Buttermilk Falls State Park * 8/16 Robert Treman State Park * 8/23 Taughannock State Park


---Meyers emphasizes "public safety, restorative justice programs which include increased Sheriff support & funding for Alternatives to Incarceration programs as an alternative to building or expanding the County Jail, a victims' rights program operated through the Sheriff's Department, & ending racial & class bias in law enforcement. This includes issues such as unfair enforcement of laws like the Rockefeller drug laws, improving county jail conditions & reinstating a Civilian Review Board in the county."
---Meyers says, "After 10 years of experience as a social worker, I believe that we must find ways to balance the need to keep our most dangerous criminals off the streets with the importance of restoring people who have committed crimes back into the community in a healthy way. This, I believe, is the way to lower recidivism rates & keep our streets safe. I would thus work to create a seamless web between the County Jail, transitional programs between the Jail & community, as well as building upon our Alternatives to Incarceration programs already in place.
---"As Sheriff I will work to insure that everyone, regardless of economic class or race, will be afforded equal treatment under my command. Law enforcement issues inevitably bring up issues of poverty and I will work to create a jail and road patrol that treats all people with respect and dignity."
---Victoria Jordan 539-6986 [email protected] * Pete Meyers, home 256-9733, cell 227-4778 listserv

PETITION FOR ALTERNATIVES TO INCARCERATION "Fearful that the County Board is going to defund the Community Justice Center, & with it the day reporting program, we offer this petition..." Marilyn Ray
---"WE, THE UNDERSIGNED residents of Tompkins County, support the continued funding of the Community Justice Center, & the opportunity that the Day Reporting Program provides individuals to obtain educational, therapeutic, & life-skills support to make positive changes in their lives. We believe in alternatives to incarceration for non-violent offenders, & know that all of us benefit when individuals can be rehabilitated into productive members of our community. We know our county has made a substantial investment in establishing the Day Reporting Program & Community Justice Center, & urge our county officials not to squander that investment by terminating the Program and Center prematurely."


SUMMER at the STATE THEATRE: by George Holets "Though the house has been dark, we've been very busy here at the State Theatre making changes and upgrades for the upcoming Fall/Winter season.
---"The biggest change that you will see is that we have changed the house from general to reserved seating. In order to return the hall to a more traditional theatre seating plan, we have removed the existing dance floor & replaced the fixed seating in the front of house. We have also removed the back three rows in the center back section of the orchestra to create space for touring groups sound & lighting equipment. This platform area can be used for additional seating when technical equipment is not used.
---"Some other changes include the paving of the back alleyway as well as adding front of house points in the hall. The paving project will allow easier access for artists & less wear & tear on the theatre itself."

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PROGRESSIVE JEWISH VOICE is an "organization of Jews and their allies seeking a just resolution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. Our members reflect a wide spectrum of Jewish affiliations and beliefs." Students & non-students welcome. Sundays 7pm, 227 Willard Way. For info: Dr. Rebecca Lesses

CONTEMPLATIVE SHABBAT SERVICE 8/10 at 10am. "Jewish Renewal of the Fingerlakes celebrates Shabbat outdoors this month in a beautiful and peaceful creekside setting not too far out of town. Meditation, chanting, movement, and other delights to quiet the mind and open the heart-- all in a uniquely Jewish context. No knowledge of Hebrew or meditation necessary. If you think you're already on our e-list, please contact me again. I lost some numbers." Mona Sulzman 277-7553


FREE MUSIC at AUTUMN LEAVES: 8/8 Fine Kettle of Fish; 8/9: Nigro, Long , Harris, Keefe; 8/15: Tom Mank & Sera Smolen; 8/16: Linda Stout & Joe Gaylord

WATER BEAR on the Commons 8/18 at 1pm, Cayuga Street Pavilion. Guest guitarist Nate Silas Richardson. Free to public; dancing encouraged.

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---Says STEVEN GREENFIELD (candidate for 22nd CD, incl. Ithaca & Danby): "Open warfare against Iraq is unjustified, in violation of international law, & further destabilizing to a region already at the brink of catastrophe from war, famine, disease, & hatred. This war could not be operated unilaterally without siphoning huge amounts of resources from an already devastated US economy. It guarantees an oil price shock that will destabilize markets worldwide & create a massive de facto fuel tax on the American home heating & car driving public that will funnel ever more money & power into the corrupt energy industry. And the likelihood that further unilateral military action in the Middle East will serve to advance the cause of terrorists belies the Bush administration's false claim that overthrowing the government of Iraq plays any role in the defense of America."
---The Greens are committed to ecology, grassroots democracy, social and economic justice & nonviolence.

---(Hancock, NY)-- Mark Dunau is Green candidate for Congress in 2002 in the 24th CD (incl. Tompkins County except Ithaca & Danby). There is no Democrat running. Dunau's platform. Dunau promises that he would sponsor the Self-Employed Survival Act. "This Act would reduce the Self-Employment Tax to 7.65%, prevent anti-trust law from being applied to the self-employed, & require the federal government to study the effect of mandated regulations on self-employed producers before such regulations become law."
---Dunau prmotes Acts that would prohibit the import of food grown w/chemicals banned in the USA, would withdraw the United State from NAFTA & GATT, would protect collective bargaining rights, limit credit card interest rates to a maximum of 11%, fortify the United State's nuclear power plants against terrorist attack, create a voluntary national cancer registry to correlate incidences of cancer with environmental causes, capitalize renewable energy development, & protect the nation's food supply by prominently labeling & safety testing genetically engineered food.
---Dunau said "Sherwood Boehlert voted to increase the Self-Employment Tax rate by 50%, voted for NAFTA & GATT, voted with the credit card companies to make bankruptcy harder, voted for the scientifically criticized missile defense shield, & voted for the 1996 Telecommunications Act that is responsible for the elimination of much local radio and television ownership. The economy of the Southern Tier is worse off now than when Boehlert took office 20 years ago." --Mark Dunau 467-4034


ITHACA AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL 8/20 at 7:30 pm. 640 Stewart Ave. "Defend human rights: Write letters on Urgent Action cases, greetings to prisoners and human-rights workers, petitions: signatures are powerful! All welcome." 273-3009 Wayles Brown



*August 8, 1887: Two bold girls take off their shoes to wade in Cascadilla Creek. Some rascal steals their shoes. They had to WAIT there for a friend to bring them replacements because it was improper for young ladies to be seen barefoot.
* August 9, 1929: Geraldine Henry is crowned BABY QUEEN of TOMPKINS COUNTY at the County Fair. One of fifty entrants, the 2-year-old Newfielder received 146,150 "friendship points."
* August 10, 1889: COAL THIEF Jasper Peep brought to judgement says, "I am a poor man & trying to do as near right as I know how & work whenever I can get it to do. I did pick up the coal [by the tracks], but it is no more than others do or have done every day."
* August 11, 1914: Charles Warren kills a 7-foot RATTLESNAKE in Six Mile Creek.
* August 12, 1926: LEMON grown at 120 Esty Street is 12" in circumference.
* August 13, 1846: FIRST DAILY NEWSPAPER, Ithaca Daily Chronicle, until 1850.
* August 14, 1967: Anti-War priest & poet Daniel Berrigan is appointed coordinator of Cornell United Religious Work. He later was jailed for BURNING DRAFT FILES: "paper instead of children."



"I love the ideas about how to spend the $110 million [lottery]! Absolutely fabulous. Everything important covered except education for children? I hope you win." --Annie
---[REPLY] I'd like to see Ithaca envision the kind of education which rises from the need to cultivate the skills of community management, and integrate them into these programs. Like the Learning Web does. What would you prefer to see?
---[ANNIE REPLIES] "Oh I agree with you whole heartedly. I would like to see the schools teach respect for ones self and others, community/social responsibility, and of course respect for individual goals (not every one is shooting for corporate America), and for different lifestyles and cultures. I would like to see the staff of public schools be teaching compassion, by example as well as lessons. Without compassion nothing else is really of any value."

"Darn, I wish you had won the lottery. I bought my first ticket ever, too... regardless of the Quaker stance on gambling. You could have talked me into some of those great ideas." --Graham
---[REPLY] The more reliable route to wealth, of course, is to put our cash together to create the programs we desire. Next issue I'll introduce the WHOLE ITHACA STOCK EXCHANGE (WISE), which will provide a safe haven for dollars leaving the stock market, to ensure us the security we seek.

---"I enjoy reading every newsletter. It's encouraging to hear about visions for Ithaca that shoot for the highest common denominator instead of the lowest."
---"I've been trying to fill a part-time childcare position at the church with little luck. I thought some folks in your readership might be interested in this job since it is open to parents who want to bring their children with them to work." --Pamela Douglas Webster, Christian Ed. Coordinator 272-2800

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"James Cummins Littletree, of Littletree Orchards, received very serious head injuries in a bicycle accident in July. He has been hospitalized since then.
---"James has been growing fruit and pressing cider for us for decades, working at a payrate of maybe a dollar per hour. He's the hardest working person I've ever known. He is also a very generous, giving person, not only towards his family and friends, but also to the community. He volunteered hundreds of hours building the Ithaca Farmer's Market structure. His nearly superhuman efforts have made Littletree Orchards into a magical, fun place for us all to enjoy.
---"A notebook in which people can write their expressions of support and encouragement for James is located in the Member dropoff box at Greenstar Market (ask at the front desk if you don't know where that is). If you would like to be added to a "Friends of James" email list, please wite. We will be using this list to plan other ways to help him out."--Bill Carini

"Quite awhile back there was a website in the Community News that showed how your city rated with livability risks. It said Ithaca was a very high risk for cancer because of the massive amounts of carbon monoxide settling in the valley. Do you recall that information?" --Lucy
---[REPLY] The site is Type in zip code.

"I know Ithaca fought off a Wal-Mart before (I didn't live here then). What can be done now? I definitely don't want a Wal-Mart cropping up here --believe it or not, it's one of the reasons we picked Ithaca! Wal-Mart truly sucks..." --Elizabeth
---[REPLY] The Stop Wal-Mart campaign 1992-1995 was led by Tim Allen & coordinating committee. Hundreds of Ithacans spoke against chain stores at public hearings but were told they did not represent the 'silent majority.' Wal-Mart does suck & will suck money from Ithaca. Watch for gridlock on Rte 13. Great anti-chain resource: Home Town Advantage Bulletin

"Hi. Could you please ad my friend's name to your email list? This is such a great compilation of info!" --Varya

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"Hey everyone, I'm tired of the IMF and World Bank!! There's a teach-in tour by the 50 Years Is Enough network that we might be able to bring to Cornell (and Ithaca). I think this would be an excellent way to publicize the crimes of these two organizations & get the word out to people around campus. Is anyone else interested in working on this? There is also a protest of their annual meetings, 9/25-29, which we could organize around & attend." --Ed

"I wanted to extend an art-felt thank you to all of our amazing members, volunteers, artists, friends & fans who have helped us shape the SEE SPOT ART GALLERY over the last year. We had a wonderful anniversary celebration 7/13, which many of you attended. Thank you!
---"As you know, the Gallery is completely funded by fabulous folks in the community such as you who love art, creating, buying or simply admiring... This month the gallery is in serious need of your assistance. I urge you to rejoin as a member if your membership has expired, or simply to donate whatever you can to help keep the See Spot alive: 108 The Commons, Ithaca 14850 --Rebecca J Burton

"How to best mobilize and prevent this disastrous war with Iraq from taking place? How to reach out to communities outside of our relatively small activist circles? Leafletting, posters, teach-ins, anyone want to join me on DSA Presents [cable TV 13] for a show about Iraq? What's the Network for Peace & Justice doing on this issue?" [email protected]
---[REPLY] Best web source See the latest issue of the ITHACA UPROAR newspaper.

"Congratulations on an imaginative, thought-provoking and charming piece about using the Mega Bucks lottery pool for projects in and around Ithaca. Some great ideas & a tickle in the tummy to think what a place this could be with enough funds for projects like those.
---"On the other hand, shame on you for your 'reply' to Mr. Baum concerning Islamic terrorism. I know that it's tough, week after week, to make thoughtful, accurate editorial responses to the myriad topics addressed by letters to the editor. But really! Islamic populations living peacefully with all of their neighbors, kind of like Thumper and Bambi & all the other forest creatures, for centuries, until mean old Uncle Sam showed up & made everybody meshuggah? Surely you have taken at least one course in world history, & realize that this is a completely inaccurate picture. Islam, with its long history of bloody, evangelical jihad, led by corrupt, theocratic governments, has locked itself into a self-destructive system based on ignorance, superstition, & opposition to scientific truth. It sytematically subjugates, drives out, or kills, its brightest who might be able to lead it out of the darkness, & exhorts its populations to dangerous, evil hatred. In this, it is no worse than many other superstition-based societies, but let's call a spade a spade." --Dick Anders
---[REPLY] The Bible, the Torah, the Koran, the Bhagavad Gita & every holy text have been used to justify slaughter, led by corrupt, dangerous governments. Let's call a spade a spade.

"'War on Terrorism or Police State?' by Representative Cynthia McKinney
---"The clarity & courage of Cynthia McKinney stand in stark contrast to Ithaca's Congressional "rep" Maurice Hinchey, a reputed "progressive democrat" who voted for the fascistic USA Patriot Act. Nonetheless, strong political pressure must now be applied to Hinchey for him to put up or stand down. The remarkable Cynthia McKinney stands practically alone today in the US congress--calling for an independent investigation with subpoena power into the attacks of 9/11 & warning against the dangers of a full-blown american police state.
---"Representative Mckinney needs vocal support NOW in the House of Representatives! Where's Maurice? --John Milich

"In reply to your reply: You say: "Please remember that it had never apparently occurred to Muslims to attack the U.S. until we dominated Arab economies & politics, & exported crass culture. Remember also that Muslims, Christians & Jews have lived peaceably together for centuries worldwide where respect & power were shared."
---"Point 1. The U.S. dominates neither Arab economies nor politics. If we did, Arab countries would have free market economies and bi-cameral freely elected governments. No Arab country has either.
---"Point 2. We do not export "crass culture" any more than Colombia exports heroin. If a country chooses to import either our crass culture or heroin, is it the fault of the exporting country?
---"Point 3. Muslims, Christians & Jews STILL live peaceably together where respect & power are shared. It's too bad that Arab countries DO NOT choose to IMPORT our economy, politics & crass culture. If they did we would not be worried about terror attacks. Countries that choose to import these things, like western countries do, do not send terrorists to our shores.
---"Perhaps WE should import Arab country's economies, politics and culture. Do you think that might possibly stave off terrorist attacks?" --Respectfully, Bill Baum

"I have another reply to Bill Baum, who wrote: 'Even if we went back to riding bicycles to work & stopped importing foreign oil, that would not keep these people from wanting to annihilate the infidels, defined as those who do not believe as they do.'
---"My reply: There can always be fanatics who will do as you describe. What makes them into international terrorists is support from large numbers of people. This support includes money, helping them hide, and cheering them on in public. If the US were to change its ways, this support would fade, & the fanatics would no longer be more than common criminals." --Steve Gaarder
---- The MIDDLE EAST ACTIVIST creates ways for people "to learn more about the Middle East, to connect with others, to gain hope, and to make a tangible difference."

"Can you switch my subscription e-mail address? Thanks! I really enjoy the newsletter!" --Shira

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"I enjoyed your Community News, especially your history items. But I am deeply offended by the way the most recent one started. There is a clear bias in your facts & the way you present them to discredit the IPD. I have been reading the coverage of these events in the Ithaca Journal & the Ithaca Times. Condensing the stories into one sentence makes them into propaganda." --Cindy
---[REPLY] The conjunction of five crime-related events, of which three involved the IPD, was not presented to discredit the IPD but to raise concerns about certain assumptions some local officers, public officials & federal judges may have.
---I've had good conversations with Acting Police Chief Lauren Signer, & invited her to the topfree picnic, which she & her fiance attended. We've shared amiable perspectives on community policing & discussed the special challenges of serving such a diverse community as Ithaca.
---Likewise, I understand that Marjorie Olds, the local judge accused of being soft on these apparent racists, actually ordered them jailed right away, releasing them only after parole petition.
---Cards, letters, etc. to Patricia Morris (the victim of the racially motivated attack) can be sent via: Patricia Morris, GIAC, 318 N. Albany St., Ithaca, NY 14850. The Southside Community Center is establishing a committee to set up a legal & medical fund for her.

"We all know that the most sustainable way to be a responsible food consumer is to buy local organic produce. Unfortunately, with the new USDA guidelines, most local independent organic farms will not be able to meet the requirements. Therefore, this website is starting a registry for farmers who are responsible & sustainable land stewards, who grow organic but cannot call themselves such after October 21, 2002. If you are a food consumer, check here to see what sources are available. If you are a farmer, get yourself listed!! --Erin L. Riddle

"I recently viewed the corporate ownership of organic food site. I'd love to help with this cause, but only if I can see the supporting data. Where did the author/s of this page get their information? I clicked the link to the Nasdaq site on the Hain Celestial group, but couldn't see the connections posted on the ithacanews site. --W. Green
---[REPLY] The HAIN page nstitutional lists the mutual funds & holding companies which manage stocks for the multinationals. When you click on Wellington Management & others, you'll see prominently & repeatedly the multinationals noted at the site above.

"In regard to your note about Lightlink's war on spam, as you may well be aware, the issue is even more complex if you are on the sending end of a mailing list. I work on a small staff of self-employed folks who have been publishing a commercially viable, weekly, Internet mailing list (some 50,000 subscribers from all over the globe) since the early 90s. Our content centers on Macintosh and Internet topics.
---"Lately we are running into ever-increasing problems with spam content filters, to the point where as much as 10% of any given issue is being rejected on the mail server level due to our content, which is not sexual or controversial in its nature, nor is it spam.
---"It suggests that the only way to get content to all our readers is to use dull language-- no controversial words, no negativity, no essays about spam or articles about viruses or crackers/hackers, & a huge list of word we can't use - most types of fruit, for instance.
---"We have often pushed the cutting edge of Internet publications in terms of pushing textual content out to readers, & I fear that once again we are on that edge, only this time we aren't trying new publishing techniques, we are crying "foul!" and hope others will pay attention as this is a *huge* problem for the viability of email, far bigger than the problems individuals experience when trying to work around the ever-increasing load of spam in their In Boxes. If you're interested --Tonya Engst --------

"Not news but a question: I lived in Ithaca for 9 years, & am now working in DC. I am trying to get my partner to come down here to live with me. When I saw this comment by a reader [Jason of D.C.], I thought 'Wow maybe this guy and I could swap houses or something.' Can you put me in contact with him?" --Eldred Harris ---[REPLY] A local house-swapping service would be generally helpful. The original message wasn't saved, so hopefully Jason sees this.

"Thank you most sincerely for the beautiful community-building work you are doing through this newsletter." --Blessings, Jeff Lehman


THANKS to those of you who have sent a donation (dollars, HOURS, tofu, etc.) to sponsor Ithaca Community News-- about 12 hours work per issue. ICN, Box 365, Ithaca, NY 14851. Credit cards also accepted: [email protected] 272-4330


WOMEN'S DAY OUT EVENT: 8/10 11pm- 7pm, Holiday Inn. "Learn skin care techniques, see other products & services I can offer you!! There will be light refreshments, snacks & free samples!!! HOURS accepted. Reserve your spot: (800) 484-7000 press 1723 [email protected]

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KIRAKU'S MACROBIOTIC WAY-OF-LIFE CAMP 8/12-16 "5 days of Food, Family, and Fun, and... Organic Macrobiotic Foods-- Workshops/Classes in Cooking, Green Building, Drumming, Chanting, Yoga, Do-In, Storytelling, Children's activities and crafts. Adults $60/Day, $220/week; Children $30/Day, $90/Week. (Ithaca HOURS accepted). ---Kiraku-- The Organic Store located in Freeville. Organic Macrobiotic Foods & Products: Thurs - Sat 10-6, Sun 10-2. 844-8813

YOGA RETREAT: 3 Teachers, 3 Styles, One Lineage: 8/26 - 9/1. Prices $300/week ; $150/weekend "Join us for a week of asana practice, led meditation, swimming, hiking, saunas & great vegan food." Register 273-5413 HOURS accepted.

SIVANANDA ASANA CLASSES: "The first class at the Center is free so come by some time for a full breath of air and a re-connect to your body and soul." Tuesdays 5:30-6:45 at Cayuga Heights Ctr for Wellness & Healing Arts, Community Corners. Thursdays 12:00-1:15 City Health Club 273-6383

DREAMING INTO LIFE: Free session 8/13, 7:00-8:30pm "Exploring dreams through journaling or dream groups can often provide great insight into our unconscious minds." Sue Bissell, LMT and Sondra Hartmann, LMT. At FLSM, 1251 Trumansburg Rd. RSVP Emily Grayson 272-9024 HOURS.


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