August #2 2002


[This is the second of two messages monthly sent to 6,529 Ithaca area residents]

TEN READERS OF THIS ISSUE HAVE WON GIFT CERTIFICATES with Viva Taqueria ($5), Cinemapolis/Fall Creek Pictures (2 tickets), Gimme! Coffee (1# coffee), Maxie's Supper Club ($10), Oasis Grocery ($5), Harvest Deli ($6), ABC Cafe ($10), Cafe Strand ($5), Toko Imports ($5), mundo Gitano ($10), White Lotus Homes ($10). WINNING EMAILS (randomly selected by computer) ARE NOTED BELOW.



LAKEFEST 8/25 from 12-4pm at Taughannock Falls State Park, North Point Shelter. "An afternoon of family fun, entertainment & education, w/ free picnic courtesy of Wells College. Live local music, puppeteer Tom Knight, Tompkins County Dairy Princess, & displays from local organizations. Closes w/ Annual Meeting of Cayuga Lake Watershed Network. Sharon Anderson, Watershed Steward

LABOR DAY PICNIC 9/2 Stewart Park main pavilion 11 am-3pm. "This year's theme is 'Labor & Community Working Together for a Living Wage.' As always, the Labor Coalition will provide meat & veggie burgers, hot dogs and beverages, music, games, the annual awards for the Friend & Goat of Labor. Please bring a dish to pass, & join us for the largest celebration of labor & the movement for living wages in upstate New York!" 277-5670.
---New York has largest income disparity of all states 1998-2000: bottom fifth $12,639, top fifth $161,858

THE MUSEFEST 8/30-9/1 at Newhart's Lodge, 172 Griffin Rd, Enfield NY: Free admission with ticket from
---Operated by participants, this event has been described as a "prideful tribute to the Ithaca area's vibrant music scene. At Musefest you can see most of the best bands Ithaca has to offer all in one weekend,everything from Blue Grass to Heavy Metal.
---"Although the festival is free, a $20 per person donation is requested at the gate. The donation gets you a Musefest compilation CD with nearly the entire roster of performers on it. The proceeds from the CD are divided equally among the scheduled musicians.
---"Family camping area available for $10/tent. HOURS accepted. General camping, which is also onsite, is totally free. Events for kids all weekend. "We will have a bounce tent an a lot of events to let the kids expend theirenergy. At 11am 9/1), childrens' parade, belly dancers & musicians. Children come in costume & face paints. Parents are asked to bring costumes, instruments & supplies."
---Work party 8/25 at 10am to put up fencing, paint more signs (please bring paints and brushes), clean camping & vendor areas, clean the water tanks, decorate the pavilion stage, assemble CDs, & build the roof on the stage!

ITHACA PROGRESSIVE FESTIVAL 9/7 from 4-9:30 on the Commons. Bringing together dozens of "this region's strongest activist organiztions on behalf of social, economic, & environmental justice to meet face to face with each other & the public. We provide tables, just bring literature & a poster with the name of the organization etc. Bands will include One-Heart Community Drum, Hubcap, Sim Redmond & Nate Richardson (acoustic), & Oculus. Speakers will include candidates endorsed by the Green Pary." David Galezo

MASSAGEFEST 9/7 from 3-6pmoffers free massages on Commons near Autumn Leaves (inside if cold/rain). "MASSAGE ARMY" sponsored by the Ithaca Health Fund

"SBERRYMAN" wins Viva Taqueria gift certificate. Reply by 9/9 to claim.


ITHACA'S FIRST TATTOO RAFFLE "Win a tattoo this month at See Spot Gallery (108 the Commons). Buy a chance for only $2 (6 chances for $10) to win one of two $100 dollar gift certificates to Medusa Tattoo. Drawing will be 7pm on GALLERY NIGHT, 9/6, at See Spot's Opening Reception. Winner need not be present. Proceeds support See Spot Gallery, your community art space, where everyone is an artist!"

PLAY ITHACA INVENTOR'S GAME ONLINE: Chebache (CHEess*BAckgammon*CHEckers) is now playable Online as a Windows download for PCs. It was selected by games magazine as the "4th best abstract strategy game for 2000."


WEATHER REPORT: Europe & China have been hogging all the rain; recent splatters here are just a stay of execution for many crops & yards. After showers, the dark woods fill with fathomless mists & forms, scenes primeval that penetrate trim suburbs & surround our busy city. Another season without rain & Ithaca will begin to mummify. Short grass stands yellow; longer lawns still green. During drought birds have become quiet, cicadas laugh all day, crickets snore all night. People drain reservoirs & shop.

Weather for Ithaca & Finger Lakes Region (home-based weather station by Chris Proulx)



Ithaca's cafes are each a unique social place serving moods as well as foods: intense, relaxed, studious, goofy, literary, feminist, masculinist, brash, quiet. With decor that's funky, silly, fun. They're models of adaptive re-use-- they don't build new buildings with gaudy signs on the strip; they love old wood. Staff is casual, witty, theatric, personable. Meeting people is expected at many: food is pretext; flexible seating invites families & students, teens & elders, all to intersect. One can be alone among people to be less lonely. While chain eateries are cheerful but impersonal, cafes feature your art, your music, hand-drawn signs. There's no hurry; stay all day.
---Ken Hallet at ABC Cafe says 65% of his gross is redistributed within Ithaca.
---Autumn Leaves Used Books offers a large community room that doubles, triples, quadruples as art gallery, massage parlor, meeting space, theatre, more. Usually free for nonprofit groups: 273-8239.
---Gimme! Coffee has opened creekside at 7 East Main Street, Trumansburg. "1960's renovations were demolished to reveal a turn-of-the-century tin ceiling." Grand Opening 8/31 from 7am-9pm. Until then the hours are 7am-5:30pm. 100% Ithaca HOURS accepted.
---Art at Collegetown Bagels 8/15-9/15:
* Downtown, 201-203 N. Aurora St., Carlton Manzano, Oil Paintings, Sketches of Ithaca
* East Hill Plaza, Laura Taylor, Pencil and Paint, Fine renderings of plants and more
* CTB Appetizers, Triphammer Mall, Kevin Stearns, Photographs, Finger Lakes landscapes

"SH" wins gift certificate to Gimme! Coffee. Reply by 9/9 to claim.



WHOLE ITHACA STOCK EXCHANGE (WISE) brings money home from Wall Street, for ecodevelopment. Everyone welcome to invest dollars, labor, local currency, tools, skills.

THE EDGE FUND (Ithaca): "supporting progressive social change, working toward a MORE DIVERSE, PARTICIPATORY, ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE, JUST AND FREE SOCIETY."
---"Donors may channel their support, regardless of the amount, into an Area Fund of their choosing. "Donors wishing to make more modest contributions can pool their dollars with other like-minded donors to make a greater impact on their particular community interest," says Jeffrey True, Director of the Community Foundation of TC. 272-9333

ITHACA HOURS, INC. offers interest-free loans Several thousand Ithacans accept HOURS, including 500 businesses.

COMMUNITY ARTS PARTNERSHIP grants for non- profits for arts/cultural programming 2003. Grants to individual artists for new work w/ community involvement or 273-5072 Robin Schwartz

BEAUTIFICATION GRANTS AVAILABLE TO TOMPKINS COUNTY GROUPS up to $500 (from hotel room tax), for TC municipalities. "Can be located on publicly owned properties, or on private properties if a significant visual impact will benefit the community." Chrys Gardener 272-2292.

"MATHEWSJOY" wins two tickets to Cinemapolis/FCP. Reply by 9/9 to claim.


* Assembly of God Youth Summer Camp singing gospel on the Commons to the Topfree Flying Circus.
* Two Cornell students nursing a baby snapping turtle, to return it to pond: "a friend caught it."
* Thirsty squirrels nibbling green acorns.
* Visitor Robert Boyce says, "Feels good to be back. People here are solid, down-to-earth, community-oriented folks who assess you based on who you are rather than how you dress. There's a sense of comraderie-- some genuine friendliness here-- a smile or hello says, 'you're okay.'"

"ESTHERGOWAN" wins gift certificate to Oasis Grocery. Reply by 9/9 to claim.



9/11 OPEN MIC AT PUBLIC LIBRARY for poetry readings, book displays, & forum for local writers to discuss their writings in response to the tragedy, to honor the humanitarian responses to this national tragedy, & to respond to the affects on our community." TCPL is open "to local organizations that would like to present their own programs, or join with other organizations in a community wide remembrance. Contact Assistant Library Director Susan Frey 272-4557 x233.

ANTI-WAR ITHACANS MEET SENATOR CLINTON (or her staff) 8/28, noon in NYC to "convey this basic message: Senators must critically examine the rationale for a war against Iraq and put the brakes on the Bush administration." To register "If enough of us from Ithaca are going, we could rent a van to minimize travel costs." Anke Wessels 255-5027 or 266-8708.

ITHACA 9/11 PEACE GROUP planning 9/11 Peace Day Activities "to remember those who died a year ago, all those who have died in the year since, & to voice our opposition to our government's reactions & plans for more war. Elizabeth Schneider or Joan Lewis --Planning teach-in for 9/8, probably at Boynton Elementary School: Peg Unsworth

---NEW YORK TIMES EDITORIAL 8/8 condemns "Unlimited Presidential Powers"
---"YES, WE NEED A 'REGIME CHANGE' IN THIS ROGUE STATE... Its government has no majority. It refuses arms monitoring. Its opponents are locked up without trial." The Independent (London) 8/9 refers to U.S.A.
---And for the first time in its history, the Ithaca Journal has editorialized against a U.S. war.
---Best independent media sources: Indymedia & CommonDreams

ITHACA SHARKS considering a "Pledge of Resistance" to Iraq invasion which "offers various levels of resisting... for varied levels of commitment. Modeled after the Pledge to resist invasion of Nicaragua during '80s, signed by 900 Ithacans.

CHRISTIAN PEACEMAKER TEAMS & VOICES IN THE WILDERNESS are "recruiting peacemakers to travel to Iraq as the U.S. government considers war. Applications are being accepted (minimum age 21) for two-week delegations. They "will stay in Baghdad or other cities in Iraq, & in case of attack, be deployed to facilities such as hospitals, schools, bridges, markets, sewage & sanitation facilities. Teams will also travel on roads between the various cities & towns."


"HELP CAN THE SOA!" Four Central New Yorkers tried in July for trespass at the terrorist School of the Americas (including Linda Holzbaur of Ithaca) ask you to take your refundable cans & bottles to K&H Distribution (State/Seneca on Taughhanock Blvd)& ask for your refund to be donated to "Can the SOA." They were fined a total $7000.

ITHACA TAX RESISTERS in NEW YORK TIMES 8/3 War Resisters: 'We Won't Go' to 'We Won't Pay'
---"You could hardly find a more problematic time for pacifists who do not want their taxes spent on the military. But the recent wave of patriotic fervor has only reinvigorated the efforts of one tiny, determined group.
---"For more than three decades, the National Campaign for a Peace Tax Fund has petitioned the federal government for a way to earmark the tax revenues that would go to the military-- usually around 50%-- for nonmilitary purposes, like education or health care. Like conscientious objectors who in the past were offered an alternative to military service, these resisters say the First Amendment protects their ethical or religious objections to paying for war with their taxes.
---"Mary Loehr, the coordinator of the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee, an organization based in Ithaca, N.Y., that links 50 groups opposing war or weapons, has also seen a surge in interest. 'Starting Sept. 11 through this past May, we have had a call a day from people asking for information, and our busy season is usually January through April,' she said. 'I would get 70-year-old women from the Midwest saying: `I don't want to pay for this. Will it hurt my Social Security?'"

"REFUSING FOR ISRAEL: Israeli combat reservists who struggle for Israel's future" Speech 8/25 by Dani Vos, "a veteran of years of service in the Israeli military and a founding member of Courage to Refuse (Ometz L'sarev), a growing group of nearly 500 Israeli officers and conscripts who have signed a pledge not to serve in the West Bank & Gaza." 10am-noon, Edwards Room, Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell. The talk is sponsored by: Progressive Jewish Voice, Tikkun V'Or (Ithaca Reform Temple), Kol Haverim-Finger Lakes Community for Humanistic Judaism, Cornell University Hillel.

MID EAST EDUCATION TEAM "Exiled: Arab Jews from Arab Lands" 8/29, 6:30pm, Public Library
---"Is the current event of Arab and Islamic anti-Semitism a new phenomenon? Though pegged as a recent & justified response to Israel's actions & policies, the hate inciting rhetoric & persistent persecution of the Jews of the Arab world actually began well over a thousand years ago & has intensified over the past 900 years.
---"Hear the story of one family's flight from oppression in Libya & share a multi media exploration of the history of injustice and a look at the modern prejudice that still effects these "dhimmi" or non-Muslims."

"Terrorism and war have something in common. They both involve the killing of innocent people to achieve what the killers believe is a good end." ---Howard Zinn


EARTH ARTS HOMESCHOOL PROGRAM 9/16/02 -5/19/03. Mondays 9:30am- 3pm. Ages 6+. "Combines creative arts of all kinds with a knowledge of place, nature awareness, & respect for all cultures. We explore history, art, earth/environmental science through discovery, observation, research, reflection, and creative expression. We offer a fully equipped studio for creative learning located on the edge of the Six-Mile Creek protected watershed. Tuition $560 due 9/1; half payments can also be made. Ithaca HOURS Accepted. Limited number of partial scholarships/ barters. Dale Bryner at 272-6486

"NMJ6" wins gift certificate to Harvest Deli. Reply by 9/9 to claim.


"This committee was organized to promote the use of renewable energy sources and energy conservation measures in our area." Suggested at recent meeting:
* Members will help each other start alternative energy systems.
* Community forum on grid- intertied solar electric systems.
* Alternative energy exhibit for the ScienCenter.
* "vote solar" initiative "to develop & pass a bond issue to pay for the installation of renewable energy systems and energy conservation."
* Seek expanded rebates for the purchase of solar modules
* Promote net metering: billing based on the difference between kilowatt-hours drawn from the grid & kilowatt-hours fed into the grid by [solar/wind] owner's generating equipment. Assembly bill 11280-A.
---Bill Carini 564-1025


TOMPKINS COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY OPEN SUNDAYS starting 9/8 "due to the generosity of two individuals."

LEARN CORPORATE RESEARCH AT LIBRARY 9/20 from 10am-noon: the Gale Group Business & Company Resource Center. "This comprehensive database provides accurate, up-to-date company & industry information on hundreds of thousands of companies, enabling users to efficiently research business case studies, competitive intelligence, & career and investment opportunities.
---"Learn how to access company profiles, news/magazine articles, company histories, investment reports, financial rankings, products, industry overviews, and associations

"MACPJAM" wins gift certificate to ABC Cafe. Reply by 9/9 to claim.

OFFENDER AID & RESTORATION (OAR) VOLUNTEER TRAINING 9/5-9/26. "OAR Volunteers are paired with inmates at the Tompkins County jail for one-to-one visitation, to offer caring human contact & support, to transport inmates' family members & friends to jail for visits. We invite students, working people, retired people- all interested (age 18 or older). 272-7885



*August 24, 1966: Walter Duncan, age 70, SWIMS SIXTEEN MILES in eleven hours.
* August 25, 1906: OLD HOME WEEK brings many sons & daughters back to Ithaca after years of absence. Grand Field Day features picnic by lake, bands, boat rides, speeches. 'A city's greatest glory is reflected by the character of those who make it up."
* August 26, 1940: Jay Reamer's estate grants over $20,000 to FORMER EMPLOYEES of his Modern Method Laundry.
* August 27, 1899: Francis Tripp leaves Ithaca after the death of his wife, to make a new life with his son. He walks a short way, turns for a last look, and says "goodbye old home."
* August 28, 1915: ITHACA JOURNAL publishes its CENTENNIAL EDITION, 52 pages of Ithaca's past & the Journal's role in it. First known as the Seneca Republican (1815-1816), it's also been titled Ithaca Gazette & Religious Intelligencer, American Journal, Ithaca Journal & General Advertiser, Ithaca Daily Journal, Ithaca Journal-News.
* August 29, 1904: ALL DOGS MUZZLED after several people bitten, by order of City Council.
* August 30, 1942: BLUEJAY lands on Harry Ward's shoulder.
* August 31, 1886: EARTHQUAKE shakes chandeliers & stops the depot clock.
* September 1, 1916: Newly released highway study reveals average 2,040 vehicles enter Ithaca daily on paved roads, of which 734 are HORSE-DRAWN.



"I thought you might be the one to contact about Wal-Mart. I been runnin' from Wal-Mart my whole life. Did everyone know & no one did anything? Is the decision final, and there's nothing to be done? Can we still organize to stop Wal Mart Ithaca, or would efforts be best spent organizing a boycott? Please let me know everything you know about what can be done." --Ellen Woods
---[REPLY] Protect Our Parks & Neighborhoods (POPAN) collects donations for court actions against the City's violations of law & to appeal above corrupt judges. Donations to POPAN, Box 805, Ithaca, NY 14851. At this stage, perhaps the most effective challenge to Southwest Dump development will be total gridlock on Route 13, as more boxes are built.

"I always enjoy Ithaca Community News - thank you for such a wonderful way to stay in touch with happenings around town." --Rebecca

"I am trying to find a story about a connection between Cornell & Rusk County, Wisconsin. The issue is mineral rights. Do you know anything about this?" --Thanks, Michael
---[REPLY] They went to court. Apparently nonpayment of property taxes for a copper mine apparently owned by Cornell, & controversy over polluted water runoff. The story is found in Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, Educational Series 34: "Selected Developments In Wisconsin's Mineral Industry 1994. "Most public concern centers on the potential impact of discharge of excess water that enters the mine or is intercepted prior to entering the mine."

"Thanks for your service to the community! Your newsletter & the one from the Alternatives Federal Credit Union are the only electronic newsletters I read. You are doing a great job." --M.K.

"When I was a little girl, my parents took me to the Paleontological Research Institute to look at the fossils & other ancient earth pieces there. I noticed in the back that there was a frog pond & I spent a very long time watching the hundred or so frogs jumping in & out of the water and croaking in what sounded in my child's mind to be a happy song.
---"About two years ago, PRI had a booth at Pyramind Mall & I just happened to be in town & to see them there. I stopped to chat and tell them how much I adored the frogs there & the frog pond. The elderly gentlemen at the table were quick to inform me that they were planning to remove the frog pond (read: kill the frogs) in order to put in a parking lot which they felt was in the greater interest of the community because then more people could come and visit the place. (Read: We want to expand & this is a matter of money, so we don't care about the frog pond). I registered my objections with them because I understand the the worldwide frog population is quickly dwindling & that we need to be diligent to protect the remaining frogs from extinction. They didn't seem to understand this viewpoint.
---"I had to leave Ithaca shortly thereafter & wasn't savvy enough to put petitions out & so on, so I suspect that they went ahead with their plans to remove the pond & all frogs therein, to my great dismay. I hope that this knowledge will be helpful to those planning a trip up there." --Hanan Zaman

"I would like to be added to the list. I just moved to town & found the newsletter very informative. Thanks for putting it together," --Rob Murphy

"DHL9" wins gift certificate to Maxie's. Reply by 9/9 to claim.

"We live in Vestal-- not exactly Ithaca, although we come to Ithaca fairly frequently because it's such a cool place. In a little less than two weeks, we're not going to have health insurance. The Ithaca Health Fund is intriguing, & here are our questions. 1) If I break my leg in Broome County & go to Binghamton General, do you still pay toward the cost of setting the break? 2) Would you consider my 21-year old daughter a child or an adult? 3)How are you doing toward getting a basic nonprofit dental clinic? 4) Could you talk me through the process of getting treated and reimbursed? Thanks so much. This may be the answer to our prayers." -- Karen ---[REPLY] 1) The Fund makes payments anywhere in the world, with any health provider, so we have members nationwide. Locals get the discounts too. 2) Your daughter is an adult. 3) We could have a basic dental clinic right away, if space were donated: the Fund has donations of dental supervision, dental hygienists, dental equipment, and has money to spend. 4) When you pay in advance for treatment, the Fund reimburses you. Otherwise, payments are made directly to health providers. See Current list of covered categories

"Please change my subscription email. Thanks-- I would love to continue to get the Ithaca Community News. Its a real treat getting it twice a month, & a way for me to stay connected with Ithaca after I move." --Meredith Zaslowe

"I'm in the *very* early stages of looking into possibly retiring to Ithaca in a decade or so. Rather than check into a sterile motel while I spend two or three days reacquainting myself with the area, I am looking for a vegan/vegetarian-friendly coop, commune or family to put me up. I'm quite willing to pay whatever it would cost to stay in a motel, with or without a meal or two.
---"Basically I just want to get a feel for the community that I've been following in the newsletter for a few months now, visit some of the places I loved when I lived here in the late '70's, & maybe make some friends here. I'm a nonsmoking strict vegetarian, but aside from my long hair I'm not especially 'alternative', although I am very open-minded and progressive. I sleep late into the day and stay up late into the night. My health is a little shaky, but I don't need any assistance in that area. If anyone is interested in hosting a 44 year old "exchange student of life" from the Albany area for a couple of days in September or possibly October, please email me at, & include the word "Ithaca" in the subject line.
---"While I'm writing, I'd like to add that I've sent Paul a check for $10. What he's doing is invaluable, & all it will take is for 299 of the more solvent readers of this newsletter to do the same, & he'll have his requested supplemental income. That's a very reasonable annualprice for a very welcome newsletter." --Michael Cerkowski

"IMSHAPIRO" wins gift certificate to Cafe Strand. Reply by 9/9 to claim.

"Did I already miss the screening of the movie Green Lights? If not, when & where will it be shown?" --Corinne Stern
---[REPLY] Next showing in New York City: see"

"After reading a forwarded copy of Ithaca Community News I realized that I would like to be a permanent subscriber." --Pat Macchirole

"I guess you heard that there will be a national protest at the fall IMF/World Bank meetings. I sometimes feel that our response should be more solution oriented. While the IMF and WB are planning their next strategy, we are making signs & puppets. Shouldn't we also be discussing how to further our agenda? When I go to these protests I always hear activists say that afterwards we should organize in our community. But in many cases resources are very limited. How successful would the IMF and WB be if they spent 5 days marching in the streets of Washington? And then told their delegates go organize in their communities. It seems like we should be developing strategies to promote our vision for a different world. Although I disagree with the policies of the IMF and WB, their tactics have been successful. The other day I was thinking that we should simply create our own version of the IMF & WB. But I'm not sure if that would be practical. I do think it would be helpful to devote more time to developing some concrete strategies." --Brad Johnson
---[REPLY] The Whole Ithaca Stock Exchange will be a local, democratic, ecological alternative to IMF/WB.

"Thank you for providing Ithaca News to all of us! I am a native Ithacan who lives & works in San Francisco...could you send your newletter to me? Thank you and keep up the great work." --Jodi

"Please add me to the news list at my new e-mail address. Thanks!" --Chris

"NK78" wins gift certificate to Toko Imports. Reply by 9/9 to claim.

"Thanks for your work on the ICN. I appreciate it." --Michael Lakin


THANKS to those who have donated to keep Ithaca Community News going. About 12 hours/issue, 26 issues/year = 312 hours. Donations to ICN, Box 365, Ithaca, NY 14851


4th ANNUAL RIDE FOR LIFE: "There is still time to register to ride or volunteer for RFL2002! Please visit our website If you cannot ride, please come support and celebrate your local activists on 9/14 at 5pm, when almost 150 riders (local, regional, & national) move from the Tompkins County Chamber of Commerce to Stewart Park to take a "Victory Ride" in celebration of hard work, having ridden up to 120 miles around Cayuga Lake. Each rider raises at least $500 to support local HIV/AIDS Prevention programs. Following the Victory Ride, we will host closing ceremonies for this day-long event & have a community dinner at the large pavilion at 5:45pm. Community members can join us for for dinner & share in the riders' & volunteers' success. Tickets are $5, limited & will be available until sold out at the AIDS WORK office and at the door. For more information: 272.4098


---One bedroom apartments in Town of Ithaca (West Hill). HOURS accepted for 10% of rent. Just over 3 miles from Greenstar. Garden space available. Margaret 272-2544
---1986 Toyota Tercel wagon for sale: reliable but a bit rusty. 145K/25 mpg. Lots of life left! $850 with four mounted snows. 10% HOURS. Margaret 272-2544
---1982 brown Honda Civic station wagon: $500 (or 50 HOURS) asked, but make offer. New brakes, new fuel pump, new vaccum pump. 160,000 miles, stick shift, nearly 40mpg. Needs exhuast system ($300+). Craig Blacken or Pat Haines 272-4377


YOGA RETREAT: 3 Teachers, 3 Styles, One Lineage: 8/26 - 9/1. Prices $300/week ; $150/weekend "Join us for a week of asana practice, led meditation, swimming, hiking, saunas & great vegan food." Register 273-5413 HOURS accepted.

SIVANANDA ASANA CLASSES: "The first class at the Center is free so come by some time for a full breath of air and a re-connect to your body and soul." Tuesdays 5:30-6:45 at Cayuga Heights Ctr for Wellness & Healing Arts, Community Corners. Thursdays 12:00-1:15 City Health Club 273-6383

ACTIVE DREAMING: Honoring the Secret Wishes of the Soul, an evening of dream healing with Robert Moss, 9/6 from 7-9:30pm at the Finger Lakes School of Massage, 1251 Tburg Rd, Ithaca. Debra 277-1368

DREAMING LIKE AN EGYPTIAN: Dream Travel, Soul Remembering & Transformation, w/ Robert Moss, l0-5, 7-9 Sat & l0-1 Sun Sept 7&8 at Foundation of Light. Debra 277-l368 to register.

TEENS WRITE at TCPL. Wednesdays, beginning 9/11 from 4-5:30, in Youth Services room. Girls & boys ages 12-18. No pre-registration required; no fee. Irene Zahava, 273-4675.

WRITING CIRCLES FOR ADULTS, led by Irene Zahava. Mornings, evenings, weekends, beginning in September. Advanced registration required; fees charged; HOURS accepted as partial payment with prior arrangment. 273-4675

HOMEOPATHY FOR FAMILIES 10/6 from 1- 5pm at Foundation of Light. By Candice Emmons & Carrie Stearns: "what homeopathy can do for families & how to understand illness from a homeopathic perspective." $30, HOURS accepted. Register: Candice Emmons 589-6966 or 272-1201 or by check to: Candice Emmons, Box 520, Spencer, NY 14883

RENT: Convenient, quiet, first floor downtown work space: part-time for massage, Yoga lessons, counseling, etc. Private entrance , easy parking. Available all day every Saturday, most Tues & Sundays, most eves. Ideal for new practitioners. Ithaca HOURS accepted for part rent. Mona Sulzman 277-7553.

"SAGEDUST" wins gift certificate to White Lotus. Reply by 9/9 to claim.


ITHACA AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL 9/17 at 7:30 pm. 640 Stewart Ave. "Defend human rights: Write letters on Urgent Action cases, greetings to prisoners and human-rights workers, petitions: signatures are powerful! All welcome." 273-3009 Wayles Brown

HOST FAMILY NEEDED for German high school boy for 5 months. Family wants vegetarian household only;. International Student Exchange Representative, Rhoda Streifer 277-7351

"VICTORANDPATRICIA" win gift certificate to Mundo Gitano. Reply by 9/9 to claim.


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