June #2 2002


[This is the second of two messages monthly sent to 6,454 Ithaca area residents]

TEN READERS OF THIS ISSUE HAVE WON GIFT CERTIFICATES with Ithaca Bakery ($5), Small World Music ($10), Viva Taqueria ($5), Cinemapolis/Fall Creek Pictures (2 tickets), Conkie's Restaurant ($10), Maxie's Supper Club ($10), Harvest Deli ($6), ABC Cafe ($10), or Cafe Strand ($7.50), Mundo Gitano ($10). WINNING EMAILS (randomly selected by computer) ARE NOTED BELOW.


WEATHER REPORT Recent storms have packed the Cayuga hillsides with fierce greenage shouting thanks to clouds. Our rainforest seems ready to pounce & devour the city when paving and mowing slack. Weeds sprout overnight from damp gardener shoes; foul language breeds green haze; squirrels wear moss ears.
---Here's May-to-date

"BOBS" is WINNER of gift certificate to Ithaca Bakery. Send name/address by 7/15.


SOLAR AND WIND POWER INSTALLED by Julie and Benj of Wood, Wind and Sun Ithaca HOURS accepted.

EVES' CIDERY GRAND OPENING 6/29 at Littletree Orchards noon-5pm. "Did you know there was once a cidery every 10 miles in the Finger Lakes? Autumn Stoscheck is producing "fine fruit wines & traditional cider wines" from apples, pears, peaches. Watch for sweet cherries, flowers, berries early July. 345 Shaffer Rd, Newfield 564-7849 Ithaca HOURS accepted.

75 FARMER'S MARKET VENDORS accept Ithaca HOURS, Saturdays/Sundays at Rte 13/Third St & Tuesdays at DeWitt Park.
---New additions include Hoot Owl Farm, Steinwelder Pottery, Down to Earth Landscaping, Gippot, Craft Ability Collective, Glassical Creations, Your Daily Soup, The Hammock Lady.


ITHACA COMMUNITY ORCHESTRA "no audition & open to instrumentalists at any level, who are eager to make music together & willing to commit themselves to regular rehearsals." Ithaca Music Academy 266-7604

"KJRCWAGNER" is WINNER of gift certificate to Conkie's Restaurant. Send name/address by 7/15.


MANUFACTURED IN ITHACA! Our little city was once a coal-fired, grimy manufacturing center. Even until 1950, 47% of all Tompkins County jobs were in manufacturing. This list, compiled from old city directories and newspapers, shows what Ithacans made between 1790-1990:

adding machines, airplanes, arithmometers, automobile tools, autophones awnings, bags barrels beds:hideaway, beer, bicycle chains, bicycles, bicycle brakes, billiard cues, boats (barges, gigs, pleasure, row, sail, steam, yachts), book covers, books, boots, brackets, bridge tables, bricks, butter, cabinets, candles, candy, canoes, carpets, carriages, cash register printers, cement, cement blocks, chains, check weighing machines, cider and vinegar, cigar boxes, cigars, clocks, cloth: woolen, clothes, condensed milk, coffins, computers, corsets, coverlets, copperware, cream, diapers, dolls, doors, dowel rods, dresses, drills, drugs, dyes, electricity, engines, eyeglass frames, feed: animal, flour, frames, fruit: dried, furniture, garage doors, gas: town, glass, gloves, grave markers, guns, harnesses, hats: (cloth, fur, silk, straw) hay rakes, heel plates, hoopskirts, horseshoes, hot water apparatus, ice, ice cream, incubators: chick, ironware, jewelry, ladders, lard, leather, linseed oil, lumber, meat, milk, mill gearings, mouldings & brackets, movies, mowers, music notebooks, organs, paint, paper & stationary, patent medicines, patent models, pianos, pipes: (gas, steam, water), photo engravings, planes, pottery, plows, pocket books (leather), portable houses, road scrapers, roller organs, rope, rubber stamps, rugs, sails, salt, sanitary pads, sash, screens, seeders, shingles, shirts, shoes, siding, signs, sleighs & cutters, slot machines, sprockets, soap, stationery, steam engines & boilers, stone & stone curbs, stoves, sulkies, suspenders, T-shirts, tallow, teeth: false, tents, thread: cotton and silk, threshers, tinware, tissue paper, toilet seats, wagons & carriages, wallpaper, wigs, willow ware, wine.

Do you know of others? What has been manufactured here since 1990?


MORE TATTOOS! Medusa Tattoo parlor opens soon at corner State/Plain. "We left Madison, Wisconsin because there were already 50 professional tattoo artists," says Carol Enciso, working with Cesar Enciso. Does anyone have a waterfall tattoo yet? Nice art, nice kids, HOURS accepted.

MORE HONORS! Ithaca named as one of five Best Mountain Biking Towns in America by Bike Magazine 6/02. These cities "are home to great trails, don't cost an arm and a leg to live in and have a healthy job market to boot."

WILD WEST END correspondent Anne Marie Whelan gives the garden report:

"DUTHIEDDS" is WINNER of gift certificate toViva Taqueria. Send name/address by 7/15.


STUDENT RE-USE SPRING SALE BIG SUCCESS Tons of like-new goods thrown away by Cornell students were recaptured and provided to about 500 area residents, in a "name your own price" sale that raised $2,500. Funds go to make next year's sale even bigger. Students phoned to tell SRP where to pick up: "We got calls every five minutes," says Herb Susmann, one of the main pick-up drivers. ---Lynn Leopold, of Tomkins County's Solid Waste Division pitched in too: "There isn't anything too expensive for students to throw away. Many come from easy money, so it's easy come easy go." Jackie ChenSee, one of the Project's core workers, said "the only things I haven't seen thrown away are credit cards and vehicles." An estimated 20% of re-useable off-campus student throwaways were kept from the landfill. ---Hundreds of pounds of food in un-opened containers were also diverted from the landfill, and donated to agencies. Leopold says the County sees three trash spikes yearly-- May/June Senior Week, Aug/Sept end of summer school, and Xmas/New Year. ---According to SRP coordinator Danny Leifer, 40 volunteers sorted the tonnage into categories, at the abandoned maintenance building provided by Cornell. Other heavy lifters for SRP this year were Marcus McCarroll, George O'Shea, Joan Waye, Robert Hackman, Paula Barry. ---There's still a lot of good stuff remaining. Watch for announcement of their SUMMER SALE, tentatively set for 6/29. ---SRP is seeking a permanent central facility, like the Library Booksale's. Danny Leifer


NEW COMMUNITY-BUILT PLAYGROUND CONSTRUCTION 6/28-30 at Henry St. John Building (Geneva & Clinton) "The structure will have an variety of Ithaca features: a 'marina" with boat and fish phone, a "Taughannock Falls Rock Wall", twin towers, a clock tower, and an assortment of tunnels, bridges, and slides.
---"Construction materials are all child-safe.
---"The work will take about 900 person-hours, so many volunteers are needed. Food & drink available. Ken Packman at INHS 277-4500


FIRST FRIDAYS CAYUGA LAKE CRUISE JULY 3 for professionals of color: "Make reservations for the Cayuga Lake cocktail cruise aboard the MV Manhattan. View fireworks display from aboard. Last year we turned away many last-minute reservations:" Joseph Smith 339-1767.


GREEN JAM hosted by Tompkins County Green Party 6/22 on Commons 1-6pm.
---Oculus, Water Bear, Everett Fox, JoeJo, Biddy Sullivan, members of Sim Redmond Band
---MEET CANDIDATES FOR GOVERNOR (Stanley Aronowitz LT. GOVERNOR (Jennifer Daniels), COMPTROLLER (Howie Hawkins)

PEACE & JUSTICE CHORUS of ITHACA "Bring songs, instruments, your bodies and your voices!" 2nd and 4th Sundays in June, July, and August (next is 6/23), 3pm 5pm, Jesus Only Apostolic Church of God, 335 W. State St: Lucy 273-0906 Leslie 272-6482 Diane 272-7582


WOODPECKERS EATING OUR SUBURBS The Lab of Ornithology is studying woodpeckers tapping Ithaca homes. "This study aims to assess what damage, if any, is inflicted on residential homes by woodpeckers in order to find what species of woodpeckers are most frequently reported and what types of homes are most often affected. We hope to find deterrents specific to the different forms of damage, and to find a way for people and woodpeckers to live together in peace." --Emily Germano
---People who are hosting woodpeckers are asked to contact 254-2408


ITHACA HEALTH FUND has expanded its payment menu again. Broken bone maximum is now $2,500 104 payments have been made


---PARADE 2:00pm at Washington Park (gather at 1:15pm) To participate: GIAC at 272-3622.
---ENTERTAINMENT 2:00 - 8:00pm: Live Music, DJ's, Special Presentations
---GAMES & Fun Stuff 2:00-6:00pm.
---SPECIAL TEEN ACTIVITIES co-sponsored by: Reality Check: 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, Skateboard & Bicycle trick demonstration, Graffiti demonstration
---FOOD and VENDORS Audrey Cooper


GREENSTAR CO-OP PICNIC 6/23 at Stewart Park noon-3pm. Feast, games, doorprizes.

WEGMANS is "proud to introduce...Irradiated fresh ground beef. It's still 100% ground beef, but offers an added food safety benefit thanks to FDA and USDA-approved Irradation Process..."
---PRO-IRRADATION: "Despite widespread media hyperbole about environmental health risks, ACSH has demonstrated that many alleged health threats-such as the presence of trace amounts of chemical residues in food and water-play no known role in human disease."
---"Some vitamins, particularly A and E, thiamin, pyridoxine, and ascorbic acid are reduced by irradiation."
Ctr for Food Safety
Green Party

"JCW12" is WINNER of 2 tickets to Cinemapolis/FCP. Send name/address by 7/15.



* June 20, 1889: BLACK SNAKE 6 feet 9 inches long caught at Newfield.
* June 21, 1806: Peter Wheeler runs away. He was a SLAVE brought here six years earlier. "The dignity of a human being began to creep over me."
* June 23, 1909: Cayuga Nation presses its $250,000 claim against New York state, demanding payment for their hunting grounds around the lake. Forced to sell for $1.00/acre 100 years earlier, Cayugas saw their territory resold at market rate.
* June 24, 1975: City Planning Board topples plan to build a 106-STORY OFFICE & APARTMENT BUILDING at corner of State/Cayuga. Promoted by "international investment builders from New York City," the structure would have been 1,000' tall.
* June 25, 1960: First pickup truck CAMPER TRAILER arrives here, when the Guyn family visits from Arizona.
* June 26, 1910: SPEED TRAPS first set, to catch rich autoists whose chauffers had become notoriously fast.
* June 27, 1966: Area industrialists lament lack of motivation among local workers. "It's hard to get peole to work overtime. Money doesn't interest them."
* June 28, 1878: PAVING OF STATE STREET BEGINS, on section now known as the Commons. Within a week, laborers strike successfully for 25 cents higher daily wages.
* June 29, 1823: ELEPHANT exhibited at Luther Gere's tavern, corner Aurora/Seneca (now Contemporary Trends).
* June 30, 1903: GENERAL STRIKE of construction workers wins 8-hour day. Building contractors agree to increase wages as well.



"I always take time to read the Ithaca Community News, and find it worth while. I was wondering if you could help me find someone who can service/sharpen my hand-push reel lawn mower. I've been calling around to the local lawn supply centers, but haven't found a service that does this. I notice there are quite a few hand mowers in my neighborhood, and maybe the information would be helpful to other community members as well?" Thanks! --C. Shafer
---[REPLY] This is a fine and timely question, and it's good that so many people mow by hand. Agway sharpens for about $20. I've heard that dragging your mower backward for a quarter mile on blacktop does the job too.

"Thank you for the newsletter. It both directs my attention to opportunities and issues affecting my community and business, and provides the links to act upon them. The fact that it's a fun read is a bonus!"
--Jylle Benson-Gauss, Good Groceries, Watkins Glen
---[REPLY] Welcome to the list: glad to discover a health food store in the Glen (Good Groceries accepts 1/4 HOUR per purchase).

"As a classical musician and classical music enthusiast I have long been dismayed at the dismal selection of classical music in Ithaca's local record stores. True, one can find a smattering of interesting classical fare at Sounds fine, and the Bookery, but the selection is not deep, and much of what is there is of the dumbed-down compilation variety 'Mozart to mprove your kids test scores' 'Tchaikovsky for lovers' 'Vivaldi for elaxation', or cross-over 'artists' of limited merit such as Charlotte Church or Andrea Boccelli. In other words, the local record stores are offering mostly the commercial pap that clueless corporate executives please themselves to release under the banner of "classical music". In order to find the real stuff I have long resigned myself to having to trek up to Syracuse to partake of the marvelous selection at Borders in the Carousel Mall.
---"When I heard that Borders would be opening a store in Ithaca I was thrilled. The Ithaca store does not have nearly the selection in Classical music that the Syracuse store has, but it nonetheless manages to double (at least) the amount of classical music available in Ithaca. On my first visit to the Ithaca Borders I purchased the critically acclaimed recording of the Vaughan Williams 'London Symphony' in its original 1913 version, and the recent Nonesuch release of Steve Reich's 'Music for 18 Musicians.' In its classical record department Borders is offering something which cannot be found elsewhere in this culturally aware community. I intend to continue to purchase classical CDs from this fine store." --Mark G. Simon, Music critic, Ithaca Times

"ACR6" is WINNER of gift certificate to Small World Music. Send name/address by 7/15.

"I would like to say that I as many other on this list, truly enjoy and look forward to your news letter! I'm a member of the Ithaca Board of Realtors and I'm selling tickets for a cruise on the MV Manhattan to benefit both the Cayuga Waterfront Trail and the State Theater. Tickets $25/person; HOURS accepted." --Amanda K. Ryen 277-4592

"I seem to have associated you with previous efforts to get a trolley car in downtown Ithaca. Is this correct? If so, can you tell me more about it? Where, how have city officials responded, who to fund, etc? Thanks so much." --Erin L. Riddle
---{REPLY] The Ithaca Downtown Partnership is studying a trolley system. My article (1992) describing the environmental, economic and social benefits of reinstalling fixed rail between Cornell & Commons is at

"I am looking for information on the causes of sprawl in cities, possible solutions to the growing problem with our cities, making cities more green and more efficient in terms of ecologicalimpacts." --Skye
---[REPLY] Sprawl is caused by growing population, subsidization of highways (and lack of subsidy for rail) and subsidization of petroleum (via military control of oil fields), cheaper land in suburbs, racial flight (to avoid neighbors of color). For solutions see Smart Growth and New Rules Project For sample green city scenario see "Los Angeles: A History of the Future" Also

"Can you add my sister to the list of lucky people who get this?" -Michelle
---- "Hi would you please add my sister to your e news letter thankyou." --Bob

"Kudos to Chris Wilcox.and his answer to your editorial.. In your reply, you state, "National resources are dedicated, however, to avenging 9/11 and militarizing the economy, rather than to solving far greater daily mayhem."
---"No!!! National resources are dedicated not for avenging 9/11, but rather to try to keep you and other Americans safer from terrorists who want to kill you because you believe in democracy and because you are an infidel. If we don't spend national resources to try to keep our country safe from terrorists, 'daily mayhem' would be nothing compared to what would happen to our way of life. We would eventually succumb to their will, and democracy, with all its faults, would no longer exist in this country. It is not an accident that every country that supports terrorism is either a dictatorship or a nonconstitution monarchy that does not allow freedom of speech, press or religion.
---"If we do not spend money on anti terrorism, then all your ideas for a better life are futile. Terrorists are not interested in whether or not you support the Green Party and all the good and decent things it stands for. They would kill you because you believe in democracy and because you are an infidel. Vengeance? Ridiculous!!!" --Bill Baum
---[REPLY] First wake-up call from the Middle East was Arab Oil Embargo of1973. Then Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1979. Then Oil War I of 1991. Then Oil War II 2001. Their message has been: 'Western military, economic and cultural domination are not welcome here.' Yet the Oil President pretends there is no urgency to reduce dependence on imported oil. This is ignorance more terrifying than terrorism. We will lose our freedoms combatting enemies that are conquered only by energy conservation.

"Please add my wife's email address to receive the Ithaca Community News: you do a great job on this e-newsletter. I look forward to seeing it twice a month!" --Marc

"Thanks for all the work it must take to put out the Ithaca Community News. I live in Morro Bay, California now after living in Ithaca for 13 years and I love being able to keep up on some of what's happening. What's the latest with the sacred land across from Buttermilk Falls State Park?" --Kara Hagedorn
---[REPLY] Target went away, Home Depot signed the lease, Widewaters invaded public land to build a drainage swale, two protesters blocking the bulldozer were arrested but acquitted, the "Six-Point Plan" required to move additional shopper traffic through city has been scaled back, City's bonded indebtednessis near limit to install "improvements." Overall this will lose money and damage neighborhoods. Latest info is often placed at

"I'm replying to Steve Ehrhardt's comments on the six-point traffic plan. Rightly or wrongly, some of this is based on personal conversations with him.
---"In the early 90's, the BPW was considering a street hierarchy system (SHS), declaring certain streets arterials and making them the preferred route for traffic. Steve lives on Albany (a likely arterial), and he asked me to speak against SHS. I did so, favoring instead a grid system, where traffic is dispersed and everyone suffers from cars as equally as possible, but no one is "martyred" to make everyone else more comfortable. (The Plain St. bridge follows the grid concept, but Spencer St. is pure SHS.)
---"About that time, Steve first spoke to me about his interest in reopening the Plain St. bridge and making the 100 block of W. Spencer 2-way. I don't know who proposed the ideas, or what roles Steve has or hasn't played in their implementation, but he has known about them for some time.
---"Nor do I know how the Wilbur Smith traffic study was put together, but I recall when the Downtown Vision Task Force funded a marketing study. The consultant asked the DVTF what we wanted, and we said we wanted to know what types of businesses and activities downtown could support. This seemed to confuse him, and he kept restating the question. Eventually, someone mentioned a project they were interested in. The consultant looked relieved, and the final marketing report was very supportive of that project. I realized why he had been frustrated at first: he assumed that we wanted his support for projects that were already planned.
---"Perhaps the traffic study did not work this way. But that experience left me skeptical of the impartiality of such studies." --Jim Houghton

"NFW3" is WINNER of gift certificate to Maxie's Supper Club. Send name/address by 7/15.


SEE SPOT GALLERY: Ithaca's Quirky Eclectic Art Venoo! 108 The Commons
---MAMADOU DIABATE 6/27: local Kora player, benefit for See Spot. $7/advance; $10 at door; HOURS accepted.
---BENEFIT CONCERT 6/29 at 8pm: * Kerum--Baltimore, MD "the battering ram on the gates of heaven" * Diallo--CT "the gloves are off" *Something in the Water--NJ "I knew it" *RXSXN-- "disaster is its own reward." benefit for Books Thru Bars of Ithaca; ;$5 with a book/ $6 without a book. HOURS. [email protected] "Call now to book a show!" 277-7560

CORNELL CINEMA accepts 1/8 Ithaca HOUR for $1 off one general admission ticket (regularly $6), not valid in conjunction with other discount offers. Ithaca premiere of "Fierce Grace" 6/24. "Examines the life of Richard Alpert& Timothy Leary, who experimented with LSD in 1960s." 6/24 at 7:45pm in Willard Straight Theatre. $6 general /$5 undergraduates & seniors/$4 graduate students & kids 12 and under. 255-3522 Willard Straight Hall [email protected]

STATE THEATRE CLEANUP DAY 6/22 from 11am-3pm. "Our goal is to finish stripping off all of the old seat numbers so that we can begin to renumber the hall in July. As always, we will provide lunch and beverages in exchange for your elbow grease." RSVP Beth Tallman 273-6633

STATE THEATRE T-SHIRT! $15 or 2 for $25; max 1/2 HOUR. at ticket office next door.


(Ithaca)--Employees at Lakeside Nursing Home reacted with shock and disappointment to the contract offer made by the facility's management.
---"With all the new state funding available to nursing homes, I had high hopes that we would have smooth contract bargaining." said Bonnie Brown, a certified nursing assistant with 15 years at Lakeside and chair of the union chapter there. "But when management came to the table with no increase for the next year and one-half, I was shocked."
---Employees have been meeting with Lakeside officials since March in an effort to reach a new collective bargaining agreement. The old agreement covering 180 staff expired March 31.
---"I love my job at Lakeside and my grandfather is a resident here. I want Lakeside to be the greatest nursing facility in the area." continued Brown. "To succeed, we need to attract new employees and keep our current ones. The only way to do that is for management to offer a great deal more. We worked hard to get the new state funding. Now Lakeside has to spend it for the purpose it was intended: to improve staffing."
---Staff are members of SEIU Local 1199Upstate. They include Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Social Workers, Certified Nursing Assistants, service and maintenance employees." 315-424-1743 x124


WEOS RADIO LISTENERS IN THE ITHACA AREA: "If you are having trouble receiving WEOS on the 88.1 FM Ithaca translator, please let us know. We will be relocating and upgrading the service in July, which should improve the reception for everyone." --Ithaca Community Radio 273-0532. Rich Entlich says, "I listen to WEOS-FM via cable all the time. The correct FM frequency is 98.9


BOUND FOR GLORY: free folk music at Anabel Taylor Hall, Sundays 8:30pm
* 6/23 JOHN SPECKER. "one man Old Timey band, a man of boundless energy, and excellent tunes."
* 6/30 FOUR SHILLINGS SHORT. "a strange and wonderful neo-Celtic duo. "
* 7/7 THE McKRELLS. "Bluegrass meets Celtic, hot fiddling meets wild percussion."

"SDM7" is WINNER of gift certificate to Harvest Deli. Send name/address by 7/15.


TEN VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) JOBS FOR TOMPKINS COUNTY "to help address rural service delivery needs. United Way will serve as the umbrella organization for the grant and the VISTA members will be hosted at nine local nonprofits. " To apply, or offer low-cost housing: Amy Bonn 272-6286


NEW DOWNTOWN ITHACA BROCHURE better depicts our multi-ethnic comunity than last year's-- features musicians, historic buildings, crafts, waterfalls, bookstores, theatres, cafes, waterfront. No photos of parking garages, Rte 13. No jaywalking warning.

CHALLENGING CHAIN STORE INVASION OF COMMONS Due to the prominence of Borders Books on the Commons during the Ithaca Festival, several members of the Ithaca Downtown Partnership are circulating a resolution to keep chain stores away from Commons events:
---"Whereas, the IDP was created in 1997 to "ensure that downtown Ithaca remains a vibrant and economically healthy center of the Community,"
---"And, whereas, the advertisement or promotion of stores outside the IDP district is counterproductive to the IDP's goal stated above,
---"Therefore be it resolved that the IDP will not promote chain stores or franchise corporations headquartered outside of Tompkins county who have no outlet within the IDP district. This includes, but is not limited to allowing them to sponsoring events or parts of events, purchasing space on banners or any other form of advertising at IDP events or within the IDP district." Joe Wetmore


SIVANANDA YOGA: Tammi Aiken recently returned from India. Classes start at Yoga Corner in Community Corners in July. Ithaca HOURS accepted

SUBLET FOR THERAPISTS/COUNSELORS: professional office w/ welcoming waiting area. Various times/days available. 272-7720 Ellen Peterson

"Responsible, friendly lesbian entering freshmen year of college in august seeks a room/apartment to rent. I'd prefer to live with other people who can help guide me in living on my own. i have a good-mannered, declawed cat and would like to bring him with me if it is possible." Beril Elgun 535-2634


PEE WEE NATURALISTS AT THE LIBRARY (w/Cayuga Nature Center) for preschoolers ages 3-5, third Mondays of the month7/15 at 11:00am; 8/19 at 11:00am. "Learn about wildlife, see some up close, & have fun making nature crafts."

DANCES OF UNIVERSAL PEACE first Saturdays of each month at Foundation of Light 391 Turkey Hill Road 273-9550


International Student Exchange "looking for host families for high school students from VIETNAM, MAINLAND CHINA, SOUTH AMERICA, and JAPAN. Students have proper visas, speak English, have health insurance, telephone cards, personal spending money. These young ladies and gentlmen look forward to being immersed in American culture. Their stay at your home also entitles you to a tax deduction, and a young person to help with various chores in your home and graden." 277-7351 [email protected]


MUNDO GITANO ANNIVERSARY PARTY 7/14 from 12-6 pm. "It's our 9th year and we'll have food & entertainment. Please come support mundo gitano 320 e.state st. so we can be open another year."

"123TCN" is WINNER of gift certificate to Mundo Gitano. Send name/address by 7/15.


PLANET PLANNING at Foundation of Light 6/20-23


"GREEN LIGHTS" movie about Ithaca by Robert Lieberman has been selected as one of the films to be featured at the Dancewithfilms Festival in Los Angeles. It'll be screening at 7:15pm on 7/13 at LAEMMLE'S MONICA 4-PLEX, 1332 2nd St. Santa Monica, California.

ANOTHER ITHACA MOVIE! independent short film shooting in Ithaca area July & August. Open talent call 6/29: Maria Mallon 277-7185

ART SHOWS at GreenStar & at airport- students of Elisabeth Gross-Marks

"VROSE" is WINNER of gift certificate to ABC Cafe. Send name/address by 7/15.

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