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Being pro-life requires more
than being pro-fetus:

Pro-Life Pledge

by Paul Glover    

Those who believe that fertilized human eggs are the most sacred form of life are invited to sign the following pledge:

I will adopt a newborn unwanted child and will welcome it into my home to feed, clothe, shelter, heal, educate and love for at least 18 years.  I will accept the same responsibilities for any unwanted children this child may bear, especially if I have taught the child the virtues of sexual abstinence without teaching birth control as well.

I will accept no government welfare help for raising these children.

I will also donate 10% of my remaining pay to orphanages, to help raise the unwanted children who are unwanted by other pro-lifers.

I will also bear no more than one child myself, so that I can afford to adopt and to donate.

I will also volunteer to pay higher taxes for extra prisons in which to cage the desperate unwanted youth born to mothers forced to bear them.

I will also support land reform and birth control education, especially in those countries where conception is murder because half the newborns die within two years, of malnutrition-related diseases.  I will boycott Nestl? products because they sell a commercial breast milk "substitute" (prohibited in the U.S.) which has caused the deaths of millions of newborns in Third World countries (Action for Corporate Accountability (202) 776-0595).

I will also quit my bowling league, golf or bridge club, or other hobby, so that I can give my extra time to one of the 50% of American children now being raised without a father.

I will also support an end to corporate welfare-- the $800 billion/year of U.S. government tax breaks to the biggest corporations, which is enough money to build and fund a free prenatal and newborn health clinic in every county in the United States (@ $2.5 million each), by contacting my congressional representative to support HR 2534, the Corporate Responsibility Act.

I will also seek a ban on the anti-American tobacco industry, which kills 400,000 Americans every year, and which attacks the fetus' mental and physical development both through maternal smoking and second-hand smoke.  I will set an important pro-life example by not smoking.

I will also quit eating meat, because 80% of the U.S. grain crop is fed to cattle which excrete most of this food, thus causing millions of Third World children to starve who could otherwise have had access to this grain.  An estimated five million fetuses are starving to death in the womb today.  An estimated 200 million children are starving today (World Food Congress, 1995).

I will also therefore welcome unlimited immigration to the U.S. by pregnant women from countries where famine and infant mortality are severe, as "pre-born refugees."

I will also endorse transformation of the military budget to support instead armies of doctors, healers, builders and planters, so that millions of beautiful children are not raised to be sent forth by their nations to bomb one another's fetuses, mothers and children, in order to conquer food, metals and oil.

Further, if I am an opponent of birth control education, believing it to promote promiscuity, I hereby certify that I have never had premarital sex or extramarital sex, and that I never will:

MY SIGNATURE _____________________

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