June #1 2002


[This is the first of two messages monthly sent to 6,408 Ithaca area residents]

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LARGEST YARD SALE IN ITHACA'S HISTORY: 6/15 & 16 Tons of new/like-new clothes, shoes, housewares, etc. "Name your own prices!" Dozens of Student Re-Use Project volunteers have collected and sorted these fine goods. "Twice as big as last year," says organizer Daniella Leifer. On Plantations Road near Forest Home Drive, near south shore of Beebe Lake: MAP to sale
---Second sale may take place later June at Gun Hill parking lot. Third sale downtown. To be announced.

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BROOKLYNITES-IN-ITHACA is having its Fourth Annual Reunion 6/13 from 5:30-8:30pm at Stewart Park in small pavillion.


ITHACA CAR SHARE organizing 6/3 at 7pm at 110 Sears Street, #2. "Car sharing provides a convenient & economical alternative to car ownership, offering access to a car for local trips for a fee. The car share movement is quickly gaining momentum in the U.S. The Boulder, CO car share program is similar to what we'd like to create in Ithaca
---"We're looking for other folks to join with us to start a trial program for this summer. Someone has already donated a car; we're just looking for drivers!"
---"And if you like the idea of car sharing, & would like to support this effort in other ways (donations or donated services such as web site design, car maintenance, oil changes, etc.): Kristen or Michael 272-4730

"If you live in a city, you don't need to own a car." --William Clay Ford, Jr. CEO, Ford Motor Co.


PLANET PLANNING ITHACA "Envisioning a Better World for 2020" Future Fair & Film Festival 6/20-23 at Foundation of Light (391 Turkey Hill Rd) Schedule at Citizens' Councils on "Honoring Humanity," "Environmental Responsibility," "Sustainability," "Spirituality," "Healthy Living," "Eco-Economics."

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GREEN PARTY CANDIDATE for U.S. CONGRESS from Ithaca: FRED WILCOX, Associate Professor of Writing at Ithaca College for the past 15 years says, "Peace doesn't come through war. I have two children in New York City, and bombing Afghanistan [supported by Maurice Hinchey] has not made them safer. The only way to end terrorism is not not by war on people, but justice."
---Wilcox criticized Hinchey for endorsing the so-called U.S. Patriot Act, which curtails civil liberties. "This was one of the most important laws perhaps in the history of the country, and Hinchey said he hadn't had time to read it." Suggesting that if Greens had dominated Congress the Act would have failed he said, "I have no faith or trust in the Democratic Party." He also regretted that Hinchey offered "110% support of Israel," during the recent destruction of refugee camps.
---Author of "Agent Orange," Wilcox calls for ending the "cancer epidemic caused by contaminated environments." He says, "many people I knew here have died young from cancer. Multinational corporations have a license to poison us. The FDA and EPA don't work."
---Wilcox also supports women's reproductive rights, ending the prison-industrial complex, closing the School of the Americas, revival of a national passenger rail system. "I promote not rhetoric or ideology but what is practical, what benefits the people."

GREEN CANDIDATE FOR NYS GOVERNOR < a href="">STANLEY ARONWITZ has called for raising taxes on those with incomes above $50,000.

DEMOCRACY NOW! radio signal is weak at WEOS 89.7FM but some may find show at 88.1FM Those with cable TV can attach a cable splitter to radio and receive it at 97.5FM On the web at

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"HOMEGROWN TALENT SHOW will feature some Known Talent as well as open mike slots for short acts. Music, Poetry, Magic, Acrobatics, Anything. Prizes for most original acts. Benefit to help protect Buttermilk Falls State Park from commercial development. 6/16, 7:30pm, Autumn Leaves Books. Suggested donation $4. Dan Klein 272-7582.

SHARE FARM 6/22 from 10am-7pm "lots of great music and food, farm tours, horsedrawn wagon rides." 4061 Truesdale Rd., corner Truesdale & Great Gully Roads, just east of Rt. 90 in between Aurora & Union Springs. Sliding scale donation starting at $5. HOURS accepted. 315-889-7371 [email protected]

PLANTS FOR LIFE SALE ORGANIZATIONAL MTG 6/19 from 7:30-9:00pm at Women's Community Building. "Volunteers with all talents, skills, and interest levels needed. Benefits the Ithaca Breast Cancer Alliance. SALE 9/14 [email protected] 257-9598.

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CAYUGA LAKE WATERSHED NETWORK seeks volunteers for monitoring water quality. "One hour every other week until September sampling from middle of lake for clarity & weed growth, chemicals. 532-4104

CAYUGA LAKE RISES due to wet May breaking dry spell:

WATERFRONT TRAIL STEPPING STONES will be placed at five trailheads. Place your name on a stone, starting at $50. HOURS accepted.

CAYUGA BASIN BIOREGIONAL MAP Learn about the Cayuga Bioregion! $10 at GreenStar & Oasis (HOURS accepted) Researched/organized by Sandy Wold 272-3814


CORNELL CINEMA RESUMES JUNE 19 Accepts 1/8 Ithaca HOUR per adult ticket except for matinees, nor in conjunction with other discount offers, nor for the purchase of the 10-admission discount card, or certain special events.

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ITHACA GRAFITTI: Good mood on Linden Ave: "Smile-- Life is Rad." Also "SWEET" & "BEAUTY" in huge sidewalk letters. There's a strolling TV in Chinese calligraphic style spreading downtown from Collegetown.


PANCAKE BREAKFAST 6/15 Southside Community Center 9:00am- noon during JUNETEENTH. Tickets $6.00. Sponsored by Ithaca-Corning Graduate Chapter, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. "Proceeds will support the annual AKA scholarship fund, given each year to a graduating IHS senior."


BORDERS at PYRAMID MALL Borders Lansing has issued employees t-shirts saying "Outsell, Outservice, Outsurvive-- Ithaca" Former Asst Merchandizing Manager Deirdra Cross says overworked (15-hr days) injured workers (broken wrist, crushed hand) were not provided workers' compensation; some were fired when seeking benefits. She says others are still waiting for paychecks due, and that some hired part-time are now required to work full time, without benefits. She says that workers who take a bathroom break without permission were punished with a four-hour 're-training course.' Here's Borders' union-busting manual
---Cross, speaking as a former bookstore manager and professional rare book finder, says Borders' market size effectively controls what publishers decide to publish. When Borders says no to a title, publishers cancel.

Ben Regenspan writes: "At the Ithaca Festival I saw a huge Borders banner on The Commons, placed inappropriately enough just near Autumn Leaves. This reminded me that I have not seen much local action against Borders and that Borders was covered in a blindingly positive manner recently in The Ithaca Times. I just prepared a fact-sheet and wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions or anything to add or remove from the sheet. My idea was that I would distribute this in front of Borders, and place leaflets in various locations inside. Does anyone want to help leaflet?"



ITHACA FARMER'S MARKET now open on Tuesdays 10am-2pm at DeWitt Park as well as Saturdays (Rte 13 & 3rd St) 9am-2pm.

TURBACK'S RESTAURANT RE-OPENING this summer. Watch for details. HOURS accepted. Michael Turback reads from his new book "A Month of Sundaes" 6/26 at 7:30pm at public library.

A.J. TEETER FARM Community Supported Agriculture: still a few shares left for the 2002 season. Pick-ups on farm (south of Ithaca near Treman Park) or downtown, working or non-working option, Ithaca HOURS happily accepted 277-4547

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STOP GENETICALLY ENGINEERED CROPS in New York [email protected] Legislation to impose a 5-year moratorium on planting genetically engineered crops in NYS (A.5741/S.3016) & to require labeling of GMO foods (A.6778/S.3348) is stalled in both houses of the NYS Legislature. To take action
---"Agricultural genetic engineering is a revolutionary technology. Unlike traditional crop selection & breeding, genetic engineering circumvents the boundaries that normally govern genetic recombination. Genes from unrelated species, even other kingdoms of organisms, can be directly inserted into a plant's DNA.
---"The potential hazards of such crops are myriad, including: injury or death of non-target insects & beneficial species that come into contact with plants engineered to produce their own pesticides; promotionof pesticide resistance in insects & weeds; toxicity & allergenicity of food crops as a result of foreign genes being inserted & existing genes reshuffled during the insertion process; promotion of antibiotic resistance when resistant bacteria are used in the insertion process; increased pesticide residues in crops designed to be resistant to herbicides; decreased biodiversity & stability of our food production system with the market dominance of a limited number of patentedseeds."


Speaking of Genetically Modified Organisms: New traveling exhibition "FRANKENSTEIN: PENETRATING THE SECRETS OF NATURE comes to town (10/1-11/17) ITHACA READS FRANKENSTEIN: Tompkins County Public Library organizes "a community wide reading of the novel this summer & early fall - at the Library, at GIAC, at High Schools or Middle Schools, at Titus Towers or Kendal, in private homes all over the County."
---MEET TO ORGANIZE the reading, at TCPL 6/10 at 4.30pm. "Cornell has also promised to give several hundred copies of the book Frankenstein to community groups who will be reading the book."


GRASSROOTS FESTIVAL TICKETS now $60 for weekend. One Ithaca HOUR accepted as PART price. 7/18-21 at Trumansburg Fairgrounds.

---6/8 at 8pm Five Bucks, Endive: 277-7560 call now to book a show!
---6/12 Spoken Word (open mic) 5-7pm
---6/14 Katie Sawicki (accustic folk) 8pm
---6/15 June opening reception 7pm

JODY KESSLER 6/15, 8pm, Juna's Cafe, The Commons, $5 admission, HOURS accepted 256-4292

JEFF KALNITZ at ABC Cafe 6/22 at 9:30pm. "Soulful, extraordinary mix of political & lover's folk/reggae/world music to energize the spirit & soothe the soul. Originals & covers."

WATER BEAR 277-5963
---Commons 6/21 from 12- 1:30pm, Center Pavilion.
---ABC Cafe: 6/14 at 9:30pm ( $5.00 admission, HOURs accepted).
---"This summer we will be playing out as a trio [Hank Roberts away], inviting guest artists to play."

"LIBERACION" A benefit CD from San Lucas Toliman, Guatemala, 100% of proceeds donated to the children, school, church & community of San Lucas!" Organized by Amy Glicklich and Tenesi. Featuring 600 children. Includes 23 songs

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* June 7, 1922: SKINNYDIPPING in city limits is legalized, from one hour after sundown until one hour before sunrise, but not in Six Mile Creek.
* June 8, 1949: Area's first DRIVE-IN THEATER opens in Dryden with showing of Shirley Temple's "That Hagen Girl." Steel screen is 60 by 34 feet, car capacity 796, and baby food is sold at refreshment stand.
* June 9, 1906: HAILSTONES EIGHT INCHES IN CIRCUMFERENCE smash city. People knocked unconscious, cows beat bloody, hens killed, roofs ruined. Ice breaks through window shutters to break glass.
* June 10, 1887: First trip of ELECTRIC STREET RAILWAY to newly-opened Renwick (Stewart) Park. Round trip 10 cents.
* June 11, 1876: Michael Conway, 15, completes inscription of 5 books of Genesis on a POSTCARD.
* June 12, 1938: County's last surviving CIVIL WAR VETERAN, George Ehle of Trumansburg, celebrates his 100th birthday. He enlisted at age 23 and was wounded at Gettysburg.
* June 13, 1830: Construction begins on FALL CREEK TUNNEL, a channel 200' long blasted through rock by Ezra Cornell, to divert water from the top of Ithaca Falls to factories.
* June 14, 1897: 100,000 STAMPS soaked into asolid sticky mass at the Post Office.
* June 15, 1923: FIRST PARACHUTE JUMP here, by Paul Wilson, from one mile above South Hill. He lands in a bush by Coddington Road.



"I'd like to be added to the Ithaca News list. My friend recently forwarded me the most recent version and I was grateful to see a resource like this in the community." --Shane
--- "Please add me to your enews letter. My daughter referred me, thanks." --Shawn
'Always remember the beauty of the garden, for there is peace.'

"Jim Houghton's message and Steven Ehrhardt's reply will, (has already)? excited a great deal of comment [about the Four-Point Traffic Plan]. What Ehrhardt says reinforces Jim's position. Council should be concerned primarily with the well-being of Ithaca residents. The transformation of three quiet streets into links between the Commons and theSouthwest area, carving away the heart of our place for no better reason than the encouragement of auto traffic, simply continues the destruction of the special character of this place.

"How can Council suppose that we are willing to pay any portion of the costs of such destruction of our homeland? A trolley-style free shuttle from the parking lots in the southwest to the Commons would enhance visitors' pleasure, cut traffic and pollution, and leave the neighborhoods and the mellow spirit of this place intact." --Marilyn Williams

Thank you for putting me on your list. Could you please send me May #1? --Corinne
---[REPLY] All back issues are found at

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"Thanks for the newsletter--my hope is that some day I, too, may win a pound of the much loved Gimme coffee of John and Kevin's collaborative efforts. I love their stores and am so glad that soon there will be one in T'burg." --Lisa Harris

"You wrote the following editorial: 'The United States Congress kills far more Americans than terrorists do. 18,000 Americans die yearly because 40,000,000 of us can't afford health insurance. 440,000 Americans are killed yearly by the tobacco industry, helped by tax breaks. Federal highways kill/maim thousands of Americans yearly, while railroads lose funding. The weakening of urban air standards, to suit auto interests, kills thousands more. Shifting federal funds toward the military-- and away from clean food & water, and energy alternatives-- is more deadly than explosions.'
---"My reply: There is no moral equivalence between the decision of the American people (expressed through their elected representatives) to forgo universal heath insurance and the murder campaigns conducted by terrorists. It is indefensible to compare a death that results from a person's lifelong decision to smoke to the deaths that resulted from the blowing up of buildings filled with people, or to the beheading of a man on video tape because he is an "American Jew."
---"If you truly fail to understand the difference between these two actions, I urge you to capitalize on your community resources - tell some of your fellow Ithacans who smoke that you sympathize with their suffering, that you join them in solidarity in their plight against the murderous tobacco industry and that, while not a smoker yourself, you share their understanding that a lit cigarette is no less a death trap than a crumbling 110-story building full of innocents.
---"You can follow up this exercise at a federal highway rest stop by discussing with drivers the tragedy of our nation's dependence on paved highways, our collective longing to ride railroad cars and the shared experience of those of us who drive on highways with those who were blasted out of the sky over Lockerbie. You may also consider sending a letter to the family of Daniel Pearl to explain that, while their suffering is justifiable, they should not underestimate the daily suffering you endure by being forced to inhale the exhaust of SUVs while riding your bicycle to GreenStar.
---"Your exploitation of the victims of terrorist murders in order to further your extremist views is despicable." --Regards, Chris Wilcox
---[REPLY] Millions of premature American deaths are caused by dependencies on HMOs, cigarettes, automobiles and contamined urban air which are protected by Congressional policy. These deaths, though more private, are each as tormenting to bereaved families as those of September 11-- and are more despicable since caused by Americans. National resources are dedicated, however, to avenging 9/11 and militarizing the economy, rather than to solving far greater daily mayhem.

"I was born and raised in Ithaca and would like to keep up with what's going on in the community. Please subscribe me to Ithaca News." --Thanks, Brian Slattery

"I realized upon receiving your latest Community News that I should have written something about Bush II war. But below is a copy of letter to editor to Journal in 1991 re: Bush I War. Although details are different, it points to principles applicable to this current fiasco.
---"President Bush invoked the theory of "just-war" in defending his attack upon Iraq, saying that "the first condition of a just war is that the cause be just" and that his action represented "the noblest of causes."
---"Without bothering to argue the nobility or 'just-ness' of going to war over oil, jobs, protecting our "way of life" (culture of conspicuous consumption), or the restoration of a feudal monarchy, let it be pointed out that some other conditions of a just war were not mentioned by him and are not met by involvement of U.S. and allies: complicity, consistency, proportionality, and self-defense. --Allen Lambert full text

"Just beginning to take time to appreciate your newsletter Perhaps someday I'll feel ready to get more involved. As a 72 year old widow, am just beginning to get it together." Pamela C.

"In response to the article on Ani Difranco's show in Ithaca: First, let me state that I have a problem with people condemning capitalism when I have just paid $27.50 to see them play. Second, Ani is an amazing musician and performer who communicates many ideas to her audience that have little to no forum, and need to be heard. I am sure she somehow justifies her beration of capitalism, but the truth is- she is a capitalist. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with being a responsible capitalist. I just wish she would ease up on the hypocritical rhetoric." --Sincerely, Ward Morford
---[REPLY] DiFranco donated all profits from her recent shows to the Buffalo, NY school district.

"I would like to thank you for printing the article about the Ani DiFranco concert on April 19th. I was one of the people standing in line since 10:30AM to see her, and what an amazing show it was. Thanks Again." --Adam Just

"I am a former Ithacan, now living in Albany and currently going into my 4th year on the Board at Honest Weight Food Coop. I visit Ithaca and Greenstar regularly. I have now heard what happened at your last election and also have read your articles in Ithaca News.
---"Your insights are very close to questions that are being raised at Honest Weight. Our Board elections in April changed the philosophical orientation of the Board. Our general manager has now resigned as well as three board members who supported him. Two other board incumbents were defeated in the elections. We are at a turning point." --Virginia McEwen

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"Our love of fresh flowers is hating the earth. Americans demand fresh, cheap flowers year-round, unaware that floriculture has the highest use of extremely t oxic chemicals in all of agriculture. These chemicals are used in the growing fields; poisoning earth, water and w orkers. In addition there are great vats of chemicals at the shipping stations into which the flowers are dunked p rior to export to the USA; we don't allow bugs into our c ountry but we do allow invisible poisons. Sobering news for those of us who perhaps routinely throw commercially grown flowers into our "organic" compost piles, or have small children around who occasionally like to nibble a petal or two.
---"Here's the good news: It's flower season here in Ithaca, and many of us can pick fresh bouquets from our yards and gardens. The Farmers Market i s a great place to buy inexpensive and beautiful arrangements. Talk to these farmers about getting your floral needs met for Spring, Summer and Fall events. Maybe there are even folks with greenhouses who could provide potted flowers in the winter with some advance planning.
---"Be aware that local doesn't mean no toxic chemicals-- organic does . Be willing to accept an occasional blemish or bug-hole and you will have peace of mind if there are flower nibblers in your house. You may need to be a little more creative in the off-season. Dried arrangements are beautiful and , if dusted, last quite a long time.
---Dry your own or choose from the many available at the Farmers Market. Crave fresh? Many potted plants will bloom in winter with proper care; bulbs can be forced (although I suspect that the bulb industry has its hand well into the toxic pie - anyone know a source for organic bulbs?) and when you really need fresh-cut flowers, try Organic Bouquet 1-888-899-2468. Their flowers are fresh-harvested to order and shipped overnight--beautiful and a great gift. Keep in mind, though, that shipping takes its own toll. Keep these for specials." --Sarah Widercrantz

"I just wanted to pass on this thought concerning [Congressional redistricting]. It seems to me the need for redistricting has come about because New York's population has decreased to the point where we are no longer allowed as many representatives as in the past. If this is the case it would seem to make sence that the areas where the population has dwindled are the areas that would lose a rep. or be involved in some sort of change. This certainly is not the case in Ithaca and Tompkins county. We are one of the few areas in New York State that has increased in population." --William Clark


SEEKING SPANISH LESSONS for son, 2 or 3 30-minute sessions/week -- wish to barter for services Jessica Ryan

CUSLAR offers beginning & intermediate Spanish classes, taught by native speakers. $90/month. Ithaca HOURS accepted. 255-7293
* Beginning I - Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:30-7:00 pm
* Beginning II - Tuesdays and Thursdays, 5:30-7:00 pm
* Intermediate - Tuesdays 7:00-8:30 pm, Wednesdays, 5:30-7:00 pm

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT EXCHANGE seeks Ithaca area family to host high school student from Taiwan. "This young gentleman loves music and plays the violin as well as a traditional Chinese instrument called the Nan-Hu." from 9/02-1/03 or entire school yr 9/02- 6/03. Arrives with visa, health insurance, spending money email 277-7351

HOST FAMILIES SOUGHT for French & Spanish students ages 13- 18 for June or July, by Nacel Open Door Immersion. Males & females. "They have good English skills & are eager to experience the U.S. as part of an American family. Hosts for adult chaperones also needed." Debbie Teeter 277-4547 \

"JCURRIE" is WINNER of gift certificate to Mundo Gitano. Reply by 6/20 to claim.


MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE from $5.15 to $6.75 passed NYS Assembly. To endorse passage by NYS Senate, contact Senator Seward (City of Ithaca and the Towns Ithaca, Dryden, Lansing, and Groton) (607) 432-5524 and Senator Kuhl (Caroline, Danby, Enfield, Newfield) (607) 776-4111

"No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country." --Franklin Delano Roosevelt


CONTEMPLATIVE SHABBAT SERVICE: Jewish Renewal of the Fingerlakes, monthly Shabbat morning service of sacred chant, movement, meditation, song, sharing, and celebration 6/8 at 10:00am. No knowledge of Hebrew or meditation necessary. Led by Mona Sulzman. For location 277-7553.

"MOUNTAINJOE444" is WINNER of gift certificate to Cafe Strand. Reply by 6/20 to claim.


LIBRARY FORCED TO INCREASE FEES & Decrease Expenditures to Meet County Budget
---"In response to impending reductions in funding from the county, the library's trustees froze $62,000 worth of expenditures for audio-visual materials for 2002. New movie releases on video and DVD may not be found on the shelves.
---"The library depends on the county for 70% of its funding.
---"To increase revenue, trustees reluctantly approved charging an annual $25 fee for library cards to patrons living outside of the Finger Lakes Library System.
---"In addition, users of the Borg Warner community meeting room will have to pay a fee for the use of the room. Nonprofit groups will pay $15 for a three-hour block of time and for-profit groups may use the room for a $30 fee.
---"The library will also be taking a 'get tough' attitude toward delinquent patrons." Ithaca HOURS are accepted for fines.



SCIENCENTER is seeking volunteers: 272-0600.


FIRST FRIDAYS NETWORKING EVENT for professionals of color, to be held at the Radisson Hotel, 6/7 at 7:30pm Corning, NY 962.9000


CARTOONS & CARDBOARD through June at Gimme! Coffee (Cayuga/Cascadilla) by this editor.

SEEKING STUDIO/ARTSPACE: looking for live/work space; flexible move-in up til Sept.1; 10 mi radius Ithaca: Katherine thanks!

"OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE downtown Ithaca in historic building. Other tenants: chiropractors, acupuncturists, massage therapists & psychotherapists. Approx.450 sq. ft. on 2nd. fl w/private entrance. Accept up to 2 Ithaca HOURS toward rent." Patti Jacobson 273-7682

"MASTERING YOUR EMOTIONS" series with Maurice Haltom begins 6/15, monthly,thru December. HOURS accepted. "As a psychotherapist & Tai Chi/Qigong instructor, I will assist participants at gaining facility at being more able to address their own emotional challenges."

USING HERBS TO BEE WELL! 6/19 at Autumn Leaves 115 Commons 6:00 - 7:30pm. Shawn Tubridy & Heather Bretz. Learn about local, wild plants. Register: 387-8343 . $10-$20 sliding scale, Ithaca HOURS, Barter & trade okay, Ithaca Health Fund discount.

"LORRAINEOHARA" is WINNER of pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Reply by 6/20 to claim.


ITHACA ULTIMATE FRISBEE! Summer co-ed league: 272-3489


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