July #2 2002


[This is the second of two messages monthly sent to 6,506 Ithaca area residents]

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ELEVEN READERS OF THIS ISSUE HAVE WON GIFT CERTIFICATES with Viva Taqueria ($5), Cinemapolis/Fall Creek Pictures (2 tickets), Gimme! Coffee (1# coffee), Conkie's Restaurant ($10), Maxie's Supper Club ($10), The Bookery ($5.00), Harvest Deli ($6), ABC Cafe ($10), Cafe Strand ($7.50), Mundo Gitano ($10), Sparrow's Wines ($10), White Lotus Homes ($10). WINNING EMAILS (randomly selected by computer) ARE NOTED BELOW.


1. Handcuffed, then released, a black woman who was being punched & kicked by white racists.
2. Arrested, then released with apologies, two women who removed their shirts in DeWitt Park.
3. Arrested and being tried, two Ithacans who burned the U.S. flag on Dependence Day.
4. Torn down, a pedestrian bridge which neighbors were threatening to defend with civil disobedience.
5. Ithacan tried & sentenced in GA. for trespassing on an army base which teaches terrorism & torture.

African-American women gathered on the Commons 7/15 to insist that Ithacans "See Black Women." They stood to condemn the recent daylight racist attack on Patricia Morris, who was herself handcuffed until bystanders (who merely stood by) accused her white attackers (who were released).
---Jacqulyn Hamilton, an IC student, said that "as black women, we need to bring attention to being told we're invisible and don't matter. Politically, socially & economically we need to be acknowledged as human beings. Even in Ithaca, where so many people are working on racial issues, many others try to overlook race."
---Michelle Berry, local consultant & counselor, speaks of the deep concerns regarding access and equity that African-Americans carry even in a 'progressive' city like Ithaca. "The illusion of safety for some is created by the cushion of wealth and skin color privilege. We have heard of many disparities, racist incidents and the like in Ithaca. It's important not to put our heads in the sand and pretend that this incident wasn't bound to happen, given the rampant racism in Ithaca."
---She continued, "Though it's always a risk (for a person of color) to take a public stand on controversial issues, I do so willingly, knowing that I cannot be silent. I am willing to embrace any fallout that will come from dismantling the theory of Ithaca's so-called racial enlightenment." She added, "I'm here today thinking about [Patricia Moore] and how it could have been me."
---Some assume that, had the officer had come upon a black man restraining a struggling, bloodied white woman, the black man would have been arrested immediately.

Women may run, walk & play barebreasted in Ithaca wherever men may. The City's Chief of Police apologized 7/11 for arrest of shirtless women picnicking in DeWitt Park. This type of arrest "will never happen again in Ithaca," said Chief Lauren Signer, who emphasized that all police officers would be trained in state & local law.
---The four barechested women & three barechested male picnickers carried a copy of state law with them, which an officer ignored. Two women were taken shirtless to the Police Department, booked, locked in cells, then released after an hour. The men were not arrested. All walked half naked back to DeWitt Park along Green Street & Cayuga Street. Bystanders paid little attention.
---"I've never in my life felt the wind flowing across my chest in a city," said Ilonka Wloch, who organized the gathering. "It feels great to celebrate my existence this way." Children & adults played & talked in the park around them apparently indifferently. One man watching through binoculars was invited to join them.
---"Sexuality runs through me: I have a logical brain but was born to procreate & find a mate. But I want respect, not unsolicited attention," even when nude, said Sareanda Lourdes.
---"American culture fetishises breasts so you can sell them," said Skunk. "The Sex Industry makes lots of money from making something scarce."
---All shapes and sexes of breasts & chests are invited to the weekly TopFree picnics in DeWitt Park, noon on Thursdays. "The media shows only idealized breasts," said Kayla Sosnow, a prominent leader in the international Topfree movement

ITHACAN ARRESTED & CONVICTED AFTER CHALLENGING TERRORISM Linda Holzbaur was sentenced to six months' probation after 'trespassing' at the School of the Americas in Georgia, which teaches terrorism & torture to South/Central American military. Witness in her defense was retired U.S. Army Major Joseph Blair who taught there many years, who confirmed the school taught exactly what is called terrorism when committed by other nations.

ITHACANS BURN U.S. FLAG; WILL BE TRIED THOUGH THIS IS LAWFUL Sylvie Ginenthal & William McKenzie burned a flag on Dependence Day, to condemn blind patriotism which cheers the flag even while the Constitution is burned. Though the Supreme Court has declared flag burning permitted speech, the City of Ithaca takes it to court 7/17 at 9:30am.
---Author of the Pledge to Flag was a socialist: In God We Trust put on coins over Theodore Roosevelt's objections
--Other communities are passing laws against AntiPatriot Act

---The following declaration was signed by dozens of neighbors, causing City Hall to rip out the pedestrian bridge before this group could become fully organized:
---"We undersigned Southside neighborhood residents, living within two blocks of the Plain Street pedestrian bridge, are being invaded by a plan to replace this bridge with a traffic bridge.
---"This new bridge would be installed at great cost, bringing traffic hazards to our neighborhood, and endangering our children. We believe regional shopping traffic belongs on state routes, not in the middle of neighborhoods.
---"Therefore we have challenged this plan in public forums and in court, seeking proper environmental review. Dishonest media coverage has pretended that we favor this bridge, while the court has ignored the law.
---"To make clear that we do not favor this bridge, and to prevent it from being built, we declare our intent to assemble on the pedestrian bridge with our children whenever destruction equipment appears. We will lock arms and sit down.
---"We will not be victims of poor planning and fiscal mismanagement. Neighborhoods are for children."


WEATHER'S so polite it's little noticed, yet tending so dry now that dribbling creekwater holds quiet conversation with rocks; deep-rooted plants are patient but concerned, gardens are grateful for hosing. Soon all water's holy.


"KATHLEENSCHAFFER" is winner of gift certificate to Viva Taqueria. Reply w/address by 8/1.


ITHACA GREEN BUILDING FAIR SCHEDULED 7/28 at Ithaca Farmer's Market. Exhibits featuring environmentally sensitive building design & construction, w/renewable energy. Solar & wind, local sustainably harvested wood, timber framing, natural paints & finishes, healthy interior design, etc. Presented by Ithaca Green Building Alliance. --Sarah Highland 273-8671


---"In the best of worlds Barbara Lifton herself would be a Green, but we are impressed among other things with the way she speaks out against the hawkish rhetoric heard so commonly from politicians.
---"We are also struck by her years of volunteer activism for peace, civil rights, and economic justice, which show the idealism of character we regard so highly.
---"In particular we applaud her committment to reversing the current policy of regressive taxation through a shift to state level support of our schools.
---"Taking their lead from Republicans, many Democrats have become fond of corporate solutions to community problems, with all the crass consequences that entails. But the Greens see something different and better in Barbara Lifton, and we wish her success in the primary and general elections this Fall."
---On behalf of the Tompkins County Green Party, David Galezo, Chair

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HEALTH INFORMATION CENTER at public library: "articles on a variety of health topics from consumer health magazines, medical journals, newspaper articles, reference books..."


"ITHACA IS GOSPEL HARDENED IN NEED OF JESUS!" complains a frustrated Commons preacher: "Christ is coming back and it will be a sad day for all the scoffers who have scoffed for 2,000 years." Ezra Cornell himself was often attacked as godless See also Devil bibliography

"SCHAEFER" is winner of one pound of coffee from Gimme! Coffee. Reply w/address by 8/1 to claim.


SOUL FOOD COOKOUT & MUSIC FEST: 8/24th 1-5pm at Common Ground in Ithaca, 1230 Danby Road (Rt 96B) 273-1505. Tickets at Clinton House 116 N. Cayuga 273- 4497. Earlybird rate $12/ adults, $9/seniors, $8/children (under 12 free).


HOW CORPORATE PERSONHOOD IS STRANGLING DEMOCRACY 7/17 - 7pm Women's Community Building "Did you know that corporations have Constitutional rights? Or that the Supreme Court declared corporations to be "persons" under the law before the majority of people in this country could even vote? Corporate personhood is one of the key reasons that corporations have amassed so much power & wealth & why they control our political processes-- & most people have never even heard of it! Find out what it is, how it became law, & what we can do to change it." Sponsored by Women's International League for Peace and Freedom


TOMPKINS COUNTY AIRPORT FACTS: 1988 was peak year, recently military use has increased


THREE NEW FARMERS' MARKETS "Markets need volunteer help organizing events, children's activities and cooking demonstrations. Still accepting vendor applications at all three markets! A consignment stand run by youth from Youth Employment Services is available at each market for vegetables, fruits, herbs and eggs. No fees are required for either vendors or consignments! WIC Farmers' Market checks accepted." Lucy Garrison-Clauson 272-2292
--- * Groton Market 7/9 - 9/24-- Tuesdays 4-7pm-- Center Village Court, 200 South Street, Groton--Consignment produce, herbs and eggs picked up at Ithaca Tuesday Farmers' Market at Dewitt Park 1:30 pm.
--- * Trumansburg Market 7/10 - 9/25--Weds 4-7pm at Trumansburg Park (park & ride) across from Trumansburg Post Office.
--- * Danby Market 7/18 - 9/26-- Thurs 4-7pm at Danby Volunteer Fire Department rte 96B.

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STATE THEATRE VOLUNTEER DAY 7/27 from 11am-3pm. "We need to finish the job of cleaning off all of the old seat numbers in the loge and balcony so we can renumber the seats in August. As always, lunch will be provided. Although the work might not be the most stimiluating, the conversation and company is always interesting and entertaining. Please email Beth Tallman or call 273-6633 to RSVP so we know how much food to bring."


RAW FOODS POTLUCK 1st & 3rd Tuesdays 7/16th, August 6 & 20, Sept. 3rd & 17th) Stewart Pk- near playground. Bring & share raw food & recipes. BYO place settings & drink



* July 16, 1962: County is declared DROUGHT DISASTER AREA. Hay, corn & other crops virtually destroyed.
* July 17, 1885: Dazzling moon-sized meteor explodes into red, blue & gold BALLS OF FLAME.
* July 18, 1901: George Cook is imprisoned for failing to pay ALIMONY, at age 87.
* July 19, 1886: Thirty DRUNKEN CHICKENS, soggy on hard cider, squawk & swagger uptown.
* July 20, 1936: Rare birth of TRIPLET CALVES, on the Tompkins County Farm.
* July 21, 1929: 1,500 crowd Enfield Gorge amphitheatre for interdenominational vesper service.
* July 22, 1939: Blacksmith Wilber Stevens celebrates his 84th birthday forging iron.
* July 23, 1929: Mr & Mrs Wager dig up a putty jug while working their garden. Inside is a letter from a mother ("remember me as your first best & ever true friend") to her daughter, written 36 years earlier.
* July 24, 1894: TWENTY-TWO TOADS climb into pump bucket at 134 Elm Street.
* July 25, 1898: 1,000 SPECTATORS JEER Professor Grey as he climbs down from his 60-foot tower, having failed to set himself afire & dive into a shallow pool.
* July 26, 1969: SMALLEST CITY PARK is dedicated by Mayor Kiely. People's Park on Eddy St. is two painted sidelwalk blocks.



"I want to thank all the people who wrote and called Tops supermaket to ask them to shut off the outdoor speaker. We succeeded in getting them to turn the volume WAY DOWN and it no longer feels like I live in a grocery isle. People can make such a difference when we rally together. May it always be so. Thank you & thank you again." --Love, Lindy

"Thanks for providing such a great service. Right now I live in Northern Virginia, in a suburb of Washington, D.C. My partner and I have been wanting to move to Ithaca for over a year now. We hope that this year is the year we will be able to. We love the area! So we want to be as Ithacan as possible when we can finally call Ithaca our permanenent home. Keeping up to date on community goings ons through your email newsletter will be very helpful." --Jason

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"e.e. Cummings wrote "Dreams can do what deeds can't dream." Is this what you're meaning to quote? Hope I win [the Gimme! gift certificate]! Love your newsletter, by the way." --Emily Grayson
---[REPLY] Right you are! But first to answer correctly was Rich Entlich, who sent the following:

"The source appears to be a poem by e.e. cummings, line 25 of 'as freedom is a breakfastfood' which is number 25 in the collection '50 poems' published in 1940. The actual quote reads 'deeds cannot dream what dreams can do.' You can find the full text of the poem

"My second day in Ithaca, when I first walked up Buffalo street, I remember seeing that e.e.cummings quote written in the concrete in the sidewalk - while taking a brief nap at the Uris Library later that day I looked it up and found the author, then found a book of poems that contained it. It's kinda what kept me going for a long time." :-) arc

"Thanks for including us in your prizes! Could you please list our name as White Lotus Home in the future? I hope to soon revive the issue of bringing our workshopto Ithaca and creating new jobs. I will let you know all the details when I am more clear. Keep up the good work, I love reading every issue!" -Theodore

"I can envision the contribution of electronic PARchives to changing the discourse of electronic education (e-learning) from what is been promoted by traditiona institutions of Higher education... We already know of the power of local community access (ITHACA COMMUNITY NEWS) and how it is changing community relations with the Academy." --Nimat Hafez Barazangi

"The 'cat face cartoon' is my signature logo in'll find about ten of them all over town. I believe the one you referred to is near Oasis. And it doesn't say "$5" next to it but "'85" as in 1985. I guess it pays to vandalize fresh cement! Thanks." --gene ira katz

"I agree that your weather poetry is delightful. Would love to see a little compilation. Maybe a signed copy could be a "bonus gift" for anyone who donates $20 or more to the newsletter. " =) Jenny Mikulski

"It was great to read about the Head Shirt Factory in the recent newsletter since the very large sign reading 'C.E. Head' ('custom shirt maker' and 'shirting by the yard') hangs proudly on our basement wall....we understand that the Head family lived in our beautiful home on Buffalo St. for many decades!!" --Marilee Murphy

"In response to my note to you, Vivien Rose wrote:
---"It is illogical to think that US actions around the globe would not result in resentment toward the United States. It is equally illogical to argue that funding antiterrorism measures that restrict rights in the US will keep civilians safe. Until the US grows up & acts like an adult in the world community, instead of the bully of the planetary playground, nothing can keep US citizens safe from its own government or from the rage of its victims." --Vivien Rose
---"I know about the many wrong things our government has done over the years, like overthrowing a democratically elected government in Chile. I was on the peace march to Washington during the Viet Nam War. But, to say " Until the US grows up & acts like an adult in the world community, instead of the bully of the planetary playground, nothing can keep US citizens safe from its own government or from the rage of its victims" says nothing about the problem. Governments do not "grow up" They change and evolve. Sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.
---"The people who want to overthrow a democratically elected government by force and/or terror, because that government does not believe in their interpretaion of the Koran are not interested in whether that country has or has not "grown up". It is simply a question of, do we or don't we believe as they do. If we don't it's OK to terrorize us.
---"Even if we went back to riding bicycles to work and stopped importing foreign oil, that would not keep these people from wanting to annihilate the infidels, defined as those who do not believe as they do." --Respectfully, Bill Baum
---[REPLY] Please remember that it had never apparently occurred to Muslims to attack the U.S. until we dominated Arab economies & politics, & exported crass culture. Remember also that Muslims, Christians & Jews have lived peaceably together for centuries worldwide where respect & power were shared.

"How do we become eligible to win gift certificates? I notice the winners all seem to have 'kooky' names. Is that a prerequisite?" --Sandra
---[REPLY]Everybody on the list has an equal chance (1/591) to be selected at random by the computer, which matches random numbers to corresponding database numbers for email addresses. Three of the latest winners are simple Cornell addresses, most are straightforward names. The computer does not appreciate kooky addresses as much as I do.

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-------- "Great job with the newsletter! Thanks for the time and energy you put into it." --Kelli
---[REPLY] Thanks! I welcome donations for the 12 hours of work per issue. Credit cards are accepted via email or at (607) 272-4330. Donations may also be sent to Ithaca News, Box 365, Ithaca, NY 14851.

"One of the reasons I came to Ithaca was to get involved with sustainable and equitable living-- either through research at Cornell, by living at Eco-Village, or on my own within the community. As a teacher, between observing my students' real abilities and contemplating various research studies, I determined that whatever humans have created, we actually have enough creative and intellectual genius to do the same in a more environmentally friendly, holistic, and equitable manner. As I read the Ithaca News articles, especially in regard to local production of goods and their sale at Green Star, I was impressed with the potential and possibilities your suggestions invoke. I am interested in participating in this production and promoting it in Tompkins County. What exactly I would like to do, I'm not quite sure, but have some ideas, which I would like to discuss with someone who knows the area well and has the time to listen and respond.
---"Brief statement of idea: Sustainable living community for low-income families interested in entrepreneurial and cooperative enterprises." --Barbara Shpack

"Love the newsletter, though I don't always agree. Educated debate is the soul of a country." --Paul Kimball

"Re: 'HOME DEPOT has told its 1,400 stores not to do business with the U.S. government... (AP: 6/16).' After getting a lot of grief about it, they reversed that policy last week. It was widely reported in the papers. Didn't you see it?" --Regards, John Levine

"Thanx for the library and petroglyphs pieces." --Allen Lambert

"Hi great newsletter! thanks! But what about 'Bush Is A Nazi?' It inspired our song of the same name, dedicated to whoever wrote that all over Collegetown & sidewalks on East Hill. Yay!" -- S. Kim, Idols of Perversity
---[REPLY] That slogan is noted in an earlier edition which features sprayed rather than inscribed graffiti.

"Could you please add my friend to your mailing list!! I have been forwarding them to her and she loves it!! Thanks!" --jen

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Yes, the lottery is a tax on desperation & enriches bureaucracies. But when MegaMillions hit $110 millions, I made a list of how I'd spend them. Then I compared my list with how most winners spend-- for gaudy megamansions, olympic pools, week-long beer blasts, investments in destructive multinationals. So I bought one ticket, because I'd invest in Ithaca to start the following enterprises:

--- TROLLEY connecting Cornell & Commons. More than transportation, rail cars would be handcrafted w/inlay wood, stained glass, neon waterfalls, musicians on board. Big boost to tourism & transit, could expand to Cortland. $12 million.
--- SUPERINSULATION countywide would cut our heating/cooling bills by over 80%, giving us discretionary income to support local businesses & farms, thus creating new jobs & strengthening local culture. The foundation of economic development. $17 milllion.
--- ITHACA HEALTH FUND allows us to self-insure, keeping $50 million/year insurance payments in this county instead of wasting it on HMOs. $10 million boost.
--- DENTAL CLINIC to provide free care for low-income residents. $8 million
--- HOMEOWNER REVOLVING LOAN FUND to transfer rental homes at low prices to co-op owners, removes housing from the speculative market by attaching limited equity riders. These co-ops would provide child/elder care & other neighborhood services. $15 million.
--- FOOD PROCESSING CENTER to convert local organic farm/garden harvests into pasta, canned goods & dehydrated stock. Expands local agriculture by enabling farmers to grow for more than the seasonal market. $6 million.
--- BULK FOOD CENTER to sell the above below commercial rates. $2 million.
--- URBAN ORCHARDS invite free harvest in edible parks. $2 million.
--- NEW ITHACA SOLAR ELECTRIC GROUP (NISEG) to generate rooftop electricity w/out global warming. $5 million.
--- ITHACA HOURS could donate community currency at-cost to local government & nonprofits, enabling millions of dollars of services to be provided without raising taxes & without paying interest on bonds. HOURS would be welcome everywhere when government agrees to accept them for tax payment. $1 million.
--- SANITATION REFORM to replace toxic sewage sludge w/clean, sweet smelling fertilizer via aerated waterless toilets. No more pooping into clean water. $9 million.
--- BIKEWAYS would allow us to move safely without traffic jams & pollution. They permit emergency vehicles to move freely, make the Commons more accessible to the 20,000 who live within ten blocks of downtown. $1 million.
--- MASSAGE ARMY to provide free chair massages on the Commons every day for 20 years. $4 million.
--- IMPORT REPLACEMENT CENTER to connect regional skills & tools to create flexible manufacturing networks that capture contracts. $3 million.
--- DREAM-COME-TRUE JOB CENTER to connect people to the regional resources that make our wildest hopes real. $1 million.
--- MOSAIC SIDEWALKS would spread wonder & color underfoot (local waterfalls, plants, animals, fantasies) employing dozens of local artists. $4 million.
--- MUSICIANS EVERYWHERE would provide acoustic accompaniment to the Commons, parks, aboard trollies, at bus stops. $4 million.
--- JUGGLERS, CLOWNS, PUPPETEERS-- how could I leave them out? $1 million.
--- ACTIVIST UNIVERSITY would teach how to enact & sustain the above. $5 million.

Taken together, these will allow us to relax in a beautiful, exciting community, raising the standard of living while lowering the cost of living & setting examples for the whole country.
---How would you spend lottery winnings? If anyone local wins, call me-- let's have some fun.
---Next issue: accomplishing this list without the lottery.


ART GRANTS $7,000 Cash to Artists! NY Foundation for the Arts Fellowship Application Seminar 7/25 from 5-7pm. Clinton House, 116 North Cayuga St. 212.366.6900, ext. 219

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ITHACA ARTISTS' MARKET 7/21 "open-air juried show and sale featuring artists from the Finger Lakes region & beyond showing paintings, sculpture, artists»Ł books, photographs, prints, collage, more." 10am- 4pm at Ithaca Farmer's Market


7/17 at 8pm: Hellnation, Brody's Militia, Allergic to Whores: $5
7/19 at 730pm: Time IN Malta, IN Pieces, If Hope Dies: $6
7/26: Atomic Forces: 8pm $5
7/29: Blood Red, Three Years Older, Arm's Length, EKG: 8pm $5

Call now to book a show! 277-7560


WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK, August 1-7-- La Leche League of Ithaca holds World Walk for Breastfeeding 7/27 at 10:00 am. "All concerned citizens are invited to walk with us from Dewitt Park. Following the Walk will be a baby carrier demonstration in the park & a noon dish-to-pass picnic lunch at Stewart Park.
---"Money raised will buy books for our lending library, fund our meeting space, & help Leaders attend area conferences. Currently, La Leche League of Ithaca has six accredited Leaders who volunteer their time helping mothers breastfeed their babies.
---Those interested in participating in the Walk or sponsoring a walker: Elizabeth 272-3643


ITHACA QIGONG with Maurice Haltom Cayuga Heights Community Corners, Suite 202 266-0704 * 1 hr, $35/mo; 2 hr, $60/mo; 3 hr, $85/mo; 4 hr, $104/mo. Ithaca HOURS accepted.
* Qigong-- Saturdays 11am-12pm Health/youth preserving energy exercise
* Tai Chi Chuan-- Saturdays 12-1pm The art of balance and energy circulation
* Buddha's Palm Kung Fu-- Saturdays 9-11am
* Developing the warrior spirit-- Mondays 8-9:30pm
* Mid-Aged Kung Fu/Exercise-- Mondays 7-8pm "Maintaining the warrior spirit and youthful Strength, reflexes and flexibility."
*IQ Asana Saturdays 8-9am "Self discovery/opening through systematic Postures and Taoist breathing."


PATCHWORK SUMMER HORSE CAMP has opening the week of July 29th & August 12th. 898-3808 [email protected]


HOLISTIC/ALTERNATIVE HEALING SPEAKER AVAILABLE: Mark Sammo says: "There is quite a lot of interest in Alternative & Complementary Medicine these days, but the definitions of just what they are & how effective they can truly be, is very confusing to the average consumer of Health Care."
---Sammo (MS, RN, CNS) has been a Mind/Body Therapist for Seventeen years & is a former Associate Professor of Nursing at Tompkins Cortland Community College. He is President of the Ithaca Health Fund: 273-3253

"DLS9" is winner of gift certificate to Mundo Gitano. Reply by 8/1 to claim.


FRANKENSTEIN is FREE !!! "How can 30,000 people simultaneously read Frankenstein, the book selected by the Tompkins County Public Library for summer reading and discussions? Zorba Press has donated an ebook to the library, that anyone may read free online, or download to their home computers Zorba's edition, in the PDF format contains a chronology of Mary Shelley's life and works, 26 Questions for Discussions. Editorial Director Michael Pastore

WORDS OF LOVE AT LIBRARY 7/22 at 7:00pm Second evening of Ithaca Shorts, dramatic readings of new and classic short stories for adults. Short reception to meet the actors at 6:45 p.m. "On this occasion we are going to explore some of the many dimensions of love. But do not start imagining anything that remotely resembles a traditional romance story. For this program we are talking about passion with a twist."

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MORRIS DANCING 7/27-28, Syracuse's Bassett Street Hounds Morris dance team, assisted by Ithaca's own Heartwood Morris. "Morris and Molly dancing are English ritual dance traditions marked by their bright costumes, humor, percussive stepping, and revelry. for schedule


LIGHTLINK'S WAR ON SPAM "Predictions about most mail boxes being useless in a year are a bit scary. This is in part why we MUST push ahead with all due a haste with every possible spam control so they are in place now, and not in a year when it is all over.
---"We will be tagging mail from servers that don't have proper reverse DNS with [NORDNS] in the Subject line shortly. This is highly CPU intensive, but will allow everyone to judge for themselves how much of it is spam and how much are vendors with clueless mail servers.
---"We are also working on the 'unknown user list', spammers send to hundreds of thousands of user names that have never existed here and which thus comprise 'pre spammed' user names. Allowing users to pick a pre spammed name is a very bad idea, because the user always blames lightlink for the spam. So we may be insisting in the near future that new users and existing users who wish to change their user names, must pick names that are 8 characters long and have at least one number in it, and have no relation to their real name." --Homer Smith

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