May #2 2002


[This is the second of two messages monthly sent to 6,401 Ithaca area residents]

TWELVE READERS OF THIS ISSUE HAVE WON GIFT CERTIFICATES with Ithaca Bakery ($5), Gimme! Coffee (one pound), Small World Music ($10), Viva Taqueria ($5), Cinemapolis/Fall Creek Pictures (2 tickets), Conkie'sRestaurant ($10), Ben & Jerry's (pint), Maxie's Supper Club ($10), Harvest Deli ($6), ABC Cafe ($10), Sparrow's Wine ($10), or Cafe Strand ($7.50), Mundo Gitano ($10). WINNING EMAILS (randomly selected by computer) ARE NOTED BELOW.


ITHACA FESTIVAL 2002 May 30-June 2. Parade is Thursday, May 30 at 7:00pm. For schedule See also Ithaca Journal 5/28. "Festival organizers are still looking for volunteer face painters, tech crew and clean up crew. If you would like to volunteer this year please contact [email protected] Organizers are seeking Polaroid One-Step cameras for a special community art project." Please contact 273-3646 [email protected] T-Shirts $15, max 1/2 HOUR accepted.

GIANT WETLAND MURAL PAINTING at Festival: 6/1, DeWitt Park. "Paint your favorite wetland plants, animals, and landscapes." Sponsored by Ithaca Children's Garden.

Volunteers sought to help CUSLAR sell pizza at Festival: "Please let us know if you are willing to work a 2-3 hour shift either selling or driving. 255-7293 or CUSLAR


"NAME YOUR OWN PRICE" SALE 6/15- 16: TONS of new & like-new clothes, shoes, housewares sold by the STUDENT RE-USE PROJECT
---Sale location will likely be at Gun Hill parking lot again. To be announced.
---Thank you, students! Please put your discards on porch in bags/boxes labelled "SRP."

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"PEOPLE THINK" is the latest grafitto spotted locally. Perhaps it refers to our choice of bookstores. When chainstores dominate the bookbuying scene they dominate publishers. As a result, "popular" titles by larger publishers tend to dominate shelf space. New and challenging ideas become less readily available. A good description of this process

INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES promote themselves online and Independents are listed


AUTUMN LEAVES USED BOOKS publishes challenging titles like "Enron & the Global Energy Wars," "New War Against Terror "(Chomsky), "White House of Evil," "How Wal-Mart is Remaking Our World."

FRIENDS OF THE LIBRARY SPRING BOOK SALE 5/25-5/28 from 8am-8pm. 100,000 titles. 509 Esty St.

ALTERNATIVES LIBRARY SUMMER SCHEDULE: Re-opens 5/28. Mon-Fri 11am-5pm. Sundays 6/23-7/28 from 5pm-11pm during Bound for Glory live shows. Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell. HOURS accepted for fines. All welcome.


GREEN PARTY NYS CONVENTION IN ITHACA 5/25 at 8am at Community School Music & Arts (3rd fl) considers three candidates for NYS Governor:
---* Stanley Aronowitz is professor at NYU and author of "The Knowledge Factory: Dismantling the Corporate University and Creating True Higher Learning" "The Jobless Future" and many other books.
---* Alice Green, the Green Party candidate for Lt. Governor four years ago, is the Executive Director of The Center for Law and Justice, which monitors criminal justice activities, provides legal assistance & criminal justice advocacy, & organizes efforts to change social policy and to empower poor people and people of color. Before she founded The Center, she was the Legislative Director for the New York Civil Liberties Union. Her 1998 campaign
---* Donald Hassig is founder of Cancer Action NY, eco-building contractor, organic farmer, poet.

NYS GREEN PARTY BENEFIT CONCERT 5/25 8pm-midnight at CSMA (block east of Viva Taqueria). Featuring BURNS SISTERS, BIDDY SULLIVAN, PLASTIC NEBRASKA! more info

CAYUGA BASIN BIOREGION MAP: beautiful full-color illustrated map (Camille Doucet) of our lake's watershed, with plants/animals. $10 or One HOUR at GreenStar, Oasis

GREEN CITIES will continue to be taught at Cornell, thanks to student activism. Doug Krisch (grad) gathered over 200 signatures demanding that Rob Young's popular course be continued, after City & Regional Planning dropped it. Doug says: "Thank you for all those who signed the petition and wrote emails to the administration. Our voices were heard. Let this victory fuel our fires as we continue to strive for a stronger sustainability curriculum and administrative policies here at Cornell."


* Friday: Dinner 6:30pm ($12; Seniors, kids $8; HOURS accepted); Jazz Show w/Gerry Eastman 7:30pm; song for Bernie Milton; After Party at Elk's Lodge 10pm- 2am, $5.
* Saturday: Street Fair: food, vendors, performers; Silent Auction 11am-8pm; Bounce House
* Sunday: Father's Day Dinner, $10 (seniors, kids $6) Fashion Show
* Volunteers welcome: 273-4190


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ANI DiFRANCO IN ITHACA: Millions of America's youth LOVE a folksinger who sings passionately for anti-capitalist revolution, nonviolence, feminism, sexuality and environmental protection. The line formed at 6am on 4/19 at the State Theatre for her 7:30pm full-house performance.
--- When asked why they were so early these people barraged the reporter with reasons: "Oh, my God," said Rebecca Spiro, "she's intelligent, funny, political & profound." All others felt the same: "She's like the Joan Baez of our time, but better," "She covers everything-- she's not your average love song on the radio," "It's her independence, femininity & power," "She's empowered so many people," "She's got so much to say; she declared that Bush wasn't president," "She sparks you to do something for the world-- to make change!"
---"Ani in Ithaca is perfect. This is just such her town!" DiFranco once performed at the Ithaca Festival, at the State Street Music Hall, and at ABC Cafe in 1993.

"WOMAN IN HER PRIME" by local songwriter Marcie Boyd is now available on CD and at "I wrote it for my 40th birthday show, to affirm and celebrate the passionate nature of women in midlife and beyond, and it's aged well (like me!). Whenever I sing it, people ask for copies!" $4.00 each, HOURS accepted: Marcie Boyd, 101 Rachel Carson Way, Ithaca

SEE-SPOT GALLERY: 108 The Commons, HOURS accepted for:
---5/24 at 6pm: Digger (Hopeless Records, PA), Endive, Quiet After Midnight, Pyronic, Special Unit 2, Earl's Garage, Crazy Edgar. $6 admission.
---5/25 at 8pm: Experimental Film and Video by Adee Good, Park Doing, Lisa Gallant & Dave Bristol. $4/
----5/31 at 6pm Community Discussion on Race and Feminism
---6/1 at 8pm: See Spot Flying Circus, featuring The Fabulous Flying Good -n- Menter The World's Second Greatest Baton Twirler
---GRASSROOTS JAM SESSIONS every Thursday "for any grassroots/itown musician to play & play with friends (we'll hook you up with a date). We've got tons of events coming up in the next few weeks, so come on down to your favorite SPOT, we'd love to see your pretty faces!" --Rebecca J Burton 277-7560

"SKINNYDIPPING" is new CD by Water Bear. Release party 5/29 at Autumn Leaves Books 6pm-9pm. Cover charge $5.00, and the CD will be only $13.00 that night. HOURS accepted. The CD will also be available at Ithaca Guitar Works, Small World Music, and at . 277-5963, email Mer Boel

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EVENTS/GOODS/SERVICES are noted in Ithaca Community News when Ithaca HOURS are accepted for part/full price. Thousands of residents and 500 businesses accept HOURS.



---Philip Crimmins reports kayaking from the lake to the Police Station, by the public library. He has seen beaver, heron, turtles, deer, mink, muskrat, gar pike, trout, black terns, osprey, loon in the wet centers of the city. His company, Puddledockers, rents canoes and kayaks; provides kayak lessons 273-0096 Half HOUR accepted.

PADDLING DAY at Treman Marina 6/15 from 10-3pm at boat launch: display of canoes/kayaks. Paddlers and rowers on the lake stay close to the shoreline, since conditions can change rapidly.

GOOD BIKES CHEAP from Recycle Ithaca's Bicycles. RIBS fixes donated bikes for re-use HOURS accepted.




ITHACA WAR TAX RESISTERS POTLUCK 5/25 at 6:30pm at 125 Park Place, right side apartment (#2). Call 256-9733 if you need more info! [email protected]

SHARKS ON PARADE in Ithaca Festival Parade 5/23. Anti-Globalization group is finishing touch.

ACTIVIST TABLING ON COMMONS THROUGHOUT SUMMER --David Galezo [email protected] Sharks, Network for Peace and Justice, Green Party, Ithaca Catholic Worker, Ithaca Health Fund, others?

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MARY SHELLEY PAINTED WOODCARVINGS (as seen at Farmer's Market): accepting up to $500.00 in Ithaca Hours. "This offer is good until someone takes me up on the offer or until 8/1/02."

WOMEN AS TEACHING ARTISTS: 5/29-6/10; reception 5/31 from 5-7pm at Autumn Leaves Used Books

CARTOONS & CARDBOARD at Gimme! Coffee, beginning June 4.

SUMMERTIME FUN WITH ART: lessons with Elisabeth Gross-Marks, member of State of the Art Gallery. Daily or weekly classes, all ages, through July & August. 277-2419


"ITHACA'S WILD WEST END" occasional commentary from correspondent Anne Marie Whelan:

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TOMPKINS COUNTY ECONOMY: "April added on to the gains in March as the County economy showed further improvement. Only one sector registered a decline," says Elia Kacapyr of Ithaca College. Details & analysis



* May 24, 1955: 183 enroll in CHICKEN BARBEQUE SCHOOL at Fairgrounds (presently Tops/Wegmans)
* May 25, 1894: 100,000 MUSKALLONGE placed in Cayuga Lake.
* May 26, 1926: Before being banned, MARIJUANA grew here abundantly, according to "Flora of the Cayuga Lake Basin." Bloomed July-Aug in Six Mile Creek, Forest Home, Cascadilla Place. Cultivated in 1820s for making cloth & rope, until the factory burned to a roach in 1829.
* May 28, 1892: 100th Anniversary of the WORLD'S FIRST ADVERTISEMENT FOR AN ICE CREAM SUNDAE, invented in Ithaca a few weeks earlier. According to "A Month of Sundaes," new book by Ithacan Michael Turback, Chester Platt's drugstore on State Street served the first sundae to Reverend John M. Scott.
* May 29, 1868: NIGHT LIFE ENDORSED, as village considers keeping street lamps lit after 10pm.
* May 30, 1957: First full-scale (40' diameter) GEODESIC DOME ever built is constructed under direction of Buckminster Fuller.
* May 31, 1888: Ithaca is BIGGEST VILLAGE IN NYS, on the day before its inauguration as a city.
* June 1, 1915: Residents of CAYUGA HEIGHTS vote to incorporate as a village. Population 137.
* June 2, 1835: General meeting at Bradford Sloan's tavern "for the purpose of deliberating on the necessity of INCREASING THE WAGES of laboring men."
* June 3, 1918: Police Chief enforces ANTI-LOAFER LAW, arresting every unemployed man between ages 18 and 50, making them find jobs.



"About Ithaca street graffiti: I had been wondering about "Dig All Jive" too, and then got this message which clarified the source at least: 'You may have noticed some graffiti about town. I like it that the graffito is quoting the following poem by Langston Hughes, entitled 'Motto.''" --Raj Patel via Kristine A.

I play it cool
And dig all jive
That's the reason
I stay alive
My motto
As I live and learn
Dig And Be Dug
In Return.


"Hello All Folks Interested in an online ITHACA RIDE-SHARE SYSTEM: I got an overwhelmingly positive response to my message in the last Ithaca Community News regarding starting an online ride share/carpooling system in Ithaca. Many people wrote who are committed to cutting down on pollution, expenses, and driving time, and who want to build community by sharing their resources and time together.
---" I have learned that there is already an excellent online ride share service in the Ithaca area. This well-organized interactive web site is hosted by Cornell University, but is open to all. I encourage you to check it out at:
---"I also learned that there is a listserve for people who travel to/from Boston and Ithaca ([email protected]). Anyone can join by sending an email to [email protected] with the text: subscribe BOSTON-L Firstname Lastname
---"I do not see the need at this time to duplicate the efforts of the very good Cornell site. Thanks for everyone's enthusiasm. Happy traveling!!" --Sarah Rubenstein-Gillis

"My family and I are moving from Santa Rosa, California to Ithaca, New York in July. Once there, I will be assuming the position as the new Director of the Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity at Ithaca College. As a progressive, I'm very interested in local politics and community development, and look forward to meeting you in the future. Please add me to your email list." --Larry Hajime Shinagawa

"I have an idea for a local business that would use locally-produced organic grain to produce a high demand excellent product. In Mexico, at many small corner shops, there are little tortilla-making factories. They have about four employees. They get in prepared masa flour, and they have a powered mixer, then the dough goes into a hopper where is is fed out in round flat shapes on a moving metal belt that travels around some burners and then come out in a pile of tortillas.
---"These tortillas are completely different from the frozen or packaged ones you can get in Ithaca. There are currently no fresh tortillas available in Ithaca. When I go to Mexico, I go first for a kilo of fresh tortillas. They last about a day or so, but longer if you want to make enchiladas, etc. Shelf life is about like fresh bread. I think Ithaca would eat them up. One time I was in Mexico I took a series of pictures of a little tortilla shop. I'd be glad to show them to anyone interested. I think it would be a tremendous draw at Greenstar." --Dick Feldman
---[REPLY] Heartily agree. The GreenStar Members' Education Committee has been talking about starting a food processing center relying on local grains, veggies, fruits, nuts, berries, etc to make pasta, dehydrated, and canned goods. Tortillas are a natural! Local processing of locally-grown foods expands the market for regional agriculture by enabling sales all year rather than just seasonally. It will replace some foods we currently import, and enable us moreover to export Ithaca labels, while setting an example for other communities. Essential for regional food security. To join the project: Emily Cicanek 277-8077

"Can you please add my husband John to your list, thanks. I really like getting Ithaca News."-- Randi

"Have you deleted from the "Six Point Plan" the proposed road west from Meadow Street to some midpoint on the proposed road south from Taughannock Boulevard? Officially, City Hall doesn't know where or when this road would be built, which would be up to a developer.
---"The apparent location amid current development is between the expanded Tops and the Empire Vision Center. This creates the 4-way intersection in front of Eckerd and the entrance to Hollywood Video which begs for signalization even before the new stores open. This intersection is likely too close to the alternative road site behind Eckerd for both to be signalized.
---"However, this new road between Tops and Empire Vision has been built contrary to the Southwest Area Development Guidelines, and there is insufficient width between the buildings for the pedestrian and bicycle facilities and greenspace which we were promised in any new roads and development in the southwest area." --Dave Nutter

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"Your 'Amazing Ithaca History' re: the block party/police riot of '72 is pretty garbled. I was right in the middle of all of it. There were two separate events. The first night there was an anti-war demonstration that marched off the campus to collegetown. It had no real direction, and almost dissolved, until someone decided to trash the bank. The cops showed up and one got hurt.
---"The next night someone had called for a collegetown block party, but had neglected to apply for a permit. So the city declared it illegal, and, not being able to distinguish between protesters and partiers, all of them being students, garrisoned the parking lot at Egan's IGA, itching for a fight. Which they got, in spades. And which many of us have not forgotten or forgiven. --Phil Shapiro
---[REPLY] Thanks for your clarification.

"Could I really have won a pound of Gimme! Coffee? Provided I am the "Michelle," what do I do next?" [REPLY] Email your mailing address to [email protected]

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"Jim Houghton's recent piece attacking the Six Point Plan and my support for it contained serious errors, which need to be corrected. Therefore, this five-point response:
---"With respect to Jim'statements about the goals and fairness of the Six Point Plan:
---"1. The Six Point Plan has three goals, set by Common Council. These are, in no particular order of importance: to protect the residential area from destructive impacts of traffic; to make the Southwest Area/Elmira Road corridor accessible for shoppers; and to provide a more direct connection between the Ithaca Commons shopping area and the Southwest Area/Elmira Road shopping area.
---"2. The Wilbur Smith Associates consultants, chosen by Common Council to study the Six Point Plan, recommended the full implementation of alternative two of the Six Point Plan because it is the best way to achieve all three goals. It balances the traffic burden more fairly than would any of the other alternatives, protecting a greater number of residential properties from excessive traffic than any other alternative. Common Council adopted this recommendation.
---"With respect to Jim's statements about my personal positions:
---"3. I neither supported, opposed, nor "pushed for" the reconstruction of a vehicular bridge on Plain Street until the summer of 2001. After the information provided to the Six Point Plan client committee by consultants showed that it made sense to build the bridge, I supported the project and fought against the political pressure to wish it away.
---"4. The conversion of West Spencer Street to two-way traffic is part of the Six Point Plan because it contributes significantly to achieving all three goals, including the the protection of as many residential properties as possible in this quadrant of the city. That is why I support it. My opinion is that the design of a two-way West Spencer Street should be customized to address the individual needs of residents of that street (both owners and renters) in a manner consistent with achieving the goals of the plan, according to whatever process of compromise residents of the street, property owners, and Common Council choose to adopt.
---"With respect to Jim's concern that the entire plan will not be built:
---"5. Full implementation is city policy, for good reasons. The commercial success of southwest development, the accessibility of existing businesses, and the protection of residential properties throughout the neighborhood all require full implementation. Property owners in the Elmira Rd. corridor will particularly benefit from full implementation because a balanced flow of traffic throughout the Elmira Rd. corridor will make it easier for consumers to visit the area. Without full implementation, the resultant traffic congestion will be a deterrent to those wishing to shop or do business in the area. The welfare of the residential neighborhood and the long-term interests of the city argue in favor of creating of a Benefit Assessment District which fairly balances the cost of projects within the district between the property owners who will particularly benefit and the general taxpayers. It is appropriate that the cost of projects that contribute to the success of the SW area and that are necessary to mitigate the impacts of new development be borne a bit more by the property owners and a bit less by the taxpayers at large." --Steven Ehrhardt

"Re: * May 12, 1881: 'GYPSIES set up camp where the present high school stands.'
---"Thought you might be interested that the Roma People consider 'gypsy' to be an extremely derogatory term for their rich and long-standing culture." --Carol Chock

"The proposed congressional resdistricting would introduce a 'snake' of area west of Syracuse south to Ithaca. Ithaca would lose any kind of influence it might have had with Congress.
---"It seems that we should have some voice in this-- even though I am pretty certain that those designing the new districts wouldn't agree with that. Does anyone know if there is a citizen's group trying to influence redistricting? I did read [GreenParty chair] Dunlea's message in Albany proposing a different approach; it introduced a different way of looking at representation. However I'd like to know if other people want to actually try to do something about being represented by a reactionary guy from an area which shares little with the concerns of people here in the Finger Lakes. The redistricting, as Dunlea claimed, is only a way to preserve those already incumbent. " -- Linda Holzbaur



The United States Congress kills far more Americans than terrorists do. 18,000 Americans die yearly because 40,000,000 of us can't afford health insurance. 440,000 Americans are killed yearly by the tobacco industry, helped by tax breaks. Federal highways kill/maim thousands of Americans yearly, while railroads lose funding. The weakening of urban air standards, to suit auto interests, kills thousands more. Shifting federal funds toward the military-- and away from clean food & water, and energy alternatives-- is more deadly than explosions.


ITHACA HEALTH FUND has made its 100th PAYMENT! Over 700 people have paid into the Fund, which now covers everyday emergencies up to $2,500--still for only $100/year ($175/yr/couple; $50/yr/child). Every member is part owner of the bank account (now $121,756.19), and may vote for board of directors.

BREASTFEEDING MEETINGS: LaLeche League hosts talks first Fridays, second Saturdays, fourth Mondays. Call for location: Elizabeth 272-3643, Sue 269-0520, Shanna 257-4073, Donna 273-8961

MAYA WRAPS BABY SLINGS: $36.95, HOURS part pay. Sue Roenke 269-0520

BABIES, BOOKS, AND BOUNCE TIME FOR BABIES ages 0-16 months and the Preschool Pajama Storytime for children ages 3-K meets third Thursdays 6:30-7:00pm. Stories, songs, and other fun activities are planned! No registration required. 272-4557 Ext. 275.

ITHACA TAI CHI GROUP: Mondays 5pm, at or near Pergola on pond at Cornell Plantations. "Starts w/ Tai Chi Chi Kung & afterwards in Tai Chi Chuan. All welcome! Come see what it's like & enjoy the outdoors. Fee charged, first class free. HOURS accepted." Kati Hanna 272-3972

REIKI LEVEL 1 CLASS, 6/8 & 9, Fall Creek Wellness Ctr, 510 N. Tioga. Receive Reiki Healing Attunements, class manual & text, Taditional Reiki Certification. $150 minus IHF discount 2&1/2 HRS accepted. Sandra Mennella, Traditional Usui Reiki Master/Teacher 387-9224.

CHANGE YOUR REALITY - DISCOVER THE CHAKRAS, Gateways to Healing and Self-Realization. 6/16, 10:30AM-6:00PM, Cost $80. 1 HOUR accepted. Fall Creek Wellness Ctr. To register send check made to Jonathan Labman to Fall Creek Wellness Ctr (above). Info: Sandra 387-9224.

LEARNING TRANQUILLITY: Lessons on Living Happily in the Present Moment. 6/14-16 Mindfulness retreat in tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh w/ monastics from Maple Forest Monastery, at Foundation of Light (391 Turkey Hill). Introductory talk 6/14 open to the public ($7); weekend retreat 9-9 Saturday & 9-4 Sunday ($85, includes three vegetarian meals). HOURS accepted. Register: Pam Goddard 273-8678.


ILLUMINATIONS, gathering Memorial Day 5/27 to light personalized memorial luminarias (cost $25/each); keyboard music of William Cowdery; choral singing by Gerald Wolfe & the Chamber Singers; poetry read by Rachel Lampert. Wine & desserts. Hospicare 272-0212. contact



MAKING ENDS MEET: 5/29, 10am, Coop Extension: Money Management Workshop. Advanced registration required. At Tompkins Work Force NY Career Center. 272-7570

WORKPLACE HEALTH/SAFETY COURSE: 6-weeks, Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 starting 6/5. Hazard assessment & control, health and safety committees, workers' comp, OSHA, ergonomics, indoor air quality. Tony Del Plato 277-5670

LIVING WAGE COALITION NOW HAS 31 ENDORSEMENTS FROM LOCAL GROUPS "New York State Senate Labor Committee voted out of committee the Bill (S4749) that the Living Wage Coalition has been supporting that would raise the Statewide minimum wage from $5.15/hr to $6.75/hr and index every year to inflation! In past years, the Assembly has always easily passed this legislation and it's always died in the Senate for lack of support. Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno will be the critical person for us to pressure:" (518) 455-3191

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JOB at Ten Thousand Villages, Asst Mgr 25-30hrs. "Must support the worldwide relief and development programs of non-profit Alternative Trade Organizations, have retail experience, good organizational skills & plan community focused events. Resume to Pat Lallas


SIGNIFICANT ELEMENTS invites buyers and sellers of quality used architectural salvage at their new 3-story warehouse: 212 Center Street. CONTEST: guess the Ithaca delivery date of a Steinway Piano and win $50 gift certificate. Volunteers sought. HOURS accepted. 277-3450 [email protected]


Ithaca City School District PUBLIC HEARING: Safe Schools Plan - Crisis, Communication & Mgmt Plan 2002-2003 5/28 Board of Education 7:30pm ICSD Admininstration Building-- Board Rm. see DOCUMENT Send Comments

ITHACA HIGH CLASS of 1992 REUNION 6/26-28. "So far, we only have about a third of our class contacted. There will be happy hour Friday night, a picnic on Saturday, and a dinner Saturday evening at the Yacht Club. If you were in our class or know anyone who was, please contact us." Rebecca Lyczko


CITIZENS' PLANNING ALLIANCE FORMS ENERGY COMMITTEE to "examine options for expanding use of alternative energy and energy conservation in Tompkins County." A long-term goal is to "create a Community Energy Study for Tompkins County to determine how we can improve our sources and uses of energy," Bill Carini says. To help 564-1025. Possible projects include:
* Studying Tompkins County wind resources to determine the viability of wind-powered energy;
* Examining the feasibility of establishing an electric vehicle charging station in Ithaca;
* Working with other organizations to organize bulk purchases of solar panels to lower their costs.

Subscribe to CPA listserv: type message: SUBSCRIBE PLANFORUM yourname

"A small but treasured grove of woodland on University Avenue in Ithaca, dominated by Redbud trees, is slated to be destroyed and replaced with a 200-car parking lot for undergraduate college students. The owner of the land, Cornell University, is planning a major restructuring of its nearby West Campus housing area. Six existing dorms and a large activity center (Noyes Center) are slated to be demolished and replaced by "program houses," and existing parking relocated in favor of additional campus greenspace. The parking would be moved to University Avenue, adjacent to a residential neighborhood. Residents have spoken out strongly in opposition to the loss of the woods and the buffer it provides from campus/student activities." --Tom Barron


FREE FOOD: Friendship Donations Network gleans 15,000+ pounds of fresh food every week. The food is distributed via 10 church food pantries to anyone who feels the need for help. About 2,500 persons/week benefit. Donors include GrenStar, Wegman's, Tops, P & C, Ithaca Bakery, Cornell Dairy, Southern Tier Food Bank & college dining halls when school vacations start. Next month pantries should be filled with the finest food from the colleges." FOR DAILY PANTRY LISTINGS, SEE Ithaca Journal's Calendar of Events page. 100% volunteer-run: Sara Pines

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NYS PRISONS: INSIDE AND OUT: Channel 78 TV 5/29 at 7pm & 5/30 at 10 pm; Channel 13 TV 5/31 at 6pm. Broadcast of community forum (4/12) at Southside Community Center.


LIBIDIUM offers Web Design, Database Development and Integration, Hosting and domain services for small businesses, artists and craftspeople. HOURS accepted. Wil Buttner

THANKS TO LIGHTLINK for reliable internet services

"ELISABETHWILBORN" is WINNER of two tickets to Cinemapolis/FCP. Reply by 6/15 to claim.


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