May #1 2002


[This is the first of two messages monthly sent to 6,375 Ithaca area residents]

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The oldest Mac or PC currently in use in Tompkins County is an IBM 8088 (c. 1981) owned by Heather Dunbar. Here's her secret to making so old a machine useful: "Although we also have a newer, faster machine as well, we use our 8088 for a number of functions and with Lynx software you can actually use it for e-mail and surfing the net."
---The HP-97 submitted by Richard Furnas deserves honorable mention as a machine still in use from 1977 (manufactured 1976-1982) but it doesn't quite make it as a PC-- it's a glorified calculator. See HP Museum
---Thanks to Scott McCasland [ace computer troubleshooter] for reviewing the dozen entries. He thanks Ted Sobel & Keith Rice & Josh O'connor for their help.


WAKE UP, AMERICA! Stewart Park's quiet woods were rocked by the shouts and cackles of Bicycling Vegan Pagans on May Day. After clearing a skunk cabbage battlefield and garlanding trees with gaudy quilts, they feasted on a seitan boar's head with tofu brains, got tilted by red wine, then jousted with giant Q-tips and pikes tipped with stuffed animals. They leapt from trees and smashed a pinata capitalist.

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RIDE SHARE/CARPOOL SYSTEM FOR ITHACA "Do you travel from Ithaca to New York City? Boston? Syracuse? Other far-away places? I do and am interested in working with others to develop an online ride-share/carpooling system for Ithaca." Sarah Rubenstein-Gillis



Four of five candidates endorsed by the GreenStar Members' Education Committee have won election to GreenStar Council. HARBER 546; DISSIN 543; YOUNG 486; ZWACK 486. Also winning seat: OLMSTEAD 393. Total 980 votes were cast; 77 were void; 903 were valid.

"THE ITHACA FARMERS MARKET NEEDS YOU!" particularly producers of: fruits; dairy products; nuts and/or grains; specialty greens. Must be grown within 30-mile radius of Ithaca. Click on 'Be A Vendor' or 273-7109. Saturdays 9am-2pm.

KIRAKU - Grand Opening May 25/26! Organic macrobiotic foods and products. In Freeville, on Rte 38, behind Toad's Dinner. "We plan to offer as much local food as possible, or obtain it as close to home as possible." Lynn Chittick & Anita Devine 844-8813

ITHACA SOY RETURNS: bulk tofu is now at the Farmer's Market, GreenStar and Oasis.

ITHACA COMMUNITY GARDENS is renting garden plots. First come, first served basis. Yearly plot fee $20 for first plot (10 ft x 20 ft). Sharon Kahkonen

NEW: Bison Ridge Farms: shares $300 for weekly fresh, organic produce, May-Nov. Greenhouse heated without fossil fuel, uses solar electric. "Zero-emission farm." 589-4102 [email protected]


"Dig All Jive" apparently invites us to be broadminded.
"Bush is a Nazi" reasonable persons may argue, though the case is boldly made.
"Cascadilla Mafia" converts the gorge into gang turf.

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STUDENT RE-USE PROGRAM collects goods being discarded by departing Cornell students. "Last year tons of good items were diverted from [landfill] and re-used (750+ pairs shoes, bags of clothing, computers, office supplies, food, books, etc). Now asking people to help w/ pick-ups, sorting items at storage site.

CORNELL SENIOR GRADUATION PLEDGE for Social and Environmental Responsibility:
---"I pledge to explore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of any job I consider and will try to improve these aspects of any organizations for which I work."
---"All seniors who take the pledge are invited to wear a green ribbon during the commencement ceremony. We are also pleased to offer ribbons to supportive faculty, staff, and community members who will be attending commencement.
---"Seniors will have another opportunity to take the Pledge during cap and gown pick up, which will be held from 5/22 thru 5/25, 10am- 6pm each day in Mary Donlan Hall. Volunteers are needed to staff the Pledge table!" Vanessa Ulmer

ITHACA HEALTH FUND welcomes graduates: payments made anywhere in world with any health provider. $100/year


ITHACA LOW-INCOME SURVEY sponsored by Living Wage Coalition. "We seek to get an idea of the most urgent problems that low-wage earners face. Anyone on this list who earns less than a living wage ($17,540/year full-time work) is asked to fill out the questionnaire All the information will be kept confidential. Please mail, or e-mail questionnaires to Carl Feuer, TCLC, 123 S. Cayuga St. Ithaca 277-5670

TOMPKINS COUNTY LIVING WAGE COALITION "expressed concern about reports that local authorities are moving ahead to provide substantial economic incentives to a development project without any guarantees or even likelihood that the hotel slated for downtown as part of the project will pay a living wage. Hotels here typically pay $6-6.75/hour for most staff."

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ITHACA BREAST CANCER ALLIANCE : 5/7 features Eloy Rodriguez, expert on the Medicinal Value of Plants: "The Natural Rainforest as a Promising Source of Anti-Breast Cancer Agents." 7:30-9:00pm at Women's Community Building. All welcome. 277-0960 Geri

ITHACA HEALTH FUND: 5/13, 7pm - 9pm, DeFort room at GIAC. "See Patch Adams video endorsing Health Fund. Learn about all that the health fund has accomplished in the past year and be a part of deciding the direction we are going in the year to come. All welcome!!" Desserts & snacks from Viva Taqueria, Ithaca Smoothie Queen, Gimme!, Greenstar & Just Desserts. Door prizes from many local healers.

ALTERNATIVES FEDERAL CREDIT UNION: 5/16 at 6pm, 701 West State. "The threat of Predatory Lending and how it affects our communities will be a theme with guest speaker, John Caskey Refreshments by GreenStar.

"WOMEN'S BODIES, WOMEN'S RIGHTS: a Latin American perspective" featured topic at the Annual Meeting of Planned Parenthood of Tompkins County 5/20, 7pm at the downtown Holiday Inn. Speaker Anna Arroba. $5.00 or 1/2 HOUR. RSVP by 5/16: 273-1526, ext. 126.

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WORK DAY AT THE STATE THEATRE 5/11, 11am-3pm. "To clean out the west alleyway and to number the seats in the house. We need a little bit of brawn for the back alleyway since we will be cutting pipes and lugging heavy metal." Tools needed also: Pickup Truck, Recipricating Saw w/metal cutting blade, Heavy Duty Pipe Cutter - 1 1/4" pipe. RSVP Beth Tallman



You're entitled by City Law to keep grass nine inches tall

"Time to kick-start (or begin) composting. Why do it? What is the best way compost? How do I know when it's done? What should I do with the finished product? See working bins in the Coop Extension demonstration garden. 272-2292 email ---"ITHACA BIN" COMPOST BINS locally-crafted using salvage wood. Joe 273-1182.

ANNUAL PLANT EXCHANGE: 5/19, from 12:00-4:00, at Danby Fire Station, Route 96B. "This free event is a chance to give or receive houseplants, perenniels, seedlings, or anything else garden-related. Not necessary to bring a plant in order to get one." Dan Klein 272-7582,

FINGER LAKES NATIVE PLANT SOCIETY 5/16, 7-8:30pm "Are Exotic Plant Invasions Affecting Woodland Salamander Populations?" Speaker is John Maerz. NEW LOCATION: Whetzel Room 4th floor of Plant Science Building on Tower Road, Cornell University. Parking across street. [email protected]


BOOKS THROUGH BARS Benefit at SEE SPOT GALLERY 108 The Commons, 5/18 8pm Raising funds to purchase books for prisoners. BANDS: hiretsukan, the funeral, rxsxn, the minor times, bad business. Admission $6 or $5 with a book donation. "Bring something good!" HOURS accepted.

STOP JAIL EXPANSION: meetings Weds 7:30pm at Southside Community Ctr: 273-4190 [email protected]
"Tompkins County wants to build a bigger jail.
---* New jail space is a vacuum that will suck up more people.
---* Half the people in jail are just too poor to make bail.
---* Most inmates are young people with non-violent offenses.
---* Community-based alternatives to jail work better.
---* Crime prevention programs need more funds."



* May 5, 1842: 2,500 Ithacans assemble in trees and rooftops around DeWitt Park to watch the HANGING of John Graham. The condemned man professes his innocence and weeps.
* May 6, 1933: SEED AND PLOWED LAND made available to the unemployed by the City.
* May 7, 1918: BLACKSTONE the "World's Greatest Magician" is bound with ropes, sealed in a box, and dumped into the Inlet.
* May 8, 1871: Stevie the Stomach receives gift of a HUGE BOLOGNA, 12 feet long and six feet diameter. "It must have absorbed five hundred million dogs."
* May 9, 1810: The 'Benjamin Franklin' of Ithaca, SIMEON DEWITT, takes up permanent residence here. There are 38 homes.
* May 10, 1820: FIRST STEAMBOAT on Cayuga Lake, the Enterprise, is launched into the Inlet. It is 80 feet long by 30 feet wide.
* May 11, 1942: More than ONE TON OF CARP, weighing from one to 30 pounds each, is hauled from the Lake near Stewart Park and shipped to New York City.
* May 12, 1881: GYPSIES set up camp where the present high school stands.
* May 13, 1972: COLLEGETOWN BLOCK PARTY becomes a demonstration against the Vietnam War. C-town bank is attacked, police and students brutalize one another.
* May 14, 1897: Full bloom of LARGEST APPLE TREE in County, at 92 N. Aurora St. Its branches spread over 50 feet diameter.



"I heard about Ithaca Community News from a friend who went to Cornell. I am trying to do a similar yet sort-of different such thing here in Portland Oregon. Keep up the good work!" --Laura Nobel

"With reference to the lack of Ithaca Journal's coverage of [Michael] Moore's packed house talk: I called the IJ the next day w/queries as to why the Moore appearance w/its couple thousand folks attraction received a photo while an IJ sponsored forum w/the Sheriff received a large article (which stated a few people attended)accompanied w/a photo, and another article the next day. (Later research revealed only two people attended the IJ sheriff forum.)
---"I was told people should write the editor w/the complaint.
---"Illustrates a couple of things most of us already know. IJ entrenched/endorsed politicians/friends have nothing to fear, they will always receive positive press. No matter how many folks attend something, if it is not part of the IJ's agenda it didn't happen. --[name witheld by request]

"I was a member of the Cooperative Consumers Society, the other [Ithaca] co-op, which used to run a grocery operation from the 30's until it folded in the late 70's. I was a player in the effort to reorganize that co-op when it ran into trouble. I tried very hard to get the organization to take a principled stand in favor of nutritious foods, especially locally-produced ones. The resistance insisted that 'you have to have everything.' In trying to carry everything, there was little to distinguish the co-op from an ordinary supermarket, except of course for the ownership. That is not enough of a difference to generate much enthusiasm or loyalty, and the half-hearted effort to diversify into more healthy fare failed. Greenstar's appeal lies in its difference, and in the fact that that difference has a strongly progressive root. To sustain that difference, the members have to care enough to defend it. The kind of debate taking place is a very good sign." --Joel Gagnon

"I am enjoying this newsletter, and I generally balk at impersonal e-mail." --Beth

"AZURRILLY" is WINNER of gift certificate to Harvest Deli ($6). Reply by 5/15 to claim.

"Thanks for announcing the [Ithaca] Yoga Community [newsletter]. I've already gotten several emails about it." Ann Johnson

"The Six-Point Plan is really a two-point plan to get traffic off Albany, where Steve Ehrhardt lives. He has been pushing for the Spencer and Plain prongs for years. There's a case that can made for the bridge (share the burden), but Spencer is indefensible. It's not burden sharing, it's destroying a neighborhood to make it an arterial, the very thing that Steve doesn't want done to him. So much for the Golden Rule. He would not want to be told "you don't like the traffic? Then move!" And indeed, he shouldn't be forced to move because of excessive traffic. Yet he is willing to literally force Spencer Street residents to move, through eminent domain, and to dump a quantity of traffic onto the widenedstreet that he recognizes as unliveable. And then call it "win-win."
---"I hope that the progressive community (hell, everybody!) will vocally oppose this one. What's being done to Spencer Street residents is truly reprehensible, and they are so alone. But it's important to oppose Spencer plans altogether: the 'lowest impact' version will still take off the Dahl's porch and leave them right up against a super-busy road (in a house whose value would plummet), which is why they'd rather move than have this happen. (NOT the same thing as 'wanting to have their house taken,' as Mayor Cohen suggested.)" --Jim Houghton

"Thanks for including the information about the critical mass bike ride. I am hoping to get more and more people out for rides every month. We ride the last Friday of the month, and we meet at the skate park between 5 and 5:30." Cheers, --Chris Gee [email protected]
---[REPLY[ See Why Bicycles Benefit Ithaca's Economy, Public Health and Environment

"Your gross oversimplification of the Willard Straight Takeover (1969) included the story that the black students took over the Straight carrying rifles. The firearms were brought in to protect the protestors after they fought off repeated vigilante attacks and the observed loading of arsenals of weapons in fraternity members cars . The weapons (mostly shotguns rather than rifles) were necessary to ensure the safe passage of the students as they emerged. You didn't realize how close Cornell came to being a precursor to Kent State as far as the shedding of protestor's blood. Perhaps you have just taken the apologists (white) version of the news. In retrospect, thanks for even mentioning the event." --Charlie Pomada
---[REPLY] The Amazing Ithaca history note should have made clear that guns were not brought into the Straight until frat brothers threatened violence.

"I am the newsletter editor for the Santa Rosa Community Market in Santa Rosa, California. Recently, I came across your article online and found it to be a very valuable resource for information about this very large issue of globalization and industrialization of natural foods. I wanted to thank you for this article-- I think it is important for our customers to know about where their money goes when they purchase these products.
---"Does your store actually refuse to sell these products? We carry many of the products on this list because our customers demand them (this is not an overstatement) but I am hoping to put a plug in for some alternative products. --Elizabeth Valenti
---[REPLY] The GreenStar Members' Education referendum intends to emphasize stocking and promoting independent brands, with information about corporate links and harmful ingredients, but does not seek to remove current brands from the shelves.

"Got any pictures [of the Six-Point Plan] anywhere? I've lived on East Spencer Street (between the intersection with Prospect and the one with Cayuga) for nine years, and I'm trying to figure out what's going on. Anyway, now I'm *really* scared, and I'd like to have some clue what's going on." --K
---[REPLY] See As mentioned last issue, two of the points are now removed, making the burden on neighborhood traffic even worse.

"Thanks for all the information you are sending." --Elisabeth



MARCH IN D.C: "This past April 20 & 21, over 120 Ithacans, and 75,000 others from all over the country, massed in Washington D.C. The protests of this late April weekend, which also targeted U.S. support of para-military death squads in Colombia, and U.S. economic hegemony through the World Bank and I.M.F., were three or four times as large as the previous anti "War on Terrorism" march in D.C.
---Ithaca's own daily newspaper... managed to downgrade or conceal the entire event (I.J. 4/22) Their strategy was to focus solely on the smaller Sunday event as "not filling a city block", and to make no mention at all of the scale of the Saturday event. This, despite police estimates of 75,000 (Washington Post 4/21)." --David Galezo

VIGIL FOR PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST daily 9- 10am at the downtown Post Office. "The devastation of the West Bank and the brutality of the Israeli army against Palestinian civilians constitute a human rights emergency." --Tom Schneller

ITHACANS IN PALESTINE have returned and will have a public gathering to tell what they've seen. Detailed updated reports from Audrey Stewart, Grace Ritter, Lisa Guido and others are at

THE LUMINARY NEWS 277-6300 Ken Ritter "A one hour newsmagazine show covering local and global stories not always covered by the media."
---COAL TAR REMOVAL near GIAC, a feature on SEE-SPOT gallery & excerpts of HOWARD ZINN speaking in Geneva NY on post 9-11 events. Our regular schedule is: Channel 13: Mon 10pm; Fri 5pm; Channel 78 Tues 7pm; RALPH NADER at Ithaca College : Channel 13: Fri 5-15 6pm; Sun 5-19 9pm; Tues 5-21 5pm

"EV12" is WINNER of gift certificate to Viva Taqueria ($5). Reply by 5/15 to claim.



CONTINUUM MOVEMENT WORKSHOP; THE ART OF SELF-HEALING: 5/10-12. 5/10 6:30-9:00pm. $25, HOURS accepted. Fri/Sat 10-6 & Sun 1-5 at Nature'sSong RetreatCenter. Beth Paris 256-2603

DANCING WITH THE BEAR: weekend dream workshop with Robert Moss, 5/l8 & l9 at Foundation of Light. Debra Statton 277-l368 [email protected]

WEEKEND WITH BHAGAVAN DAS: 5/10; Kirtan (sanskrit chanting) performance at Foundation of Light 7:30pm 5/11; Sound & Vibration Workshop at Tiamat Studios, 12:30-5:00pm 5/12. 1/3 Ithaca HOURS accepted. Jennifer Crimi

The ASPIRATION PRAYER OF MAHAMUDRA taught by Lama Palden Drolma 5/31- 6/2. Course fee $85.00 (HOURS accepted). Reservations: 272-1201. Send check made to Linda Parks to: D. Bodnar, 1015 Dryden Road, Apt.3, Ithaca, NY 14850.

TRUTH TALKS, IGNITING THE SOUL, with Robert Rabbin, West Coast mystic & spiritual mentor who studied under Muktananda. 5/17 at 7:30pm. $18 for public, $15 for FOL members. HOURS accepted.

OMEGA INSTITUTE CREDIT FOR SALE: I have credit at Omega that will enable you to take a workshop there at a 10% discount. HOURS accepted." Poppy 273-4041

"MJC6" is WINNER of gift certificate to Cafe Strand ($7.50). Reply by 5/15 to claim.


WALK FOR VIOLENCE PREVENTION from Stewart Park to downtown Ithaca and back to Stewart Park. Sponsored by Suicide Prevention and Crisis Service, 5/11 at 9:30am. ---"Ask your friends and colleagues to sponsor you with a pledge in the SPCS walk. Bring a photo, poem, or other memento for our Wall of Remembrance to honor a friend or loved one who died traumatically." Gundula Lee 272-1505



[FOUR-POINT] TRAFFIC PLAN by Catharine Robertson & David Gallahan
---"The city approved the Six Point Traffic Plan in December, days before new Council members were due in office. One week later, continuing the momentum of politically motivated haste, the city awarded a contract for design of the Plain Street bridge. The city also bonded approximately $14 million for just two of the six projects in the Plan. NYS and Ithaca law require that full assessment of a project's impacts be done before thedecision-making process-or funding-takes place.
---"Proponents of this Plan have run roughshod over residents in the Southwest of the city. Lauri Dahl, Spencer Street homeowner, found out her house was slated for destruction when she saw its photo in the paper. An elderly Spencer Street renter living on fixed income was told by her Council rep, in response to the renter's concerns, 'move.' The head of the Planning Department, in response to Council members' questions about a possiblysegmented environmental review, said in the 12/5 Council meeting, 'I don't really understand segmentation either.' Later that night, the Plan was nevertheless adopted.
---"A lawsuit seeking to overturn Common Council's adoption of the Plan and the awarding of the Plain Street bridge design contract is underway. The city has already bonded for 91% of its capital projects limit, lessening the likelihood that anything beyond the Plain Street bridge and West Spencer Street projects will ever be completed.
---"We need your help. Without donations, this suit won't be able to continue. This is a grassroots-initiated, citizen-funded suit coming from one of Ithaca's poorest neighborhoods. Area residents are angry and downtrodden and giving what they can, but we need more."
---Catharine Robertson 275-9031 or David Gallahan 277-3359 Donations: The Traffic Group, 101 E. State St., PO Box 220, Ithaca NY 14850.

PROTECT OUR PARKS AND NEIGHBORHOODS (POPAN) continues its legal challenge to the site plan for the Widewaters development, across from Buttermilk Falls State Park.
---"The suit focuses on land use issues, particularly the City allowing Widewaters to use parkland for treatment of parking lot runoff and granting them rights to use other parts of the new Southwest natural area for unspecified purposes.
---"We lost our case in the lowest New York court in a ruling that sets a bad precedent. Therefore, we are appealing to the next higher level court. An appeal costs thousands of dollars, but the alternative is to let this judicial precedent stand, endangering parkland across the state. --Nakita Werier
---"To help protect parkland from inappropriate use in Ithaca, and throughout New York state, please send a contribution to: Protect Our Parks and Neighborhoods, Box 805, Ithaca, NY 14851
---"Please let Home Depot know that you can't support them if they choose to support this environmentally damaging site plan. Please act now. Send a polite but firm message, in a letter or on a post card to: Suzanne Apple, VP for Community Affairs, Home Depot, Inc., 2455 Paces Ferry Road NW, Atlanta, GA 30339-4024

"SIMREDMONDBAND" is WINNER of gift certificate to Small World Music ($10). Reply by 5/15.


HANK ROBERTS GROUP 5/10 at ABC Cafe 10pm, $6.00 at the door, Ithaca HOURS accepted.

SEE SPOT GALLERY BENEFIT "Punk for your Mum" show 5/12, 6-9pm, featuring Noahs Dove, Inconstant Motion, peNisV: 108 The Commons 277-7560

* 5/9 -- Kristi Martel, vocals and keyboards, visits from California.
* 5/16 -- Colleen Kattau - one of our area's most powerful activist/singer/songwriters.
* 5/23 -- Autumn Leaves will welcome back "Radio London."
* 5/30 -- Will Fudeman helps kick off the Ithaca Festival with a CD Release Party.

"MICHELLE" is WINNER of one pound of coffee from Gimme! Coffee. Reply by 5/15 to claim.


LOCALS WIN GREEN DESIGN AWARD for Clay Plaster Sampler: "Aaron Dennis and ej George, members of Ithaca's Natural Builders Network won a Green Design Award at a recent 'Greening the Dream House' conference. The award was given in the Engineered House Systems Category at the 9th Annual Green Design Conference held 4/7-8 in State College, PA.
---"Clay plastering is an ancient tradition used around the world from Pueblo adobes to European cob houses. 589-4331


JOB OPENINGS Southside Community Center: Director of Programs, full-time. Program administration & development, supervision of staff & building. Letter & resume: Leslie F. Jones, 305 South Plain, Ithaca, NY 14850.
---Summer Camp Counselor, full-time. Temporary supervision of both children, ages 5-12 & junior counselors. Dhyana Kuhl 273-4190.

CRESP Summer Work-Study Position - Neighborhood Sustainability Support. Supports neighborhood participatory planning initiative in the Northside. Background in environmental sustainability issues, neighborhood planning and organizing, participatory research sought. 20 hours/week, $10/hour. Anke Wessels 255-5027

AmeriCorps*VISTA Interest Meeting 5/13 at 5pm in Cornell Public Service Center (200 Barnes Hall). "Wondering what you are going to do after graduation? Interested in making a difference in your community and in the lives of thousands of county residents?" Amy Bonn 272.6286


"OUR ROOTS FEED OUR FUTURE" Farmworkers Conference 5/22 Clarion Hotel, Ithaca, 12:30- 5:00pm. Reception and dinner 6pm to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Cornell Migrant Program. Conference registration $30; reception & dinner $40, w/ special rates for farmworkers & students. 50% HOURS accepted. Pre-register: Kay Embrey or Herb Engman


ADULT CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP, Irene Zahava 5/22 & 5/29. 10:30- 12:30, TCPL in Trust Company Study Room. "Now is your opportunity to begin the process of telling your own stories in a safe, supportive, and stimulating environment."


---ELECTRIC BICYCLE COMPONENTS for sale. dual 180 watt 12 volt DC motors, & 17.5 amp-hour 'gel-cell' 12 volt sealed rechargeable batteries. Normally sell for $50+ on Ebay, but any reasonable offer. HOURS accepted. Doug Shire
---TANDEM BICYCLE SOUGHT: to help dad & ill daughter enjoy biking: Margot Brinn 272-3037
---RECYCLED LUMBER, TILES, & other building materials wanted: John and Ilonka


ITHACA HIGH SCHOOL CLASS of 1972 planning 30th Reunion for 7/19-20. "We are still missing addresses/information on the classmates listed below. Please contact [email protected]
--- Aderhold, Allen, Anderson, Ellison, Bowditch, Auer, Champion, Bennett, Heyser, Brown Dunki-Jacobs, Brown Inokuma, Brown, Bulkley, Capozzi, Clancy, Clark, Clines Greene, Compton Morse, Consentini Sherman, Cowan, Croft Serio, Delwiche Rabideau, Ekmund, Fisher Bazaldua, Furry Irish, Gilbert Zimmerman, Hoppenrath Gernert, Knapp, Houghton, Kovary, David Krohto, LaFave, Larkin, Lesuik Parker, MacNeil, MacNeil, Martin, Massicci, McComb, McIssac, Mitchell, Mix Moore, Morris Klein, Mullenhoff, Newton, Oaksford, Pataki Quinn, Qualtiere, Ricciuti, Saltzman, Sebesta Newman, Sill Travis, Slattery, Smith, Bartow, Tierney, Trethaway, Tripp, Tudi, Updike, VanBerg, VanBoven, VanHoutte, Van Tienhoven, Vaugh, Vogel, Weaver, Wells, Zavaski Morgan.


IMAGINE ACTION "...promote physical activity where you work. Betty Falcao, Health Planning Council

"DJS 58" is WINNER of gift certificate to Mundo Gitano ($10). Reply by 5/15 to claim.


INTERNET RADIO AT RISK "America's fledgling Internet radio industry could be effectively killed on 5/21 if Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel proposed rules enacted. "Most observers believe the decision will kill Internet radio."

"JBIBBIE" is WINNER of gift certificate to Sparrow's Wine ($10). Must be 21. Reply by 5/15 to claim.

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