April #1 2002


[This is the first of two messages monthly sent to 6,237 Ithaca area residents]

TWELVE READERS OF THIS ISSUE HAVE WON GIFT CERTIFICATES with Ithaca Bakery ($5.00), Gimme! Coffee (one pound), Small World Music (one CD), Viva Taqueria ($5.00), Cinemapolis/Fall Creek Pictures (2 tickets), Conkie'sRestaurant ($10.00), Ben & Jerry's (pint), Maxie's Supper Club ($10.00), Harvest Deli ($6.00), ABC Cafe ($10.00), Sparrow's Wine ($10.00), or Cafe Strand ($7.50). WINNING EMAILS (randomly selected by computer) ARE NOTED BELOW.


MICHAEL MOORE SPEAKS at STATE THEATRE 4/3 at 5pm (FREE: sponsored by Bookery). Will visit Autumn Leaves Used Books at 6:30pm, then Cornell.

BREAD & PUPP... The recent Bread & Puppet Theatre performance at State Theatre lasted just 45 minutes rather than the contracted 90 minutes. So the consolation prize for the 700 present is that their ticket money stays here to purchase ITHACA COMMUNITY RADIO equipment. WEOS 89.7FM can now also be heard via local transmitter at 88.1FM.


ITHACA INDYMEDIA joins the global network (78 cities) whose readers are the reporters. Send your local stories via YOUR COMMUNITY RADIO SHOWS can also be uploaded. See for free software. Thanks to Arc Rainbow and several others.

THE LUMINARY NEWS is locally-oriented/produced show on Ch. 78 Mon 10pm, Tues 7pm & 10pm. 277-6300 "with breaking stories not likely to be covered by the local media." --Kenny Ritter

THE COBBLER: local monthly newspaper assembling a Youth issue: inviting writing and art.


ALOHACA to Robbie Dein and "IRRESISTABLES," returning to Ithaca from Hawaii to reincarnate the former People's Pottery on the Commons. He intends to accept Ithaca HOURS as before.

The RICKSHAW MAN wants to return to Ithaca. Darin "Sage" Selby delighted many here two years ago with rides in his fabulous 18-foot decorated floating rickshaws. They're getting wilder and better, according to photos he's sent. He's looking for donated workshop space and invites offers.

"STANPIKE" is WINNER of $5.00 gift certificate from Ithaca Bakery. Reply by 4/15 to claim.



There are big differences between Greenstar Co-op and Tops/Wegmans: Greenstar's 4,400 members vote for a better world every day by purchasing local, bulk, organic foods and/or independent brands, in the store they own. Throughout April, members also vote for five fellow members to join the 15-member Council.

This year, Council candidates offer contrasting views on store expansion, product line, member power, employee relations, and governing style. Fourteen questions were asked of the 13 candidates. Their answers are at

Based on these replies, and on Council records and/or community activities, Ithaca Community News endorses ELIZABETH DISSIN, BECCA HARBER, MARCIA RADIN, ROB YOUNG, and ANNEMARIE ZWACK.

With great respect for all candidates, those named above seem most ready to lead GreenStar toward expansion based on local/regional suppliers, independent brands, direct member authority, expanded product line information, environmental sustainability, and worker management. See summary of product line issues

You can become a voting member of Ithaca's only locally-owned large food market by paying $10/year ($5.00 low-income). Vote by mail or at the co-op's ballot box. Shopping is Voting!


FRIENDS & NEIGHBORS Dinner, Dance, Talk 4/6: breadbaking (2pm-), spinners guild mtg (3pm) ,kids' guitar/banjo lessons (4pm), bulk food ordering (4pm-), soup & bread (5:30), kids' theatre (6:30), dance (7pm). Perry City Friends Meeting House, Rte 227. Also alt energy, homeschooling, peace/justice, forestry, watersheds, seed saving/swapping.

VITAL COMMUNITIES INITIATIVE 4/11, 7-9pm, Human Services Building, 320 W. State. "Contribute ideas and viewpoints on seven Development and Preservation Principles, to "encourage development patterns that... provide a variety of housing options, protect natural resources, and enhance the local economy." Principles available from TC Planning Department, 121 E. Court Street, 274-5560

CITIZEN'S PLANNING ALLIANCE has long been promoting a creative vision of Ithaca's future: "Ecology & Urbanism"

EARTH DAY (4/21) PLANNING MEETING 4/8 at GreenStar. Wally Woods 272-1312

BREAST CANCER & POLLUTION CONFERENCE 4/4 from 1:00 to 3:00pm. Presented by satellite downlink nationwide. In Tompkins County hosted at Cooperative Extension, 615 Willow Ave. Co-sponsored by the Ithaca Breast Cancer Alliance. "We know that established risk factors for breast cancer, such as genetic predisposition, account for fewer than half of all cases, so there is growing concern that something in the environment might play an important role in this disease." Cornell's program on Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors (BCERF) Free, registration: 272-2292

PARADE AND VIGIL (with an encore trial) to keep the SOUTHWEST NATURAL AREA free from commercial use: 4/18at 11am City Planning Board has given Widewaters permission to dump contaminated fill into the park, to process contaminated storm water there, & to build a 1000-ft berm.

TWO CONSERVATION PROGRAMS "Coping with Creeks and Controlling Erosion,"4/6, 9am- 1pm at Caroline Elementary School; "Neighbors Around Cayuga Lake," 4/20, 9 am-noon, Cayuga Nature Center. Victoria Green


TENANT/LANDLORD RIGHTS & RESPONSIBILITIES 4/17, 11am Co-op Extension: "Representative of the NYS Attorney General's Office, joined by local resource people, will conduct a brief presentation. Following the presentation a NYS Assistant Attorney General will be available until 1 pm to consult with individuals regarding consumer problems they have been unable to resolve locally. No appointment necessary."



HANK ROBERTS GROUP 4/6 at 10pm at ABC Cafe $6.00, HOURs accepted. Hank's latest new pieces include: '100th Monkey Man,' 'Sundance' and 'Here Forever.' Plus the band does 'I Don't Sleep' by Jake, and '15/14' by Will, as well as some older favorites. Probably there will be some surprises, too."

HAWAIIAN MUSIC & TRADITIONAL HULA DANCE: 4/19 at 9pm-- "with two teenage singersong writers and some suprises." Music by Larry Real & Robert Boyce, Hawaiian Guitar. Wendy Tachaguchi, dancer.



* Paul Glover presents "Cartoons & Cardboard" 4/5 from 5:30-7pm at Autumn Leaves Cafe
* Melissa Crown presents "Contemporary Quilts" 4/5 from 5:30-7pm at Clinton House
* Marion Van Soest presents works 4/5 at State of the Art Gallery

"RHC3" is WINNER of two tickets to Cinemapolis/Fall Creek Pictures. Reply by 4/15 to claim.


GRASSROOTS FESTIVAL (7/18-21) EARLYBIRD TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE at GreenStar, Ithaca Guitar Works. One Ithaca HOUR accepted per weekend ticket.


ITHACA HEALTH FUND EXPANDS AGAIN: members renewing after year+ of membership now receive $30 rebate on DENTAL EXAM when dentist discounts 10%+. Partial payments for EMERGENCY ROOM VISITS are now available. See Fund progress Membership still just $100/year.



GREATER CAYUGA PEACE FAIR AND RALLY 4/7, 1-6pm at Autumn Leaves (upstairs Art Space and Cafe), 115 The Commons. Speakers, poetry, open mic, music, teach-ins, Q&A;, food. "Educating, rallying and organizing peaceful citizens of the Greater Cayuga Basin for mobilization against the 'war on terrorism' and global corporate greed." Artists & Poets welcome to submit material for exhibit. Heidi Tremaine

"Bombs to Bluebirds" NEST BOXES made from Seneca Army Depot ammo boxes. $5 or Half HOUR from Finger Lakes Land Trust, 202 E. Court, 275-9487

WAR TIMES national biweekly newspaper to debut 4/12, featuring "war on terror" news not found in corporate news.

D.C. PEACE MARCH AND RALLIES: 4/20 Bus Trip tickets $36 (until 4/12) from Jim, 533-4727, 227-4727, Fred 277-6625, 255-6217, at Greenstar, ABC Cafe, & Autumn Leaves Used Books. Some scholarships available. Donations for scholarships welcome at ticket sale locations.

MOBILIZATION AGAINST PLAN COLOMBIA the SOA & IMF/World Bank 4/18-23 in D.C. Vans, housing via Marcie Ley 272-9630, 255-7293 [email protected]

4/5 7:30 - 8:30am (East end Commons) * 4/12 5:15-6:15 PM (corner Buffalo & Taughannock)
4/19 7:30 - 8:30am (East end Commons) * 4/26 5:15-6:15 PM (corner Buffalo & Taughannock)

Tuesdays at 7:30 - 8:30 am, east end (Simeon's) of Commons. Ithaca Catholic Worker: Wednesdays 6:30 pm at Catholic Charities of Tompkins County. Leslie Schultz

MONTHLY VIGIL AGAINST THE DEATH PENALTY: First Saturdays, 4/6, 12:30-1:30 Tioga & Buffalo. Tompkins County Coalition Against the Death Penalty & Ithaca Friends Meeting

PEACE CANVASSING: Door-to-door in city of Ithaca. Pete Myers 256-9733

STOP STAR WARS ITHACA invites you to tell govt what you think of weapons in space: U.S. Army Space & Missile Defense Command. See also

WAR TAX RESISTANCE: For those wishing to not fund war and military: Mary Loehr 256-9733, National War Tax Resistance join listserv


MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL: 4/11 from 4-5:30pm by The Society for Creative Anachronism at TCPL "* Learn about & experience life in the middle ages * Try on medieval clothing and see different ways of producing cloth * Find out how Lords, ladies, knights, serfs lived and worked * Sample What they ate * Play with Toys and games * Join the Music and dancing * Watch martial arts and try on chain mail. 272-4557 ext 277

HOMEBREW CLUB meets first Tues. of month 7:30pm at ITHACA BEER, which offers free tours and tastings (6 brews) year-round Tues-Sat 11am-6pm at 606 Elmira Road (south of Buttermilk Falls). Amanda 273-0766 HOURS accepted.

"BELLA920" is WINNER of $6.00 gift certificate from Harvest Deli Reply by 4/15 to claim.



* April 3, 1879: Travelling FEMALE REVIVALIST annoys male Methodists. New pews & carpets are splattered with tobacco juice.
* April 4, 1956: Ithaca College President Leonard Job, content with his university's downtown location, says that unless new endowments are found soon, "we shall never build the new South Hill campus."
* April 5, 1920: Cost of HAIRCUT hits 50 cents, up from 40. Also by vote of master barbers, shaves remain 20 cents.
* April 6, 1917: Whistle at sewage treatment plant sounds seven times to signal DECLARATION OF WAR against Germany, and city bursts into patriotic display. 700 Cornell students and faculty prepare to enlist, while high school boys drill in Cadet Corps.
* April 7, 1834: FIRST RAILROAD RIDE: 49 cars leave Ithaca carrying salt, plaster, 120 Ithacans. The horse-drawn carriages reach Owego in 3 hours and are met there with great fanfare.
* April 8, 1868: Liberal white minister consents to marry a black couple in his church, but does so in the BASEMENT.
* April 9, 1925: Bakers work throughout the night to fill Good Friday orders for HOT CROSS BUNS. Record total 192,000 are needed to satisfy the local appetite.
* April 10, 1912: FIRST COMIC STRIP in an Ithaca newspaper, "Little Scoop," a butter-brained news reporter, in the Ithaca Daily News.
* April 11, 1867: Owego Street is renamed STATE STREET.



"I have always enjoyed reading the Community News and just wanted to pass along my thanks and admiration. It's refreshing and provides renewal when I'm weary. Media is needed for some sort of venue for 'whistleblowers.' Folks see, hear things all the time but are threatened, coerced, cajoled, etc into not doing the right thing. There are people in city govt that can not bring themselves to speak out. They see others that have and the consequences they have gone through." --[name withheld]

"Please include me on your newsletter mailing list. I'm new to Ithaca and am loving it more and more hour by Ithaca Hour." --Fred

"Thanks, as always, for your newsletter. Charley and I were in Greensboro, N.C. for several days last month. That town has been reduced to literally hundreds of big box stores, connected by 6- to 8-lane highways -- a huge maze of consumerist busy-ness, and in very few parts of town would you dare to try to cross the 'street' on foot. It appeared to us that the city was spending any income it had from the stores, on building and maintaining all these giant highways. The people we were visiting admitted that their public schools are very inadequate. There wasn't a lot going on culturally. There seemed to be few good (non-chain) restaurants; one we visited was owned, you might know, by a Cornell grad. I know many people now take great comfort in using shopping as a primary means of entertainment, but truly this is an environment and lifestyle that only a car could love." --Glenna Dunaway

"Are you going to issue an on-line clarification in quick order regarding the assertion that we denied someone ['Joe Woodchuck'] their voice? In my opinon it would be appropriate and fair. I believe you would expect no less of another medium." --Gary Stewart, Ithaca Journal editorial page editor
---[REPLY] Gary Stewart was indeed willing to print 'Joe Woodchuck's,' counter-satire but the author had not yet revealed his true identity to the Journal.

"Dear Ithacans, There's a lyric from an old Joanie Mitchell song that contains the phrase 'You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.' We were twenty year residents of Ithaca, but over the past six years we have had to move from Ithaca to Atlanta, GA to Wilson, NC, to Binghamton, NY, to Boston, MA. We are worn out and thoroughly depressed by most of what we have seen.
---"We are not sure if we see the world through a proper lens anymore. We expected people in other cities to be as aware and community-minded as the city we left behind. We wanted to find enviromental consciousness and acceptance of people's individuality and creativity. And, most importantly, community involvement for the sake of the community, not the individual. We thought that other cities and towns must be just like Ithaca. What a wake up call!
---"Endless, unbridled development coupled with a constant stream of air pollution generated by a never-ending fleet of gas-guzzling 4x4's traveling at 80+ mph going nowhere... we just don't get it! Hey, let's build more shoddily-built developments of over-priced houses surrounded by more shopping malls so that we pack more people into a smaller space and tax the infrastructure beyond its limits.
---"We have searched for fragments of the type of community we once knew, but they are few and far between. Your newsletter is an oasis in a desert of chaos. It is the link that keeps our sanity intact. Keep up the good work. We will be house hunting in Ithaca this Spring. We can't wait to get back to our "family.'" --R. Henry

"I tried to print your newsletter to show to my union membership. It wouldn't print. Is there a reason or do I have a glitch? Thanks for the time, and the newsletter it is great!!!!!! --Tammy Lasher, Plant Rep, I.A.M. local 2001
---[REPLY] Ithaca Community News has printed from other computers. Suggestions from deglitchers welcome.

"Thank you for sending this to me! It was great and so informative. Please keep them coming." --Veronica

"FALLCREEKC" is WINNER of $one pound of coffee from Gimme! Coffee Reply by 4/15 to claim.

"Assertions by Carl Feuer [previous issue] are categorically FALSE! Since he is not at the negotiations table and not party to Board of Education discussions he has no first hand knowledge, so I provide below a summary of current facts from someone who does have first hand knowledge, and I can personally attest that what Mr. Feuer and the handout from IPA say about BoE is false. Verifiable FACTS:
1. There is not yet a tentative agreement on a wage package.
2. The district has not made any "new demands" whatsoever.
3. Retroactivity is a matter for negotiation and is not "owed" (it is part of contract, all of which is up for negotiation at the end of each contract period).
4. The district's proposal on workers' compensation does not detract from the employees statutory rights.
5. There is no proposal to diminish a worker's right to transfer to adifferent job in the bargaining unit so long as that individual is the bestqualified for the job.
6. District negotiators have never cancelled or refused to schedule a negotiating or mediation session (on the other hand, IPA has missed numerous scheduled mtgs and repeatedly postponed others)." --Allen Lambert

Ithaca Paraprofessionals Association president DEBBIE MINNICK REPLIES to the School Board 3/26/02

"On October 15, 2001, a full-page letter was published in the Ithaca Journal, dealing with the ongoing contract negotiations with the Paraprofessionals Union, focusing on the dispute over wages, defending the paras' wage offer, and urging the Union to agree to a settlement.
---"Negotiators for the Paras have accepted a slightly improved version of that wage offer.
---"So, why isn't there an agreement? Just when the Paras had made significant concessions so they could go back to their stressful and difficult work, and to their families, with one less element of stress on their minds, why has the rug been taken out from under them?
---"Why do [School District negotiators] want to short change school employees who are injured or made ill as a result of their job by cutting back on their workers' compensation benefits? Why do they want to restrict the opportunities of long-time employees to transfer to different positions within the district? And, heavens, why do you want to deny these workers any pay increase whatsoever for the first year of the contract? This only seems to be an effort to punish these workers for desiring the best for themselves and their families.
---"The issues that are now being raised in the negotiations appear to many of us to be merely an effort to torpedo the negotiations. It does not appear to be bargaining in good faith. Their refusal to bargain fairly and settle this contract, when the union is ready and willing to do this, must end. With a mutually acceptable wage settlement for the 2001-2005 period already in hand, these negotiations can and must be wrapped up fairly and quickly." Carl Feuer

"This may be of interest on the Ithaca Community News List: Gateway is donating 4,500 computers used in the 2002 Olympic Winter Games to nonprofits. Application 4/2- 7/31 on-line only:" --Lisa Harris

"Hello. I love your news. It's so great to have one source provide so much information about the Ithaca community. Thanks so much!!" --Liana

"Thanks so much for your newsletter. We are both very grateful to you for your efforts in keeping us all so well informed." --Naomi and Joe

"DB_JKEMP" is WINNER $5.00 gift certificate from Viva Taqueria. Reply by 4/15 to claim.


"Your reply to Todd Rose's criticism of an earlier editorial you wrote on the GreenStar Council elections (ICN, February #1) invites a couple of questions: Why is it that those who speculate about your agenda are, in your view, attempting to intimidate you? And why is is that those who question the accuracy of your statements are, again in your view, acting as if you don't have a right to disagree? Such challenges are just a normal part of healthy democratic debate, aren't they?
---" If you don't appreciate having labels ('troublemaking,' 'posturing') put on your speech, mightn't it be best to refrain from putting labels ('intimidation,' 'suppression') on the speech of others? Let's have the debate flow freely back and forth without the labeling. I think most of us can figure out what's what." -- John Rowehl, GreenStar Council President [REPLY] Readers are invited again to read the complete reply to Todd's letter He wrote: "It appears that your agenda in this case has more to do with stirring up controversy and posturing as one of the "good guys" than serving the best interests of the coop and the community."
---I replied: "This sounds like George Bush saying there's one kind of patriotism and if you don't agree with it then you're a terrorist. And I've been accused of 'stirring up controversy' for years-- regarding the war in Vietnam, shopping malls, highway expansion, union activity, etc."
---GreenStar's president, who has himself resorted to labels, may be displeased by my article "GreenStar's GreenFuture" which encourages store expansion based on our founding principles. And "Restoring Health to Health Foods" is excerpted in latest GreenLeaf 4/02

"I grew up in Ithaca and love the community newsletter as it helps me stay in touch with happenings in the town I still consider home. Currently, I am teaching third grade in the Navajo nation. I'm a VISTA volunteer and would like to invite Ithacans to sponsor a student or class. Here on the reservation there is great need for children's books, winter clothing, school and art supplies, healthy snacks, games and toys." --Summer Chapin Box 101, Navajo, NM 87328 (505) 777 2689

"Nice to keep up with Ithaca news out here in Los Angeles. Many fine things going on there. Loved your article on Journal and its warloving history, and piece on Serino. Absolutely vital that we contest the united states of amnesia, as Michael Moore calls it, and your piece part of that noble tradition." John M.


CONTEMPLATIVE SHABBAT SERVICE: 4/13, 10am. "Chanting and meditation to celebrate the Jewish Sabbath with joy, mindfulness, and community." 277-7553 for details.


"The Ithaca HOURS Board of Directors cordially invites you to attend the ITHACA HOURS ANNUAL MEETING, Dessert Party & Board Elections" 4/10, 7-9pm GIAC, 318 N. Albany

"The Tompkins County economy turned sharply lower in February." Details & implications from Elia Kacapyr


ARCHITECTURAL SALVAGE HUGE MOVING SALE 4/6, 10am - 2pm. Doors,Windows, Sinks, Tubs, Wood Trim, Shutters, Copper Flashing, etc. All items 50% off! HOURS accepted. "Significant Elements is accepting quality, reusable house parts by donation. Throughout April, Significant Elements needs volunteers to help with the sale, move inventory to the new warehouse..." Diane Cohen 273-6633

"TIPFORTUNE" is WINNER of $10.00 gift certificate from Maxie's Supper Club Reply by 4/15 to claim.

"EYARUSSI" is WINNER of $10.00 gift certificate from Small World Music (614 W. State). Reply by 4/15 to claim.


SOFT DOLL CLUB OF ITHACA: story reading & dollmaking workshop at TCPL for kids ages 6-10, 4/28 at 1:15pm & 2.15pm. Registration required: 272-4557 ext 275

"GSJ5" is WINNER of $10.00 gift certificate from Conkie's Restaurant. Reply by 4/15 to claim.


POETRY SLAM 4/5 at 8pm featuring Sarah McKinstry-Brown. Open reading & semi-final, Juna's Cafe

ECO-POET Antler reads 7 pm, 4/8 in the Ezra Cornell Reading Room of public library. Allen Ginsberg said: "I believe Antler to be among the major if not the major which he may well be poets of his generation in the United States at present. That I know of, have heard of, and have read."

WEIRD, WONDERFUL, & WACKY CREATURE POEMS: 4/15 10:30- 11am Thaler/Howell Room TCPL, ages 6-10 hear about "the world's most ridiculous animals real and unreal. Take home copies of the poems and draw your own pictures of what these beings might look like." Register by 10:15am. *If you have written a poem and would like it displayed in the library, bring a neatly printed copy with you.


TRAONACH: Irish traditional dance music all occasions. Cole Gruberth 844-4621 HOURS accepted.

COMMUNITY FLY FISHER: Seneca St at Flood Control Channel, accepting 1/4 HR. Weekend basic workshop (all ages) 4/13 & 14. Women's Intro workshop 4/27 & 28. John 697-0053

IYENGAR YOGA WEEKEND at Tiamat Studio, 136 Commons 4/19-21. HOURS accepted. Kathy Morris 277-5656.

LEARN BLACKSMITHING! Trumansburg artist-blacksmith Durand Van Doren offers one-day Saturday hands-on learning at forge, including making toolmaking & ironworking lore. Limited class size: $125 includes full-day & lunch. One Ithaca HOUR accepted. 387-4493 for scheduling.

* WOMENS' HORMONAL HEALTH workshop 4/11 & 4/18; 7-9:15pm. Cat Berry 256-7070.
* PREGNANCY SUPPORT workshop 4/24 & 5/1; 7-9:15pm. Cat Berry 256-7070



NY INTERFAITH PRISON PILGRIMAGE: " We walk to raise hard questions about why prisons have become an economic growth industry built on the backs of minorities and the poor [only 18% of NYS prison inmates are white]; We walk and call for change in the over-reliance on expensive prisons and a call for redirection of the resources to create educational and job opportunities." Ithaca part of statewide march gathers 4/12 at 1pm at Unitarian Church, 306 N. Aurora. [email protected] & [email protected] COMMUNITY FORUM 4/12 at 7pm, Southside Community Center, 305 S. Plain Edie Reagan

ALTERNATIVES TO INCARCERATION groups meet Wednesdays at 7 pm at Southside Center. Minutes of recent meeting Gino Bush & Mecca Nagel HALFWAY HOUSE MEETING 4/3 Southside at 6:30pm.

UPSTATE PRISON RESPONSE: quarterly newspaper featuring prison construction, prison labor, parole, more: invites letters, articles, poetry, art: Box 144 Ithaca 14851

RESTORATIVE JUSTICE WEEK 4/14-21. Restorative Justice Committee locally helps the County's work in Restorative Justice and Alternatives to Incarceration (the County Drug Treatment Court, Family Drug Treatment Court, Community Justice Center). Marilyn Ray 529-7778.

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL ITHACA meets third Tuesdays; next: 4/16, 7:30 pm. Kahin Center, 640 Stewart Ave. West Campus. Directions: 273-3009. Cable TV show on Channel 13. Sun. 11 pm, Tues. 9pm; Fri. 9 pm. Info? Lend a hand? Wies, 257-3156.

TUNNEL OF OPPRESSION at Cornell University, Court Residence Hall, 4/9 & 4/10 from 7-9pm. Tours leave every 10 minutes. "The Tunnel is an experience that will demonstrate the reality of hate crimes, and covert and open acts of oppression as our community experiences them. Our aim is to bring acts of oppression and hate out in the open and explore the prejudices that motivate such acts. We hope that people leave the Tunnel with a better understanding of how hate and oppression affects individuals and our entire community; and we hope that, at the very least, participants leave the Tunnel with something to think about. Free and open to the entire community. "


QUILT MAKING ARTISTS Exhibit 4/12-7/12 at TCPL. Opening Reception & Panel Discussion 4/18 from 5:00-7:00pm.

"WILL" is WINNER of $10.00 gift certificate to ABC Cafe. Reply by 4/15 to claim.


YOUR KID/S INVITED TO SING/CHANT FOR NEW CD: Regi Carpenter is recording "Singin' Songs, Tellin' Tales" 4/15 & 16 at Wilburland Studios in Newfield. "I would like to have some children sing and chant on it with me. Parents are more than welcome to sing and chant too." [email protected]

SMALL TALES SUMMER SCHOOL for children 6-12. Swimming, drama, plays, music, and a daily dose of dirt. Special science, math and language programs. Brooktondale 7/1-8/16, 8am-4 pm Mon- Fri. Early registration by 5/1 is $125.00 a week. After May 1st it's $135.00 a week. HOURS accepted. Open house 4/27.


SOCIAL JUSTICE CAREER FAIR 4/12 10:00 am - 1:00 pm (Ives Hall: Smithers Lobby & Cleary & AFL-CIO Lobby). Panel: "Careers in the Labor Movement" 1:30pm-3:00pm (ILR Faculty Lounge)

"CMGOEP" is WINNER of $10.00 gift certificate from Sparrow's Wine. Must be 21. Reply by 3/31 to claim.

"CELISE8" is WINNER of one pint of Ben & Jerry's. Reply by 4/15 to claim.

"LMT27" is WINNER of $7.50 gift certificate from Cafe Strand. Reply by 4/15 to claim.


ITHACA COMMUNITY ORCHESTRA (ICO) 4/20: participatory event - bring voices & percussion instruments (homemade okay). Ravel, Milhaud, Bach, Haydn, Vivaldi, originals. 4 pm Foundation of Light 391 Turkey Hill Rd. Donation $4. Ithaca HOURS welcome! New members (adults/teens) welcome. No audition. Rehearse Wednesdays 7:30 -9:30pm at Ithaca Music Academy, 2389 North Triphammer. BYO instrumen & music stand. 266-7604

Ithacan PATTI WITTEN with Lisa Martin at Moosewood 4/6 at 9.30pm. Free. Witten and Martin are full-time independent recording artists. They are both winners in the JPF Music Awards, a contest that receives thousands of entries each year.


EDITOR: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>