Ithaca HOURS News! February 2001

[Ithaca HOUR messages are sent once or twice monthly to 1,691 residents]


The first annual HOUR Town directory is now available. Ably edited by Margaret McCasland, it contains thousands of ways to spend Ithaca HOURS, an HOUR history, nice graphics by Jim Houghton, and a professional design by West Hill Graphics.

**** Ben & Jerry's Foundation has granted $10,000 to HOURS. ****

This will help us expand our operation. For example:

**** We're putting the HOUR list on the web. ****

This will enable us to sell individual goods (eggbeater, couch, etc) for HOURS, and to link your email and website if you like.

**** New York Times again ****

HOURS were mentioned in another NYT article, cover of the World Business page, January 30.

ABC Café Re-opens ****

The new ABC Café has re-opened: bigger kitchen, two new tables, two new bathrooms, same great food (maximum 1/4 HOUR per person), same intimate scene, music nightly at 10pm. They're open at 5pm for dinner this Thursday and Friday, then resume Saturday and Sunday for brunch at 9:30pm. Regular hours continue starting 11am Tuesday. They will open a coffee shop next door in the near future. Buy a meal card and get big discounts. Ken still welcomes loans: 277-0256 or 277-4770.

**** Next HOUR Board meeting ****

HOUR Board meets Monday 2/19 at 6pm at 314 East Buffalo Street, and YOU are welcome. We're looking for candidates for the board: contact [email protected]

**** HOUR Archives at Tompkins County Museum ****

The full archives-to=date of the HOUR system 1991-2000 have been placed in the care of the DeWitt Historical Society, which is seeking a grant for cataloging our records. Your name is probably there!

**** Health Fund Expands ****

The Ithaca Health Fund has brought in over $85,000 and has been paying members, usually overnight, for claims made. Testimonials from satisfied members are found on the Fund's website.

The Fund now makes payments for 19 categories of preventive and emergency care. Over 470 people have affiliated with the Fund so far, and eight grants have been received. The most recent grant is from the Service League Shop (104 W. Seneca), in honor of Esther Bushey (age 100), a LONG-time volunteer. Thanks!

Did you know that the Canadian national health system began with the inspiration of a small town, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, which raised the demand for national health coverage.

Do you know someone who has no health coverage, or pays too much?

Latest Fund information is found at: